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“Anderson! My office. Now!” Blair tried and failed to stifle a groan as she stood up from her desk.

“Oooh. Someone’s in trouble,” Jack said. Jack Foles was Blair’s partner. He was mostly a jerk, but he was a halfway decent cop and helped Blair out of a jam every now and then. That made him okay in her book.

“Why’s it always me?” Blair asked, annoyed. “He never yells at you.”

“Guess I’m just lucky,” Jack replied with an irritating smile.

Blair tried to play it cool, but as she made her way to her captain’s office, her heart was in overdrive. She knew she fucked up. Instead of calling for backup, she and Jack had tried to apprehend a wanted murderer by themselves. A uniformed officer ended up getting shot. He was stable for now, but in bad shape. To make matters worse, the suspect had gotten away. The only thing she had to show for her efforts was one rescued hostage.

Blair finally reached the threshold of Captain Grant Porter’s office. She took a deep breath and entered.

“Shut the door, Anderson,” he said. His tone wasn’t friendly in the least. He was pissed. But to be fair, Porter was always pissed.

Blair did as he asked and took a seat across from his desk. Porter was intently typing something on his computer, currently refusing to acknowledge her. This was all a psychological game, and ignoring the nervous cop in front of him was Porter’s classic first move.

Blair took the opportunity to study her captain. Yeah, he was a complete asshole — but that didn’t mean she couldn’t appreciate the handsome man sitting in front of her.

Porter was in his early forties, but he was trim and distinguished looking. He had thick, dark hair with furrowed eyebrows to match. His eyes were almost as black as his hair, and sometimes Blair swore she saw a twinkle in them, despite the typical scowl on his face. It was hard to tell, but she had the suspicion Porter had some serious muscles going on underneath his button-downs and ties.

Blair had never wasted much time fantasizing over her captain. From the minute they first spoke, the attraction had disappeared. He was abrupt. Rude. He showed absolutely no humor or personality and took himself way too seriously. They were cops in a small town where almost nothing interesting every happened. Porter could afford to lighten up if he wanted. He chose not to.

Besides, Blair was a beautiful woman in her late twenties who could get any man she wanted. She was tall, but not too tall. She had naturally dirty blonde hair she highlighted until it was golden. She had a perfectly sculpted ass thanks to the elliptical at the gym, and her breasts were just the right size, somewhere between a C and D cup. So Porter didn’t hold bonus veren siteler much allure for her. She could do — and had done — much better. Right now, he was just pissing her off.

“You wanted to see me?” She said after several silent minutes had gone by. Porter’s fingers froze on his keyboard. He got up and closed the blinds over the window behind him. Blair swallowed and her hands started shaking. That was not a good sign.

“I should have your badge for what you did,” he growled, turning back to face her.

“I made a judgment call,” Blair answered in a tone as calm as she could manage. “And that call saved a girl’s life.”

“And put Avery in the hospital!” He yelled back. “You should’ve called this in immediately and waited for backup. You were fucking reckless.”

“How come I’m the only one getting chewed out right now?” she asked angrily. “Foles had just as much to do with this as I did.”

“Ever consider that I just don’t like you?” Porter asked.

“Yeah, and why’s that?” Blair stood up and walked behind the desk. She was standing only a few feet away from him now. “Is it just because I’m a woman? Or do you hate me because you want to fuck me, but you can’t?”

Anger flashed into Porter’s eyes, and Blair was starting to feel sick. She’d taken it way too far. She never mouthed off to authority like this, but she was just so mad. He was being a dick just to be a dick. Jack should be getting screamed at as much as she was. The worst part was, she was kind of curious if she was onto something here. Blair had caught Porter checking her out numerous times before.

“That’s it,” he said, teeth gritted. “I’m suspending you. Gun and badge. Now.”

“You think I don’t see the way you look at me around the station?” Blair asked, tilting her head. If she was suspended, she might as well go for it. She took a step toward Porter, and he took one back.

“I mean it,” he said. “Gun and badge, and then get the fuck out of here!”

“Is this the part where I’m supposed to beg you not to?” Blair asked, taking another step forward. “Tell you that I’d do anything to keep my job?”

“You’re fucking insane,” Porter muttered, his voice low. Blair was mere inches away from her captain now, and his back was against the wall — he was unable to take any more steps away from her.

Blair placed her hands on his chest, and she had to admit, she was super turned on right now. This all started as a way to humiliate Porter, but she could feel some major heat radiating between her legs.

Porter’s narrowed eyes studied her for a few seconds before he grabbed both of her wrists and yanked her toward him. Before Blair could even process what was bedava bahis happening, Porter had his lips on hers.

It was a rough, angry kiss. Blair was so shocked she just stood there perfectly still for a few moments as her captain’s mouth started moving against hers. When she finally put together what was happening — and realized it felt so damn good — Blair returned the kiss. Porter released her wrists, and Blair brought her hands to his face.

Porter’s tongue pushed its way into Blair’s mouth, and she pressed her entire body against his. Tongues still intertwined, Porter pushed her back towards his desk and she perched herself on it. He took the opportunity to push Blair’s legs apart and move in between them. Porter slipped one hand into her jeans and started rubbing her through her wet underwear. Blair moaned through the kiss.

Blair’s hands ran down Porter’s chest until she got to his belt. She tried to undo it, but Porter broke away from the kiss and took a step back.

“Shit,” he whispered, his breathing heavy.

“You still want my gun and badge?” Blair asked with a smirk.

“I want something else now,” he replied. “But we can’t do this.”

“Why not?” Blair pouted. Had he really gotten her all hot and bothered for nothing?

“Because you’re my detective,” he said. “And there’s a whole precinct of cops right behind those blinds.”

“We can be quiet,” Blair said. She slid off the desk and got down on her knees in front of her captain. She grabbed a hold of his belt buckle and successfully undid it this time. Porter stood there in stunned silence as she unzipped his pants and pulled out his half-hard dick. She tried not to react to the size of it, but it was much bigger than she was expecting.

“Anderson…” he whispered, inhaling sharply as Blair slowly started moving her hand back and forth across it. Porter’s eyes were closed now, and Blair took that as a sign to proceed. She leaned forward and swirled her tongue around the head before taking his dick into her mouth.

“Fuck.” All of Porter’s hesitation seemed to disappear as he started to slowly rock his hips forward. Blair could only take a little more than half of him in her mouth, but she used her hand to make up for that. It wasn’t long before Porter’s hand was at the back of her head, forcefully pushing her forward. She gagged a few times, but after a bit, Blair had managed to take most of her captain’s dick in her mouth.

Porter’s hips were moving faster now, grunts of pleasure escaping his lips. Could anyone hear what was going on in here? Blair continued, not pulling away despite the tears forming in her eyes and all the saliva running down her chin. Just as she thought deneme bonus her captain was going to cum in her mouth, he wove his hand into her hair and pulled Blair off his dick.

“Bend over the desk,” he demanded breathlessly. Blair wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and stood. She undid her pants and laid facedown across the desk, the wood surface cool on her face. Blair felt Porter’s hands hook into the waistband of her jeans and underwear, pulling them down in one fast motion. His hands then found her bare ass, his fingers hungrily digging into the flesh. Without warning, Porter plunged three fingers into Blair’s soaked pussy. She couldn’t stop the tiny squeal that came out of her mouth.

“You were right. I have wanted to fuck you,” Porter said, removing his fingers and placing the tip of his dick against her entrance.

“Then what are you waiting for?” Blair asked. Her hands grabbed the edge of the desk and held on tightly, her heart racing in anticipation.

Blair felt pressure, and then suddenly her captain was inside her. She let out a quiet moan as he pushed his entire length in. She was stretched to the max — Blair couldn’t remember the last time she felt this full.

“Fuck, you’re huge,” Blair whispered as Porter started a slow and steady rhythm.

“You’ve wanted me to do this to you, haven’t you?” He asked, thrusting harder now.

“Yes,” Blair whimpered as she slid across the surface of the desk. He put a firm hand between her shoulder blades to hold her in place. There was no use denying it anymore. Blair suspected any feelings of hatred toward this man were feelings of lust in disguise.

Porter continued to slam into her, the entire desk shaking now. A pencil cup tipped over and clattered loudly to the floor. Blair’s captain was having trouble keeping quiet, his grunts getting louder as he was getting closer.

Blair was right on the edge. Porter started to jackhammer, and when he slapped her ass, Blair was hit with an overwhelming wave of pleasure. She brought her arm against her mouth to muffle the scream as she felt herself pulsing around Porter’s dick.

That was enough to finish him off, too.

“Shit, I’m gonna cum,” he said through gritted teeth. Blair knew she should tell him to pull out, but she was in such a daze that she didn’t care if Porter knocked her up right now. Sure enough, a few seconds later, Blair could feel Porter tense up, then unload inside her.

Porter stood there panting as he continued to fill her with his cum, not pulling out until every last drop was in her. He leaned over Blair, pulled her head back by her hair, and gave her a sloppy kiss. Porter got off of her and pulled up his pants. Blair laid there for a few more seconds before doing the same.

When they were both dressed and their breathing had returned to normal, Blair faced him.

“So am I still suspended?” She asked.

“Hell no,” Porter said. “I think I’m gonna keep you around for a while.”

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