Priyanka’s Servant Pt. 02


“Can… can I get dressed?” James asked.

Priyanka gave him a withering look.

“Of course not. Slaves don’t wear clothes. Just stay there until I decide what to do with you.”

James stood in the corner, back against the wall. The cool surface of the wall and the fresh chill of the room’s air left him feeling uncomfortable. Priyanka carried on scrolling on her phone and ignoring him. She was lying on the bed, on her front, feet up in the air – something which James, of course, was well aware of.

A month ago, this petite, pretty Indian girl had been his girlfriend. Now, she was his goddess. It had been only a few days since he had accepted the offer of becoming her slave, but it already felt like a lifetime.

Deprived of attention and stimulation, James found himself looking at Priyanka instead. Watching her lie there, brushing her thick black hair behind her ear and swaying her legs back and forth in the air, he began to feel an acute warm tingling feeling in his abdomen. He realised that he was getting turned on again, and his penis began to swell.

Priyanka noticed with a smirk, but didn’t comment.

After a few more minutes, she dismissed him. “OK, I’m done with you now. Go home, slave.”

James hesitated, and she clearly saw the disappointment clouding his face.

“You’re like a puppy dog aren’t you? When are you going to realise that this is about my needs and desires, not yours? We’re done for today, because I say so.”

She rolled over onto her back and laughed. Her movement was so natural, so graceful and light – James found himself captivated despite his frustration.

He pulled his clothes on, but hesitated at the door. Had she forgotten? She usually…

“Why are you just hanging around?” said Priyanka. “Do you want something?”

James half-opened his mouth to speak, but felt a sudden wave of embarrassment and thought better of it. He shook his head and turned to the door.

Priyanka gave a sudden peal of laughter and clapped her hands together in girlish delight.

“Oh, I know what you want! You want another pair of my socks, don’t you? So you can wank yourself off at home again, like a little pervert. So you can imagine kissing my feet while you touch your cock.” James felt himself squirm at every demeaning word she emphasised, and a warm flush rose up his body. Priyanka squealed with glee at the effect her speech was having on him.

“Well,” she continued, “if you want that, you’re going to have to prove it to me.”

Her lips curled even further into a devilish smirk as she pronounced clearly:


James felt a weakness in his knees and he fell to the floor before her. This always seemed to happen whenever she used that bitchy, commanding tone – he simply couldn’t resist. His submissive nature would respond at a subconscious level, his body betraying him and moving of its own accord.

James looked up at his teenage goddess as he knelt there on the soft carpet of her bedroom floor. Oh, Kartal escort but Priyanka was beautiful! She was glowing, radiant – her gorgeous brown skin contrasting with his own pasty paleness. Her hair was luscious, ink-black, falling over her shoulders in pretty plaits and framing her face. The dark brown glint of her eyes suggested a mischievous streak which the grin on her full, kissable lips confirmed.

She was wearing the nightgown that he found most irresistible. It was patterned, with red and gold embroideries that complimented her deep caramel skin tones perfectly. Just loose enough to suggest a relaxed, comfortable seduction, and just fitted enough to show off her gorgeous curves… Taken as a whole, the effect of her beauty on James was entrancing.

That beauty was what made him beg.

“P- please, Priyanka…”

“Princess,” she corrected.

“Please, princess, c-can I have a pair of your… of your…”

“Of my what?” she teased.

“Of your used socks,” said James through a burning blush on his cheeks. “Please princess, I’d really like to take some of your socks home with me.”

Priyanka gasped in mock-surprise. “My socks? But what could you possibly want with those? And be explicit,” she added with a coquettish flick of her hair.

James took a breath and indulged her.

“I want your socks so I can… smell them. I love your scent. I like to smell them while I… while I… touch myself.” He stuttered out the last part, by now a deep shade of crimson.

Priyanka laughed that girlish, flirtatious laugh again, delighted at her power to embarrass him. Internally, she felt a great desire to grab his face and kiss him all over. He was so earnest and endearing when he overcame his shyness for her. However, she restrained herself and maintained her pose of cool detachment. Such behaviour would not become a princess, after all!

“Hmmm, let me consider…” she mused. “Beg again first.”

James did so. His cock, by this point, was betraying his true feelings about this humiliating ritual. It stood firmly at attention, and with his lack of clothes, its hardness was in plain view of Priyanka.

While he begged, she regarded it with great interest. His was the first cock she had seen, and she found it fascinating. The way it stiffened when she teased him, the way it throbbed when he kissed her toes, the way it bobbed out into the air when he stood upright. She wanted to touch it and play with it… but not yet. She couldn’t give her servant any satisfaction just yet. Priyanka was content to look for now.

“You’ve begged so well, I think you should have an extra reward!” She beamed down at him. James’ eyes widened to saucers at those words.

“How about… I let you kiss me?”

James’ heart leapt at the idea. He wanted nothing more than to kiss those tender lips, those…

“But!” she interrupted his reverie. “It won’t be a regular kiss. A servant like you shouldn’t be allowed to touch my lips. It will Kurtköy Escort be our special kiss.” She leaned over him, hands on her knees, and batted the lashes of her huge brown eyes. “You do want a special kiss, don’t you?”

James didn’t know what a special kiss was, but he would have agreed to almost anything at that moment. He stared back at her adoringly and nodded.

Priyanka leaned in even closer, and he strained his neck to meet her. Their faces were six inches apart. Her face was very serious now. James could smell the sweet warm air of her breath.

“Open your mouth,” she instructed, almost in a whisper.

James did not break her gaze, but she could see the confusion in his eyes.

“Open,” she commanded, firmer this time.

James hesitatingly opened his mouth, still unsure, and then finally realised what a “special kiss” was.

From Priyanka’s pursed lips, a stream of saliva spilled directly into his mouth.

The sensation of her warm spit pooling in his mouth was odd, but pleasant. James was surprised that he instantly enjoyed it. The taste of Priyanka’s saliva on his tongue, the intense eye contact between them, and the sheer submission of accepting her fluids this way in lieu of a real kiss – all these combined to produce an extraordinary effect on James. His cock, already stiff, now jumped and twitched involuntary. The idea that he was a receptacle for her saliva, that she had the dominion over him to simply spit in his mouth without warning, sent his mind spinning while he knelt there with her drool trailing into his mouth. With a start, he realised he was dangerously close to cumming, from no physical stimulation at all.

Priyanka caressed his face and chin with her soft, delicate fingers. Gently, she closed his lips. “Swallow,” she commanded, and he did. The hot feeling in the head of his penis reached a dangerous near-climax, and he wrestled with the imminent orgasm. Had she done any more than that, he certainly would have ejaculated.

As it was, she straightened suddenly and once again smiled that brilliant, mischievous smile. The spell was broken.

“Don’t you think you should thank me?” Priyanka said.

“Thank you Princess, thank you so much,” said James with sincerity, and lightly kissed the toes of her outstretched foot.

“So you really do wank with my socks then?” asked Priyanka.

James simply blushed and nodded in response.

“Do you wrap it around your cock? I know some boys cum into socks…”

“No!” said James. “No, princess. I just… smell them. While I get myself off.”

“Hmm.” Priyanks mused, imagining it. Suddenly, an idea flashed in her mind. “You know,” she said coyly, “it’s a long way home for you. I would hate to torture you by making you wait all that time to cum. Why don’t you do it here?”

“H-here?” said James, turning an even deeper crimson. “But, I… it’s private…”

“Private? What do you mean, private? You are my servant,” she sneered. “You have no Pendik Escort privacy around me.”

In his head he was torn. On the one hand, he was desperately horny after an evening of chastely serving his princess. On the other – he had never ejaculated in front of someone else. What if he looked strange? What if he made odd noises…? The mix of eagerness and fear sent him into paralysis.

Priyanka made the decision for him.

“Why don’t I sweeten the deal? You don’t even need the socks. You can cum while you smell my feet,” she said, smiling sweetly. Gently, she pushed the kneeling James onto his back with her foot.

James looked up at her. The submissiveness of the position, lying supine with Priyanka’s foot on his chest, left him powerless to resist. Almost involuntarily, his hand slipped down towards his rock-hard penis. Priyanka noted this with an imperceptible twitch of the eyebrow..

She shifted position to stand directly over him. James drank in the view up her nightgown with his desperate eyes. He could see her the white of her underwear contrasting with the dark skin between her thighs, and was that…? Yes, a wet spot in the centre of her panties. The revelation that she was turned on too emboldened him.

Priyanka lifted her foot and placed the sole on his lips. Her foot was warm, and just a little damp with sweat. James kissed it lightly and the salty taste of it filled him with a thrill of excitement. He began to stroke his cock in earnest now, pumping his hand up and down. Her dainty toes curled around his nose, and the primal scent of sweat and Priyanka’s body filled his senses. James didn’t know whether it was her pheromones or just the sheer hotness of the situation, but the touch and smell of her dainty Indian foot on his face was acting as a multiplier to the feeling of his hand upon his stiff cock.

Priyanka watched with fascination from above. She could tell that her servant was losing himself to the pleasure of the fantasy. How strange it was, to see him stretched out so helplessly on the floor, completely in thrall to her, pumping his penis in wild abandon. She wiggled and flexed her toes on his face and barely suppressed a giggle of delight when James moaned and quickened his rhythm in response.

For James’ part, he could feel the cliff-edge of orgasm fast approaching. The submission, the scent, the sensation, the burning heat in his cock – all combined and swelled to a crescendo. Just a few more pumps and he would be there… The feeling approached a high, and –


James froze and released his penis. It continued throbbing, twitching in the air, milliseconds away from release. The muscles in his body tensed up as he strained against the impending climax.

“I’ve changed my mind,” said Priyanka, “maybe you should go home and do it instead.”

James involuntarily groaned in frustration as his princess threw his clothes on him in a heap. Even the touch of his shirt fabric against his cock felt agonising. Priyanka suppressed a gleeful smile at denying him so cruelly.

She leant over him and whispered into his ear.

“I want to know when you cum. Text me afterwards and say thank you.”

Those words resounded in James’ ears the whole long way home.

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