Prof Litcher’s Pillow Maid


Being a tenured full professor at a large university like State U has got to be one of the best jobs in the world. The money’s not great, but you are set for life, doing what you enjoy doing most. In my case, that’s writing history books, conducting research across the country, pulling in a ton of money for the university in the form of grants from Uncle Sam, making a few bucks off of my books, and of course, teaching a course or two. Short of being convicted of a felony and receiving prison time, you had a job for life, immune from recessions, and immune from any other reason that people get fired from their job in the real world.

Some profs hate teaching and go about it grudgingly. Not me, I love it, I make it fun. I love to put on a period hat or even a full costume, jump up on a table and act out some scene from the past. The kids really love it and it does make an impression.

The best part of actually teaching undergraduates is that you not only have a captive audience for your fondest esoteric ramblings, but you also have the opportunity to meet lots of eager young females. Eager young females, they are my other passion in life and teaching provides a fertile ground from which to harvest unlimited young pussy.

Though I am considerably older than the typical co-ed, it’s really quite easy to score. Just be charming and funny while presenting the required material in class, and provide generous office hours for students to drop by to discuss whatever problems they may have.

The guys, you graciously tolerate and move them out as quickly as possible so that you can get some serious work done. The girls? They come in and I close the door.

There are girls who are very nervous, having heard a story or two and are scared to death that I will ravish them on the spot. For them I play Mr. Professor, kindly and caring. Absolutely nothing happens and they get the impression that maybe the stories are exaggerated. ‘Dr. Litcher, he’s really nice, not an ogre at all.’ Rarely will I pursue the nervous type, too much trouble.

Others, you know right away. Maybe you can see the tongue stud as soon as she opens her mouth, an in your face advertisement that this chick loves to orally pleasure a man. Sometimes it’s the hard nipples outlined in the tight, cutoff t-shirt. Sometimes it just a flirtatious look, a gleam in the eye, the way she cocks her head and smiles. Maybe they have heard the stories, maybe not. Whatever, if I like the signals and what I see, I pour on the charm, complementing her, telling a few harmless jokes. Next thing she knows, I’ve taken off my starched shirt and tie and am showing her my tattoo, giving her an opportunity to check out my well honed physique. Women, just like men, are primordially attracted to a beautiful body of the opposite sex.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m careful about what I do in my office. I never complete the seduction in my office. It’s not very professional and word does get around. Still things can get out hand very quickly. Some chicks want to get it on right now, while others become a little nervous. So after strutting my feathers, and proving that I am cool, I put my shirt back on. If I’m lucky, she’ll make no bones about what she want next and touch my arm or place a hand on my thigh very near the jewels. Right away, I invite those girls over to my house that evening for some special tutoring.

Others I have to work on a bit. I don’t want to seem too eager, as I might scare them away. In the next day or two, they show up at my office to chat and flirt. Eventually the ones selected usually wind up at my place and in my bed and learn what it is like to be screwed by a mature man with a very big cock.

After a few intimate evenings at my home, I’ll invite a girl I’m screwing regularly over to party with a few of my friends, where they are educated further. Then after a few nights of total debasement, when they visit my office, I just might lock the door, bend them over the desk and have it.

Like I said, it’s got to be the best job in the world, and like I said word does get around. Still, if I’m reasonably discrete, I’m untouchable.

The summer term had just begun the week before. I was working on a book detailing an action during the War Between the States and was planning a trip to the state archives in Jackson, Mississippi to in an attempt to trace the descendants of the men of the 3rd Mississippi Infantry, C.S.A., in the hopes that maybe I could track down some old letters, diaries, and other materials for my research.

It was lunchtime and I was in my office, eating a sandwich with my good friend, Dr. Harvey Miller. Harvey is an English professor and my editor.

“What’s the matter Ed? Is everything alright?”

I glanced up from reading the letter from my daughter Kara.

“Yeah, I guess. It’s my daughter. She says her mother plans to spend the summer in Europe with her latest, and she wants to stay with me until the dorm opens in the fall. Says she coming next week.”

“Oh? Next week? I remember you saying she might escort ataşehir be coming here in the fall,” said my good friend.

“Apparently she has been accepted to State U.”

Harvey picked up my most recent framed high school picture of her in cap and gown. “Pretty face,” he commented arching an eyebrow. “How come you’ve never introduced her to me?”

“Actually, I haven’t seen much of her since she was little. Her mother walked out on me before she was born. She’s been married and divorced, what, three times since we split. Moved out to the west coast with her second husband and stayed, not with him, but stayed out west.

“Hell, I only get to see her for two weeks in the summer. I fly out, rent a car, go to Disneyland, Yosemite, the beach, play Daddy, the usual stuff.”

“I look forward to meeting her,” Harv said with smirk. “She have a nice body?”

“She’s off limits to you Harv,” I answered icily.

Harvey grinned mischievously, “Hey, that will be between me and her…you know, between consenting adults.”

“Don’t give me that crap.”

“Listen to you! That’s been your mantra since before you got tenure.” It was true and Harvey was enjoying my discomfort. “I never figured you to be a hypocrite Ed.”

“I’m not a hypocrite!”

“Sure you are! Listen to yourself Professor Litchard! ‘She’s off limits to you Harv’,” he mocked. “Bullshit! I won’t treat her any differently than any other co-ed. If she’s willing…Tell me Ed, does she have nice tits?”

“You son-of-a-bitch!”

Harvey laughed, pleased to demolish my attempted stoical demeanor. “I’ve had more than one father tell me that. So have you!” Glancing at his watch, he said, “Gotta go ole buddy, class in twenty minutes. Look, I’ll see you tonight, Ed.” Grinning mischievously he added, “Maybe I can find a hot one for us tonight, maybe some fresh slut trying to earn an easy A!” He made lewd gesture and started to stand laughing quietly. He paused and looked up with a pensive expression. “You remember that brunette I brought over a few weeks ago, DeeDee?”

“Oh, yeah!”

“I saw her around the department yesterday afternoon. Apparently she’s here for the summer term. Maybe I’ll run into her. Would she do?”

“Damn right she’d do! She damned near fucked us to death,” I said with a chuckle.

“Can’t promise anything, but…”

Harvey rose from the chair across from my desk and left me to contemplate the carnal pleasures of DeeDee and what changes I would have to make when Kara arrived next week. All summer? That was definitely going to put a crimp into my lifestyle, and I was dreading the inconvenience. What was I supposed to do, act like a monk?

I left my office a little after five thirty and tried to enjoy the mile walk in the early summer air to my house just two blocks off campus. It is a nice old place, a two story Tudor in the grand tradition, radiating an aura of English gentry. Though much too large for a mere bachelor, it has a very collegiate air about it, the perfect stoic façade for a very horny History Professor. In back, behind high brick walls, was my patio and pool area. I couldn’t help but reflect on all that I would miss out on this summer with Kara hanging around. In spite of the smaller student body on campus, summer was the best time, when my patio would fill to overflowing with naked girls sitting around the pool, eager and willing to have something slip into them.

Upon entering the house, I went straight away to the kitchen for a glass of wine. I looked out onto the pool and saw a girl swimming laps. This didn’t surprise me, as it wasn’t unusual for to come home and find some young thing enjoying my backyard. I studied her for some moments, a typical twenty-something lass with short dark hair, nice long legs and torso, gorgeous ass cheeks. However, even with my glasses I didn’t recognize her, but the fact that she was in the pool nude was a good indicator that she had been here before and understood the rules of the house. “Must be DeeDee,” I said to myself as my alerted dick got tangled in my boxers.

I was eager to get naked and join her to renew our acquaintance, except for one nagging problem. It was my turn to cook tonight. Even though I lived alone, my friends gathered here almost every Friday evening. Harvey, Jesse, Bill, and I had worked out a rotation some time ago. As much as I wanted to stay, I needed to pick up a few things for dinner. I finished my wine and headed for the neighborhood grocery two blocks away, confident that she’d still be there when I got back.

Sure enough, forty minutes or so when I got back, she was still there, chatting with Jesse and Harvey at the edge of the pool. Bill was nowhere in sight, but then he did mention that he was planning to go out of town to check up on his elderly mother.

I put my mind to the task at hand, chopping veggies and chicken breasts for a stir-fry. Soon I had dinner ready. Safe from splattering grease, I quickly stripped down to my birthday suit and then placed everything, food, dinnerware, kadıköy escort wine, and glasses on a cart to wheel out onto the patio.

Harvey and Jesse were now sitting up on the side of the pool, leaning back on their arms. The brunette was alternating between them, apparently sucking on one cock for a moment, then the other. I was about to call everyone over to eat when Harvey waved and cried out, “Ed!”

The brunette babe pulled off Harv’s cock, turned and shouted, “Hi, Daddy!”

I froze and stood dumbstruck as my daughter Kara emerged from my pool smiling broadly as water cascaded from her naked flesh. Bounding towards me, tits a-jiggling, she was followed closely by Harvey and Jesse, both sprouting stiffies that bobbed as they followed my daughter.

Striking a come-hither pose, she stood before me, her copper skin glistening as water dripped from her bare skin. With a beguiling smile, Kara arched her back slightly, thrusting her taut breasts forward. What does a father say when confronted with his pretty daughter, naked and fresh from blowing a couple of his friends?

“Wow! You are beautiful!”

“Thanks, Daddy,” she said flashing a tongue stud.

She had a body like her mother, lissome but not skinny, but she had the face and coloration of my sister. Her hair was much shorter than the last time I saw her. My eyes wandered up and down, feasting on her nubile body, pausing on each trip to study her dark aureoles and her erect, pierced nipples. I wasn’t too keen on the belly ring, but the toe ring rings and nipple rings, mmmmm.

“Why Daddy,” she said sweetly, pointing to my growing organ as it passed half mast, “did I do that to you?”

“Uh, er, what are you doing here?”

“I had a fight with Mama last night, so I packed up and came early.” She looked down again at my crotch, her eyes widening at the sight of my nearly fully erect penis. “Oh, my Daddy, Mama was right! Your friends are nice, but you’re huge! I’ve never seen a cock that big before!”

At that moment Harvey came up behind Kara and embraced her, running his hands across her breasts, nuzzling the nape of her neck. He looked up at me and said, “Ed, you old bastard. Where have you been hiding this delectable creature?”

“Uh, Harv, this is Kara.”

“Yes, we’ve met.”

“My daughter, Kara.”

Harvey’s eyes lit up. “I thought there was a resemblance!” Pulling on her nipple rings, he grinned lecherously and said, “Say, she does have nice tits, doesn’t she?”

Jesse came up beside me leering at her. Harv said, “You’ll never guess, Jess. Kara is Ed’s daughter!”

Arching his brow in genuine surprise as he absorbed the unexpected news, Jesse muttered, “No shit!” Soon a salacious smile returned to his face. “Turn around darling, so we can all get a good look at you.”

Displaying her wares, Kara pirouetted before my friends and me. After two turns, Harvey pulled her to him again. Jesse turned to me whispering loudly, “She’s great at fellatio, Ed. Did you teach her that, Prof?”

Flustered I spit out, “No!” I glared at Jesse and then at Harvey who was immensely enjoying feeling up my daughter while I watched.

“Harv, I thought you were bringing someone over tonight.”

“DeeDee said she’d might be over later,” said Harvey indifferently. “She said she was going to a frat party first.”

Jesse piped in, “Well if she going to the Lamb O house, she won’t be seen for days!”

I desperately searched for someway to defuse the situation. “Okay… Look, you and Jesse go eat. I need to talk to Kara. Alone.”

Stepping away from Kara, Harvey snickered at my discomfort.

“Sure thing… Dad! Let’s go Jesse. Let’s give the man some privacy with his naked daughter.” As he passed me, he paused and whispered, “Jesse’s right, she does give a great blowjob.”

My two libertine buddies gave me some space, digging into tonight’s supper. I knew I had only the amount of time it took them to chow down before they were back. I had no illusions as to what was on their minds or what they planned for the evening.

Kara stepped forward and hugged me, looking up at me with her incredible aquamarine eyes. Then she stood on her tiptoes and kissed me, brushing her firm tits across my bare chest.

“When did you get here?” I asked as if that really mattered.

“About four o’clock. I let myself in. You know a key under the front door matt is not very original.

“Your friends are very nice,” she continued. “Kinda old, but they seem like they’re a lot of fun. You know, they kind of surprised me. One minute I’m swimming laps, waiting for my daddy to get home, the next minute, two naked strangers jump in the pool with me.”

“Uh, you better go get some clothes on.”

“Why? Mama told me that you were some sort of a nudist. Well, so am I.” She stepped back to display her body. “Can’t you tell?”

Sure enough, there wasn’t a trace of a tan line anywhere to mar her olive skin.

“Kara, these men, my friends, we…”

“You were expecting someone maltepe escort bayan else tonight. Harvey told me that another girl was coming over later. He asked me if I liked girls…I told him I like men better.”

“Kara, you better get some clothes on.”

“No! Relax Daddy, I old enough to have some fun.”

“There’re two of them.”

She smiled coyly and poking my chest said, “Actually, there are three.”

“Kara! I, I…”

“It’s not like I’m a virgin or anything. I know what sex is and I like it.” She looked at me with a winsome smile. “That girl who is coming over later. The three of you…you were all going to gangbang her?”


“That’s what Harvey said. Said if I wanted to hang around, you’d gangbang me too.”

“He didn’t say that, did he?” I said surprised that Harvey would be that crude, so quickly.

“Actually he said something about a polycopulation circus, but I got the idea. You know, you guys are really are cool,” she giggled. Then with a serious expression she said, “I’ve never been fucked by more than one guy at a time. God, that’s so naughty! Makes me all wet down here.” She cocked her head and looked at me questioningly. “Is it true what Mama said about you and Aunt Sara?”

I must have had a guilty expression, as her face lit up with the excitement of discovering a great truth. “You did! You did! Didn’t you! Oh, my, you are a bad boy, Daddy. Mama told me that you two screwed at every opportunity. That’s so hot! She always said you were some sort of sick pervert. You know, she was always asking if you had ever touched me. Frankly, the thought of it always excited me.”

“Kara, we can’t…”

“You don’t think I’m going to pass up a nice big cock like yours, do you?”

Kara leaned forward and suckled my man-nipple as her hand attempted to encircle my raging hard on.

“God you’re big,” she whispered hoarsely. As she squeezed and caressed my prick, all sense of propriety and moral rectitude (as if I had any to begin with) began to vaporize as I rapidly succumbed to forbidden desire. Soon I was pushing her head down to my awaiting cock.

My penis throbbed against her moist luscious lips. Her studded tongue lashed out, making maddening circles around the tip of my drooling glans. Parting wide her supple lips, she received her daddy’s hard cock. Slowly she engulfed the head, submerging it within the wet warmth of her mouth while she fondled my pendulous ball sack.

Gasping in excruciating pleasure, I involuntarily jerked each time she swiped the ball of her tongue stud up under the rim of the crown and across my bulging cock tube. She was a skilled cocksucker, almost as good as my sister.

After a few minutes of her orally toying with my cock head, I gathered her hair up in my fists and jabbed my hips forward, pushing my dick a little deeper into her mouth. I jabbed again and again, each time my cock slid a little further into the saliva-filled warm cavern of her mouth until I felt her gag as I struck the back of her throat. Gazing up into my eyes, she began slowly bobbing her head, raking my sensitive shaft with her soft, pliant lips.

Lost in the salacious pleasure my baby girl was giving me, I squeezed my eyes shut, my nostrils flaring with each deep breath I took. She let my cock pop out of her mouth several times, but immediately drew it back into the hot moist environment of her voraciously sucking mouth. I don’t know long she fellated me, but I was in a dream-like state, my hands resting on her head when I felt other hands brush across my own.

Opening my eyes slightly, I saw Jesse about two feet away, with a broad grin on his face, rubbing his cock into the back of Kara’s head. Jesse and I had played out this scene many times before. I knew exactly what he wanted. Who was I to deny a good friend?

Slowly, with practiced ease, I sank to my knees. Kara followed my cock down, never once losing contact with my dick, until she was forced on all fours. Jesse knelt behind her. He gently tapped her inner thighs with the backs of his hand. Immediately, Kara adjusted her position, spreading her knees apart until he stopped tapping. I sat back on my haunches, which forced her head even lower, thrusting her butt up in the air.

That was the first time I had really seen the little tattoo on the small of her back. Consisting of several oriental characters, it really didn’t matter that it was upside down or not, the meaning was totally lost on me regardless of its orientation. I frowned with fatherly disapproval; nipple rings were one thing, tattoos quite another.

I shook my head with amused dismay. Oh, well. I knew that kids her age liked a tattoo or two; hell, that was the reason why I had gotten the barbed wire tattoo around my right bicep. The little cunts love it. To them, it was proof that I was cool, very cool.

Jesse spread her ass cheeks apart and after studying her splayed rear quarters for a long moment, he buried his face in my daughter’s up turned butt. I could feel her groan with pleasure around my cock as he began licking her from clit to anus. After a several minutes of Jesse’s expert oral play, she stopped sucking so hard on me. Trembling, she began moaning around my cock. The trembles became more pronounced as her first orgasm of the evening swept over her.

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