Punishing the Fiancee


It all started innocently enough, which I guess is to say it started out like any story that ends with a man and a woman fucking.

But in my case, it was a little less innocent and a lot more forbidden, since the girl I had fantasized about hooking up with since I first met her was my peer provider Janet.

Who also happened to be engaged to someone else.

But I knew she was having trouble in her relationship since she had a way of being more than open with me, and it seemed to me that it was because she had a thing for me on more than just a patient-client basis, or a “just friends” basis.

I was extremely sure of it when we were role-playing during one of our sessions about how to speak up about certain things you need to get off your chest.

The fact she chose to have me role play as her fiancé, and then admit that he wasn’t treating her well was already enough to make my cock rise to attention in my shorts.

“You know Janet, I can think of a few ways to really punish your fiancée,” I told her as we ended the session, her engagement ring shining in the sun as we walked out the door together, thinking if ever I could strike while the iron was hot that this was the time.

“I don’t want you to get the wrong impression John. You’re one of my favorite clients, but this has to stay professional and besides I’m a good girl now…” she told me, protesting too much about it (or at least it seemed that way to me.)

“I just want what’s best for you Janet. Same as you want for me. But I also happen to think that if we had sex we’d both enjoy it very much,” I told her, really turning up the heat as she smiled at me and touched my arm in a very flirtatious way despite her protestations.

“I can’t. He treats me like shit but I love him,” she told me as she said goodbye to me, taking one last look behind her as she smiled and waved at me, nearly catching me staring at her ass.

As time went by I continued to drown in my lust for her, staring at her ass or letting my stare linger between her legs longer than it should have, and one day when I looked down her shirt when she bent over, giving myself an eyeful of her tits, I knew I couldn’t take it anymore.

By that point she had stopped wearing her ring, and despite never having mentioned to me why, I allowed myself to think that our little role play had convinced her to drop his ass.

So when she showed up at my door unannounced I knew this was going to be a personal visit, and that thought alone made me hotter for her than I had been for anyone.

“Hi John. May I come in?” she asked me as I let her in, seeing a look in her eyes that I had never seen before.

“Of course Janet. I can’t help but notice you’re not wearing your ring anymore,” I told her, already sensing where this was going as she sat down on my couch and began to pour her heart out to me.

“I’m punishing him by not wearing it. But I think I want to take you up on your offer to really punish him…” she told me, her voice barely above a whisper as I sat down next to her put my arm around her and planted a long, deep kiss on her as my hands went inside her shirt.

“I knew bahis siteleri you’d come around Janet. And I know this is only gonna happen once, so I plan on doing everything to you that I have ever thought about doing to you,” I assured her as I squeezed and fondled her tits, one hand squeezing her ass and reaching for the button of her jeans as I laid her down on the couch.

“MMM…please let me suck it before you stick it inside me. I may have thought about having your cock in my mouth a time or two myself…” she whispered as we pulled each other out of our clothes, Janet taking my cock in her hands and stroking it as she led it to her mouth.

“You’ve thought about having it in your pussy a time or two, too, baby. Don’t lie to me,” I teased her as she worked her lips around it and started to suck on it, her hands cupping my balls and holding my cock in place as I pushed more of it down her throat.

“Fuck…” I hissed, unable to say anything other than that as she worked me over, her eyes closing as she moaned happily around my dick and squeezed my balls, causing me to throw my head back and start pushing my hips into her face.

“Oh yeah. I’m gonna cum Janet. Better swallow it baby,” I softly told her as I gave one final push of my cock to the back of her throat, grunting in her ear as I came down her throat.

“So hot,” I whispered as she started drinking all of it down, her lips still working their way around my cock as I gave her all I had and started to back away from her mouth.

“You can fuck me anyway you want me. Truth be told I have thought about having you in my pussy,” she whispered softly to me as we started making out on the couch, my mouth attaching itself to her hard nipples as I spread her legs out and lined my dick up with her tight pussy.

“We’re gonna fuck on the bed, too. But I can’t wait till then to fuck you,” I told her as I slid my cock into her and started fucking her, thrusting in and out of her as she arched her back and moaned my name, her tight cunt clinging to my dick and taking me deeper inside of her with every thrust I made into her.

“OHGOD…fuck me…fuck my fucking pussy…” she cried out, surprising even herself with the language she was using as I pounded her pussy, her legs hooking around my waist as I buried myself inside of her and started to quicken my thrusts into her.

“Can I cum inside you Janet?” I asked her as I started pounding her harder, not really caring either way since I didn’t think I’d be able to pull out of her in time by that point, anyway.

“FUCK…gonna cum…OHGOD…YYYEEESSSSS…” she shouted as she threw her head back and arched her back as high as she could get it to go, her pussy clamping down on my dick as she started to spew her juices all over it.

“Janet…answer me…or I’ll be cumming in your pussy either way…” I told her, burying myself inside of her and holding myself there as she moaned out my name, still sucking on her nipples to stimulate her even more.

“Inside me you bastard!” she shouted as I gave her one final thrust and released inside of her, a river of my sticky seed shooting deep inside her pussy as she dug her canlı bahis siteleri nails into my back and wrapped herself tightly around me as I finished depositing my load in her pussy.

“I don’t usually talk like that in bed. I don’t know what got into me…” she giggled as I shot a few more loads inside her and began to pull out of her, her cunt still clinging to my dick as I did so.

“I got into you baby. And I’m about to again. But let’s move to the bedroom first,” I told he as I picked her up and carried her the short distance from the living room to the bedroom before instructing her to bend over my bed.

“I have fantasized about having you in every position imaginable Janet. But I think the one I fantasize about having you in the most is from behind,” I whispered softly to her as I grabbed her hips and pulled them back into mine, both of us grunting as my cock entered her pussy for the second time.

“UH. UH. Spank me…” she moaned when I started spanking her ass every time I thrust into her pussy, feeling her tight walls pulling on my cock a little more every time I spanked her.

“Bad girls who cheat on their fiancé get spanked,” I told her as she moaned and grunted, her hips beginning to slam into mine on their own as I felt her walls locking down on my cock again.

“OHGOD…FUCK…” she hissed, silently cumming on my cock for the second time, her cunt juice spewing all over it as I held it inside of her and started quickening my thrusts into her.

“Can’t wait to cum in you again,” I softly told her as I grabbed her hips and roughly pulled them into mine one last time, both of us grunting as I came deep in her pussy for the second time

“Damn I hope I don’t knock you up,” I said to her as I sank my cock balls-deep inside of her, sending stream after stream of my seed deep inside of her until I was starting to pull out of her again.

“Relax. On the pill,” she assured me as I lined my cock up with her tight ass and spanked it a few times, slowly beginning to push it into her.

“Fuck my ass…” she moaned as I started thrusting in and out of her back door, her anal ring doing just as her cunt walls had done and clinging to my dick as I fucked her ass.

“Your ass is even tighter than your pussy. No wonder I’ve always wanted to fuck it,” I teased her as I drove myself in and out of her ass, her sphincter muscles continuing to put the squeeze on my cock as I buried myself up to my balls and felt myself nearing climax again.

“Just cum inside it,” she snapped at me, the dirty talk obviously turning both of us on, as I moaned in her ear and came deep in her ass, sending wave after wave of my seed into her bowels as her anal ring continued to put pressure on my cock.

“MMM…” she moaned as she fingered herself, her own juices starting to flow over her fingers and down her thighs as she threw her head back and tried to ride out her latest orgasm.

“Pussy or tits?” I asked her as I pushed her onto the bed and made out with her, lining my cock up with her pussy yet again.

“Pussy,” she whispered as she arched her back, forcing my cock up into her pussy as she locked her legs canlı bahis around me yet again.

“This time I want you tell me I’m better than he ever could be,” I told her as I slid into her and started fucking her again, her walls once again opening up for me and taking me deep into her pussy as I thrust in and out of her.

“FUCK…OHGOD…” she moaned as I had my way with her most intimate area for the third time, arching her back and throwing her head back as her eyes started to roll back in her head.

“Say it baby. Don’t keep me waiting,” I teased her as I drove myself in and out of her, her cunt beginning to put the squeeze on my dick again as she started clawing at the bed sheets and slamming her fists into the bed.

“FUCK…YES…OHGOD…you’re better than he could ever dream of being…” she moaned as I thrust away inside of her, those words alone drawing me close to going over the edge again as she swung her hips back and forth, her pussy starting to cum for me yet again.

“SHIT…OHGOD…” she stammered as she began to cum on my dick again, her cunt cream painting my cock for a third time as I started giving her quick, short thrusts and sucking on her tits again.

“Cumming,” I whispered as I came inside her for the third time, filling up her tight cunt with another thick load of my seed as I held myself inside of her and waited out her orgasm.

“I think that’s enough punishment,” she told me we started making out, reaching for her phone before I stopped her and told her of the rest of my plans for the evening.

“Not yet Janet. I haven’t fucked your tits yet,” I told her as she laid back down on the bed and allowed me to place my cock at the crevice between her tits, smiling up at me as I started fucking them like they were another pussy.

“He never fucks my tits either,” she told me as I slapped them around, the rough way I was treating them proving to turn her on even more.

“Damn shame,” I told her as I held my cock in the area between her tits, feeling myself starting to head towards orgasm again.

“Suck it or you’re getting a pearl necklace baby,” I told her as I aimed my cock at her chest and face, leaving the final decision of the night up to her.

“Don’t threaten me with a good time,” she told me as I started stroking my cock, aiming it once again at her face and tits as I started to cum, spewing it all over her face, neck and tits.

“MMM…” she moaned softly as I spewed a few more times, her eyes closing as she took her hands and started rubbing it into her skin.

“Now we’re done,” I teased her as we started making out on the bed, her legs hooked around me as my cock started nudging against her pussy again.

“There’s just one thing I need to do. Say cheese,” she told me as she took out her phone and swapped spit with me, taking a pic of us in my bed together as she did.

“Gonna send this to him and tell him we had sex. And that if he doesn’t start treating me better it will happen again,” she told me as she fired off a text, giving me one last kiss before resting her head on my shoulders.

“But for now I think I’ll sleep this off in your arms,” she told me before doing just that, leaving me to my own thoughts of the night we had just shared before I, too, drifted off, still sharing a bed with the woman of my dreams, wishing it didn’t have to end after one night.

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