PREDATORS’ HUMAN – 1WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW …Sci-fi, Alien/Human Female, Various a****ls/Human FemaleRemember the Alien – Predator movie where the human woman joined forces with the Predator near the end to fight off the Alien? The Predator provided her with a make-shift shield, weapons. She aggressively attacked the Alien when the Predator was on the losing side of the fight. She ended up killing the Alien, but the Predator ended up dying, anyway. At the very end, the Predator space ship arrives, his comrades recover his body, and a Leader sizes up the woman. He appears to honor her and thank her by giving her the expandable lance. Then he walks back to the ship and they leave. Remember that?That’s not the way it ended. That was Hollywood. It didn’t end that way because I went with them onto the space ship. What actually happened when he gave me the lance was to give me a choice. Although we couldn’t communicate, he managed to get his point across. He held up one finger and pointed to the ground. Then he held up two fingers and pointed to the space ship. He repeated that, again. I looked at him, at the space ship, and then turned around looking at my world. I nodded to him, held up two fingers, and walked to the ship.I was a marine. Trained as a marine. A team leader of macho men. I was tough, quick, decisive, emotionally and mentally strong. For a human. I thought I could handle anything, confident in the extraordinary challenge and adventure that could await me. I wasn’t ready for this.CHAPTER 1: HEALINGNot at all sure I had in fact made the right choice. What was a human female doing taking off with an alien race aboard their space ship going to who knows where? This might be the extreme situation of a teenage girl getting into a car with a bunch of boys because she wanted a little excitement. Hell, I didn’t even know what solar system we might be headed for. But we were. I could feel that the ship was headed somewhere fast. Not that I had previously much experience with space travel. But here I was. I made the decision in the moment based on the actions of one who I took to be a leader. What if he wasn’t? What if he didn’t have the authority to invite me to go with them? All I really thought about was that by all rights I could of, should of, died a half dozen time in the past days fighting off the aliens, both species. And here I was now inside the ship of one of those species.Too late now. Head up, girl. Meet whatever is to come head on. OORAH!Limping down the corridor, not knowing where we were going, I was noticing all kinds of scary things. I was still with the “Leader” who brought me on. Behind us were the 3 who came out to retrieve the body of the one I tried to save. These guys were huge compared to humans. Roughly like a human but they weren’t. You saw the movies; you know what I mean. Remember Schwarzenegger’s line, “You’re one ugly mother”. Well, if I going to be with them, I’d better get past that quick. I also was seeing a lot of technology that should be amazing but I was on a space ship, after all. So far all I saw were what I would call warriors. Maybe they all were but that didn’t make sense from a society perspective. So maybe this was a battle ship or scout ship. But there must be non-warriors even on these ships.I found myself turning a corner as I followed and ending up in front of someone that obviously WAS the Leader. Everyone defer to him including the one I was with. He looked hard at me and did not seem happy. Not exactly sure how I read that in that face but somehow, I did. They exchanged talk back and forth, none of which I could comprehend, of course. At some point he was listening to a longer statement, he pointed at me and said something, and then looked at me top to bottom and walked around me. Then in a quieter tone said something, looked at me and nodded his head and walked away. Well, I was still alive for what that was worth. The next minute could be different. I was seeing a real problem here. There was no way I was going to be able to communicate with them in their language. Our vocal cords were just not designed to make those sounds much less for me to learn their meaning.We turned and went down another corridor and I noticed that the other 3 split off. So, they must have accompanied to provide bahis siteleri a team report and unit response. I soon found myself in a room with lots of activity, machines, empty tables and side rooms. There were some communication and more people (don’t know what else to use so that will have to do) looking me over. Focus was put on my left shoulder, right leg, right hand and lower back when someone raised my shirt. So, this must be the medical unit. This is also the first time I saw anyone who were clearly not warrior size and attitude. Some even seemed feminine. They must exist, right? I was led into a room with my guy “who wasn’t the leader after all”. I understood they wanted me on the table so I hopped up and sat. One touched my blouse and tugged on it, so I unbuttoned it looking around at the others including my guy who just nodded like that was right. Unbuttoned, I slid it off my shoulder with some difficulty and off my arms. All my clothes were filthy and probably a lost cause. Sitting in my bra, they seemed fascinated by it. The feminine one touches it but withdrew her hand when my guy said something. They set to work cleaning my shoulder wound. They were amazingly gentle for their size. They cleaned the outside and examined the wound area from both sides. More communication. Then they looked at my back, again. That was just a bruise. Then they touched my leg and indicated my pants. I struggled to remove my boots and someone came and did it for me. Then I stood up and unfastened the pants and slid them down. Standing now in bra and panties they again were looking intently. Clearly, I was different than they were used to. They had me walk back and forth watching my leg. There was urgent discussion about something and finally it was indicated that they wanted my bra and panties off. Okay, so like I said, I was a team leader in the marines so I wasn’t terribly hung up on modesty but, hey, I just met these people and I still didn’t know what species they were. But since they were trying to help … I hoped … off came the panties but with my shoulder there was no way my hands were getting behind me and they saw that. Next thing I knew my bra was loose on my shoulder straps. My guy had just cut it with a knife.Then it became a blur of activity. I was thoroughly, but gently, completely washed down. More than a couple were especially interested in the washing and checking between my legs and some comments regarding my breasts and nipples when being touched the nipples quickly stiffened. Hey, it was chilly in there. Not to mention my exhibitionism was kicking in realizing I was going to be with them for a while, if I survived. They applied some rinse fluid to the wounds and some creams. Still totally naked, my table was rolled out into another room where I was transferred into a machine that seemed to be some kind of scanning unit. They turned me over and scanned both sides and from each side. Then I was wheeled out of this room into the main corridor, down it for a way, and into another room. Yes, a naked human woman attracted a lot of attention in the corridor. This room had more machines. I was transferred to what seemed like a bed and I was dwarfed in it. They hooked up pads to my forehead, my throat, both breast (I guess they already figured out where my heart and lungs were) and my abdomen. They put covered goggles over my eyes and headphone type things over my ears. Then I felt a collar like thing go around my throat. Then I felt a prick in my arm and I was out.When I came to my first thought was, I had just had the craziest dream possible. Then I heard the door and two things occurred to me almost simultaneously. The first was that this was no dream. In walked the feminine one who I decided was the doctor since she seemed to be directing others. The second was that I hadn’t seen a door as we know doors on earth but they just slid to the side into the wall. She came to my bed (yes, I was getting more comfortable with accepting that I needed some way to relate) and looked deeply at me. I had no way of knowing how long I had been out but I then noticed that I didn’t hurt. I couldn’t feel a place that hurt. My bruises were gone and the wounds were closed. I was also still naked. And she wasn’t. The next thing blew mind almost canlı bahis siteleri completely. I thought I was thinking, “I wish I could have some clothes.” Until I heard, “But you’re so small for our clothes. But we’re working on it.”“Thank you. WHAT? Did I just say something to you and you responded to me?”“Relax, please. You are going to be going through some very stressful adjustments here with us. Not everyone thinks Org did the right thing bringing you on our ship. After explaining what you did for our comrade, most everyone understands. When a comrade is lost in battle, the whole ship mourns. We are a very close group. We spend much time and face many dangers together. Everyone appreciates your actions for our comrade and honor your bravery. And you are so small!”“How is it that I can now communicate?”“We had to keep you quiet for an extended time to learn about your body and how to heal you. We took that opportunity to have our tech group develop implants for you voice and ears. We are an aggressive race and are used to doing things that need to be done. We understand now from you that your race is used to being involved in discussion and agreement, first. If we should apologize for taking action without considering your views, I offer that apology.”“Thank you, but I would have agreed. What did you mean ‘understand from you’? I couldn’t have told you that before.”“No, you could have told us but we would not have understood. The last machine you might remember was a scan of your nervous system, heart, lungs, digestive system and brain. If we may need to take care of wounds in the future we wanted to know as much as possible and you need to let these wounds mend, anyway. For someone who is small, you appear quite strong. Your muscles are used to being used and there is evidence of numerous wounds and injury. I am told you acted like a warrior. You should know that in our race only the males are warriors. It is not that we are not respected or honored for our bravery when we need to be, but our bodies do not allow the range of motion and muscle action that yours allows you. In your race are the females as strong as the males?”“No, the males are generally much stronger. But some females, like me, can be quicker and more perceptive in combat and make better decisions by reflex. It is nothing that can be learned.”“What should we call you?”“My name is Alexa. What is yours? Are you the doctor?”“My name would sound like Danna to you. Yes, I am one of the doctors.”“What is the name of the one who brought on the ship?”“He is Otton. He is a combat unit leader. The one who died was of his unit. Alexa, I may have to apologize to you, again. While you were quiet, I also investigate your body as a female. We are similar. I wanted to know and you were open.”“Open? You mean naked, without clothes?”“No, your legs were open and you were open there.” She pointed to my pussy. She walked to the door, touch a spot and the door closed. Then touched another spot. “The door is now locked. We won’t be disturbed. Is that okay?”“Yes.”“Alexa, would you like to see how we are similar and different? If you are to be with us, you should learn.”“Yes, I would. Thank you.”I sat up and Danna worked the clasps of her outfit and her gown slipped to the floor. Alexa then understood their interest in her underwear before. She wore none. She was instantly naked. Like the males, her skin was much different than humans. Mottled and colored. Of course, her face was the fanged mouth type thing which I realized I was already used to seeing. She did have breasts with nipples and between her legs I could see she also had a pussy, but it was large. I could probably get my hand inside.“Alexa, since I looked at your body, would you like to examine mine?”I climbed off the bed and she took my place. I then walked up to her, looked at her eyes to be sure and she nodded. I tentatively touched her breast and then her nipple. It reacted to my touch. Interesting I thought, it is either very sensitive or she is reacting to my touching her. I then stroked her breast and ran my fingertips up to her neck and back down past her breast. I found where her ribs ended but not belly button so I was curious how their birthing and nutrition occurred. I touched my belly button, “Danna, canlı bahis we call this our belly button because it looks something like a button and is on our belly. When the female is pregnant with young in her belly, there is a cord that attaches here and to the mother. That is how the mother feeds the young until it is born. I don’t see that on you. How is it with your race?”“We are similar. Look on my sides. We have two cords, as you call them.”“Danna, you said you looked at me because I was open down there. May I look at you there, also?”“Oh, yes, Alexa. And touch me if your wish, please, because I certainly touched you. Even in your quiet, you seemed to enjoy it a lot. Do you remember that?”“No, I don’t but thank you if you made me feel good.”I took the opportunity and opened Danna’s legs and looked between. I glanced up and received a nod to continue. I touched her pussy lips and gently slid a finger the length of her slit and back up and touch what I thought was her clit. Danna grunted and raised her hips off the bed. Yup, that was her clit, just like my own. I tentatively slid a finger just inside the lips and moving slowly up and down the length, slowly entered her. My finger was glistening when I removed it. I brought it to my nose and tasted her fingers. Then, looking Danna directly in her eyes, I sucked the juice of my fingers. Danna gasped. I moved a finger and thumb back to the clit and gently took hold of it and, again looking at Danna, squeezed slightly. Danna’s hips shot up into the air and dropped. I asked, “May I do something else?”“Oh, yes, please.”I leaned into her pussy and touched the lips, tentatively licked along the slit, then pushed my tongue in. She tasted good. Not at all unlike a human. Danna was moaning and grunting. I decided to go for it and see how much they were alike and licked her clit. I heard a groan and felt her hips lift, again. That seemed like enough invitation and grabbed onto her clit with my lips and sucked. Then moved with my tongue down her slit and slipped two fingers inside and went back to the clit. In minutes Danna was pushing her pussy into my fingers and mouth and called out her climax.Lying still finally, Danna asked, “Alexa, what did you do to me?”“Did I do something wrong? I don’t want to get in trouble.”“No! That felt wonderful.”“Do you not do that in your race? This is something some females do for each other.”“What else do you do? Can we research more another time?”“Yes, Danna, I am glad you enjoyed it. I guess the way your mouth is shaped it might be difficult for you. May I see your tongue?”Danna stuck her tongue out and I said, “Yes, you have a nice long tongue and that will work just fine. But, Danna, I have to ask, again. What about some clothes. I don’t think it would be good to walk around here always naked.”“Perhaps, not, you’re right. Stay her for another day and I will have one of the clothes makers come to measure you. We should have thought of that.”“Also, what will happen to me know that I am healed? Where will I live, what will I do?”“That will be up to Otton. In our society he brought you here so he is responsible for you. He is a dominant warrior and warriors in our society are revered and honored. There has been much warfare. This is a scout ship. We go to various solar systems and investigate other worlds. This is often very dangerous. We have lost a number of warriors. Otton seems to respect your skills and thinks you can be our first female warrior but it will be hard on you, I warn you. The males are big and strong and are sometimes reluctant to accept new members to their unit. But Otton’s unit needs a replacement. His unit has always been the best and most courageous. It will be difficult to prove yourself but Otton has expressed to me that he thinks you will succeed if you desire it enough. He sees the skills in you although different than the skills our warriors are best at. Otton’s unit will be inclined to accept you because of respect for Otton. But, if you don’t prove yourself as a worthy warrior, they will not accept you in combat. Does that make sense?”“Yes, completely. All warriors are the same. We will not put ourselves at risk or the mission or our lives with a member that is not competent. And thank you for helping me.”“My pleasure, Alexa, I intend to spend more time with you…. I hope for other reasons than treating you for injuries from training.”I laughed to myself. Certainly, the less I have to be treated, the better.* * * Parts 2 & 3 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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