pregnant a life changing night pt 2


pregnant a life changing night pt 2I went into the bathroom and got one of Mum’s face-flannel and some warm water then washed her all over. I opened her sex and tried to scoop out as much of my sperm as I could. Somehow I got her to her feet and walked her to her room. She kind of woke up and muttered something indistinguishable when I lay her on the bed and pulled the covers over her naked body. On my way back to my room I noticed her panties in the corridor and a bit further her bra. I followed the trail downstairs and collected her clothes, which she must have dropped on the carpet as she weaved her way up the stairs, and folded them before putting them on a chair next to her bed.I knew that I needed a shower but I was too exhausted and flopped into bed and into a deep, dreamless sleep.I woke up late next morning and the room reeked of sex. The bottom sheet was caked with sex juices. After holding it to my nose and inhaling the fragrant scent of my Mom’s sex I stuffed the dirty bedclothes into the laundry hamper and made the bed with clean sheets before I took a quick shower. As the water cascaded down my body my mind went over what had happened during the night and I got a raging erection. I stroked it a couple of times but decided to ease off. I got dressed then went downstairs. I was surprised to find my mother in the kitchen, in her dressing gown, sitting at the table nursing a cup of black coffee. She looked terrible. I was apprehensive but she just grunted when I bid her good morning. She complained about her hangover and asked where my father was. Thinking on my feet I replied that he must have gone out early even though I knew that he had not come home. Thinking about it if he’d had probably nothing would have happened. She looked at me puzzled but didn’t say anything. I got myself some breakfast and sat down. She looked so miserable that I slid my chair next to hers and put my arm round her shoulder. She sighed and leant against me. Her hair was damp and she smelled fresh so I knew that she’d had a shower and, silently, I prayed türbanlı karabük escort that I’d done a good job removing my semen from her sex earlier that morning, I asked what was wrong. At first she claimed nothing was wrong but then it all came out.I already knew that she was twenty and my father was twenty four when they got married. She looked shyly into my eyes and told me that she’d been five months pregnant when they did. I could see that she was worried about this disclosure but I told her that I knew because I’d seen the marriage certificate and my birth certificate and it did not need a genius to work out the time span between the two. I told her that I thought it was rather cool to be a love c***d. She nearly smiled but went on with her sad tale. After my birth they decided not to have anymore c***dren until they were established. My father joined a manufacturing company and slowly made his way up the ladder and now is a vice president in charge of purchases. My mother went back to college and got a degree then, with a friend, started a travel agency. They were extremely successful and two years ago had sold it to a larger company and now she had enough money never to have to work again and enough to pay my college fees and other expenses.She was bored doing nothing but the usual things bored women did, charity work, coffee mornings, tennis and gossiping. We have a maid who comes in everyday who does most of the housework. About a year ago her hormones suddenly kicked in and the urge to have another baby grew and grew till it became almost an obsession. She was only thirty seven so there was no problem about conceiving. When she talked to my father about having another baby he kept putting her off, keeping her dangling by using excuses about his workload and other spurious reasons. That is when they started growing apart. She still hoped to change his mind until the day she had to go into his study, to find a paper relating to the insurance on the house. Inadvertently türbanlı karabük escort bayan she came across, tucked away amongst other papers, a document showing that my father recently had a vasectomy. He’d had it done when he was supposed to be overseas on business.The shit hit the fan!She was crying, as she spoke, and I was stroking her shoulder in sympathy.When confronted my father snarled that he did not want nappies and crying babies, in the middle of the night, at his age. When my mother pointed out that I had been a very good baby and he’d never had to change a nappy or get up in the middle of the night beside which they now could afford to have a nanny he blew up and said that his mind was made up and nothing would change it. My mother said that she was considering divorcing him and that she reckoned that he had another woman tucked away somewhere.She asked me how I’d read the situation and I replied that it had been like living in a war zone and I’d just kept my head down hoping that neither one would try to get me on their side but now I was glad that she’d trusted me enough to tell me what was going on.As she’d been talking about having another baby my mind flashed back to last night when I’d blasted two loads of potent sperm deep into her womb. Because of the vasectomy there was no way it could be blamed on my father if she should become pregnant. I started sweating, as I considered the implications, fortunately my mother was too distressed to notice.Having unburdened herself my mother cheered up and asked the question I’d been dreading. She asked what had happened when she got home as everything was a blur. I was shitting myself but was saved by Rosita’s, the maid, arrival. Noticing my mother’s red eyes, from crying, she immediately began to fuss over her and I made a hasty exit.I went to my room grabbed some things and, shouting that I’d be back in the evening, I hurried out before questions could be asked. I spent the day with friends but always, in the back of my türbanlı escort karabük mind, was the nagging thought that I would have to come up with something to tell my Mom.I was still unsure of how I was going to wriggle out of the deep hole I’d dug for myself when I entered the house around seven that evening.My Mom was on the phone. She was dressed in a dark blue, power suit that showed off her lush figure without being trashy, grey hose and high heels. Her face was perfectly made-up and her hair gleamed with golden highlights. She looked a million dollars. She finished her call and said that she would order pizzas as it was late. Then came the moment I dreaded. She asked me to sit down so we could have a talk.I was quaking inside and suddenly needed to go to the bathroom urgently. I did and stayed in there in ordinarily long in a vain effort to delay my doom. She called out asking if everything was okay so I had to come out and sat in an armchair and she sat opposite me. I felt as if I was six again waiting to be told off for some misdemeanour.When she started speaking she really surprised me. She said that she’d decided to divorce my father and had started proceedings. She had met my father for lunch and they had agreed to have a no-blame divorce and that she would buy his half of the house. She also found out that she’d been right, he was having an affair with a woman from his office and that he had been thinking about moving out which had been one of the main reasons for not wanting another baby. She asked me how I felt about them divorcing and I told her that I felt it was for the best but that I would keep in touch with my father and did not intend to take sides. She hugged me and said that it was the right decision. The pizzas arrived and, as we ate, she outlined some plans she’d made for the future. She did not refer to the previous night. She hugged me hard before going to bed.I visited my father and met his new lady and was surprised just how plain she was compared to my glamorous mother. She did not seem too bright but, as I watched her, I realised what the attraction was. She obviously adored my father and couldn’t seem to do enough for him. At home things settled down and I had a great summer. My mother was busy looking for some business to get her teeth into and use up her formidable energies.I only had three more weeks before having to leave for college when the shit hit the fan!

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