Price’s Party Part 2


As I flooded Price’s pussy with my cum, her best friend Jordy was standing just inside the room. Jordy for some reason was still in her bikini, which I found she looked great in it. She finally said “ Tristen only had fucked Lauren and then fucking passed out, I have not been fuck yet and am so horny for cock.”

Price paused and thought things over. “I think this stud is up for it.” I then said, “I can’t say no to another beautiful women.” Jordy looking at me will a big grin as she walked over to the bed.

“We have to get him ready again!” Price said, grabbing the base of my cock and inviting Jordy to take the top. Price smiled and joined her, and the two different hands on my cock turned me on, getting me hard quickly. It was easy getting hard again knowing that I am about to have my first threesome. Price sucked on my tip for a few seconds and then letting Jordy to start sucking my cock. I reached down and grabbed Jordy’s tits to get them out of her bikini. They were about the same size as Price’s, but maybe just a little perkier. Price was behind me with her arms around me on Jordy’s head helping her gag on the full length of my cock. Jordy then took my cock out of her mouth and said, “ I want you to fuck my pussy with that big cock.” I wanted to fuck her tight pussy, as we all got on the bed.

Jordy then got up and climbed up onto my lap. “Pump that cock into me!” she said as she split her legs across my cock. Price jerked my shaft up and down a few times and inserted the head into her. “Fuck yes!” Jordy yelled as it entered her and she started to ride. Price then got up and did a split of her own across my mouth. My tongue dove into her pussy and then licked her clit as she started to moan. I flicked my tongue back and forth against her clit over and over and her moans quickened and got louder. “Yeah, I love your cock in my pussy!” Jordy screamed as she came on my cock, her juices gushing against my cock and escaping her insides. Price wasn’t far behind, and she let out a loud “Fuck!” as she came against my face. Price got off of me and I took the opportunity to lay Jordy down on her back and start to fuck her harder. She started to scream and grabbed the sheets over her head as I moved her slightly with each thrust. Her whole body pulsing back and forth every time I buried my dick farther in her pussy. Her hands explored my body as I pounded into her tight pussy mercilessly. Price was really getting into this, and came over to rub Jordy’s clit. This pushed Jordy over again and she came around my cock again, her cum slowly starting to leak out. Price started to kiss me and rubbed my balls as I started to get closer. She felt my orgasm starting to build and looked me in the eyes. Her mouth curled to a seductive look and she whispered, “Do it, cum inside her slutty pussy.” As she said that, she lightly dragged a nail across my body and I shivered as I came, blasting an extraordinary amount of cum into Jordy’s pussy. “Oh there’s so much!” Jordy panted as she felt herself fill up with my warm seed. I let myself fall onto Jordy’s body and gave her a kiss as my cock still twitched more cum into her. She moaned a little with each bit of cum that found its way inside her. Price seeing me fuck her best friend got her excited again.

“Maybe you can help me with something I have wanted to do for a while,” Price said.

“What’s that?” Jordy asked curiously.

“Well, I think somebody here really wants a piece of my ass,” she looked at me and winked. She was not lying; I have never fucked a girl’s ass before and was to perfect to pass up.

“You’re going to let him?” Jordy asked.

“I think we should try it,” Price smiled at me.

“Oh get the lube from the bathroom!” Price said.

Jordy poured some of it out and rubbed it all over my cock. I couldn’t Sex hikayeleri help but get hard again from this treatment and Hailey smiled as I grew in her hands.

“Neither of us have done this, so let me know if it’s bad,” I said to Price, and she nodded.

She got onto all fours, and this time I looked at her perfect ass and knew it was mine for the taking. Jordy helped to guide my cock as I got behind her. I slowly pressed my tip against her asshole and Price held her breath as I tried to enter. Jordy helped by rubbing Price’s clit while I entered her. I was making progress and Price was doing a good job handling it, when Jordy disappeared underneath her sister and started to lick her clit. This turned Price’s grunts into moans and helped relax her, as I entered more. I figured I was in far enough at this point and started to slowly push in and out of her. Jordy had inserted two fingers into her pussy, curling them to rub her g-spot, while still licking her clit. This was enough to put Danielle into ecstasy from the new sensations, and it wasn’t long before she was Cumming. As she was Cumming I started to grab her tits from behind and began pinching her nipples I had to slow down as her holes contracted from the violent orgasm. Jordy was making sure everything went well, and even started to massage my balls as I fucked her friend’s ass. I slapped both her ass cheeks and she cried out again as my cock was squeezed like never before. Jordy took great joy in going from my balls to the base of my shaft; rubbing the big vein and feeling it throb as the pleasure picked up.

“Fuck her big ass!” Jordy said, getting into things. “Her ass is yours, claim it! It’s just for you. Look how perfect it looks with your cock inside.” Jordy got up and started to kiss my neck, while still keeping a hand down on her sister’s clit. Price was Cumming again, and my cock was squeezed to a brief stop. “Look at her Cumming for you. She can’t help but cum for your cock. She loves it!” Jordy kept cheering. “You better cum in her ass! I’m going to make you cum so much!’ Jordy continued to rub my balls and the base of my cock while kissing and biting my neck. Her fingers danced on the big vein on the underside of my cock and the pleasure began to overwhelm me. “Oh! He’s growing! I feel the vein getting bigger! Sis, he’s going to fill up your ass with so much cum!” Her fingers rubbed my vein and the sensation felt good. I held back as long as I could but soon I was Cumming hard, filling up Price’s ass with my cum. “OH FUCK!” Price screamed as her ass was filled with hot cum for the first time. “So warm!” she panted and collapsed in a heap. I fell on top of her, cock still buried slightly in her ass. I bit her neck and ear lobe as I felt her grunt as my cock shot the last ropes of cum into her ass. I had enough for the night and we all slept in Price’s bed.

I had woken up with two beautiful women by my side and I had want to each one more time before I left. I looked over at Price and she was sound asleep and then looked at Jordy who was opening her eyes. She smiled as I was feeling her body. She then got on top of me spreading her legs across my lower body and slid down so that her pussy lips straddled my limp cock.

“What’s the problem?” she laughed hard. “Can’t get it up all of a sudden?”

“Shut up,” I laughed and poked her sides, which made her jump and made both of us fall off the bed. Luckily Price was still asleep. She continued to rub against me, I started to feel the blood flow again and my hands cupped her breasts. I pinched her nipples between my thumb and index finger, and she shuddered and twitched on top of me. She bent over and started to kiss me passionately, and I returned the sentiment. With our tongues intertwined, Jordy reached down and grabbed my shaft in her hand. Sikiş hikayeleri She pumped it a few times and then found her opening. A quick maneuver and she split herself on my cock, sliding down and moaning into my mouth as we made out. Slowly, she started to bounce up and down on my cock, and the vibrations from her throat became more noticeable.

As we continued, her restraint began to subside and she started to rub her clit as she bounced faster. My hands returned to her breasts and started to twist her nipples. She shuddered in excitement and picked up the pace again. She was struggling to keep our kiss up as her moans started to overtake her. She came hard and her pussy squeezed me in delight. This finally made her break the kiss and she moaned out, that’s when I stuck my fingers in her mouth to not wake up Price. Jordy reached back and started to massage my balls, all the while not stemming the tide of her wild ride. She stopped briefly and got on all fours, inviting me to continue quickly.

I had to take another moment to admire how sexy she looked in the morning light. I looked at her pussy bending over in front of me, with a perfect body and one of the best asses I’d ever seen. I climbed up behind her and slammed my cock back into her pussy. I alternated spanking each of her ass cheeks, making them turn a slight shade of red. Jordy was slamming her body back onto me to meet each of my thrusts, as my balls now slapped against her clit as we came together each time. She went off in another orgasm and that brought me to the edge. She seemed to be getting used to the feeling of my impending orgasms, as I stiffened inside her.

“Cum inside me you stud,” she moaned and slammed into me again. “I want to feel you’re hot cum spurt deep inside my pussy. Hit me as deep as you can. Get to my cervix. I want to feel it deep!”

Her dirty talk finished me off as I pulled on her hips to enter her as deep as I could, and shot my load. I must have sent a dozen ropes of sticky semen against her cervix and deepest pussy walls as her contracting pussy made sure nothing spilled just yet. She reached back and rubbed my balls again, wanting to feel every drop ooze into her depths. She collapsed in a heap and fell back asleep soon after. I laid there for a while with my cock still in her pussy. As she fell asleep I thought I mind as well take I shower before I leave.

I went to the shower and was surprised it was really big. I got in and starting washing myself off. As I was almost done I felt arms around and suddenly turning me around to only see Price there with me. She pushed me to the side of the shower and got under the water, letting it run over her face, around her tits, and down her chest and legs. I spent a few moments watching her run her hands over her wet body, lifting her tits, kneading them, pushing them apart, spreading open her pussy lips, massaging her thighs and arms. Price never took her eyes off me the whole time. I finally lost control when she lifted one of her tits and sucked her nipple into her mouth.

Our bodies had only been inches apart, and multiple times she had brushed against my cock or her tits had rubbed against me. My cock was rising again just after I had filled Jordy’s pussy with my cum. I couldn’t take anymore teasing so I stepped the half step between us and pushed her against the wall of the shower, pinning her body with mine. We kissed, our tongues wildly lashing at each other as I grabbed two handfuls of her tits. I pinched and teased her nipples and she moaned softly into my mouth. She was obviously getting worked up also so I moved one of my hands from her tit down her side, heading slowly toward her dripping pussy.

My hand was an inch away from her clit when she grabbed my wrist and stopped my hand. “Eat my pussy and Erotik hikaye suck on my clit like you did last night”, she ordered me. She brushed my hands aside, put her hands on my shoulders, and pushed me down gently. I eagerly dropped to my knees and buried my face in her crotch, my tongue immediately going to her clit. Her hips started bucking back and forth, grinding her pussy against my face as I kneeled in front of her in the shower. I moved lower and stuck my tongue between her pussy lips and into her cunt, digging as deep as I could.

Price was moaning louder now and I looked up to see her pinching her nipples while squeezing her tits against her chest. She was looking down at me with lust in her eyes. I returned to her clit and sucked it into my mouth, pinching it between my lips while rubbing it with my tongue. That was enough, she came right then, her hips pushed against my face and she put her hands on the back of my head and pushed my face into her pussy hard. “OH. OH. OH. Ooohhh…”, her body convulsed with each moan causing her perfect tits to bounce over my head.

“You want to fuck me again?” she asked me teasingly. I was getting up from my knees, and she stepped back as far as she could to give me room. “Your cock is so hard, I can’t believe you can still go”, she rubbed my cock gently as she said it. She must have seen the lust in my eyes and taken that as a yes because she turned her back toward me and stuck out her ass. I spread her ass cheeks with one hand and guided my cock toward her waiting cunt.

Entering her pussy the second time seemed almost better than the first. Price’s cunt was tight again as I entered her, but she reached back and grabbed my ass pulling me into her. Her hands gripped tight, pulling me into her so fast I’m sure it hurt her, but she just moaned deep and long as I plunged the last of my cock into her. Immediately she started pushing back against me, fucking herself on my cock.

Price was bouncing her ass back and forth, rubbing her pussy up and down my cock. My balls were slapping against her with each thrust and she was moaning constantly. I was trying hard not to cum, but the feel of her cunt lips rubbing up against the sides of my throbbing cock was amazing. Her speed and moaning intensified, her ass slapping against me making a loud smacking noise with each thrust. “Fuck me with that huge cock” she was chanting.

I reached up from behind her and grabbed a handful of her tits; she had moved her hands up to brace herself against the wall. We were timing our movements perfectly, my cock plunging into her willing cunt as she pushed back at me, and we were positioned so that we had as much room in the shower to piston as possible. “I’m cumming… oh Fuck!”, Price practically shouted, and then her moans.

She finished cumming, changed her rhythm, and moved slightly to bring her legs together. As soon as she did the sensation changed, her cunt became really tight against my cock; it was practically sucking me into her as if her pussy didn’t want to let me go. I couldn’t resist cumming anymore; I started shoving my cock deep into her, my thrusts shorter and harder. Price was practically pinned against the wall of the shower. I was shoving her face into the wall, as I was pounding her pussy. She reached back with one of her hands and grabbed hold of my balls, massaging them gently, and that pushed me over the edge.

Pushing deep into her cunt I started cumming. As I spewed my load deep into her I pushed hard against her, not moving, just keeping my cock deep inside her. Price pushed back against me, holding me as deep as I could get, her one hand massaging my balls and her other holding my ass. I thought I was going to pass out I came so hard. Price held me inside her for a minute, turning her body a bit so that she could kiss me, digging her tongue into my mouth. We spent another minute in the shower, cleaning each other off. That was the best party of my life and all I was wondering was when I could fuck them both again.

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