ProfNigma Stories #3 Carousel Nights #2


ProfNigma Stories #3 Carousel Nights #2iCarly/Victorious: Carousel Nights #2″So… where do we go from here Jade?””I thought we already covered that… You know, back at the restaurant. I remember it because you shot me down…hard-core,” Jade set up on the bed and looked down at Freddie.”Yeah… I’m sorry about that. I don’t know what I meant… I feel really excited that we don’t have this… ‘cloud’ over our heads, and I just… I don’t know.””Yeah… I didn’t get any of that,” Jade smiled a bit, slightly biting her lip. “Look, Freddie, this has been a really weird day overall, and I think I’m gonna head out.”Freddie sat up quickly. “To where? I don’t think the others have gotten back yet.””I’ll figure something out.” Jade started to get up, but felt his hand on her lower back. Feeling his strong hands on her body again sent so many thoughts and memories flooding back to her. She paused for only a moment, but it was long enough that Freddie could move his fingers along her side. She looked over her shoulder at the boy she had fallen in love with, his eyes focused and yet, incredibly warm as they stared back at her.She wondered for only a second whether or not she was making a mistake here. After that, she just felt peace as the lay back down with him, as if surrendering her very being to Freddie. Her hands drifted along Freddie’s body as his hands did the same, his touch even more electrifying than she imagined it could be. Why was he so irresistible to her? Even Beck never had this much… ‘power’ over her.Freddie didn’t know what he was thinking either. He knew taking this in the direction it was inevitably going to go would be something he might regret. But in this moment, he couldn’t think of anything but being with Jade. Her fingers were in his hair and her other hand was on his side. Grabbing both hands, holding them in place above her head, he placed them gently, but firmly, against the headboard. He buried his face into her neck, which was her obvious weak spot, and began to kiss each and every inch the side of her neck from her collarbone to her earlobe. He could feel the goose-bumps growing on her arm, and he caved hearing the subtle moans that were escaping her mouth.”Ohmygod…” she said, biting her bottom lip in ecstasy, as his hand began to explore the parts of her he had been craving for months.He’d already snaked his hand under her shirt and now he was running his hands along her cleavage and against her nipples, separated only by a bit of fabric. Her arms were struggling to come down, but Freddie would not let them. His face moved back in front of her and kissed her lips so deeply, she could have died. She didn’t speak, but her eyes said everything to Freddie, each one screaming ‘Please stop teasing me.’Like a sad puppy, he had no choice but to give in to her wishes, releasing his grip on her arms is they sank back to her sides. She touched his face as she kissed him, smiling the whole time. Then she took his hind into hers, while her other hand unbuttoned her pants. She led his hand, not only inside he pants, but also inside her underwear, where the heat was palpable. With a sudden f*rce, she pushed his hand against her core, and she was so we, he could hardly believe it.”You did that. You’ve got my pussy so we and hot… Baby… I need you. Now.”Freddie was not going to argue with that and slipped his t-shirt over his head.”Freddie! Bingo got tiled off early. Do you need anything?!””Shit…” Freddie exclaimed, putting his shirt back on, while lade adjusted her clothing. However, just straightening up was not going to work for her if his mother came back to the room. Freddie hurried her into the bathroom and hid her in the shower, banging his hurt leg against the tub.She mouthed the wad ‘Sorry’ as he closed the curtain and hobbled back to bed, just in time for his mother to come inside.”Fredward Benson!” she said in her standard annoying tone. “Just because you are hurt doesn’t mean you can’t dean up your gosh-darn room.””I know, Mom… I’ve just been hanging around with Carly today… Haven’t had time.””Oh sure, you have time for that trollop, but no time for your chores…”Freddie wanted to argue with his mother, but really he just wanted her to get out as soon as possible. “You’re right mom… I’m sorry.””That’s good. Now, you look unclean, probably from being around those disgusting people, so you need to take a shower.”Before he could stop her, his mother walked into his bathroom and luckily, didn’t move the curtain back as she turned the water on.”Mom! I don’t need you to clan me, I’m fine. I’ll do it myself.””Fine,” she said, “but you didn’t have to yell!” And with that she left the bathroom, and Freddie’s room, slamming the door behind her.”Well, that was close,” he said, drawing the curtain back to reveal Jade, now soaking wet.”I fucking hate your mom…” she said, stepping out of the shower, dripping water all over the floor.”Yeah, me too… but,” Freddie looked at the soaked girl he was going to sl*ep with just moments, “since you’re already here… and wet… why don’t we make the best of it?'”Oh yeah… I remember the last time we were in a shower together… I broke your leg. Good times…” she joked, slowly striping if her wet shirt.”I’m not suggesting sex… but your body is amazing, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see you naked again.””Well, you nude isn’t too bad a sight either,” Jade thought for a moment, as if life was giving her a second chance to make the right decision and walk away. Of course, she ignored that idea as she watched him removing his clothes, and threw hers down into a soaking wet pile. “Fine, Benson… but you better give me some dry clothes after.”She got back under the hot water and waited for him to wrap his leg in a trash bag before he stepped into the shower. While he should have been more careful while balancing in the shower, all he could focus on was her body. He wasted no time moving his hands across her nude form, as his thumbs circled her erect nipples.There were few things Jade missed over the last month as much as she missed his strong hands on her body. He knew all the right places to touch her, and he was so strong and yet so gentle. The hot water cascaded down their bodies as they took turns under the hot water. Freddie grabbed his body wash and lathered it on himself, before Jade took over cleaning him with her hands. Her hands were all over his chest, arms, and abdomen, rubbing the soap in, scratching his skin a bit every so often.Finally, she got the reaction she was looking for as her soapy hands found something that was in desperate need of cleaning. Slowly, she wrapped her fingers around his shift, which was getting harder by the second. She stroked him several times before Freddie decided to follow suit.Freddie met no resistance as his finger slid right into her moist hole, her wetness providing all the lubricant he needed. Each increased the pact until Jade had to bats herself onto Freddie, biting into his shoulder to hold bock a scream as her orgasm took hold. Jade let go of his member, her eyes still halfway closed since her mind numbing orgasm. She turned away from him, and backed herself up until his cock was pressed firmly against the crack of her ass. Her arms reached behind her head and held onto his neck as she grinded against him for several seconds.Freddie tried to manoeuvre her so he could enter her, but she refused to let him. It’s my turn to be the tease, Jade thought as she dodged and blocked each advance. Finally she had to turn around and press he lips to his, whispering as they kissed.”Now you know what it’s like to be teased… let’s save the good stuff for the bid, shall we?”Freddie grinned at her and nodded begrudgingly, cutting the water off.”Good boy. Now let’s get dried off and into that bed so you can defile me in so many ways that would make this shower pointless,” she whispered.Freddie loved the way that Jade talked to him, with the same raw sexuality that Carly did, but it was far more subtle, allowing her words to create the possibilities, rather than paint a full picture. He watched her step out and run his towel over her naked and dripping form, unable to take his eyes off her pale, soft skin which he was aching to touch again.He got out of the shower slowly, and grabbed another towel from the closet and started drying off, unwrapping his cast protecting bag. He still couldn’t stop watching Jade. Her wet dark hair contrasted so strongly with her milky skin as she seemed to bend in all the ways that made her curves so exquisite. Before he even realised she was done, she looked at him and grinned.”Where are your gentlemanly manners, Mr. Benson? Why don’t you take me to your bed…” she trailed off, leaning türbanlı bayburt escort in to whisper her next words into his ear through gritted teeth, “…so you can fuck me.”Her body twisted away, taking his hand as she walked into his bedroom before pushing him onto the bed. Freddie looked up at her naked form as she began to climb onto him, and she almost kissed him before pulling away. Her warm skin pressed against his as she slid down his body, her ample breasts’ cleavage swallowing his member, until she was nearly kneeling on the floor between his legs. Her deep green eyes looked up at him, filled with desire, and yet there was also the look of innocence as she peered into his eyes.She gave a slight snit as she pressed her breasts against his member, sliding his hardened in and out of her cleavage. Applying her hinds the sides of them to provide a tighter feeling, she moved her body up and down, smiling as she heard the applausatory sounds of his groaning.”Jade… your body is fucking amazing…”As if to answer his compliment, she moved her mouth over to where he popped out as he tit-fucked her, and began to lick the head as it appeared. Pretty soon, her breasts got a break and she put all her focus on sucking on his cock, her hand at the base, stroking him up and down as her hot wet mouth engulfed him. She slid her tongue around the underside of his cock which was always very effective. As his hands drifted into her hair, gripping her head, he was getting a bit more f*rceful.Jade began to let herself go, her eyes just looking into his, and letting him do whatever he wanted to, Truth be told, she loved when he would hick her face like this, pushing her gag reflex to the limit. Not just because she enjoyed being dominated, but it was really because he only did it when he was close, and in this moment, then was nothing she wanted more than for him to shoot his loud deep inside her mouth.It didn’t take long for her wish to come true, as his breathing quickened, and he tried to speak, with a mixture of “I’m gonna’s” and “Oh baby’s.” His fingers pressed into her scalp as she gripped the back of his legs and he released deep in her throat, shooting three or four shots before his hinds shifted away. Jade continued to suck and lick his drained member, wanting every drop of him before she stood up.The gothic teen may have just been engaged in a dirty act, but as Freddie watched her standing next to his bed, wiping her thumb woos her lips, he couldn’t help but think she had never looked prettier. This thought only increased when she moved to the side of his bed and began crawling towards him on all fours. With her focused eyes, she looked like a hungry an*mal. It was the hottest thing he had ever seen, and it immediately sent the arousal feelings back.Jade snuggled up next to Freddie as he slid his body up on the bed more, her head nuzzling into h neck as her hands ran along his body. She felt so at peace in this moment. She had what she had been craving for so long, and it wasn’t just the sex, but just being here with Freddie, being as intimate and close is possible. That’s what really made her feel happy.Unsurprisingly, Freddie’s hand was now holding firmly to her ass as he pushed her closer to his, her thighs rubbing against his already growing manhood. They kissed passionately for several seconds, as he could feel her getting wetter and wetter, her body clearly aching for him. He whispered into her ear, as she giggled and bit her lip, wanting to comply with his request, but way too comfortable right now.Freddie had other plans, however, as he lifted her body on top of his and spun her around until he looked right at what he wanted. His head was sandwiched between her knees as he looked hungrily at what was millimetres from his face. Her cute little ass was in the air and he pulled it down into his face, diving his tongue deep into her core. Her taste was like a sweet nectar he had been craving without even realising it. He lapped up as much of her juices as she moaned into a pillow she was currently biting down on to remain quiet.Once Freddie had gotten a ruff rhythm going, Jade moved her body up until she was essentially kneeling on his face. This change of position seemed to be exactly the right thing to do as Freddie continued licking her insides. Jade arched her back and began to grind her pussy against his face, making sure he hit all the right places. After a couple minutes of riding Freddie’s face, Jade came again, soaking his face in her juices, which he didn’t hate at all.Jade climbed off his face and took his hardening code into her hands and stroked him for a couple moments before turning to face Freddie and climbing on top of his abdomen. Before he could even ask about grabbing a condom, she impaled herself slowly on his member. Her eyes seemed to widen with each inch that went inside her, is her mouth contorted, doing her best not to scream or make a sound that would attract attention. Finally, as his last inch was being taken in, she couldn’t help it and leaned over Freddie to grab a pillow to scream into as Freddie held her sides as she pushed through.Now that he had filled her completely, she began to ride him, grinding her hips against his. Freddie tried to meet her with his own thrusts, which worked for a while, but eventually, she turned an*malistic again and was bouncing up and down, impaling herself as hard and fast as possible. Freddie’s attention remained on her bouncing breasts, as she grabbed his hands and placed them on her chest, before returning her own hands to his chest. She was now digging her nails into him, the red streaks clearly visible on his shin. The pain was nothing to him, compared to the pleasure he was experiencing as he made love to one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen.Jade’s head reared back, her wet heir in a mess all over her face as her body and head moved all around. Freddie pulled a hand from her breast and slid his fingers down her torso, pressing his fingertips into her stomach, playing with her belly button, and finally down to her hood, centimetres away from whirl he was pounding inside her. His expert fingers massaged her hood, making sure he hit her love button as she bounced. This sudden feeling f*rced a cooing squeal from her mouth before grabbing Freddie’s other hand and putting it in her mouth and biting down as if it was rawhide. This didn’t slow Freddie down from his fingering and as Jade’s eyes rolled back in her head, Freddie felt her get tighter than he’d ever felt her get before, squeezing his member, before he felt the flush of warm inside her once more.Jade smiled down at Freddie as she climbed off of him, and went to work on her last task before she completely passed out from ecstasy and exhaustion. She bent over his lap and licked his member, tasting the mix of his and her juices. She loved the taste they made together and took as much of him as she could into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down, sucking him off. She had a new idea though that she thought he’d like, and pulled his cock from her lips with a resounding pop nose.”Ooohh baby… cum for me,” she whispered, trying to capture the same kind of dirty talk Carly had used, while stroking his manhood. “I’ve worked so hard for that hot turn, and I neeeeed it. I want to swallow it all, baby. I want you to shoot that hot, think, load into my red lips, into my hot wet mouth, and let it slide down my throat and into my stomach. “Freddie was completely caught off guard by her dirty talk, and as soon as she said the word stomach, his back arched and he began to shoot. His first shot hit her unsuspecting lips, but she managed to catch the next four shots completely in her mouth. She licked her lips, and swallowed it all before crawling up beside her lover and nestling herself on his chest kissing it softly. Jade grabbed her phone, wanting to let Cat know that she wasn’t going to come home tonight, and quickly fired off a text before tossing the phone and snuggling into the sheets.The two barely managed to get under his covers before they each passed out, completely spent. Their naked bodies entwined, and if a stranger had looked in it this moment, they would have looked like the happiest and most perfect couple in existence.* * * A loud buzz woke Freddie up from his deep sl*ep, and he reached over Jade’s completely zonked body to grab his phone. Flipping it open, his heart was quickly in his throat as he read the surprisingly long text.-so I spent like two hours outside ur building waiting for the gank to leave but she never did, so I guess or fucking her again. I don’t give a shit, ur life ur choices, just do me a favour türbanlı bayburt escort bayan and never talk to me againFreddie stared at her words for several minutes. He’d really fucked things up this time, no question about it. He wanted to call Sam, but he didn’t want to wake Jade. He considered texting her back, but he just couldn’t find the words he needed, not that any would really do the trick in this situation.He lay his head back down and stared at the ceiling, his mind running through every moment they ever shared. The first kiss, the first time they dated, their first sexual experience, their first threesome, the incident with the threesome with her s*ster, the hot tub reunion they shared, and finally how great she had been over the last couple weeks, and finally the sex they shared the other night. Every single moment all at once hit him Ikea tidal wave.In the back of his mind, he always believed that he and Sam were the real deal, as if they were meant for each other. But as he looked down at his drum girl, his mind became incredibly torn. He was clueless as to what he needed to do.He checked his phone, and saw it read just after midnight. He wondered if Carly was still awake, and how her night went. He shot her a couple texts essentially asking her if she was free. Several minutes passed without a response, and Freddie gave it up. She must be asl*ep, he thought.* * *Across the hall, Carly’s phone was buzzing and buzzing but she could not can less. The dark haired teen was lying in bed and staring down at a head of bright red hair moving between her legs. As Cat began to lick inside Carly harder and deeper, her tongue reaching places she’d never imagined, Carly arched her back in ecstasy, her fingers wrapping all around the bright red hair. Carly knew her orgasm was on its way, as she felt her body getting hotter and hotter, and thought back over how the events of the evening had led to this.* * *The two girls, accompanied by Spencer and Kenzie, had gone for some ice cream after the film, and it became abundantly clear that the chaperones were hitting it off. Cat’s phone vibrated and she saw that Jade had texted her that she would be staying with Freddie tonight. She and Carly exchanged glances, before an idea hit the web star. Carly knew her br*ther was kinda lonely, and he could never keep a girlfriend, especially due to her, but she wanted him to be happy. While Kenzie was in the bathroom, Carly asked her br*ther if she could have a sl*epover with Cat, hoping that that option would make Cats aunt stick around.”Sure, if Kenzie’s okay with it. We’ll ask her when she gets back. What do you ladies have planned?””Eh… the usual. Bad romantic comedies, doing each other’s hair, etc.” Carly said, shooting a seductive glance at Cat.”That sounds fine but I’m drawing the line at pyjama pillow-fights.””Ha ha… you are so funny, Spencer,” Cat said giggling. “We probably won’t be wearing any pyjamas-“The redhead felt a swift kick to her ankle, as Carly gave her a hard glance. “What she meant is that no one wears pyjamas anymore… It’s all boy shirts and tank tops these days.” Carly was nervous as she spoke. Things were finally starting to get back to normal with Spencer after he caught her with Melanie, and the last thought she wanted to give her br*ther was anything about her being naked with another girl.Kenzie plopped down back at the table without saying a word and resumed eating on her cupful of Rocky Road.”Hey, Aunt Kenzie?””Yes, Kitty Cat?”Cat stared her aunt, with annoyance, as she spoke. “Carly and I were wondering if we could have a sl*epover at her apartment. We don’t really have long to hang out before I have to go home.”Kenzie looked at her niece, then shot a look at Spencer, as if to signal that something was up. “Sure, I guess, if Spencer’s fine with it.””Yay!” Cat exclaimed a little too loudly, before she started back on her rainbow sherbet, and rubbing her leg against Carly’s.The four finished up their dessert and started walking back to the apartment, both couples arm in arm as they walked the wet and dark streets of Seattle. When they reached the complex, Carly could have sworn she saw Sam standing near the door, but a double take proved otherwise. They all piled into the elevator and followed Spencer to the door, opening it quickly as the girls rushed past him and up the stairs to Carly’s room.”Well, those two are pretty excitable…” Kenzie said, bringing up the rear of the group. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they were as eager to be alone as I am.” Spencer looked disappointed fora moment, as he grabbed the remote and cut the TV on. He had hoped she’d stick around instead of just leaving Cat here and leasing. “Oh, ok… Well, at least let me give you some money for the bus back to your place.””You misunderstood, Spencer… I’m sorry. I meant that I was eager to be alone with you. Kinda Ike in the theatre, but perhaps a hit more inmate. Well, what do you say, Spencer?” She poked her bottom lip out a bit, sounding like Betty Boop as she spoke. “Do ya want to have a sweepovah wif me?’Spencer laughed at how cute she was being before picking her up by her waist, which caused Kenzie to wrap her legs around him, and the two quickly fell onto the couch. * * * Back upstairs, the two girls wasted no time going into slumber party mode, which consisted of Carly shutting the door behind them before grabbing Cat by her hips and pulling her in for a deep kiss. The teen girls’ hands began to rapidly explore the other’s body, all the pent up aggression they each had from the day, let alone the month they spent away from each other.”Did you miss this?” Cat whispered as Carly found just the right spot on her neck to nibble on, eliciting sight whimpers from the petite redhead.”You don’t know the half of it,” the dark haired teen growled, as her hands crept along Cat’s sides and lower back, her fingertips playing with Cat’s dress. Cat’s leg was pressed between Carly’s tight jeans legs, as she moved it up and down against the web star’s crotch.The make out session lasted for several minutes before either one took off any clothing, but that quickly changed once Cat unbuttoned Carly’s jeans. Carly wriggled out of them as Cat used her foot to pull the pants down, while doing her best not to break lip contact. Carly wanted to take Cat’s pants off as well, but there were no pants to remove, so that meant her cute pink dress had to go.Carly pulled away for a moment before sliding her fingers under the dress’s straps and slipping them off her shoulders, kissing her exposed shoulder blades. As the straps hung below Cat’s arms, Carly grabbed the sides of the dress and began to pull down slowly, stopping just below her nipples, which were impeccably hard. It surprised Carly that Cat was braless, but she didn’t give it a second thought as she lowered her mouth onto her exposed breasts. Her tongue expertly wrapping around Cat’s nipple while her other hand massaged her other breast while Cat’s head rolled back, deeply enjoying the feeling.Cat’s petite hands moved to Carly’s shoulders and massaged them, which was a clear signal that she was doing a good job. Carly rose back up to kiss Cat more as the petite redhead’s hands drifted down the web star’s body, resting them on her pert ass. Carly lifted her shirt above her head and quickly unclasped her bra as well. The two continued to kiss while Carly tried to slide Cat’s dress all the way down, and before long, they were down to just their underwear. Or in this case, Carly was down to her flowery blue panties, and Cat was down to a bright red thong.The girls began to grind themselves against each other, their sex getting wetter and hotter with every thrust. Finally, Cat pushed Carly onto the bed, and after Carly made plenty of room, Cat went for what she’d been looking forward to since she came in the room.Taking an almost running start, she jumped on the trampoline at the foot of her bed, and landed right on top of the nearly naked girl. After sharing some major laughter they wrapped their bodies together, kissing, laughing and rolling around on the bed, their hair becoming a flash of black and red.Finally, Cat managed to wrestle on top of Carly, pinning her to the bed as Carly watched a wall of red hair descend her body, and stopping between her legs. Carly felt something hard and then a small tug, as Cat used her teeth to remove the panties before slinging them out of her mouth and moving her face into position. Carly closed her eyes and waited for the sudden sensation of Cat’s tongue which was just as amazing as she remembered. The redhead’s sandpaper-esque tongue clashed with her sensitive nub, and türbanlı escort bayburt Carly’s back began to arch as she wriggled in ecstasy.Carly knew her phone was buzzing, but she was way too focused on holding Cat’s head in place, as she bucked her hips against the redhead’s hungry mouth. Cat began to hum inside her, sending waves of goose-bumps all over the Shay girl’s body. What began as soft moans were now become absolute gasps and near screams that had to be muffled with a nearby pillow. It didn’t take long at all before Carly finally came, her body shivering from the overwhelming orgasm. Cat licked her lips, savouring the taste of Carly’s juices.Carly got ready to switch places, but grabbed something from inside her nightstand first. As their bodies swapped, Cat was really looking forward to what Carly was going to do. Everyone always told her that it’s better to give than receive, but there was no question in Cat’s mind that nothing but the feeling of an orgasm, and no one, except maybe Jade, could make her explode the way Carly did.Carly positioned her fact at Cat’s entrance to reciprocate and licked a circle around her, flicking her tongue along her outer lips. After Cat elicited her first moan, Carly stopped teasing and thrust her tongue deep inside, rubbing her warm tongue all over her insides. The dark haired girl continued this for several moments until Cat’s hips began to buck like hers did, and then she unleashed her secret weapon.Taking her little plastic buzzing friend in hand, Carly touched the vibrator to Cat’s incredibly sensitive clit. The petit redhead began to kick like a mule, gasping, and using her own hair to silence her screams as she bit down on it. Once she felt her love button had been sufficiently stimulated, Carly pushed the fingertip inside Cat’s completely wet pussy and began to lick her entrance hood. This double assault was too much for Cat to take, and her eyes rolled back into her head as her back arched in an incredibly unnatural state before coming hard.Carly pulled herself up next to Cat as the two grasped on to each other, lightly kissing every so often, until they completely passed out drowning in the afterglow.* * *Freddie stared at the ceiling waiting for Carly to respond to him, and after nearly 30 minutes there was no response. He peered down at Jade, resting comfortably on top of him, just smiling as she slept. He cursed under his breath that he was wide awake, and thinking so hard about this issue. He had exactly what he wanted, a beautiful girl, naked, who loved him, right here in his arms, and he still couldn’t help but think about Sam. He hated himself for jumping into bed so quickly with Jade again, and he especially hated that Sam found out and was hurt.‘How did I expect her to feel?’ he thought, ‘it’s not like she’s ever been a fan of Jade or any girl I’ve dated besides her.’What he needed was a male perspective.He sat up in bed gently, trying hard not to wake her as he slowly slid out of bed. She remained fast asl*ep as he grabbed his boxers, some jeans, and a shirt and quickly crept out of the room. Freddie made sure his mom was asl*ep as well, before heading to the front door. Across the hall, he heard the television going in the Shay residence, and figured that Spencer was still up as he was a bit of a night owl.Freddie crept over as quietly as possible and opened the front door, just in case Spencer was in fact asl*ep or something. Or something was certainly right, as Freddie shut the door just as quickly as he opened it, eyes wide. As he slowly made his way back to his own bed, and his own girl, he did his best not to wake either his mother or Jade. As he opened the bedroom door Jade sat up wide awake.”What’s going on?” she said, holding her yawn until the end.”Nothing, babe… Go on back to sl*ep.” Freddie stripped off his clothes as quick as he could and headed for the bed.”Your bed is so comfy… but it’s really cold in your place… can you grab my underwear?” Jade leaned over the bed and grabbed a button up shirt as his from a pile of laundry. When Freddie tossed her panties, she slipped them on and motioned for him to join her.He had every intention of doing just that as he slipped underneath the soft covers and into her arms us she quickly fell back asl*ep, holding him tight. Freddie stared at the ceiling, wide awake, and was afraid he would never be able to un-see Spencer screwing Cat’s aunt on the kitchen table.* * *Just a bit before they were found out, the adult couple had only just begun to experience each other. Kenzie was definitely the ‘on top’ sort as she quickly established herself on top of Spencer, pinning his waist down with hers as she ran her hands up and down Spencer’s shirt covered chest.”You’re really aggressive…” Spencer said, as her fingertips applied pressure to his sternum and collarbone.”Just shut up. You know you fucking like it,” she said, punching him right in the chest. Spencer mouthed an ‘ow’ and decided to just submit to do whatever she wanted to do.Kenzie grinded herself against his crotch, sliding her finger down the buttons of his shirt, until finally, she gripped the sides and ripped his shirt open, spilling buttons all over the place. The places where she had pressed into his skin glowed bright red, and she lowered her face to his, invading his mouth with her tongue as she continued grinding.Once she had finished making out with Spencer she sat back up, arching her back and accenting he breasts. Spence was quite enamoured with her body and raised his hands to touch them and she swatted them away.”Nuh uh uh…” she said, wagging her finger at him and smiling. She crossed her arms and gripped the side of her shirt lifting it up over her head, exposing a bright blue polka dot bra that was barely calming he generous chest.Spencer wanted to reach up and touch her breasts, but he knew that she wanted to be in charge, so he maintained his rigid position and kept his hands to himself.Apparently, he didn’t hide his want as well as he thought as Kenzie leaned over his body, whispering dirty promises into his ear, while one of her hands was behind her back, she managed to unclasp her bra, letting the straps slip down her arms. The cups fell away from her chest and in that moment, he finally got to see her naked magnificent breasts.He couldn’t resist pulling his head up to her chest and taking her pencil eraser sized nipples to his mouth, sliding his tongue all along her areolas. She gripped the back of his head, pushing his face into her flesh pillows. Spencer had never been with a woman with implants before, and he was shocked by how real they felt.Once Spencer had latched onto her breast Kenzie’s grinding became more intense, and she could feel his rigid member straining against the fabric of the jeans. She got off of Spencer and stood next to the couch peering down at him before bending over and pulling his jeans and boxes off him completely, freeing his cock.She grabbed his hand and pulled him off the couch and led him into the kitchen, bending over to take her jeans and thong off. She remained leaning over the table, reaching behind her body and gripping her ass, as if to offer an open invitation for anyone to come and have their way with her. Spencer wasn’t going to argue with such a situation, and, after grabbing something from his wallet, and tearing it open, he placed a condom on mod lined himself up at her extremely wet opening.Spencer pushed inside her slowly, gripping her hips as he pushed and pulled slowly. All the times that Spencer had been with women, this was always the way he did it, as he was kinda big and people needed time to adapt. Kenzie was definitely not one of those women, and he felt very little resistance as he pushed inside her.”Dude,” she said looking back at Spencer, “I’m not your girlfriend, just fuck me.”He didn’t need to be told twice as he increased his pace, grabbing her arms and holding her by her wrists as he pounded in and out of her over and over and over and over. His speed and f*rce even surprised him after a while. He was so wrapped up in the sex the he didn’t even hear the front door open and close behind him.Kenzie arched her bat a bit, letting Spencer’s hands wander from her arms to her breasts. He gripped them tight, her nipples pressed between his fingers, as he pistoned inside and out as fast and hard as possible. Eventually, he felt he tighten up, her orgasm taking hold. Spencer knew he wasn’t going to last long ether at this rate, and after another minute of pounding her pussy, he released deep inside her before withdrawing so they could catch their breath.”Well… that escalated quickly.” Spencer said, collecting his clothes and plopping bath down on the couch. Kenzie followed suit and sat down next to him, straightening herself out as well as she could. She sat on the other side of the couch from him, neither rally making eye contact.The two watched as Spencer flipped through the channels, finally stopping on the Discovery channel. The two exchanged glances for a moment before laughing and speaking in unison.”Shark Week.”

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