You approach me like a punished dog, eyes cast downward, cautious smile like a tail wagging neurotically. You don’t know what to think. You are out of your element, and you don’t know what the situation is. You extend a hand toward me, but you doubt yourself, and it’s like you are reaching to me through thick honey, your hand slowing, stopping.

I pause, give myself a moment to collect my thoughts and maybe, maybe, relish having this power over you, just for second. But I take pity on you (the luxury of those with power), I take your hand and pull you toward me, and right into my arms. Absolution has always been yours. Your kind gets away with anything.

The heat of your body is intense against my own. You settle your feet outside of my own and fold your arms around me. You take a great, shuddering breath and pull me in more tightly, until we are pressed together, chest to chest, belly to belly, thigh to thigh.

I breathe in your desert-cedar scent, run a hand over the muscles in your back and up the strong line of your spine. Some pragmatic part of me says, “Step back! Take your time, talk. There is work to be done here.” But the pull of your presence is too much to endure; you compel me to touch you by being within reach. I am absolutely under your power.

Not a word has passed between us. I look up at you, and you look down at me. You smile gently, fingers brushing my cheek, one arm still pressing me close, tightly, almost painfully. Your nose touches mine and I tip my face upward and into a sudden kiss, taking you for mine.

You kiss me back, desperation plain. bahis şirketleri I can feel the tension in your body as you try to hold back, slow down, savor, but we are both beyond that. We both know these roads, though we haven’t taken them in a while, and while there is an awkwardness like newness between us, our hands remember.

You crave full contact. If you could cover every inch of me with your hands and your body, you would. You lift one of my legs up, and I throw my arms around your neck as you lift the other one up and around you. Suspended there, your hands curve under me, pulling me closer while you breathe heavily into my neck. I tug at your hair to better angle your mouth toward me, take your bottom lip into my own and bite, maybe a little too sharply, eliciting a huff.

You stumble forward and my back hits the wall, knocking the air out of me. With one hand under each of my round thighs you support me between the wall and your hips, bones digging into me painfully. You pull back from our kisses to make eye contact while you unbuckle your belt underneath me.

Heat is running through my belly, urgent, painful, like a steady electric current, radiating out from my cunt already slick with want, nay, need of you. I’m pulling my dress out from between us, up around my waist. You grind against me, pants pooled around your ankles, boxers and panties the only thing separating us. Now your lips are on my throat. I lick your ear and you bury your face in my chest, lifting me up until you can bite at my breast through the fabric of my dress, breath heavy like a horse at the bahis firmaları races, sweat already dripping from us both.

You fumble with your boxers, pushing them down, cock slipping free. You don’t even bother taking my panties off, you just push them to the side and let me slide slowly down the wall. I can feel the head of your cock pushing against me and that electricity shoots upward through my belly and into my chest. We both are holding our breath until the moment you press yourself slowly into me.

It hurts just a bit, and we both gasp. I tighten my arms around you as you sink as far into me as you can, so carefully, so gently, even now, giving me time to accommodate you within me. I tighten my legs around you and you respond in kind, one arm in the small of my back and one under me, pulling me yet closer, though there is no way we could be closer, though we are both in pain. You pull out slightly and start the steady rhythm, muscles flexing through your shirt under my touch.

We go quiet for a moment, just feeling each other, moving, listening to our breathing. You take a careful step back and turn, let me fall off of you and onto the couch, and come falling after me, kicking off your pants as you do so, pulling my panties free. We are a tangle of limbs and kisses, and as soon as I can I throw a leg over you, and grab your wet cock, and lower myself down. I pull my dress up and over my head, and you already have your hands on my hips, moving me back and forth. I pull clumsily at your shirt and you sit up, let me tug it off of you. You capture me in your arms, pulling me kaçak bahis siteleri down onto you, into a kiss.

Now I make the rhythm, and I make it slow, my hand between my legs, catching myself up to you. The hunger on your face is almost too much to bear, I want to give you what you want. Your hands find my breasts, and with your long clever fingers you tease my nipples this way and that, sending heat through me. Chills raise the hairs on my arms and legs, and my throat tingles. I take each of your hands in my own and pin them down above your head, and I pick up the pace, rocking in your lap. You moan helplessly into my ear, hands clenched beneath my own.

You roll me off, onto the floor, and you take over, satiating your need, going faster. You hit me just so and I’m panting, crying out. You are nearing your end and slow, trying to make it last, but it’s too late and you kiss me, and gasp into my mouth as you come. You slow and stop, take your time withdrawing. I’m catching my breath but I’m left hanging and you don’t make me wait any longer. You withdraw and reach down with your musician’s hands to make circles around my clitoris. Your fingers slip into me periodically, pressing up into the soft spot that makes me legs quiver. Your lips never stray from my face, kissing me sweetly, breath hot, hot on my sweaty skin while your hand builds me up.

I’m delirious, lost in your kisses, and the heat is building. I whimper wordlessly to let you know not to stop, please, don’t stop. You pick up the speed ever so slightly and take me over the edge, lean into me while I gasp and shudder, lost in the noise of me like you lose yourself in music.

It takes me minutes before I can compose myself or move, and you lay there wrapped around me, patient, attentive, kisses chaste and sweet like promises. Promises.

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