Pool of Dreams Ch. 02

Big Ass

I got up and stood there with my hands covering my dick. My face was a bright red and I was breathing really hard after running like I did.

“I, uh, I’m so sorry,” I could barely get those words out. One girl, a red haired babe with beautiful titties, smiled at me and giggled.

“Do you need some help?” she asked. “You sure made quite and entrance.”

“No, I was, umm, I was at a pool party, and…,” I struggled for the right words. “I was being chased by a dog, so I climbed the fence…”

Another girl, a smoking hot blonde wearing a pink bikini with a top that barely covered her prizes, spoke up. “Oh, then you must be exhausted. Come over here and sit next to me.” she patted her hand on an empty lounge chair. I walked over to the chair with my hands still over my cock. I wanted to get inside because I was so embarrassed, but I didn’t want to go back out front. I bet the people I ran past were still wondering what that was all about. I bet they were still laughing too. I sat in the chair.

“C-can I get a towel please?” I asked while holding my head down.

“Oh we don’t mind,” the hot blonde said, “You can stop covering yourself also.”

“Yeah, can I see it?” said another girl, “I’ve never seen one before.” I slowly moved my hands and revealed my drooping penis. My cousin had taken the edge off of me and I didn’t think anything could get it hard. The thing was though, all the girls were staring at it with wide eyes. The blonde blinked a few times and spoke again.

“I’m sorry, where are my manners? I’m Lisa.” I shook her hand. “I like your penis.”

“Thanks,” I said. A stupid response. I thought it was a strange thing for her to say, but then again what else could she say when a naked man comes climbing over her fence? I tried to continue the conversation.

“My name is Tyler.” They all introduced themselves. They all explained that they were students at the local college. I couldn’t try to remember all their names, but I had Lisa down in my mind. She was so hot, a curvy figure with well proportioned titties, a flat well toned belly, and long legs. I tried to explain my situation, but left out the part about boning my cousin. I tried to pass off the whole thing as being raunchy with her friends. While I was telling them this, I felt my cock twitch. I was getting horny again from recalling my tale about my fucking my cousin’s friends. They all saw it before I could say anything.

“You’re getting a little excited there Tyler,” said one petite brunette. Before I could respond, Lisa piped in.

“Is that from telling your story, or are we doing that to you?” she said with a smile.

“A little of both I guess,” I said sheepishly. Now I was fully erect.

Lisa moved closer. “Can I… touch it?” It may seem strange, but even after fucking my cousin and her three hot friends, I was STILL feeling shy about being in this kind of situation.

“I-I don’t know,” I stammered, “I d-don’t think it’s right.”

“Please!” she begged almost like a little child. I realized I wasn’t getting out of here quickly.

“Go ahead,” I said. I tried bracing myself for it, but my hips still jerked when ataşehir escort bayan she grabbed my pole. She rubbed her fingers around the shaft and rubbed her palm over the base.

“It’s so hard. He could’ve broken down the door with this thing!” The girls laughed and watched her with all their attention. She rubbed her thumb in a circular motion on the sensitive underside of my tip. I tensed up quickly and I shot unexpectedly. Lisa shrieked and laughed as my cum shot ten feet in the air and some landed onto her and the others. I couldn’t look up because of the shame.

“I- I am so sorry,” I said trying to apologize, but I stopped. There was nothing I could say.

“Don’t be sorry,” said a dark haired hottie who I remembered as Michelle. “You just need some help controlling it. You want me to help you?”


She stood up and quickly removed her bikini. Her coconuts stood firm and proud on her chest, her stomach nice and flat, and her pussy was completely hairless. She walked over and kneeled between my legs. She grabbed my cock and I grew super hard again.

“I’m going to show you how to use your penis,” she said. “Come on girls, let’s help him.” All the other girls started stripping as Michelle started giving me the hand job of my life. She lowered her head and took me in her mouth. She moved her lips around the tip and made a sucking motion with her cheeks while her tongue dragged across the crown. I couldn’t keep my body still and I felt my balls tightening up. She immediately put her index finger between my balls and the base of my cock. My cum couldn’t get up to my dick.

“Not yet,” she said. “That’s a good thing to tell a girl when she’s blowing you. It helps you last longer.” She came up and hovered her pussy over my dick.

“Now, when I put your penis in my vagina, let me get it started. Once the girl has the position affirmed, then you start taking control.” She lowered herself down my fuckpole. Michelle was very tight, and she had to keep adjusting her body in order to keep moving down. When she was on me completely, I felt my confidence come back. I was outside with eight gorgeous teenagers, and they all wanted my cock. Why not feel confident about that? I started bouncing her on my cock. In no time at all, she was moaning.

“Ah yesss! Give it to me!” she told me. She leaned forward. “Do a lot of shallow thrusts. You’ll really get the girl to scream.” I did as she told, and sure enough she was building up a storm in her pussy. I could feel her juices soaking my cock.

“OH YES FUCK MY PUSSY!!” I sat up and grabbed her titties, running my hands over the heavenly flesh. I put my mouth on a nipple and sucked on it like it was a pacifier. Then I lapped at it with my tongue like a dog licking an ice cream cone.

“Now start slamming into my pussy with all your worth,” she told me. I thrusted my cock into her with such force that my balls slapped against her ass each time she came down. She threw her head and chest back with her mouth wide open while my hands were still on her chest. Suddenly, a deep and throaty moan came from within Michelle as she started cumming. I escort kadıköy wanted to cum with her, so I started thrusting even harder and faster. She screamed again as she came one more time, and I shoved my cock in all the way. I felt it slip into her uterus, and I shot my load deep inside her. And what a load it was! My sperm kept coming and coming! At least twenty shots went into her tummy. I rolled her off me and she laid out spread eagle on a towel. A very petite girl named Casey came next to me. Lisa stood beside her.

“Casey here is 18 and still a virgin,” said Lisa, “Why don’t you make her a woman?”

Casey held her hands together in front of her and looked down at the ground shyly. She was biting her lower lip and playing with her thumbs.


“Hey Casey. You want to do this?”

“I guess so. I’ve just never seen a man naked before?”

“Come here a lay next to me. You can touch me. Explore all you want.” Casey was petite but very sexy. Very small tits, almost completely flat-chested, a clean shaven pussy that was so small and pink that you could smell it’s freshness, and a sexy, curving figure. She sat next to me.

“Go ahead,” I said, “touch it.” She poked my cock and watched it twitch. She jerked her hand back and giggled.

“What’s that white stuff?” she asked.

“That’s my sperm. That’s what goes inside you when I put my penis in your vagina.”

“That’s what happens when we have sex, right?” she asked.

“Yes.” I held her hand. “You want to go ahead and put it in your mouth?”

“Okay,” she said and got between my legs. She wrapped her hands around my cock like it way a baseball bat.

“It’s so big. How do you walk around with this thing?” she asked with a look of amazement on her face.

“I’m used to it. Go ahead and play with it.” She leaned her face in and quickly kissed the tip. She giggled again. Then she put the head in her mouth. In a way, she was a much better cocksucker, probably because of her inexperience. But she already was getting the hang of it. She sucked on the tip like it was a straw. Michelle kneeled beside her and coached her.

“No Casey, don’t really suck it, but massage it. Use your lips and tongue on the tip. That’ll really get him off.” Casey did so, with only the tip in her mouth, and I was in pure ecstasy. I was sitting on a mountain of pleasure, with my penis at it’s peak. My balls were clenching, but Michelle put her finger on them again, and my cum boiled back down.

“That’s the trick Casey. If you do that, the guys will love you,” said Michelle. I brought Casey up and wrapped my arms around her. I laid her on her back. I ran my hands over her flat chest. She moaned.

“It feels so good to have him touch me there,” She said. I cupped her tits and sucked on one nipple. I used my hand to massage the other tit. Casey looked down at me.

“You guys sure like breasts, don’t you,” she said.

“I like this even better.” I moved down her smooth belly and down to her thighs. While licking her inner thighs, she moaned even more.

“What are you gonna do?” she asked with a hint of worry in her voice.

“I’m maltepe escort just gonna make you feel good with my tongue?” I licked her tiny slit up and down, collecting her juices along the lips. Her hips jerked uncontrollably and she screamed out loud. Two girls had to go comfort her as I feasted on her sex. She was getting wetter and wetter and close to cumming so I flicked her clit around and she exploded. Her hips jerked upwards and she went breathless. I gave her a minute before I came up. I grinned with her sex honey on my face. She looked at me with amazement.

“Did I do that?” she asked.

“Yes you did. How did that feel?”

“I’ve never felt that good before in my life!”

I positioned myself with my cock at her slit. I looked at her again.

“Are you ready for this?”

“Yeah! Make me a woman!” she exclaimed. I pushed into her one inch and it felt like it wouldn’t go any further. Michelle rubbed some tanning oil around the rest of my cock. It helped a little, but it took some work. I finally got all the way in. When I started thrusting, she was already panting.

“Oh my god, it feels so good!” She got on her elbows and looked down at my cock going in and out of her vagina.

“I can’t believe this is happening. Are you gonna put that white stuff inside me?”

“Yes I am,” I said flatly, while still thrusting.

“What’s going to happen?” she asked.

“It’ll feel good for both of us.” I started going faster and she cried out.

“OH GOD I – I…” She let out a scream so loud that I my ears never worked quite as well after that. The other girls covered their ears to block the shriek. Her pussy contracted on my cock and I let loose the biggest load of semen in my life. I shoved my cock in as deep as it would go. She kept screaming with every shot of baby making goo I put in her little womb. When my dick subsided, I pulled out of her. She looked at me and smiled.

“I’m a woman now.” she said proudly. The other girls all applauded and me and Casey kissed passionately. When we separated, another girl came over and grabbed my cock. For the next four hours, I fucked the rest of the girls in every conceivable position. They all got a taste of my penis in their mouth, my tongue in their pussies, and a load of sperm in their wombs. When I put my swimmers in the last girl, I pulled out and collapsed on the lounge chair. My penis was now purple. We all just laid there for a while until my cousin Katie and her friends came into the yard. She smiled when she saw all of us naked and my penis completely spent.

“Well, Tyler, it looks like you got even more of the same from the rest of my friends.” I couldn’t even speak. She tossed me my shorts and I put them on.

“Dad just came back for a suitcase he left home. He never saw you so we were all lucky. He and Mom will be gone until the end of the month. The house is our’s until then.”

“I just need some rest now.”

About a month later, a few days before I was going to go back home, I found out every girl I fucked that day, even Katie, was pregnant. Little Casey was pregnant with twins too. I guess I put to much cum inside her. I wasn’t worried though, as they all told me that was the reason they fucked me. They all wanted children and weren’t worried about having the father support them. I guess it all worked out for me. But if one thing is for sure, it’s that I know where I’m going to go to college.

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