Private Photos

Double Penetration

You’re staying late at your sister’s photography studio. You promised you’d help her out and do her last appointment for the night because something had come up and the client wasn’t able to reschedule. You’re lounging on the sofa in the entryway when a beautiful woman walks into the store carrying a duffel bag. She looked around the room then she saw you sitting there, “Ummm, excuse me, I have an appointment. Is Paula here?”

“Ummm, no she had something come up but I’m here to fill in for her.”

“Ummm, okay. Are you sure this isn’t going to make you uncomfortable, the pictures aren’t exactly normal ones?”

“What do you mean?”

“Ummmmm they’re boudoir photos, as in me posing in lingerie.”

“Oh, for you’re boyfriend?” you ask, trying to hide your disappointment. The thought of just getting to see her in her sexy lingerie makes your jeans go tight as your cock starts to thicken and pulse.

“No, they’re just for me. I want to be a model but they say I need different types of poses for my portfolio.”

“Okay, why don’t I take you back and show you where you can change.” You lead her into the back room which Paula has all set up for the shoot. “We’ll be shooting in this room and through that door is the changing room.”

“Okay, I’ll go change then.” You watch as she carries her duffel güvenilir bahis bag into the next room. The swing of her hips makes your erection pulse against your tight jeans.

You shake the image out of your mind and make sure everything is ready. You turn on all the back lighting and make sure it’s positioned right while you wait for her to come out. You turn around as you hear the connecting door open. You watch as she walks out, wearing nothing but a transparent black bra, thong and a garter belt and stockings. You can feel your jeans getting even more tight as your erection swells even more, the throbbing becoming more painful by the second. You watch as her eyes drift down your body and locks onto your throbbing erection.

She gives you a knowing smile and winks at you as she walks toward you and puts her hand behind your head, pulling your mouth down to hers. She locks her lips onto yours, you moan and wrap your arms around her waist and pull her closer. She lets out a soft moan and opens her mouth for you to explore. You dip your tongue into her mouth and the sweet taste of her mouth makes you want more. She pulls her lips away and says, “You have too many clothes on, why don’t i help you fix that?” She pulled at the button on your jeans and pulled the zipper down. She slides her hands down your hips güvenilir bahis siteleri and guides your jeans down. When she realizes you don’t have any underwear on she smiles greedily up at you. She kneels down as she guides your jeans down your legs to your ankles. She flicks her tongue across the tip of your throbbing erection and smiles as it jumps, and wraps her lips around your shaft and plunges it deep into her mouth.

You grab the back of her head and dig your fingers into her hair as she continues to devour your erection with her lips and tongue. She brings you almost to climax before you pull away from her and say, ” I want to be inside of you, I can’t hold on much longer, I want you.”

She doesn’t say a word, but slinks over to the bed across the room and climbs onto it. She sprawls out in the center of the bed and crooks her index finger at you. You walk toward her and kiss your way up her leg. You come to the juncture between her legs and run your tongue along the edge of her thong, making her writhe with need. You slip your hand into her thong to feel her moist heat, nearly making you come undone at how hot and wet she was. You bend your head down and slip your tongue between her folds, making her cry out with need. You marvel at the sweet taste and her reaction, you swirl your tongue around iddaa siteleri her clit and she thrusts her hips at you, loving the sensations you were creating. You insert two fingers into her opening as you continue to swirl your tongue around her clit. Her cries become louder and her muscles begin to clench around your fingers as she gets near her climax. She pulls your head up and says, “I want to feel you inside of me when I cum, I don’t want to cum like this.”

You climb the rest of the way onto the bed, ready to climb on top of her when she shakes her head and sits up. She points to the center of the bed and says, “I want to ride you, I want to feel you deep inside of me.” You lie down in the middle of the bed and she straddles your hips. She wraps her hand around your erection and rubs it between her folds before she slides it into her opening and slowly lowers herself onto you. She starts to rock back and forth on top of you, slowly at first, soft little moans escaping from her mouth. You pull her bra down under her breasts and roll her nipples between your fingers and she begins to thrust faster, her cries getting louder. The headboard bounces off the wall as she thrusts harder and harder. You feel her muscles once again begin to tighten around you almost bringing you over the edge. You grit your teeth and hang on, wanting to feel her orgasm spill around you before you let go. She digs her nails into your inner thighs as her climax pulses around you, causing you to go over the edge with her. She collapses on top of you, panting for breath.

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