ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #3


ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #3iCarly/Victorious: Schneider’s Island #3 – Skirtch[Warning – there is no sex in this story, so please don’t hate me for that]Freddie made sure he got up early the next morning, and was really torn as he looked down at his sl*eping lover, who was wearing one of his old plaid shirts, her mouth agape, deep in dreamland. He desperately wanted to get back into bed with her, but right now, he really needed to get away and take care of some pressing matters.The former tech producer threw on some shorts and a t-shirt, the perfect outfit for jogging, and headed down the stairs, to the nearly empty inn. Freddie raced out and jogged down to the docks, where there was no one around and checked his phone for the time before scrolling back to the text he’d received late last night that encouraged this meeting.”I honestly didn’t think you’d come see me.”Freddie spun around and looked at Sam, who he had to admit, looked amazing. She had showered, brushed her hair, and had truly cleaned up since last night, and it did wonders for her.”I didn’t think I would either, but here I am.””Why?” she asked, eager to know why he was so willing to see and be around her if his feelings for Jade were so pure.”I don’t know…” Freddie said, shaking his head. “We’ve been friends for like 10 years… it felt wrong to let you just stand here waiting for some-thing.””Well, I’m glad you did…” Sam said, tucking her hair behind her ear, the definitive move that signalled her vulnerability. “You know I… I love you, Freddie.””I know…” he said, knowing where this was going. “And I love you too, Sam… but only as a friend… like I told you last night.””But Freddie… you left Jade to come see me and don’t completely know why… don’t you think that means something.””I think it just means that I’m stupid and that a mistake has been made.””Look, you may want to forget that night the summer after you graduated college the first time, but I never will.” Sam wasn’t backing down from her feelings this time. She had spent hours preparing for this moment and she wasn’t going to let him just walk away and deny what they shared. “The look in your eyes when you held me, when I broke my one rule for you because I just knew you were the one and it didn’t matter.””I’m sorry…” he said, looking at the ground. “I didn’t mean to-“”To what?” she cut off. “To lead me on or make me think that something was there and it wasn’t. You’re so full of shit. You really don’t remember that week we had?”There wasn’t any question in Sam’s mind about what really went down when they got back together for those fleeting days. He made her feel like she was 17 again, sharing those intimate, incredible moments in bed that she would never admit to anyone. He made her fall in love, and feel that bliss she’d been chasing ever since they parted ways a couple years before. Sam had just gotten her life back on track, and he derailed everything by swooping in like an angel, and then flying away just as quickly.It had been over a year since they’d embraced the spark between them and fanned the flames, but here and now, on the docks in the mild fog, she wanted to rekindle every single ember of that blaze.”Sam, I’m getting married in just a couple days… I can’t do this anymore. If you can’t handle the fact that I’m getting married, maybe…” he struggled with telling this girl, who he still loved dearly, the thing that would crush her dreams, but he had no choice. “Maybe you should just get a ferry home.””I can’t… I can’t just go, Freddie. I want you to be happy.” Sam was on the verge of crying. “That’s the fucked up thing. I know Jade’s really what would make you happy, but I had to try… I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t try. Because I know you were, and still are, what always makes me happy.”Freddie moved forward to hug her for this revelation, but she took a step back.”Not yet…” she muttered. “I can’t feel your touch and walk away. It’s one or the other.”The former tech producer knew that Sam really did need someone to hold her, but he also knew how important it was that he kept his emotional distance. “I’m sorry it happened the way it did, you know.””Yeah… but at least you got to walk away from it.” Sam said, slowly turning around to head back to the house. “But me… I’m still in that old apartment, laying there naked, and waiting on you to come back with the food you promised.”Freddie took a deep sigh. He fucked that up. He fucked that up…. Bad. There really wasn’t a week that went by that he didn’t think about what he did. Just leaving for ‘a bit’ and then never coming back… ending things via text. The more he thought about it, the more ashamed he felt for what he did. It was even worse than the debacle with Tori sophomore year.By the time he had snapped out of his painful regrets and memories, Sam was gone, headed back inside, no doubt, and Freddie, unable to face his future wife with the way he was feeling, decided to actually take that jog through the woods, praying he could clear his mind and conscience at long last.* * *KNOCK, KNOCK “Robbie?”The awkward curly haired teen was standing in his bathroom and debated responding to Tori at the door, since it was early enough he could just fake being asl*ep, but he couldn’t do that to someone and it wasn’t Tori’s fault he felt the way he did.”Yeah?””I… uh… just kinda wanted to make sure you were doing ok.””Yeah,” he called back. “I guess so.””Well, I saw you freak out at dinner last night after what went on with Trina… and I don’t know anything for context, but I’m sorry for whatever happened and-“Robbie opened the door, his hand towel still practically wrapped on his hand. “You don’t need to keep apologizing for Trina, Tori… you’ve been doing this crap for 2 years.””I know… but we’re friends, Robbie,” Tori said, hoping it would earn her an invite in since she felt awkward just standing in the hall. “Right?””Yeah,” he said, clearly trying to rush this conversation. “Anything else?””Well, I haven’t seen you in a while… I know Trina mentioned some issues you’d been having recently.””I really don’t know why I tell your s*ster anything…” he mumbled.”Me either,” Tori said, trying to get a grin from him, but it wasn’t happening. “Anyway… I just wanted to check and see if you were still… you know… hearing…””Rex?” he asked, starting to look very agitated. “You wanted to check and see if crazy Robbie is still talking to and listening to the non-existent puppet? Nice, Tori…””Robbie… I didn’t-” she tried, but Robbie had already shut the door in her face.”The answer’s no, by the way,” he said through the wood barrier, before walking back into the bathroom and uncovering his hand, which was bruised and a bit bloodied, and worked to clean it and cover it as best he could, praying no one would notice.* * *”So, is this everyone?”A crowd of people stared back at Amy, separated nicely into three distinct groups: blue, red, and purple, all nodding that they were good to go. Many of which very unhappy with their current pairings. On the blue team, there was Spencer, Tori, Noelle, and Andre. The red team was com-prised of Sam, Kelly, Trina, and Beck, while the purple team was made of Carly, Robbie, Tasha, and Cat.”Alright, so, you all should know how a scavenger hunt works, but in case you don’t, each team has a map, and a list of places where they need to go. Awaiting you guys in each place is a series of questions about Freddie and Jade and each team has an ‘expert’ for each one of them, to make this easier, and the first ones back get… this.” Amy held up an envelope that was clearly full of something. “Inside are coupons, discounts, and other free stuff, including a card for free appetizers at Gibby’s for one year.””Yup,” Gibby said, standing near Amy, next to Nate, who was abstaining from playing. “That’s from me.””I think they got that,” Amy said, smiling and shaking her head and seeing a little annoyance at this whole thing among the teams. “There’s also the chance for a walk on role in Jeremiah Shepherd’s next film in here… so that’s something. If you hate the game, please find the handsome groom and bitch to him, since this was all his idea, but since you are guests of the couple maybe you should just deal with it. Alright, if there are no more questions, comments, or cries of outrage, let’s…… go!”Even without a starter’s pistol, which she originally wanted, the teams raced off together to try and be the first ones back for the fairly awesome prize. However, for one person, the only thing that awaited them at the end, was death.* * *”You sure took your sweet time this morning,” Jade said as she started changing into something more comfortable, hoping to just take the day to relax with her true love while their friends ran around the island for some weird game Freddie had come up with.”Yeah… Went jogging, and I guess time just got away from me.” Freddie really didn’t want to get into what had really gone down that morning, and quite frankly, wouldn’t if he could help it. “Then I had to make a quick errand.””Oh really,” she said, raising her eyebrow, as if to question him as he slowly undressed from the workout clothes. “And what would that be?””You know… just the usual. Checking out the local girls to make sure I’m doing the right thing,” he joked.”Oh go fuck yourself…” she shot back, knowing he was joking, but she wasn’t in the mood for him to make light of their relationship. “If you don’t want to tell me, it’s fine.””Good,” he whispered with that sly grin of his, before kissing her upturned nose. “Curiosity killed the cat, you know.””Being curious is very different from being suspicious of a notorious flirt and womanizer’s absence, Freddie Benson.””You know you’re the only woman for me, Jade West,” he fired back, grinning and pulling himself close behind her, kissing her neck, softly suck-ling the skin as to avoid leaving any marks.”Mmmmm… You are impossible,” Jade murmured as she just let it happen, and as per usual, his touch and kiss erased her doubts and fears, clearing her mind of any and all thought, but sadly, responsibility took over. “We have an errand this morning anyway.””We?””Yeah,” she said, pulling away from him. “While you were out, Gibby called us and said we needed to try out the three cake frostings he found.””I thought we already worked all the cake details before we got here.””And I thought I told you that the design would work, but the icing ingredients were out of season, so we have to choose something new.” Jade was annoyed since she had already mentioned this once since they arrived on the island, and he clearly wasn’t listening. “So we’ve got about ten minutes to get down to the kitchen for when I said we’d meet him.””Alright, you win,” Freddie said, mockingly rolling his eyes. “I’m ready when you are.”* * *”How does Jade like her coffee?”Tori looked to Noelle, Spencer, and Andre, who looked back at her, each wondering if she should be the one to answer the trivia question about Jade. She knew the answer was black with two sugars, since she had made the former Goth her specific drink canlı bahis more than a few times when she would spend the night. However, answering that would raise the question of how she knew possibly, and Tori was still a bit uncomfortable with the secret area of their relationship for all those years.”Black with two sugars,” she finally managed, earning some minor applause from her team.”Correct,” the older barmaid responded, clearly annoyed that she had been involved with the games and stupid activities of the rich. But after being given $500 bucks for a few minutes of time, she certainly couldn’t complain. “Now for the second question: “In elementary school, Freddie took what kind of lessons?””Ballet!” Spencer shouted, still laughing at the fact that the closest thing he had to a br*ther was treated like a daughter by his overbearing mother. “Freddie’s mom made him take ballet.””Yes… here is your ribbon,” the barmaid said in the most monotone of voices. “Your next clue will be where forks are used for more than eating.”The four young adults, who were getting along really well, wondered how the other teams were functioning. It seemed like Noelle, who was still friendly, was really feeling out of place without Cat while Tori and Andre had used the time to catch up on so much since their lives rarely intersected much anymore. As the four headed through the bar’s door, they brushed past a middle aged woman, who paused briefly.”Excuse me…” she asked, touching Spencer’s shoulder.”Oh… um, hi…can I… help you?” he started to say, unsure what this could be about. But the woman seemed to have very kind eyes.”Do you know Steven Shay?””Uh… yeah… actually, he’s my dad.”The woman smiled and nodded her head. “I thought so…” she said cryptically, before turning back around. “You look exactly like him. Minus all the hippie stuff.””Oh… thanks, I guess.””I was sorry to hear what happened to your mother. She was a real celebrity here in the day. Hated that she left you and your father like that.””Yeah… I actually don’t remember much about her being here…” Spencer said, feeling pretty uncomfortable with the situation. “It was over 20 years ago and I barely remember this place.””Shame…” was all the woman said before she disappeared into the bar, leaving a very confused Spencer to try and gather his thoughts. As he approached his teammates, he could see that Tori and Andre were focused on Noelle.”You guys ok?””I’m sad…” the dark haired girl said, partially reminding Spencer of his s*ster when she would want to do something but needed his permission.”About what?” he asked, putting his hand on her shoulder.”I’m tired, and out of place, and I miss my Kitty Cat…”Spencer almost said something but then realized she meant the girl and not the pet. “I’m sorry… you know,” he said, taking a deep breath and trying to remove the older woman from his mind, “the purple team should be coming around here pretty soon. You could wait for her here, or you could cut through the forest and see if you can see her at the stop we had to make by that tree.””That’s actually not a bad idea,” Andre said, nodding his head slightly. There was no question in his mind that Noelle didn’t quite fit with the rest of his friends, but she was certainly nice.”And you can take the map since I know the way back to the inn,” Spencer added, trying to play the big br*ther to everyone like always.”Ok… I guess that settles it,” Noelle says, looking at the scary looking woods before her, calling back before disappearing. “If I die in the wilder-ness, tell Cat I love her.”The comment was meant to be a joke, but after what the old woman said, Spencer was a little put off by the whole situation. “Let’s get this thing over with, guys…” he said, leading the way as Tori and Andre followed without much of a thought.* * *”So, that’s the butter-cream. I don’t hate it, but it’s so normal and average… I kinda want our cake to have a special-ness to it.”Jade looked at her fiancée as he mindlessly nodded to her question, clearly miles away from what they were doing. Freddie reached for the next one which was pinkish, and took a tiny bite.”And that’s the strawberry period discharge,” she said, to test him just as he got the taste, before looking at Jade with a pissed look and spitting it out. “Just testing you.””I don’t care…” he said, scr*ping his tongue with his teeth, “That was disgusting, Jade… also, that’s not remotely my favourite.”As Freddie pushed the strawberry cream cheese cupcake away, Jade got the last one, and decided to try and get his attention. Using her finger, she scooped a bit off the chocolate iced and wiped it on the side of her pale neck.”I have a feeling this might be my favourite…” Freddie said, with a renewed interest in this task. He wasted no time kissing and suckling her neck, allowing a little more pressure than in the bedroom, happy to clean her of the tasty icing.”I think it might be mine too, but I think we should double check,” Jade said, reaching back to the cupcake and scooping more and streaking it in the valley of her supple breasts, showing just a bit of the chocolate from the minimal cleave her shirt allowed.Freddie smirked and picked his beautiful soon-to-be wife up by her sides and lowered her to sit on a table behind them. “Don’t want to get your shirt dirty, do we?” he asked, as she puffed her bottom lip and shook her head.Freddie began undressing her by pulling her shirt over her head bringing her glorious chest into view, the heavenly orbs held up by the grace of God just as much as the expensive brassiere. Lightly pulling her soft pillows apart, he snaked his tongue into the incredible canyon, and licked up and down so he wouldn’t miss a single taste of the icing skin combo, that, were it possible to bottle, would be the flavour for every dessert he could ever eat.”Mmmmm…” Jade managed, gripping his head tightly to push him deep into the valley so he could clean her body, wondering if she should just offer herself up to him right here and now in the kitchen where anyone could come by the window, or worse Gibby could come over from the inn side and catch them. As Freddie’s hands rolled along her thighs, she felt that she had her answer.* * *”Nobody gives a shit what you think, you two bit d**ggie skank!”Kelly Kennedy was rarely on the defensive side of a fight or an argument, but her team happened to have two of the most opinionated and aggressive women on the island. She had come a long way since college, stopping nearly all her substance abuse, save for smoking up once a week for her relaxation, and of course drinking. Plus her anger had toned down quite a bit, but as she faced down Trina and Sam, who spoke, who were just as much on her case as each other, this was an absolute nightmare.Then there was Beck who had done nothing the entire time, callously going along with whatever everyone wanted to do, and not once defending her, even though he described her as his best friend.Needless to say, the thin blonde was pissed.”Dude, I don’t have to take that from some heifer on her period,” she fired back. “You two have been nothing but complete ass-hats to me from, like, minute one.””At least Sam could be useful,” Trina chimed in, “If we had an eating challenge or an angst competition… what the fuck do you do?””Fuck you,” Sam fired back as Beck just shook his head at the catfight.The handsome man said a brief bye before just walking off, knowing they couldn’t hear him anyway. And then it hit him why he would be so miserable on this team: He had slept with all three of them.Back in the fight, Kelly was so close to throwing a fist, but instead used her anger to bolt into the woods, leaving Sam and Trina to argue over how to get through the challenge.The thin blonde raced through the woods, trying to remember where the inn was located and cursing at herself for not grabbing the map from those twats.* * *As Noelle headed down the trail, she could swear she heard screaming, which she considered intervening into in case Cat was there, but from the sound of it, it was Sam and Trina, who were on the other team.The calm raven haired author headed deeper and deeper into the woods, following the path, looking at the sights, and then comparing them to what was on the map in front of her, starting to get more nervous. Though, if she had been paying attention to the ground, she would have really had something to worry about.Noelle took a step, and instantly felt a strong tug on her ankles as the noose trap, built with thick rope, tightened and pulled her weight over her head and before she even realized it, she was now completely upside down. Or the forest was upside down… one of the two. Her map, keys, phone, purse, and everything else that could fall from her form, hit the ground, depleting any chance she had at resources.”Hello?!” she called out, as loud as she could, hoping the girls were still nearby enough to come help her. “I’m upside down! Please! Can someone please help me?!”But there was nothing but silence as she slowly swung back and forth like a pendulum, waiting for the end, and regretting every moment of her life that had led to this moment.Except for Cat of course.”Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkk” she muttered, quickly consigning herself to this fate.* * *”So…” Freddie asked, pulling his pants back up from around his ankles, “What was the name of that chocolate icing again?””Sensual midnight fudge,” Jade said, trying not to laugh at the ridiculous title.”Well, it wasn’t lying…” Freddie joked, adjusting his shirt before stroking Jade’s arms as she gathered her clothes. He couldn’t help but marvel at her body in all her forms of undress. She had barely gained any weight since college on most of her body and where the growth had occurred, in her succulent curves, he certainly wasn’t going say a negative word.Her Goth appearance slowly dissipated over the past few years, and long gone were the piercings, the overuse of makeup, and dyed and coloured hair bits. She was now a beautiful almost natural brunette that appeared so innocent and warm, despite Freddie knowing her true innocence be-hind closed doors. Seeing this sweet woman he would be life-bound to in a couple days, it was hard to believe she was called a ‘gank’ on a regular basis in school.Once she was dressed again, Freddie stood behind her and wrapped his arms around his lover, holding her tight, his fingertips stroking where her shirt met her pants, toying with her exposed stomach flesh.”Mmmm… what are you doing?””I can’t hold the love of my life?” he whispered back.”No… you can do that…” Jade spun around to face him. “I mean… we just had sex, and you’re already starting that party up again?””I’m not really trying to start something.” Freddie rubbed her lower back softly as he moved his face close to hers. “We aren’t really in bed, so I can’t cuddle with you in sheets right now… can’t I have this?””Freddie, your fingertips are taunting my ass… I’m pretty sure your body is starting something even if you don’t know it.”He smirked and kissed the top of her head as his bahis siteleri hands moved upwards to a much more innocuous position. “Better?””Not really… but that’s kinda something I wanted to talk to you about.”Freddie stared back at Jade feeling very uncomfortable and nervous all of a sudden, but he held her close, looking deep into her beautiful and soft eyes. “Ok?””I was thinking this would be the last time we… you know… until we get married. The wait will make it even more special… is that ok?””Baby,” Freddie said, stroking her hair behind her ears. “I think it’s a little late for you to be wearing white… don’t you think?”‘Asshole,” she fired back, pulling from him and play punching him in the arm. “I thought the symbolism would be nice.””I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, but it’s only a couple days away before we get married.””So you’re saying me putting this on lockdown wouldn’t drive you nuts?” Jade said, grabbing his hands and putting them on her stomach and moving upwards whispering intently. “Not being able to caress my tits, grab my ass, or… mmmhmmm… fuck me.””Alright, you win… I’m good to go again,” Freddie said, pulling his hand back so he could start to undo his pants.”Nuh uh uhhh,” she grinned, wagging her finger. “Not until we’re married, Mr Benson.” Jade backed out from the kitchen slowly, smiling as she watched Freddie scramble to get his pants on, calling back at her flustered fiancée in a taunting voice, “Be sure to let Gibby know which cake frosting you want…”* * *As Freddie trudged back up the stairs to his room at the inn, where he found that Jade had actually moved much of her stuff to Tori’s room, making it clear that this ‘chastity experiment’ was something she was truly serious about. Freddie looked into his now half empty room, and felt incredibly alone. It was a feeling he rarely felt any more these days, but when he did feel it, he had to wonder if he had abandonment issues because he couldn’t help seeking out ways to alleviate the feeling.He considered calling Sam, but his guilt wouldn’t allow it, and Carly had already scolded him today for making her friend cry. He had no idea where Tasha was, and perhaps that was for the best since she was incredibly attractive and tended to be a bit crazy at times. Gibby was hard at work in the kitchen, and Spencer was too busy with his daughter. Which only left one close person that he could go to- his motherFreddie marched from his room to his nearby mother’s, and before knocking, he could hear that she was on the phone with someone. Nothing new there of course. Marissa Benson was the reason why unlimited minutes were created, and she rarely stopped talking to someone at a given time.However, as he listened on, he heard her call the other person a name that made his stomach absolutely turn: Sam.Hearing that the girl who had completely turned his day upside down was on the phone with his overbearing mother, the woman who sabotaged his relationship with Sam out of pure jealousy and being stuck up, made Freddie’s skin crawl and made him want to listen in further. Marissa was hardly a fan of Jade and spent a number of hours on the phone with her son trying to get him to call this insanity off, move back home and never come here.It was pretty clear how that worked out.Eavesdropping as carefully as he could, he tried to gather as much data about this particular one sided phone call as he possibly could.”Don’t worry about this morning, Samantha… No, I get that… well, he just needs more time, and that’s what this is all about… My little Freddie doesn’t really understand what he wants, and I think you’re the only one to get through to him…. Then we need to make sure that’s obvious and remove any other distractions… No, Samantha, you’re the one who came to me, I’m just the one who made you the offer… well, the offer stands as is, and I don’t think you want to know what would happen if you if you don’t get my baby boy away from that gutter trash tramp…. I don’t care, Sam, I asked you to do a job so do it.”Freddie’s blood was absolutely boiling as he listened, and would kill to be able to hear what Sam was saying. Some of the lines sounded like Sam was trying to leave this thing alone, while others seemed like she was going along with it. But the real takeaway was clear: his mother was trying to fuck things up for him, yet again.Loneliness now the least of his problems, Freddie sulked back to his room, and locked himself into the darkness, and awaited someone who wasn’t a terrible human being to come see him.* * *Back in the woods, an upside down petite dark haired girl swung motionless with the wind. As if waking up from a dream, she opened her eyes and let out a sigh.”Yeah… still upside down. Still alone.”Noelle tried her best to swing a bit more to a nearby branch so she could focus again, but she just didn’t have the strength. Still, she kept on and on, with the fire of seeing Cat.Just when it seemed like all hope was lost, she heard the crunching footsteps of a visitor.”Hello?!” she called out, trying to spin around. “I’m upside down!””I can see that.”Noelle spun around and came face to face… or really face to breast with Tori’s obnoxious s*ster Trina. It wasn’t that Trina was a terrible person, but she was incredibly annoying and it was insane to think that she came from the same DNA pile as the sweet brunette she had spent time with. Trina had been around a bit during that time as well, but usually because Cat was too nice about including people. And now she was her saviour.”I stepped into a trap… I don’t know how long I’ve been up here, but I could-“”Ok…” Trina said, cutting her off. “That’s crazy…””Yeah… I think there’s a rope or a weight for balance somewhere around here.””I’m… going to…” Trina said taking a look around the empty woods for something to help the trapped girl. “I’m gonna go grab some help… may-be the others can help.””Wait, at least-“‘Oooh… I was looking for a map. Thanks, N…” Trina stopped as she actually couldn’t remember what the girl’s name was. “Nnnn… atalie?””It’s Noelle,” she sighed with a huff. “Before you go, can you-“”K thanks… I’ll try and get some help. Bye…”Within a few seconds, there was nothing to be heard, and Noelle was all alone, left to stare at the slowly sinking sun, and praying that someone would come and help her. Preferably someone who wasn’t useless and/or a total bitch.* * *The sun had nearly set as Robert West sat on the porch of the inn, watching the wonderful evening, with his wife by his side. Though to be fair, she was serving much more as a prop and a waitress than an actual person. The couple looked out at the workers, along with some of the guests, like Spencer, Col. Shay, and Nate, gathered materials to throw into a pile for the night’s celebratory bonfire.Personally, the concept of just standing around as a fire burned seemed utterly droll to the Wests, but this was apparently really important to their daughter, so they were happy to oblige. And it hardly cost a dime which was something neither one could argue against.”Have you spoken to Mr Oliver about how it’s going with getting Jadelyn to snap out of this?” Robert asked, reaching into his pocket for a cigar.”Yeah,” Mrs West said with a sigh. “He’s not sure if it’s any of his business to try and ruin what she and Freddie have.””Then he needs to make it his business,” he said, through gritted teeth as he lit the stogie. “I’m not paying him until he puts an end to this ridiculous charade.””I know…” Ruby huffed, looking back into the inn where Marissa was helping Gibby with setting up the pieces for dinner. “Can you imagine actually having to be related to that inept and lower class overbearing woman?””It’s no wonder her boy came out as such a socio-economic weakling.”Ruby was about to say something else, when a shadow was cast over them, belonging to a tall man with greying hair, but still intimidating demeanour.”Ah, Steven!” Nice of you to join us… let the young people do the work.””Never been my style, Robert,” he said as he sat down next to the rich couple, tossing a no thank you as West offered him a cigar. “Quit when Spencer was born and never smoked again. Appreciate the offer though.””Of course,” West said, turning a bit to hide his rolled eyes. “Seems like your boy seems settled into being a husband and father. I’m sure that’s some relief.””Haha… more than you know,” he said, looking out at the field. “He’s the most important guy in my life, you know. Good k*d, and talented like you wouldn’t believe.””I’ve seen his stuff,” Ruby added, before Robert gave her a look for getting involved in the conversation.”Have you now? Good deal…” Shay took a sip from his water bottle on his hip. “Spencer’s my boy, but Freddie’s like a second son to me. Since the day I met him and his mother, I just knew he was meant for great things and he’s a smart, stellar k*d.””Of course…” Robert said, trying not to be sarcastic. “We’re overjoyed our daughter found someone like him to be with.””That’s great. It’s important for families to get along especially when marriage sorta f*rces it together. I’d hate to think that a f*mily would use secretive and underhanded means to hurt or harm someone that their loved one loved. That’s just sickening.””Of course, Steven…” Robert asked, raising his eyebrows a bit. “Is there a point to all this.””I spent decades in the Air F*rce because I knew the importance of protecting and fighting for my country. And now that I’m home, I extend that same importance to my f*mily, at all costs. And Freddie’s part of that. I just wanted you to know how much I care about your future son-in-law. I mean, for a while there, with Carly, I thought he might have been mine one day… which would have thrilled me, but it is what it is.””What a wonderful speech and thinly veiled threat. We thank you sooo much for your service, of course.”It was clear that Robert West, had been intimidated and threatened by some of the worst of the worst, was not going to blink in the face of the Colonel, and his sarcasm showed it.”Just letting you know, Robert,” Col. Shay said simply, before walking back towards the field and assisting the workers and young men, not once looking back at the disgusting aristocracy that watched him from several yards away.* * *Once the bonfire started, everyone couldn’t help but flock to the shindig, even the Wests who were keeping a cautious distance. Close by the growing flames were the happy couple, sitting fairly close to one another, but thanks to their agreement, they wouldn’t touch. Which was a real shame because the fire brought back so many memories of that night they first truly met. A bonfire party, much like this one, had led to a short walk, confessions, and comfort. And within hours of witnessing the flames flicker, the couple had consummated their newfound love, and everything just fell into place.Jade and Freddie weren’t touching, but they did share enough glances and smiles that they really didn’t have to. They were just happy that every-one was here, and seemed to be having a pretty swell time.The purple güvenilir bahis team had won the contest of course, since the red team had completely fallen apart and the blue team had just given up looking for stuff after a while. Robbie was in a rare good mood and was having fun around the fire, and chatting up Carly as she reflected on what life at the news station was like. Of course, Robbie misread the moment and had an embarrassing near kiss with the former web star, but after a few minutes of awkwardness, they managed to press through and spent much of the evening talking to one another.Tasha, on the other hand, was doing quite a bit of talking herself, but with very different motivations. The model was cuddled up tightly to the strong arms of Nate, who was more than happy to enjoy the incredible beauty. Nate knew that this girl might not be the most altruistic in getting close to him, pushing for that role in his dad’s movie, but there was just something endearing about her that he just couldn’t deny.Despite being on the winning team, the saddest person at the party had to be the normally bouncy redhead, who was now frowning and staring into the fire.”You ok?” Tori said, as she and Andre approached, with Trina lagging behind.”No…” she said in a pouting manner. “I can’t find Noey… she was on your team, right? She wouldn’t have just left me, right?””Yeah… she went looking for you after we left the bar place,” Andre said, thinking back to the moment a few hours before. “We gave her a map and everything since we had Spencer to kinda guide us.””So she was all alone?!” Cat bemoaned, and started freaking out. “And you-“”Oh fuck.”The three former Hollywood Arts students simultaneously looked back at the eldest Vega s*ster. Each with a different expression. Cat reacted to the swear word of course, while Andre felt confused, and Tori could just feel that her s*ster had done something awful.”Trina…” Tori said, trying to coax something out of her.”Ohmygod… I’m so sorry. I was supposed to come back with some help, but then I got caught up reading a magazine and then I took a shower, and-“Completely out of character, Cat jumped at Trina, her hands around her throat. “Explain yourself!” she said with her high pitched voice, and if it wasn’t so adorable, it would be pretty frightening.”I’ll take you guys to her… just get her off me!” Trina screamed, now getting the attention of all those around them.”I’m gonna go grab Spencer,” Tori said, as she pulled Cat off of her s*ster, despite being infuriated, though less than surprised, that Trina had done such a horrible thing.In a few seconds, Tori, Cat, Spencer, and Andre were led by Trina through the woods, each brandishing their phones for light as the trudged through the forest. As they walk, the see old cars, junk, and some other a****l traps.”Watch your step, guys… if Noelle managed to trip one of these in the daylight, then we could easily fall into these holes or triggers at night.”You bet,” Andre said, trying to match Spencer’s steps as best he could. “I mean, outside of Looney Tunes, who would even build this stuff?””Hunters use this stuff all the time, my dad told me when I was a k*d. We were supposed to go hunting together, but we didn’t for some reason.””I don’t like hunters,” Cat said, softly. “One time a hunter shot my br*ther because he went hiking in a deer costume.””Why would a person do that?” Spencer asked, turning to look at the redhead.”I don’t know… my br*ther is kinda weird.””That’s an understatement,” Tori and Andre said, almost simultaneously.”Let’s just hurry up…” Spencer said, focused on the path in front of him. “I hate leaving Amy and Savanna for very long, and these woods just creep me out. Always feel like someone’s watching us.”* * *Just out of sight from the bonfire, Kelly stood and watched what everyone was up to at the party. There were a few missing, it looked like, but she could definitely see Beck and that he was putting down yet another drink. The romantic feelings were all but gone, but she still cared deeply for him and he was working on his sobriety, but clearly something was wrong if he was drinking so carelessly.Then there was the stupid cowboy asshole that she was almost positive had tried to poison her back in college, but she could never prove it. It had taken a little while to figure out, but it was generally accepted that if something happened to Tori, her backwoods guardian angel was sure to swoop in. But now, he was locking lips with that slutty model chick that Kelly had met a couple times, but never really spoken to.The blonde’s attention was quickly shifted to the far more popular blonde on the island, and one of the people she blamed for getting lost in the first place. Kelly’s mind thrashed about with revenge plans and how to make girls like Sam and Trina suffer for the way they made people feel, and she had all but figured it out when she found her way back to the inn thanks to the smoke, just in time for the party.Kelly had spent the last couple hours just trudging through the woods, in search of the inn, and have even found a cabin in the dark forest, but there was no one home. Part of her felt bad for breaking into the place, but once she realized there wasn’t any food or drink there, she left it be-hind.The resident of the cabin, however, had seen her go in and out of the secret cabin and knew she needed to be dealt with while no one was around, just in case the thin blonde had seen anything.Before she even realized it, Kelly had a cloth over her face, and naturally breathed deep in fright, sending the c********* through her system much faster, and within a matter of seconds, the angry California native was still on the ground, in deep unc*nsciousness, completely unaware that her scrawny body was being dragged through the woods.* * *”Noelle?!” Cat called out, looking for her girlfriend, and on the verge of a breakdown. “If you can hear me, please say something!”Trina had taken them to two different locations now, neither one correct as to where she had left the poor writer. They felt like they were miles into the woods after over twenty minutes of marching with careful steps, on the lookout for more traps. Tori had to go to the bathroom and had headed back to the inn, letting them know that she’d tell everyone else about Noelle.”There!” Andre shouted, as his flashlight caught something, and rushed over to find that he had in fact found the poor dark haired girl, whose purple face he quickly lifted while Spencer followed closely and found the weighted rope in a few seconds. He used his pocket knife to cut through as quickly as he could as Andre held her so she wouldn’t just fall.”Is she ok?! She looks bad!” Cat said, freaking out at the sight. “She’s going to be ok, right?!””Just hang on, Cat…” Andre said, feeling more and more weight as he knew Noelle would come down in a second. “Let’s just get her down, and then we’ll see.”Like magic, Andre held the full bodyweight of the petite girl in his hands as he slowly lowered her to the ground. Cat pushed past him and quickly kissed the raven haired girl, as if this was a fairy tale and she would awaken from such a thing.Spencer put his hand on her shoulder. “Cat, I don’t think that-“”C… Cat?” a weak voice said, and all four of them gathered around Noelle. “Kitty Cat?””It’s me, baby… it’s me. I’m here,” the redhead, said, kissing her again, lifting her head a bit as the colour slowly drained away.”You missed it,” she said back with a soft smile. “I was upside down.””We saw that… we got you down though,” Spencer said, still not believing that Noelle would just be fine after hanging for that long. “I think you’re going to be ok.””Ok… tell Trina I said thank you,” Noelle said before slipping away into blackness before being shaken a bit by Cat.”No sl*eping, Noey.””Awww…” Noelle said, still completely lost in her head.”Let’s get her back to the campfire, get her warmed up, and sitting up,” Spencer said, bending to pick the girl up onto her feet. “Can you walk?””Yup,” Noelle said, as he let her go, and nearly fell face first to the ground, barely saved by Andre who steadied her. “Sorry…””It’s fine, girl,” Andre shot back. “Just try and walk with us… you’re gonna be ok.”As they walked, Cat would randomly start to walk backwards to keep an eye on her girlfriend just to make sure she was ok. By the time, they emerged from the woods, Noelle was coherent, but still incredibly weak with a splitting headache. The friends propped their injured friend up as Cat snuggled close to her by the fire, and just embraced until Noelle felt like bed, and from that point, for everyone at the party, it was a really nice and peaceful evening.* * *A half mile into the woods, far from where Noelle was found and rescued, Kelly woke up, and realized she wasn’t in the forest any longer, but somewhere that was pitch black and cramped. Moving a bit, she also realized that she was laying down in an enclosed space, and with a touch, felt hard plastic all around her.Grabbing her lighter from her back pocket, Kelly smelled just to make sure there were no gasses or anything, and then lit it. The orange light lit up her surroundings and she quickly knew that she was in trouble as it looked like she was in a barrel of some sort. As she shifted trying to look and feel for any way out, she wondered how she could have gotten into this thing. But as her light caught a note, her blood went cold as she shut off the flame:FIRE USES A LOT OF OXYGENKelly began to scratch and punch at the surrounding plastic, desperate to escape, and being careful of her breathing. Just when she thought she was making some headway, she heard a soft sound from what she quickly comprehended as the top.”Help me!” she called out. “I’m stuck, and I can’t get out!”But with each few seconds, another plop sound happened, and it sounded a bit like someone was throwing pebbles at it.The sign had made Kelly freak out, but the sudden reality that she was being buried, sent her into overdrive.”LET ME OUT OF HERE, YOU SICK PIECE OF SHIT!” she cried out. “I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU, AND RIP YOUR BALLS OFF YOU FUCKER! YOU HEAR ME YOU SHITSTAIN?!”The dirt shovelling stopped for a few moments as Kelly breathed a sigh of relief, praying that she got through to whoever was doing this to her.”Now, please, LET-“She was cut off as she heard the splash of water over the dirt and there was a familiar scent, that reminded her of her father who worked construction as a… Oh, shit, she thought. That’s not dirt… it’s cement.”FOR GOD’S SAKE… PLEASE STOP! HELP ME… PLEASE, I’M BEGGING YOU! WHATEVER I DID, I’M SORRY! JUST DON’T LET ME DIE.”Kelly pounded and scratched and clawed at the barrel until her nails were gone and her fingers were bleeding, crying out for help, but no one could hear her. Finally, she got one finger through the plastic, but it was stuck in the hardening goop, and her head was pounding and she couldn’t see anything. And as everything slowly started to spin, everything got quiet. With a cough and a scratch, Kelly Kennedy breathed her last breath while her assailant covered the spot in dirt before taking the wheelbarrow, running over her finger and crushing it, and taking the supplies back to the abandoned shack, all while whistling a jaunty tune.

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