Poolside Fun


Jena turned her card over, tossing the four of clubs onto the table. She and Ken had drawn the low cards, and they had to run to the store for more beer and ice. As Ken went to put his shorts on, Jena suggested just wearing their swimsuits, for a little exhibitionism fun. Jena slipped her red two-piece bikini back on, and Ken once again donned his black boxer-type speedos. Robyn and Arnold relaxed under the hot sun, each laying nude in a lounge chair, sipping on their Coronas.

It was a Saturday, about 3:00 pm, and the foursome eagerly awaiting the sensual fun which was soon to explode on that hot summer day. Jena and Ken waved goodbye, jumped in Ken’s truck, and headed for the little store, which was only a couple of minutes away. Ken pulled the truck into the parking lot, and shut off the ignition. Jena quickly reached down and began massaging the front of Ken’s speedos, bringing his cock to a full erection. Ken leaned back and enjoyed the soft touch of her lovely hands on his crotch. He then reached over and touched Jena’s nipples through her bikini top, softly rubbing them until they showed through her bikini.

“Okay Jena, we better go in and get this over with,” Ken said. They entered the store, not noticing the reactions of the other customers and the cashier, who were surprised at the skimpy swimsuits both were wearing. Soon they were pulling back into the driveway at the house. Walking through the gate together, they were greeted by a stunning sight; Arnold was still laying on the lounge chair, and Robyn was straddling the lower end of the chair, her lovely ass pointing skyward she slowly engulfed Arnold’s hard cock. Ken and Jena looked gay porno at each other and smiled.

Ken re-packed the cooler as Jena sat in a chair on the deck, eager to take in the sight of Robyn pleasing her husband. Ken sat in a chair next to her, and they watched as Robyn made love to Arnold’s cock. Ken loved to watch his wife go down on Arnold: he loved the feeling it gave him to see Robyn please another man, or woman. It was that great sharing feeling, sharing something so close and dear to him. And as they watched, Robyn took Arnold’s cock in her hands, worshipping it, letting it rub all over her face, licking the shaft up and down, opening her mouth wide to take the beautiful cock in her mouth. Robyn’s left hand massaged Arnold’s balls; her right formed a perfect tunnel for his cock to slide up and down in.

Slowly she swallowed his erection, looking Arnold in the eyes, seeing the pleasure he was feeling. Arnold was mesmerized by the vision, never taking his eyes from the picture of this gorgeous blonde woman devouring his cock. The minutes flew by as Robyn kept working his shaft, bringing him to the edge of an orgasm, and then backing off. Jena removed her bikini top, and began to massage her nipples as she watched the couple. Ken peeled off his speedos, his cock jumping to life.

From her position, Jena could see Robyn’s ass from behind, and she watched intently as Robyn’s pussy became wetter and wetter, her lips spreading and her clit coming into view. Robyn, still working Arnolds cock, had beads of sweat forming on her back and ass, with trail dripping down her face. Every now and then she would use fetiş porno Arnold’s cock to wipe off the sweat from her face, nearly driving Arnold wild with pleasure. Suddenly Robyn seemed to stop; she raised her butt higher in the air, which started to move back and forth in a rhythmic way, flinging sweat as she did.

“Ohhhh god, ohhh god.” Robyn moaned. She moved her ass faster now, and in one motion took Arnold’s cock back in her mouth. Then the orgasm hit her like a thunderstorm; wave after wave of pleasure overtook her body, and she whimpered and moaned as the orgasm flooded through her. Without even touching herself, she came wildly, her ass bucking up and down. Arnold fought off the undeniable urge to cum; he wanted this to last as long as possible.

The wetness streamed down Robyn’s legs as her orgasm subsided, and she continued her wild sucking of Arnold’s steaming cock. Robyn was in a sexual zone; she could make love all day at this point. Jena stood and pulled down her bikini bottoms. She bent over and whispered in Ken’s ear. “Just watch this, and enjoy.” She moved behind Robyn, and took her ass in her hands, massaging her. Robyn jumped at her touch. Arnold was totally high on the view of his wife behind Robyn; he fought to control his orgasm which he knew was inevitable.

Jena took in the view of Robyn’s wet pussy in front of her. Her fingers moved lower, and she lightly rubbed the length of Robyn’s hot wetness. She spread Robyn’s lips, and began to move her tongue up and down Robyn’s pussy. Robyn moaned deeply, feeling Jena’s soft tongue slither up and down her pretty pussy. Ken stroked his cock hamile porno as he watched the beautiful girl/girl/boy scene. Jena put a towel under her knees to protect them as she knelt behind Robyn.

She wrapped her arms up underneath Robyn’s thighs, and pulled Robyn to her mouth. Robyn groaned as Jena worked her open mouth all over her wet pussy, swirling her tongue around Robyn’s clit. “Ohhhhhhhh gawd yes, yes,” Robyn groaned. Jena could sense Robyn was on the edge of another orgasm, and she increased her speed with which she licked her clit. Arnold could take no more; he could feel his orgasm slowly begin to build, reaching the point of no return.

Even though waves of pleasure were building in her body, Robyn could feel the orgasm building in Arnolds balls, his cock growing bigger in her mouth. Robyn got wetter and wetter as Jena expertly licked her. As if tied together by an electrical circuit, Arnold and Robyn exploded in orgasm simultaneously. Arnold groaned loudly as Robyn placed the tip of his cock on her lips, and she jacked his pulsing erection with both hands, her own orgasm sweeping through her body once again. Jena moaned with delight as Robyn’s orgasm swept over her, and she kept licking Robyn’s clit like a cat drinks milk, relishing in the taste.

Arnold was in ecstasy; his cock exploded with wave after wave of cum, shooting into Robyn’s mouth, and he fought to stay focused as she hungrily drank every drop. Robyn screamed; her eyes wide open, her mouth taking in all of Arnold’s cum, her body spasming in orgasm. It seemed to go on for minutes, but it finally subsided. Jena laid Robyn down into Arnold’s strong arms, and they laid their, each of them drenched in sweat and the mind-numbing feeling of their orgasms still coursing through their bodies. Jena stood up, and walked over to Ken, sharing the taste of Robyn as she kissed his lips. The day was still young, and the best was yet to come.

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