Prom Night with a BIG Twist


Prom Night with a BIG TwistMy name is Tom, I am 5’10” white male with a slim athletic build, brown hair and blue eyes. This is my second story, it is a fictional story of my dream prom night that took an unexpected turn.I had asked Andrea to be my prom date a couple months ahead of time, thankfully she said yes. I had been friends with her on and off for many years, but we had never been that close. I had always had a bit of a crush on her, but never enough for me to make a move. She is a sexy white girl, about 5’8″ with long toned legs and an amazing curvy bubble butt. Her tits were really starting to develop, by the end of grade twelve they were some nice full 32D’s. She had a pretty face and shoulder length blonde hair. And always dressed to impress, not in a slutty way, but rather always on the latest trend.Upon telling my friends that I was going with her, I received many excited responses and plenty of joking about me being able to score with her at the end of the night. I just acted casual, and played it off with a laugh. But, deep down I craved to hook up with the sexy piece of fuck meat that I would be spending the night with.Finally final exams were over and prom was around the corner. I had gotten a slate gray suit and a light pink tie to match Andrea’s dress. Her dress was stunning, with no shoulder straps it showed of a surprising amount of cleavage, and the slim fit of it hugged her amazing ass extenuating her curves. It flowed down to her feet in soft lacy pieces of fabric.Finally the day came, I picked her up at her house, blown away by how sexy she was at the door. We snapped a few photos in her yard, hopefully my boner wasn’t showing, and then headed out to do all the festivities. We had dinner with some friends, at which I received a bit of heckling from the guys about how sexy Andrea was. Then off to the school for more photos. After what felt like forever the actual prom started. We danced, ate and hung out until four in the morning. We had a quick breakfast at Mcdonalds, then it was time to head home. My heart was racing on the drive back to Andrea’s house. I made casual small talk about the night, telling her how great she looked. We pulled up beside her house, there was a moment of awkward silence and then she said quietly “why don’t you come inside for a bit…” my heart skipped a beat! I was thinking to myself that it was really going to happen. She grabbed my hand and led me inside, very quietly we went to her room in the basement. We stood inside my hands on her hips, and hers over my shoulders. She told me “we have to be very quiet, my parents are upstairs sleeping.” I nodded my head and then we kissed.I made out with her in her dimly lit room, then she pulled away and threw herself onto her bed. I crawled on top and continued to make out. It was obvious she was really horny, she moved under me grinding against my body, rubbing her hands bahis siteleri all over me. I pulled back sitting up and grabbed her dress right in between her boobs, I gave a downwards yank and both tits popped out of the top. She let out a squeal as I started sucking on her nipples, groping her tits with my hands. She grabbed my head pulling me up to her face and whispered in my ear “I like it rough…” I smirked then wrapped my hand around her throat, and slapped one tit with the other. “You like that slut?” I asked her. She replied “Yes… I love it!”I stood up removing my suit, until I was just in my underwear, Andrea did the same. She was wearing a tiny black thong. She stroked my cock through my underwear, I was rock hard, about 6” long. She got down on her knees, pulled down my underwear and stroked my cock, staring up at me with a grin. “oh fuck… yeah” I moaned as she wrapped her lips around me. She blew me for a few minutes, then said “my turn.” I lay her on her back, pulled down her thong, revealing her shaved pussy. I ate her out and fingered her for a long time, she moaned and squirmed, her pussy dripping wet. Then it was time to fuck.I got on top of her, missionary position and was ready to put it in. The I remembered “Wait I have to put on a condom!” She looked at me with a frown saying “no I don’t like them” I hesitated but then her sad begging eyes got me, I thrust into her raw. It felt so amazing I immediately started pounding, she liked it, moaning louder and louder. Saying “fuck me, fuck me hard! Choke me! Slap me!” Her boobs bounced up and down, I slapped her face quite hard and choked her with both hands. I kept on pounding.We were jolted to a stop when we heard footsteps upstairs. Suddenly we became conscious of how loud we had gotten. We didn’t move, the footsteps went away. “Probably my mom getting a drink” she said, I agreed. I flipped Andrea over onto her hands and knees and started to fuck her doggystyle. Her ass bounced in waves as I pounded, I made her suck on my finger, then I stuck it in her ass and kept fucking. She had already came twice and was about to cum again.We were terribly scared by the door to her room swinging open and her Dad bursting in! He was furious “get the fuck off my daughter asshole!” He shouted I jumped off standing up ready for him to try to fight me. Andrea screamed and covered herself with the blankets. Her dad simply closed the door behind him and took a deep breathe, visibly calming down. Suddenly embarrassed I covered my cock with my hands. There was a tense awkward moment where no one spoke.Andrea’s Dad was a big guy, he was about 6’2″ and 250 pounds, extremely muscular and quite handsome. He was wearing only underwear when he burst in. He broke the silence with a disappointed tone to his voice “I told you… Tom… not to fuck my daughter…” I looked down in shame “I fucking told you…” he continued “not canlı bahis siteleri to stick your cock in my DAUGHTER!” he raised his voice and walked closer to me. Andrea cowered behind her blankets, not making a sound. I stood my ground. Her Dad was now just two feet away from me. He spoke again in a calm tone “show me your cock Tom…” I slowly moved my hands, revealing my still rock hard bare cock. He spoke again “no condom hey Tom… you like fucking my daughter raw?” I stuttered but couldn’t respond. “Well? Tell me, do you?” he said. “Y-Yes I… do” I replied. He slapped me, dropping me to the ground.Andrea tried to protest, saying “It was my fault, I told him to.” He ignored her saying “I will have to discipline you Tom” he picked me up off the ground, my head was spinning as he bent me over the bed. He ripped off Andrea’s blankets and put my head in her lap. “Choke him” he demanded, Andrea whispered “sorry Tom” and choked me with both hands. Her Dad spanked me, repeatedly, as hard as he could. It hurt so bad that I cried out in pain. It went on for over ten minutes.Eventually he stopped, picked me up and put me on my knees in front of him. My head was right at crotch height, and I could see a monstrous bulge in his underwear. I guess my moans from the spanking must have turned him on. Andrea seemed to know what was going to happen, she begged him “please no, don’t do it.” He told her to shush, and ordered me “take it out boy.” I pulled down his underwear, his cock sprang out and smacked my face. It must have been 12″ long, circumcised, with a fat girth. I let out a pathetic whimper at the sight of that b**st. He grabbed my head with both hands and gave his orders “put it in your mouth bitch boy.” I obeyed feeling the huge mushroom head push my jaw open. He was only 4 inches in but I was already gagging. “Come on boy, take it deep” he said as he shoved more in. With a mighty thrust he pushed the full length into my throat. I puked, he let go of me and jumped back, luckily I had hardly eaten a thing. I sat crying covered in puke “glad we got that out of the way” he said “Andrea be a dear and go get the cleaning supplies.” Andrea left. “Now get the fucking hole back on my cock!” He ordered. I accepted it back into my mouth, it was easier this time and he went balls deep effortlessly. He fucked my face while Andrea cleaned up the mess. He would pound for a minute, then go balls deep and hold it there while I longed for air. He would pull out, let me breathe, then push in before I fully caught my breath. This went on for over an hour, it was 7 am at this point and the sun was rising. “Good boy, take that cock faggot!” he moaned as he used my face. Andrea had gotten comfortable with it, and was starting to rub her pussy while watching. “Fuck yeah you’re taking it so good.” He was throbbing and harder than ever.He pulled out, huge strands of drool dripped down canlı bahis my chin and off his cock. He scooped them up, and with a big hand smeared them on my face. “Go kiss Andrea” he ordered. I gladly obeyed making out with her, drool covering us both. “Come here faggot, bend over, doggystyle” he demanded. I got down on the bed on my hands and knees, he made Andrea finger my ass. It actually felt amazing, I felt like I was going to cum. “Oh fuck… oh fuck, I’m going to cum…” I moaned. Andrea was up to four fingers as I blew my load all over the bed. I couldn’t believe I just came without touching my cock, and I couldn’t believe I stayed hard afterwards. Andrea scooped up the cum off the bed and fed it to me, I sucked on her fingers and swallowed it all.She lay down in front of me on her back, and I ate her pussy. Her Dad was behind me and I could feel him grab my hips, and push his tip against my hole. He thrust into me, I cried out in pain and pleasure, muffled by Andrea’s pussy. He began pounding my ass. I took it all, I enjoyed the feeling of being stretched open. He fucked me until the sun was high in the sky, with only huge globs of spit as lube. He could last forever, I wanted him to cum but he just kept going. Andrea had cum many times on my face.He pulled out slapping may ass saying “good faggot… such a good faggot…” He made me suck his fingers, then started to insert them, they were much larger than Andrea’s and he inserted them rougher. He worked up to all five, really stretching me out. Then with a grunt he pushed his whole hand in. I screamed out, it was so huge. He worked it in and out several times, going deeper and deeper. He got all the way to his elbow. “You like being my little fist whore boy?” he asked. “Oh yes, I love your fist deep inside me” I replied enthusiastically. I got fisted some more, then him and Andrea switched positions. Andrea fisted me easily, and I sucked on her Dads cock and balls while she did. At this point Andrea was really into it, and she started to punch my balls while she fisted me. It hurt and I loved it! She could get all the way to her bicep in my loose hole and was stroking in and out using the full length. Her Dad really liked it, saying “fuck that’s hot… I’m going to cum!” He blew his load all over my face, his giant cock spewed cum strands for 30 seconds straight. He fed it all into my mouth and like a good faggot I swallowed. After he came he left to go have breakfast, but Andrea was not done. “I want you to fuck me again” she begged. I gladly did. We fucked missionary style for half an hour. My ass felt so loose, so she put a 1 liter bottle in it and it went all the way in with my hole closing it inside. I fucked her hard for a few more minutes then came inside her pussy while she begged “please creampie me… pleaseeee Tom… cum in my pussy!” We finished by having me lick my cum out of her and spit it in her mouth. We showered together, got dressed and ate breakfast with her parents, as if everything was normal. I said goodbye and they insisted on me coming back soon.I spend the rest of summer break getting “caught” fucking Andrea.

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