Puff Adder Pt. 03

Female Ejaculation


Tonight I was going to meet Jason’s best friend, Anna. I’ve known him since I was five. He was one of my brother’s closest friends, so he was at our place a lot when I was growing up. When I was eighteen I started having ‘thoughts’ about him, which eventually evolved into day dreams and then full-out wet dreams.

His 6’1”, lightly tanned, lithe body had invaded my brain. He was shorter than me, and had less muscle. He had a swimmer’s body which was made more lean and sculpted by the time he spent on his hunting trips. He was coloured like me, but his skin looked like he had the lightest perpetual tan, and his mahogany hair was always long enough to tie back. And his face? Heaven. He kind of looked like an American Indian mixed with the Marlboro Man, but with full, sinfully pouted lips, and piercing olive green eyes.

I didn’t date any of the girls in high school and generally hung out with my older brother and his friends. I watched Jason through my last year of high school… looking for a small sign that he might be gay, or bi. A sign that he might be interested in me, in any case. Apart from his beautiful smiles and his deep penetrating looks I got nothing. And the fact that that was just the way he acted around everyone else didn’t help.

I left Cape Town with a group of ‘private school’ kids whose parents decided to ship them off to Louisiana. Apparently our parents believed that if we would be in the middle of nowhere in a ‘campus town’ with a long ride to the nearest big city a half day’s drive away we would be safe from the world’s evil influences. And I was. Safe that is. For a year all I did was study and chill in my back yard after school. I didn’t do much socializing, even with the other South African kids who were notorious trouble makers on campus.

I was safe that year. When I returned to campus for my second year, my comfortable lifestyle went to crap. About a week after I arrived, I went to check out the new nightclub that had opened during the summer. That’s where I saw him. Jason. Kissing another man. Another very bloody handsome man. Obviously I immediately left, and wallowed in self-pity for the next few week.

It was a Saturday when I picked up my phone, drunk as a skunk and seething with anger because I’d just about forgotten him, only to have him unceremoniously re-introduced into my life in the arms of any guy’s wet dream. Yes, life was a bitch and Johnny Walker was going to be my saviour. It was him! And he wanted to ‘meet up’…

It’s weird between us. We’ve sort of been seeing each other for six months now. He says we’re fuck buddies, so I don’t fight it. He comes over, we get each other off with our hands or mouths, and then he leaves. We only kiss when it’s sexual. He never kisses me when we’re done so I’ve never tried. It’s as if God is playing another joke on me. I get my dream man but with restrictions. I can touch and pleasure him, be pleasured by him… but I can’t get what I want. I can’t make love to him. Friends with benefits is a crappy idea.

We tried once. Sex, I mean. It was like fumbling with calculus for me… nothing worked. So we skipped that and stayed with what we’d been doing earlier. I wanted to try with me as the bottom. A recent incident ( I would call it an attack if I wasn’t so willing) with my classmate Di, left me positive that I would like it. Jason freaked out and refused. “I don’t want to hurt you. Please don’t ask me to.” And that was it. I was happy with whatever part of Jason I could get.

Tonight is a big step for me. He wants to introduce me to his friends. Anna was having a braii at her place and most of his friends would be there. He told me most of them were gay, and none of the guys from back home would be there, so I could be comfortable around them. When we pulled up to a huge house with a sprawling garden I tensed up a bit. I was from a well-off family, but life had taught me that most kids from that type of family were self-absorbed prats.

I calmed down a little when three young Great Danes came running up to us, as we got out of Jason’s 4×4. I liked dogs, and these were definitely being brought up a family dogs, not guards. Jason led me off a side of the house towards the back yard and I saw windows going up two stories, covering a miniature inner courtyard and living room. Hmm… this place reminded me of a house I’d been to in SA. He left me by the pool and walked over to a cooler to get two beers as I took in my surroundings.

As I turned to the house I saw a tall red-head with a huge floppy summer hat and ludicrously high heels step out of the glass doors. And were those pants leather? In this heat? She walked up to me, stopped and put her hands on her hips. A smile crossed my face. She reminded me of my mum when she was about to tell us off.

She lifted her black hat off her face and pulled off her sunglasses, ” You. What are you doing here?”

“Di?” Oh Jesus. This was going to be one hell of a party. I took in a ankara2010.com deep breath, ” I was invited. What are you doing here?”

“I live here…”

If I wasn’t nervous and embarrassed enough as it was, Jason walked up to us, slid his arm around my waist, handing me a beer. He flashed his sexy grin at Di, oblivious to the shocked look on her face and said, ” Sweetie, I’d like you to meet my boyfriend, Gavin. Gav, this is my best-friend and favourite cousin, Anna.”

I thought I was going to throw up. Not only had he unknowingly thrown me out of the closet head first, he called me his boyfriend for the first time. Oh, and the fact that my Di ( the girl I was intending to sleep with so I would know how to do it when I tried with Jason again, eventually), was his best friend, whom I know he talked about me with. Yes, my book of secrets had just been spewn in ‘Anna’s’ face. Her face went from shock to botox calm. Grabbing Jason’s arm she directed him to the kitchen with a smile and a few words to fetch the rest of the party who had arrived. As he walked off she gave me a ‘stay’ look and we both waved at him as he happily trod over the lawn away from us.

” You. Come.” she said, pointing her finger accusingly before whipping her hat off and heading for a wooden bench in a corner of the garden which was secluded from the pool and braii patio. ” Sit and be quiet.” she instructed. My numb brain just followed orders. She’s going to tell everyone I know. I just feel it.

After walking to and fro for a whole minute, me looking at her like a student waiting for my punishment from the headmaster, ” Gavin Naidoo, I can’t believe you, you little shit!” Did she just call me a … ” Don’t you dare talk until I’m done! What the fuck were you thinking? Cheating on Jay? With a woman? Are you Out. Of. Your. Mind! He’s the most loving person I know, and you! You intend on breaking his heart? I’m going to kick your ass, then I’m gonna have my brothers kick it again!”

Huh? This isn’t the Di I know. And wait… she said break his heart… Could that mean?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Jason loves me.

Me! I had a ridiculous grin plastered all over my face, my mind having forgotten the earlier stress and embarrassment. Jason. Loves. Me! Di was looking down at me expecting an answer and frowned.

” A smile? Are you kidding me? You have no right to be happy with yourself!” she screamed.

Jason came around the bougainvillea bush and looked at Di. ” Would you mind telling me why you’re screaming your head off at my boyfriend?” Di turned to look at him and froze, unable to answer him. “We could hear you all the way in the bloody kitchen. Anne?” She covered her mouth with her hand and looked at me. I was still smiling like a fool and Jason looked at me as if I’d just fallen out of a tree. “Babe, are you okay?”

“You love me.” I blurted it out before I could stop myself. Once I had said it I smiled even more. It sounded good.

” Huh?” He moved closer to me and kneeled in front of me, he reached out and touched my cheek, looking into my eyes with a look of concern on his face. ” What did you say babe? I didn’t hear.”

I couldn’t help myself. I hopped off the bench and threw myself into his arms, throwing him to the ground under me. I sought out his lips with mine. Licking and sucking his pouty lips before he realized what I was doing. He wrapped his arms around me and opened his mouth, flicking out his tongue. Tasting my mouth as my tongue danced around in his, trying to caress each corner, trying to drink out his essence. His love.

He pulled away and smiled up at me with a questioning look in his eyes.

Oh, yes. I’ve been acting like an idiot. I giggled and planted a soft kiss on his lips before saying, ” I love you too.” The look of shock on his face made me wonder if I should have told him.

” H… How did you know?” Di coughed and shrugged from her perch on the bench. ” Oops?”

” You love me? I … uh… How long?” I pulled my weight onto my elbows to keep from crushing him. I felt my face heat up. “Umm… I’ll tell you later. It’s kind of embarrassing.”

“Jay, why don’t you take Gav to yours for a while. We don’t want the rest of the boys getting excited before dinner. Then when you’re done you can both come and explain yourselves, okay?” she was sipping on my beer and looking at us with a soft, maternal smile and a frown.


I pushed Gavin into my room and kicked the door shut with a loud slam. I pushed my shirt off my shoulders and pulled him to me. My body was hungry for him. My hands swam over his taught muscles as I kissed him. Slower this time, less rushed than a while before. I wanted to know what it was like to kiss him slow. Savour his lips, smell him, feel my tongue glide over his. My hands moved on their own, my mind concentrated on exploring his beautiful mouth.

I leaned into him and pushed him down onto the sofa. As I pulled off his vest I looked into his eyes and saw his desire. This look was different from the ones I knew. Before, lust filled his eyes, now he looked vulnerable, even a little scared. I undressed him slowly, as he sat and watched me. He didn’t know what to expect. I pulled off the remainder of my clothes less carefully and pulled him up.

I steered him towards my bed and grabbing hold of his hips, I showed him that I wanted him to lie down. I moved onto him, my cock rubbing against his and leaned into him, slipping an arm under his back. I looked into his chocolate eyes and whispered, ” I want you to make love to me.” I felt free. Open, no longer scared he would leave me or block me out if I told him how I felt and what I wanted.

He pulled me down to him and licked and sucked my lips. I felt his tongue caressing my lips and pushing past. I opened my mouth and let him pull me into a sensuous, slow kiss and breathed in deeply. I felt my body melt into his and became more aware of our rock hard cocks gliding between our bodies, slick with our precum. I rubbed my hips in a circular motion, stroking his thighs with my hands, I wanted to feel more. I felt his moan before I heard it. His chest vibrating under mine, and a low deep rumbling invaded my senses as he moved his hands to my ass, pushing my groin harder into his.

Oh god, it felt good. His strong hands forcefully massaging my ass, pulling my cheeks apart before pushing them together. I broke the kiss as I felt him move his legs up to straddle my grinding hips. The heat and moisture that had formed between our bodies heightened my senses further. I could feel his smooth long cock on my belly, and as his legs shifted to hold me in between his rotating thighs like a vice, I could feel his smooth balls rub against mine.

His eyes were closed and he was covered in a light sheen of sweat. His head thrown back and hips lips wet with the saliva from licking his lips. I lifted my upper body on to my arms so I could see our cocks moving. He was holding on to me so forcefully I couldn’t see much, so I leaned in and licked his nipple. Flick, bite, suck, lick. He was moaning. Deep sexy groans I could feel through my lips. A slow burning began to grow in my groin and I could feel I was going to cum if we kept it up. I licked and kissed my way up to his collar bone, which I laved in saliva, leaving wet skin behind. He pulled harder and arched his back pushing his ass up, a finger touched my pucker and swirled around. It sent an electric shock through my body, my back arching of its own accord.

“Uh… Oh… god… Mmm… Gav, we need… to… stop.” I panted. His palms left my ass and moved up my body and neck until he cupped my face in his hands, ” What’s wrong?” Confusion and hurt emanated through his eyes.


It was wonderful. His slow, drugging kisses, his caresses, his weight on my body. His thick cock wetting mine with his precum. The way he kissed me almost without pause. It was as if it was our first time together… discovering each others’ bodies and mouths. His round, strong bum in my hands. It was a sensory overload, but I revelled in it. In him.

“Uh… Oh… god… Mmm… Gav, we need… to… stop.” I froze. When I looked into his eyes I knew that he didn’t really want to. I let my hands glide up his smooth, permanently tanned body and held his face in them.

” What’s wrong?” Please God, don’t let him really want to stop. Maybe the kissing and confession of love was too much for him? Don’t let me have screwed up…

He leaned into me and rubbed my neck with his cheek, his stubble was ticklish and I wriggled my hips a bit. He licked and bit my earlobe. That’s a good sign right? ” When we started, I told you I wanted you to make love to me…” His voice was rough and his breath as he spoke, sent shivers down my spine. I pulled him into my arms and pushed us over to lay on our sides as I plunged into his moist mouth.

I have never been this turned on in my life. Ever! He is attacking my mouth with his tongue, assaulting my tongue with his lips. His hands are roaming over my body. I’m saturated with his smell, touch, moans, skin. I want to be inside him. I make a move to shift down lower his body. He grabs my shoulders and shoves me onto my back.

He’s taking control back. I like when he’s in control. His lithe body covers mine, he straddles my hips with his strong, long hips. Taking hold of my arms forcefully, he lifts them above my head. His green eyes pierce me with an unbelievably sinful dose of raw lust. Oh God. I can’t stop moaning… I’m going to come soon. He lowers his face and forcefully kisses me. Yes, my man is conducting my body, and I’m letting him play me like a violin because now I know there won’t be any boundaries. The walls that surrounded our sex lives had just crashed down. Yes.

I was squirming and moaning under him like a slut as he nuzzled my neck and mouthed the weak spot behind my ear. “Ungh… yes…” I was so deep in the throes of passion that I only realized that Jason’s ass was hovering over my dick, his pucker twitching on my head, when he tried to push down.

” No. Stop.” I pushed his shoulders to lift him off me. He wouldn’t let me and looked up into my face. ” Please don’t ask me to stop. Not now.” He looked angry and desperate, but his voice was pleading. I understood how he had taken my words. I lifted my head and kissed his rough cheek. ” No, I meant that I want to do this differently. Trust me okay?” I kissed his plump lips and he moaned “uh-hmm”.

I pulled him into me and flipped us over on the bed so that I was on top. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the confused and concerned look on his face. ” Don’t worry,” I said, leaning down to do what I had dreamt of so many times. I explored his body with my tongue and lips. I sucked, kissed, scrapped with my teeth and nails. His smooth chest, his hard nipples, – he moaned here loudly – his belly button – I tongue fucked it, imagining it was my cock in his channel-, the ridges that defined his pecs – when I was done, wet and shiny with my saliva. I rubbed my face in his trimmed pubic hair, taking in his manly scent, licked my tongue near the base of his throbbing 7 inch cock, just so that I could see the wetness of my spit on it. Mmm…

I moved in between his thighs and paid attention to his heavy balls. I licked and ran my lips over the smooth, velvety skin that covered his orbs. I was loving his smell. Even though he’d showered before we came over, I could smell his manliness under the spicy scent of the soap. I groaned, pulling one orb into my mouth, gently swirling it around before I moved to the next one. I felt his hands on my hair, trying to pull my mouth back up to his hard shaft.

I lifted my head and smiled at the perfect view. My man’s smooth body covered in sweat, his chest heaving, him up on one elbow staring at me with a perplexed and annoyed expression. Oh God, it is possible that a guy can look cute and sexy all at once? ” Our first time is gonna last longer than five minutes, so lie back, don’t complain and enjoy okay?” Before he could answer I leaned down and licked him. From the tip of his cock, down the underside, to his balls, moving them apart with my tongue… lower, lower, lower. Lifting his hips, cupping his ass in my hands and pulling him up, curving his back, until I got to his beckoning pucker, and then on. Mmm, licking is nice. I should do it more often.

He was moaning, telling me that he was going to cum, the second I touched his hole. Mmm, soft skin, I like his smell. I moved in and spread his cheeks to better reveal the object of many a fantasy of mine and tentatively licked. Long and slow. I could feel his pucker twitch as I dragged my tongue over it. ” Ah, fuck… baby, uh, I’ hmmm gonna cum.

No, you aren’t. “Oomph! Oh my God! What the fuck was that?” He’d lifted himself up on his arms and was looking at me with a shocked expression. I couldn’t help but laugh. Again. I seriously need to stop laughing during sex. I moved up over him, and smiling down, ” I just wanted to make sure you wouldn’t come yet. Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything permanent.” And laughed again at how wide his green eyes were open. Leaning down to kiss him I grabbed a pillow, let go of his sinful mouth, winked and moved down his alluring body once more.

I went back to the job at hand and played with his ass. I played with my tongue, with my fingers, my lips… It was ridiculous. I’d imagined myself down here but I never thought I’d be mesmerized by an actual ass. And again I giggled. Thank goodness Jason was a moaner, otherwise I would have to explain my laugh and die of embarrassment. I was doing to him what Di had done to me with her mouth and hands. I was exploring him the way I had explored myself until I could get a small part of the almost painful arousal I had felt, back.

I was so lost in my experimentation and the feelings of his body reacting to my touch that I didn’t hear him until he sat up and pushed me away roughly. ” Damn you Gavin! Stop making me wait. You’re killing me…” he handed me a tube of lube and tried to roll himself over onto his stomach. I grabbed his hips forcefully and pulled his thighs up, hooking my arms behind his knees, and putting my full weight on top of my man’s body.

His initial look of surprise evolved into one of mischief and I could see more sparkly grey in his green eyes. He humped his ass against me and rubbed my cock. “Ooooh, Fuck!” I had been so lost in him that I had almost forgotten my cock, which was now pulsing. “Oh God…” I’ve never been this hard. He pulled my lips to his and devoured my mouth, biting down on my lips almost painfully, and then sucking my tongue into his mouth, making me fuck his mouth with it.

I pulled the cap off the tube and squeezed some onto my fingers. It was warm. Ask about that later. And moved them down to his quivering hole. I covered his hole and balls with it, massaging it around before I got more to coat my hard cock. I pushed Jay back into the pillows and shifted my hips lower, bringing my cock closer to his pucker.

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