Private Lessons Ch. 03


Another two weeks and many swallowed loads later…

Amirah was nearing her peak as she roughly face fucked the girl kneeling before her. The only thing better than the feeling of her cock entering and exiting her tight throat were the moans and wet gurgles that the act produced. Music to her ears.

“Here it comes!” Her warning came a bit too late as while the words were leaving her mouth, the semen was leaving her dick.

This one was strong enough to almost knock her off her feet. The girl below squealed as Amirah went knock kneed, doubling over her head and pushing her nose as far as it would go into her crotch. She quickly regained her footing but kept the girls head in her crotch, forcing her to swallow it all. After the first failed deepthroat, they quickly made sure to destroy Lacey’s gag reflex, and after a little over a week of taking it daily, she could throat her cock with ease.

And there they stayed for several seconds as Amirah tried to hold her head even closer, to force every centimeter possible down Lacey’s throat and she filled her stomach for the third time that session. They kept eye contact the entire time. Amirah loved it. Look at me you little slut. Look me in the eye while you swallow my children. Those big blue orbs staring up at her own brown eyes always made her cum harder.

As the shots of cum dwindled, Amirah altered her grip on Lacey’s head. One hand still gripped her hair and forced her forward, while the other caressed her face. She hissed through her teeth, trying to get every portion of pleasure out of the situation as she whispered, “Good girl.”

Almost immediately she felt wet warmth on her leg as Lacey’s aquamarine eyes fluttered and she let out a groan of her own. Pavlov would be proud. Ever since the first blow job, Amirah learned immediately that Lacey had a hair trigger. The smallest amount of praise would leave her throbbing so hard it was probably painful. And whenever she was called a ‘good girl’ she would immediately cum, it didn’t matter if her dick had been touched or not.

Amirah basked in the warmth of her student’s throat while Lacey came down from her high. And then spent another few seconds in that position, Lacey now aware again and silently staring up at Amirah, while Amirah simply enjoyed the rhythmic convulsions of her throat trying to swallow the foreign object lodged in her airway.

Then the contractions started getting more and more frequent and less rhythmic. Stacey coughed around the brown object lodged in throat and her eyes started watering as she looked up at her. Amirah could see the panic welling up in her eyes, but the spasms felt heavenly.

When Lacey began instinctually pulling away, Amirah calmed her with her hand and her words. “Shhh, shhh I know. I know. I’m almost done, I promise.” Lacey stopped her struggling, obviously resisting the urge to pull away and looking up in determination while a few tears went down her face. She’s so brave. Just for me.

Then Amirah suddenly and quickly pulled out, freeing the airway. Immediately Lacey started coughing, gasping to fill her deprived lungs with fresh air. Amirah dropped to her knees and hugged her, rubbing her back throughout the fit. “It’s Ok. It’s Ok Lacey. I’m here. Just breath.” Lacey started taking deep breaths as she returned the hug. “That’s right. Nice and deep. You are such a g- brave girl.” She doesn’t need an orgasm while she can’t breathe… again. “It felt so nice. Thank you.”

They have gotten pretty comfortable with being vulnerable around each other since these sessions began. Hugs were not uncommon. In fact they were fairly regular as Lacey got emotional often during their sessions and they were needed to calm her down. Another sign of the advancement of their relationships was the naming convention. Amirah had been calling Lacey by her first name during their sessions for a while now. But while she would be ok with Lacey doing the same, she instead adamantly refuses, addressing her solely by her title. ‘Headmistress.’

While Amirah was happy about the developments, she had to reprimand Lacey a few times for acting too casual outside of the lessons. They now conversed often outside of the classroom and she made sure to always say hi to Amirah whenever they passed in the hallway. No one questioned it as the students considered it her just being a teacher’s pet while the faculty were slightly dismayed that they weren’t here her favorite. The real problem was the one time Lacey got a one hundred on a hard exam. In her excitement she ran up to and hugged Amirah in front of a good portion of the student body and faculty. The shock of the act caused Kartal escort Amirah to get flustered in the moment, exposing a weakness in her carefully crafted persona. She made sure to reprimand Lacey in a moment to prevent any potential repeats by saying “I appreciate the sentiment Miss Cambell and I do congratulate you on your score. But I am your headmistress, not one of your friends. This is entirely improper conduct.” Of course she made sure to properly reward Lacey later by repeatedly calling her a good girl and patting her head while her cock was halfway down the girl’s throat.

Needless to say their relationship was getting deeper by the day.

Eventually Lacey did catch her breath, but neither of them could bring themselves to end the embrace. Amirah just held the girl close, feeling her chest rise and fall with each breath, smelling her hair. Her grip got a little tighter as her mind started to wonder, and her penis re-hardened.

This girl was perfect. Prefect and hers. Within this classroom she would do anything for me, and I her. But there was a frustration deep within Amirah. She wanted more. Sure she had an external hard drive back at her home that was being continually filled with jerk off material from Lacey. Sure she had covered her adorable face in many loads, though nowadays she preferred to launch them directly into her pretty little mouth unless Lacey specifically asks for a facial. Lacey had swallowed countless loads of hers in their short time together. It’s not enough. It was like having the best smelling and sweetest tasting dish in front of you, and only getting to take a single bite. She wanted the whole meal.

Amirah started to pull away from the hug but Lacey held fast. After applying a little force she was able to separate the two of them and they looked at each other wordlessly. Each taking deep and labored breaths as if their own lust was suffocating them. As they gazed into each other’s eyes, Amirah recognized the look on her student’s face. It was probably the same one she had on hers. She wants this just as much as I do.

The realization broke through the tension and spurned Amirah into action. She quickly stood and dragged lacey to her feet. She lifted the smaller girl up by the waist and lacey instantly wrapped her legs around Amirah, their lengths smushed together as Lacey held on.

The hold was short lived however as in a few long strides Amirah placed her bottom on the edge of her desk and laid her down. She looked at her student, laying before her, still mostly dressed in her uniform. I always liked the uniforms here. Just the right amount of elegance and still looks good when things get… less elegant.

Lacey knew her part in the situation, spreading her legs and lifting her skirt to give her headmistress access to her goal. Amirah was lining herself up for the kill until she remembered.

Didn’t she say she didn’t have experience with blowjobs before? Odds are she’s a virgin. The thought killed the mood. I can’t do this to her.

Lacey felt the mood shift along with the hesitation. “Headmistress? What’s wrong?”

“Lacey, you’re a virgin I assume.”

“Yes. Is-is that a problem?”

“No, no. That’s good. A lady’s chastity is important.” Amirah stepped back from the desk. Lacey sat up, now sitting on the edge. “We should probably end it here for today.”

Lacey hopped off the desk and approached Amirah reaching out a hand. “Headmistress?”

“That’s enough Lacey. We shouldn’t go any further than this.”

“But why?”

“Your chastity is important to your lineage. It belongs to your future husband. Someone special to you.”

Lacey grabs the Amirah’s hand. “But… you’re someone special.” Then she added “To me.”

“Lacey you don-“

“I do! You’re special to me, and I want you to have it.” Then a little quieter. “To-to have me.”

Amirah was at a loss forwards. Lacey Cambell talked back to her. She interrupted her. And she wanted her. The mixture of emotions was too much to handle so her brain focused on one of the thoughts. That Lacey wanted her.

“Lacey, you do understand what you are saying don’t you?”

Lacey looked her square in the eyes. Behind the flames of lust Amirah thought she could see another emotion. A deeper and more concrete feeling. One that will persist beyond this moment, and outside of their sessions. “Yes, Headmistress.”

“And you are sure you want this.” Now it was Amirah’s turn to hesitate. “…That you want me?”

She stood her ground. “Yes, Headmistress.”

“Ok then.”

Lacey took the lead this time. She guided Amirah by the hand back to the desk and sat herself on it. Then Kurtköy Escort she opened her legs and pulled Amirah between them.

Amirah hesitated again. Until Lacey gave her the final straw that broke her will. She looked up at her with those big blue eyes, and barely above a whisper she begged. “Please.”

Amirah let go of her inhibitions. She lined herself up with the glistening folds that were being offered to her. She gave Lacey one last look. One last chance to call it off. Lacey nodded, her eyes full of determination. So brave.

Amirah went slow as she could as she pushed into Lacey. She heard Lacey gasp as she entered her, feeling the tight hole resist being split by her cock. She leaned over her and looked into her eyes to offer encouragement.

“It’s Ok. This is the hardest part Lacey. I’ll be done soon.” Lacey nodded, obviously having some discomfort.

She got around halfway in before feeling a barrier. Oh right. Her Hymen.

Amirah cradled Lacey’s face as she prepared to break the wall. “Lacey. I’m not going to lie to you. This is going to hurt. I don’t want to hurt you, but if you really want this I have to. Are you Ok with that?”

“Yes, Headmistress.”

Amirah jutted her hips forward the rest of the way, wanting to get any discomfort out of the way, hidden behind the initial pain of the hymen tearing. And then she was in. All eight inches of her. And it felt glorious. But before she could bask in the tightness of the hole she just claimed, she had to make sure her protege was Ok.

Beneath her Lacey was gasping, attempting to adjust to the feeling of being full of Amirah and the pain of her ruptured hymen. Amirah placed one forearm next to Lacey’s head and leaned over her, using the other hand to soothe Lacey by rubbing her head.

“It’s done Lacey. It’s Ok. It’s over now. The worst part is over. I’m so proud of you. You are doing so well. It’ll only feel better from here on out. Let me know when you are ready to proceed.”

Lacey responded, obviously still in pain. “Yes, Headmistress.”

And so they laid there for a several minutes, Lacey never quiet getting used to the cock and Amirah resisting the urge to roughly fuck the tight hole she was enveloped in. And then Lacey gave the go ahead.

“I’m ready.”

And so Amirah started to slowly pull her hips back, feeling Lacey wraith beneath her at the sensation. When she had only the head left inside, she reminded herself. I need to go slow. For her. And she gently thrusted back in until their hips met again.

They repeated this several times. Slow thrusts in and even slower withdrawals. All the while they looked into each others eyes, breathing and gasping at the shared experience.

Then Lacey pulled out yet another surprise. “Headmistress.”

She stopped her movements, scared she had hurt her in some way. “Yes?”

“You… can go a bit faster.” We’ll make a whore out of you yet.

And that’s what they did. Amirah went slightly faster, still worried about hurting her. Then lacey would ask again, and she’d speed up a little again. This went on until they had a nice, slow rhythm going. They weren’t going exactly fast, but it was fast and hard enough to have soft claps of flesh reach their ears.

Lacey was putting on a show for Amirah. Not intentionally but all the same. She watched her face change, Each thrust causing it to morph into a new and equally exciting visage. Since the first request for speed, she had had less grimaces of pain and more faces of pleasure. She let out beautiful little moans as they continued. Her gasps when the pleasure spiked were so sweet. Amirah made sure to watch all of it. So beautiful.

As they went on, the urge to cum wasn’t the only thing building up. A feeling in her chest that had been building. One that she tried to ignore but she couldn’t any longer.

On one of her thrusts she went in extra hard, hilting herself within. Then she pressed her body up against hers, pressing her weight down onto the smaller frame. When Lacey opened her mouth to let out her sweet voice, Amirah stole her lips.

And then the real fucking began. The speed was cut back down. Only half of what it had been, but the force behind each thrust rocked the desk, knocking loose pens and papers to the floor. All the while, She made sure to keep her lips connected to Lacey’s.

The fucking had multiple goals. The first was a race to bring herself to orgasm. The second and more important one was to claim Lacey completely. Now she had done it. Her first hand job. Her first blowjob. Her first time. And now, her first kiss.

The hard thrusts lasted only about a minute as each Pendik Escort woman had already been close. Lacey had quickly gotten over the surprise of the kiss and was now fully into it. She moaned into Amirah’s mouth as she was claimed, wholeheartedly giving herself to her conqueror.

Amirah felt Lacey reach her peak before she realized what was happening. Lacey moaned loudly into her mouth as she writhed beneath her. Then Amirah felt a wetness seep through her blouse as Lacey’s cock covered both of their midsections, ruining their clothes.

When she felt her pussy spasm around her, it set her off as well. She pushed as far as she could go into the girl, giving the desk one last, powerful shake before unloading.

Their shared orgasm had as much emotional impact as it did physical. A connection between them that had been building for the past weeks. As she filled Lacey with her cum, they filled each other’s hearts.

When they both came down from their highs, they stayed connected. Looking into each others eyes. The emotion that she had seen earlier was now front and center. And then Lacey said the words that they both felt.

“I love you, Headmistress.” Amirah’s reaction to the words she had wanted to hear was not as positive as she had hoped.

Unacceptable. This cannot happen. This. Isn’t. Right. This could not be. They were student and teacher. Mentor and protege. This was wrong. Lacey should be with a lover he own age, someone who she can spend the rest of her life with. She may want me. She may think she needs me. But she doesn’t. She deserves someone better than me.

Amirah was slapped with a wave of guilt. She couldn’t be with Lacey. It was not just because of the scandal it would cause because of her position as headmistress or their age gap. It was because of those things exactly. Her love for Lacey, her position as Headmistress, and her more years of experience. Each and every one of those things wanted what was best for her. And she knew, deep down in her heart, no matter how much she willed it to be, she was not what was best for Lacey.

Amirah pulled out and away from Lacey, the guilt overwhelming her.


“This was a mistake Miss Cambell.” She saw the look of pain on Lacey’s face when she reverted back to using her last name.


“This isn’t right and…” She realized an even bigger mistake. “And I finished inside. I’m an idiot.” She went over to the table and went into her purse, taking out a wad of cash. “Take this an- No. You can’t be seen doing that. Not in your uniform, it’ll ruin you. I’ll get it.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Tomorrow morning I am going to give you a pill. You must take it.”

“What about right now? Why was this a mistake?” The pain in her voice was tearing Amirah apart. She distracted herself by quickly packing her things and picking up what fell on the floor. After that she noticed the wet spot that adorned her blouse. “It just was Miss Cambell. I’m sorryfor forcing you into this.”

“You didn’t force me into anything! Why are you making this to be like you attacked me? You wanted to be here, I wanted to be here. We both consented and we’re both adults! What’s the problem?!” Lacey’s voice grew more desperate as she saw the woman she loved seemingly ignoring her after the moment they had shared. “What’s so wrong about what we have!?”

Amirah didn’t look up from packing to meet Lacey’s eyes. Not because she didn’t want to but because she couldn’t. It would ruin her, much like what she imagined Miss Cambell to be going through at the moment.

She kept her voice cold and professional, the years of practice kicking in. “The problem is that we have it, Miss Cambell. I don’t know how else to explain it to you other than that.” Amirah decided to use her blazer to cover the stain and gathered her things. She reached the door and stopped for a moment. For just a second her composure broke and her real emotions came through. “I’m sorry.” She took another step.

Behind her she heard a distraught Lacey call out to her in confusion and pain. “Wait!” Against her better judgement she stopped, still not turning to meet her eyes, but refusing to abandon Lacey before she got her last words in. I assume this is the part where she tells me I’m going to be reported. That’s fine. I deserve it for what I’ve done to her.

Instead what she got were the most gut wrenching words yet. Lacey had long since abandoned the tears, despair setting in. These words were laced with a near tangible plea. They carried all of the hope left in her student’s heart. Her last ditch effort to save what they both knew they had but Amirah was trying to deny.

“Will there be another lesson tomorrow?” The question hung in the air.

No. say no. No there will not be another lesson. There cannot be. This has to end. We can’t keep doing this.

“Yes.” And then she walked out the door.

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