Promiscuous Reward

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Blessings often come disguised. Those cloaked in angst often hold the greatest potential. Whether we recognize them or stumble over them makes little difference as long as we have the good sense to hold on once they’re revealed to us. I was lucky. The sublime revelation bestowed on me struck so fast I didn’t have time to screw it up, so I held on.

It started as a simple Friday night on the town. I had just broken up with my girlfriend, Kara, so my buddy Gabe took me out for a few drinks. “We’ll go up to Boston,” he insisted. “We’ll get a room so we don’t have to drive back.”

Gabe and I started the night at a place called the Crystal Barn. It was a modern place at the time—half dance club, half dive bar with gaudy neon signs and mirrors everywhere. It seemed the place was designed to make the sad sacks like me stick out like sore thumbs. Everywhere I looked, I saw my own moping mug with gorgeous girls in the background. We staked out a round table toward the back with four chairs, hoping the other two might soon be filled.

It didn’t take long before they were. A tall, gorgeous blonde clopped up in shiny heels. “Is anyone sitting here?” she asked over the thumping bass.

Gabe smiled. “You are,” he boasted.

A sweet smile arced across her pouty lips. “Thanks,” she peeped before dragging the chair away. A moment later, a bronze-skinned guy with a wedge-shaped chest walked over and nodded as he took the other one.

“Come on,” said Gabe. “I wanted to go to a strip club anyway.”

Half-heartedly, I sauntered along beside him on the crowded street. “Quit bein’ a chump, Sari,” he complained. “This shit happens. You musta done something to piss her off. You can be a real dick sometimes.”

“Not with her,” I argued. “I went outta my way to please her…ate her lousy cooking, even put up with her kooky sister for a weekend.”

“You only dated her for a few months. What’s the big deal? Haven’t you ever been dumped before?”

“I didn’t get dumped,” I lamented, sticking my hands in my jacket pocket. “It was worse.”

“You walked in on her?” he asked as we rounded a corner.

“Right as the guy bellowed. They didn’t hear me cuz they were listening to music. I stood staring while she sucked him dry.”

“Not to be an asshole, but did she…swallow as he unloaded or did she play with it?”

“Bite me, Gabe. She had cum dripping off her chin when she finally saw me.”

“Eh,” he grunted, scrunching his cheek. “I’d say ya got lucky. Most guys wind up picturing what their ex did with another guy. They lose sleep because their imagination gets the better of them. The anxiety eats ’em up. But you know exactly what she did.”

“That’s supposed to make me feel better?”

“Hell yeah. If you insist on feeling bad, just picture her doin’ it to him as we speak.” He stopped short and grimaced outside the Purring Panther Club. “I don’t friggin’ believe it!” he complained.

“What’s wrong?”

He shook his hand at the marquis out front. “Whaddaya mean, what’s wrong?” he asked. “Read the sign. It’s Jack and Jill night. Every other act is gonna be some dude shakin’ his schlong at us.”

“Maybe he’ll be shaking it at me,” a playful feminine voice chimed from behind us.

A whiff of jasmine blessed my nose as a gust of wind brushed delicate strands of hair against my neck. I turned around to find two brunette beauties gracing the same square of sidewalk as me. They both wore jeans and knit sweaters—typical casual attire for a fall evening in New England.

One of them seemed as down in the dumps as I was. She was gorgeous—sleek and demure, with full auburn hair that seemed to play in the gusty air rather than frazzle. Even in the sidewalk lighting, her ruby highlights sparkled. As beautiful as she was, her chin was tucked to her chest, all but hiding her hazel eyes from view.

The other stood smiling beneath a French beret. She was slim of stature and glowing with an air of grace as a glossy smile arced across her lips. Her blowtorch-blue eyes fixed on mine, then Gabe. “You guys want some company?” she asked. “I’ll bet we can hoot as loud as you.”

I stood dumbfounded—too shocked to answer. As I searched for words, her reserved friend muttered, “I-I don’t think I’m up to it, Holley.”

“C’mon, Suzie,” she urged in reply. “It’s just for laughs. You’ll lighten up once we get inside.”

Suzie’s eyes shifted my way as she batted her lashes and cracked an uneasy smile. “Okay,” she offered in a meek tone. “But I may be a wet blanket.”

“Wait!” I blurted. Unsure why I had spoken out, I stood blinking with the three of them looking at me. Gripped in confusion, I pictured myself trying to talk to Suzie while a guy in nothing but a bowtie wagged his meat in front of her face. What the hell would be the right thing to say? How could I compliment either of them with a pink g-string on my head? It seemed like a fun time, but not a good venue in which to ask either one to come back to the hotel.

Perhaps I was afraid of suriyeli porno what I might say in the presence of such gorgeous women. Holley’s outward charm had a strong appeal. It would have been fun to watch her howl at the dancers, but my mood was more in tune with Suzie’s. I found her enchanting in an apprehensive, depleted kind of way. Turning to her, I cleared my throat and asked, “My name’s Sari…l-like the emotion. Would you like to get something to eat?”

She looked to Holley as if seeking permission. “I think I’ll take Sari up on that,” she proposed. “I’d just spoil your fun. You go ahead.”

“Perfect!” Gabe interjected. “There are great restaurants all around. You two could talk about what’s got ya’ down…give each other a pep talk. Sari, I’ll text you in an hour or two and we can take it from there. We’ll meet back here if everyone’s up to it.”

Suzie’s smile seemed to ease as she nodded. I offered her my elbow as we walked off. To my surprise, my gloomy mood lifted as her hand grasped my forearm. It was like whatever mighty cosmic gear was grinding at my consciousness had just clunked into synch. We strolled along light-footed until we came to a cozy little place with a bustling but homey atmosphere.

Even better, Suzie’s reticence lifted during dinner. Our conversation went from cordial to casual, and we even shared a few laughs by the time our entrees arrived. As it turned out, she and Holley worked as X-ray Technologists in D.C. and had stayed in town a few nights after a three-day seminar.

As things progressed, I found in her a caring, sensual beauty—one I wished I could know better. Her angular features and dainty hooked nose offered a cute, tender appeal. I had seen many shades of hair—any color modern chemistry could conjure, but nothing as magnificent as the natural color of Suzie’s auburn halo. It glowed with electric shimmers, framing her hazel eyes in wavy curtains that teased her cheeks. In short, she was beautiful, and I was falling for her fast.

That proved to be a stumbling block when she told me she was engaged to some guy named Dirk. “He’s only the second guy I’ve ever been with,” she admitted, twirling her spaghetti. “Holley insisted I should know what it’s like to just…you know…go out and do it just for fun. I-I guess I was expecting it to be…easier.”

I fumbled for words like a schoolboy. “Maybe you’d just like to talk…you know…for awhile…see how things go. Gabe and I got a suite, so there’s two…you know…rooms.”

Suzie took a sip of water. Her gaze dropped to the table as she set her glass down. “We could try it,” she offered. “They’ll know where to find us.”

The hotel was less than a block away, so we were in the room within ten minutes. As we walked in, Holley’s laughter rang from Gabe’s bedroom. Light from the open door shone on the hallway of the suite as she peeked around the corner and smiled. “You made it!” she cheered. “Give a knock if ya wanna mix things up.” She giggled as the door closed and the hallway darkened.

Suzie’s lower lip trembled as she dropped her gaze to the floor and shook her head. “I’m sorry,” she lamented. “I can’t go through with it.” With a sniffle and a quick sob, she bolted for the door.

For a moment I thought of running into the hallway and asking her to reconsider, but desperate as I was, I couldn’t bring myself to call down the corridor to an engaged woman. With a deflated sigh, I sauntered over to the love seat, plopped down and turned on the television.

To add irony to insult, Gabe had paid for the adult channel. The set turned on to show the hilt of a meaty shaft twitching between two fleshy labia as a pearly ribbon leaked over its jewel sac.

Meanwhile, sounds of sex play rang through the bedroom door. Holley’s squeals and coos alternated with Gabe’s deep, hardy groans. Moments later, he let out a wanton cry, then murmured something in the tone of a question.

“Yes!” she squealed. “Come inside me!”

I turned up the volume on the set as Gabe cried out, but all I got was insult in stereo. Holley sang with him as he wailed. “I feel it!” she proclaimed. “Shoot your seed in me!”

With a deep sigh, I rested my cheek on my palm, clicking to an old syndicated sitcom as the bedroom door opened. I tried not to flinch as Holley stepped out, but from the corner of my eye I could see she was not only naked, but more beautiful than I had imagined. Her fair skin glistened in the room lighting, accentuating the curves and cambers of her firm, fit torso. Two curved dimples defined the edges of her tummy, set between the crests of her capable hips. A pearl set in gold with an inch-long chain adorned the pit of her navel.

Her long, straight, jet-black hair dangled over her shoulders and teased the nipples of her firm, ample breasts. Her bewitching blue eyes locked onto mine as I sat fighting to inhale. Dropping my gaze, I let out a gasp at the sight of her small black bush, trimmed to bikini-perfect.

A mix twitter porno of estrogen and testosterone scented the air as she leaned forward and rested her palms on my shoulders. I remember whimpering as a bead of cum oozed from her apex and dangled in the gap between her alabaster thighs. It swung as she shook her hair back and asked, “Suzie left, didn’t she?”

I nodded, watching as the pearly ribbon dripped and fell.

“Don’t feel bad. She wasn’t up to it. We’ll join you out here.”

“Don’t stop on my account,” I said with a sigh.

“We won’t,” she purred. “I can handle the two of you.”

“Wh-what?” I asked as she strutted toward the small kitchen.

“You heard me,” she called back. “I gotta get a quick drink.”

I bounced to my feet and fumbled at my shirt buttons. As I dropped it off my shoulders, Gabe came around the corner. “Whatsa matter?” he asked. “Where’s Suzie? You scare her off?”

“Holley,” I uttered, pointing to her naked silhouette leaning into the fridge. “She told me to join you guys.”

“Fuck no!” he argued. “Dude, I’m sorry if your date flew the coop, but Holley is—”

“Is what?” she queried, twisting the cap off a bottle of water. “Don’t you dare say I’m yours.” She took a big sip and set the bottle on the counter. “You only have one cock, Gabe,” she sassed, strutting over and standing before me. “I was hoping this would happen. Come over here and watch for a minute.”

Gabe complied obediently—his stiff pole wagging as he approached.

With her bright-blue gaze peering into my churning thoughts, Holley unzipped my khaki shorts and tugged them over my hips. For a moment, I stood statue-still with my boxers stretched across my hips—half my throbbing shaft rising above the waistband. Her brows rose in approval as she lowered her gaze. I tore off my underwear and shorts and kicked them away like they were on fire. Still at a loss for words, I stood before her in nothing but short white socks. She pressed her pelvis against mine, sandwiching my rock-hard staff between us, then asked in a playful purr, “Have you ever buried your cock in a pussy full of someone else’s cum?”

A tantalizing grin arced across her glossy lips as I shook my head. She took my hand, led me to the left side of the leather sofa and sat on the armrest. With a playful giggle, she wrapped her legs around my waist and lunged back, arching over the armrest to elongate her torso. I wrapped my elbows under her ankles, grasped her lanky calves and gawked at her blushing apex. Between the fleshy gates of her labia, the pink tissues of her inner haven glistened with the remnants of insemination. She cooed as they undulated, oozing forth a bead of white that ran into the cleft of her buttocks. “Mix your seed with Gabe’s inside me,” she purred. “Take turns planting the will of your ancestors in me.”

I heard Gabe groan beneath his breath as I swabbed up the dribble with by bulb and dipped it back into her seed-laden slit. I inched forward, watching her creamy gates wrap my circumference as I bathed my knob in the slick heat of her clench. “Bury it in her!” Gabe urged. Quit dicking around.”

With a hardy moan, I sank my aching cock to the hilt in the heat of her being. Gabe groaned as loud as me as I retreated, glazed in his cum. Holley’s eyes opened in wide delight as she peered over her pelvis at my shimmering shaft. Charging forth again, I broke into a slow rhythm, reaming her inner tissues with the length of my proud tool as a ring of white formed on her labial lips.

Gabe lost his resentful attitude and knelt at the edge of the sofa cushion, leaning his hands on the backrest to dangle his cock over Holley’s mouth. He and I moaned in unison as she lashed his underside with her tongue. I increased my pace as she turned her head and wrapped her lips around Gabe’s engorged head. Her cheek quivered from the motion of her tongue as it twiddled on his knob.

My sac dripped with plunged-out semen as it slapped against her oozing slit. Holley’s legs jolted forward each time my loins bumped the backs of her thighs. She squealed and peeped onto Gabe’s manhood each time I cycled my meaty piston to full depth. He let out a warning grunt as his hilt began twitching, but Holley didn’t flinch. She hummed and wrapped her lips tight around his girth as it thumped between them in rhythmic pulses.

A tiny bead of white dribbled from the corner of her mouth as Gabe’s cries faded and his balls dropped low in his sac. With pangs of pure elation tingling through my length, I ramped up to full speed, watching her throat as she swallowed. Turning her blue-hot gaze my way, she licked the glossy sheen off her lips and squinted. Her brows rose high and the corners of her mouth dropped as she sang out in a sweet moan. It was all too clear what was happening.

I slowed to a stop as Holley’s eyes opened wide and her velvet hug squeezed my cock with a strong contraction. Warm juice flooded her love channel as it relaxed and squeezed me travesti porno again. My shaft sprang upward, slinging a concoction of mixed fluids as I withdrew to unplug her slit and let it purge. She wailed and sprayed my pelvis with a steady gush of thankful reward. Another wash cascaded over my balls as I plunged back into her, buried myself to the hilt, and locked my hips.

I felt her cum dripping from my jewels as she wriggled and writhed. Reality melded with euphoria as the twangs of ecstasy buzzing through my shaft brought forth a mighty thump, hosing her insides with a prolonged jet of viscous proliferation. A succession of seedy salvoes followed, filling her heavenly hollow with burst after burst of blissful release. I squeezed my buttocks together, gaining a precious inch and meshing our bushes as my spurts faded off and my tingling turret ran dry.

Heaving for air, I stood straight up and closed my eyes for what seemed an instant. But in that span of time, however brief, Holley managed to spring onto her hands and knees and dive over my half-hard pole. Her lips glistened as she hummed, sucking me back to rigid readiness with the moist warmth of her mouth.

I had to respect Gabe for his prowess. He was one orgasm ahead of me, but he was bone-hard again in no time. He climbed onto the couch and knelt behind Holley, grasping her by the waist and pushing his pole between her buttocks. But as he shimmied into place, she gave a grunt of displeasure. Releasing my cock from the clasp of her mouth, she complained, “That’s not a point of entry.”

“Can’t blame a guy for trying,” he quipped, pressing his staff down and into battery. As he pressed his pelvis to her buttocks, his lower jaw dropped and an audible dribble plopped on the leather sofa cushion. “Damn, Sari!” he exclaimed. “I think you left half a pint in her.”

Holley wiggled her hips and made a series of hums and squeals onto my shaft. “She sayin’ something?” Gabe asked.

“Yeah,” I grunted. “She says shut up and mix another load in her or she’ll call someone else to come do it.”

“Mm hmm,” Holley hummed, offering a brief thumbs-up.

“I wasn’t complaining,” he insisted, increasing his cadence.

I peered down, squinting in delight at the sight of Holley’s black mane dancing before my belly. It shone with blue-like shimmers as her lips rode over the vein lines mapping my rock-hard cock. She straightened her back, offering Gabe unfettered access to her deepest recesses as he reamed her in long, animated strokes. Raising his eyebrows, he hastened his pace and whimpered, then rocked his hips forward and froze, pulling on her hips as he wailed through his clenched teeth.

As Holley bobbed and lolled her tongue beneath my bulb, I stared at the small of her back, imagining the puddle of proteins pooled in her intimate chamber. A rush of warmth overtook me, bolting a shivering shudder through my spine. Her twiddling tongue sent me to a state of nirvana in the next glorious instant. Cupping my sac in her palm, she gently kneaded my nuts as pulsations of pure ecstasy heaved spurt after elated spurt between her lips and into the warm tissues of her mouth. I let out a noise I had no control over—kind of a cross between a foghorn and an opera singer. She hummed, swallowed and hummed again as my turret eked out its final salvoes.

I damn-near collapsed as my wobbling knees faltered. Leaning against the back of the sofa, I let out a moan of exaltation. Gabe flopped back on the right side of the sofa and set his feet on the coffee table. He mixed groans and chuckles as he sat staring at the ceiling with his arms at his side. Holley bounced up straight and smacked her lips. “I guess you guys need a rest,” she purred.

“Just…need…a minute,” I managed to blurt out between breaths. Stumbling to the front of the sofa, I plopped down to her left.

“Maybe two minutes,” Gabe grumbled, closing his eyes.

“Take a nap, Gabe,” she proposed. “We have all night. I need to chat with Sari for a minute.” Leaning against my side, she rubbed my chest and asked, “So who’s the idiot who cheated on you?”

“Her name is Kara…Kara Mello.”

“She sounds like a candy bar. Were you two serious?”

“We weren’t engaged or anything.”

She rested her chin on my shoulder. “What did you think of Suzie?” she queried. “And don’t tell me about how she took off. Just tell me what you thought of her.”

“Honestly, I kinda liked her…and not just cuz she was pretty, which she was by the way. We talked all through dinner…real talk. It was…she was…why are you asking?”

“Because behind those hazel eyes of hers is a white-hot furnace she’s afraid to stoke.”

“Maybe that’s because she’s engaged to some guy named Dork.”

“It’s Dirk, actually, and she got pressured into it. He pulled out a ring at a big Labor Day party in front of all her friends. I suppose he is a Dork, now that you mention it.”

Just then, Gabe let out a snore. Holley giggled and ran her finger in a figure-eight pattern around my chest. “Get dressed,” she whispered.

“So, we’re all done for the night?”

She grasped my jaw between her thumb and forefinger and peered into my eyes. “We’re just getting started,” she said in a playful growl. “You and I are gonna stoke that furnace of hers.”

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