ProfessorSue was a sexy college girl. She had decided teasing the handsome professor was great fun. She would sit with her legs spread flashing her bald pussy or sitting so her big tit was peeking with her open blouse. The professor took a week of it then told her “I need to see you in my office at 3.” Sue showed up right on time. First thing he did was lock his door. Then he grabbed her and pulled her top over her head and began kissing her mouth as his hands ravaged her bare tits. It was not long when he had her completely naked. He shoved three fingers in her cunt and two in her asshole and began finger fucking both holes as he sucking and chewed her huge tits. Then he said to her “Let’s see how much naughty you can take. I want to play real nasty.” He then cuffed her hands together and stood her in the middle of his floor where a hook was hanging from the ceiling and hooked the cuffs to it. He then put a leather strap around each ankle and a spacer bar between her legs and spread them wide apart. She was now at his mercy. He put a blind fold on her and a gag ball in her mouth. As he walked around her he felt her body and rubbed her huge tits. “Now we play.”He got out his wooden ruler from his desk and gave her ass five hard smacks making welts. He then stripped naked and his cock was already hard. He kissed her neck then down to her nipples and licked and sucked them then lower to her belly then to her private spot and he licked over her pussy and sucked her clit. He felt her pulse and cum several times. He used his fingers to grip and rub her clit as his tongue went to her fuck hole and he wasted no time tongue fucking her. She was cumming fast and she tasted so good. He put his tongue in deeper and cleaned her cream out as she kept making more for him. He put three fingers in her cunt and finger fucked her hard as he rubbed the head of his cock up and down her leg leaving a strip of wetness. He used his cock to hump her leg as he shoved two fingers in her asshole and grabbed a nipple with his teeth. He then rubbed his wet finger across her cheek and whispered in her ear “Don’t worry about the cum. I am going to give you lots more then I will bathe you before I let you go. I can fuck hard and cum a lot and you are going to feel every thrust and every drop. You like showing off that pussy and those big tits and now it is time to play dirty. You are going to get to feel my big thick cock in every one of your holes and get covered in my sweet cream.” He kept finger fucking her cunt and ass as he sucked and licked her huge melons. He loved huge tits and this student was blessed with nice big ones with long nipples. 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I am going to fill that sexy cunt then your tight asshole then into your mouth and throat. You are going to get a good hard deep fucking from me and you are going to love every minute.” He then slipped a third finger in her asshole and kept the pounding on her cunt and ass.He fucked her quite a while before he gave her a huge load of cum. The he said “Yes, that was great. Your nasty cunt is full of my thick warm cream. Now we fuck the asshole. You are going to feel this big rod deep in that tight hole and I am going to fuck you so hard.” He then pulled a bench in front of her and undid her hands from the hooks in the ceiling and bent her over the bench and hooked her cuffs to the bottom of the bench. He rubbed his hands over her ass cheeks and could still see the welts from the spanking he gave her earlier. He put two fingers in her cunt and then rubbed the cum on to her asshole. He did this three times to get it nice and wet then he did one more and pushed the cream inside her ass. 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He then pulled his cock out and undid her from the bench and moved her to the table. He laid her back on it and hooked her cuffs to the metal at the top of the table. He pulled her so her head hung over the end of the table and he took the blind fold off and the gag ball out of her mouth. He rubbed his cock over her face and across her lips. He said to her “You are going to love sucking this big dick. First you are going to lick it all over then my balls and then you get to take every inch deep in your mouth and throat as you suck me hard and I will play with your tits and cunt. I am going to rub your clit till you cum so hard and you are going to suck me harder and harder. Now stick out that tongue and begin licking my big dick and huge balls.”As she licked on his cock and balls he got rock hard. Then he pushed a ball in her mouth to suck. She was good at sucking and he wanted to feel her suck on his cock. She sucked his balls then he pulled them away and pushed his cock in her mouth and she began sucking him hard as he pushed in slowly but wanting to get that monster cock deep in her throat. He knew she was going to do a great job. As she sucked he began playing with her tits and nipples. Even laying on her back her jugs were huge. Her nipples so hard and he rubbed and pulled on them as he eased more cock in her mouth. Then he leaned over her body and ran his fingers in her pussy as he grabbed her clit and rubbed it as he felt her pulse and he put more cock in her moth and she was sucking him hard. He played with her clit a long time then he three finger fucked her cunt and then back to her clit. Cum was running out her cunt onto the table and he took his finger and scooped it and rubbed it across her stomach and her tits. She could pump more cum than any one he had ever fucked. 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I want to lick your pussy and tongue fuck it and then push my cock in it. I really need to fuck you more. Come with me baby.” She looked at him and said “Only if I can suck your cock all the way there. You have a great dick.” He laughed and said “It is all yours.” He put her clothes in his briefcase and put her coat over her and walked her naked under it to his car. In the car he took off her coat and she sat next to him naked and he pulled out his cock and she began sucking before he got out of the parking lot. He knew it was going to be a great night at his house. A fucking cock sucking great night.

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