Subject: Queen Mary Bell Boys Chapter 126 Queen Mary Bell-boys by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 126 Winston Churchill was not the only one who slept easily in his bed on the night of 7 December 1941. He was certain that nothing could keep the USA out of the War any longer, and that the US Congress would back Roosevelt to the hilt. Britain, and the British Empire whose troops we had carried to war, would have the most powerful ally in the world. We were at sea. We slept easily in our beds for the usual reason – we had enjoyed satisfying sexual activity with our boyfriends. It was well over a year since we and the Lizzie (‘but don’t let an officer hear you call her that’ was always appended to the word ‘Lizzie’) slipped out of New York and started our War properly. It was really odd. On half of our voyages we were practically empty: there was no need to carry large numbers of people to Australia, and as our voyages usually went no further west than Bombay (where the troops boarded smaller ships for the rest of their journey) there was nothing to carry back east again. Coming west we were stuffed to the gunwales. That meant that half the time there was virtually nothing to do – Charlie and I in the galley weren’t needed when only the crew and maybe 100 passengers were on board, usually military or official – and on the westward trips we were rushed off our feet. The good side of this was that by the time of Pearl Harbor Charlie and I were fully-trained as far as preparing and serving the kind of food we gave the troops. During the quiet trips we learned things which we’d need after the War. Sam and Tim didn’t have the luxury we had. All trips were the same for them, which meant that they probably learned their trades faster. By December 1941 Sam was a junior officer, never in sole charge of the bridge of course, but often the third-ranking person there. Tim had advanced to some kind of engineering qualification, and each of them was thoroughly enjoying himself. Tim’s description of what went on down in the greasy parts of the ship had persuaded Graham to seek employment there, and it was readily granted. Nigel had been accepted into the wireless room after his probationary period. “You’ve a real aptitude for this, lad,” Herbert had said. When he went off duty, walking proudly ten feet tall, Spike had said quietly that what Herbert had said was praise of the highest order, ‘and if he thinks you’ve an aptitude then, believe me, he thinks you’re bloody marvellous’. It had taken Prince and Javid some time to decide that slaving in the galley was neither exciting nor likely to offer much in the way of advancement. By the spring of 1941 though, Javid was showing an interest in what lay behind the simple business of feeding thousands of men: how was the food ordered, indeed how was the whole business of looking after a ship-load of men organized. It was the first step on the road he was to take after the War, but of course he didn’t know it then. He pestered the head chef to explain it all and after a week the head chef got fed up and agreed to instruct him in what went on behind the scenes. While Charlie and I were learning the catering trade, Javid was learning about being a Quartermaster. That led to enquiry about other aspects of running the ship, and by the end of the War Javid was one of the small group of crew members who liaised with the officers of the troops we were carrying, sorting out everything from meal rotas to sleeping arrangements. Prince didn’t find a role until the GIs started to appear in 1942. He was horrified when he found how black soldiers were treated by some of their white colleagues, and – to his eternal credit – took on a white Lieutenant about it. The officer had done nothing to stop three white GIs deliberately spilling a black soldier’s ataköy escort food from his tray. Prince and the officer argued and the upshot was that Prince was reported. When he was asked to explain himself to Queen Mary’s Third Officer (who happened to be Will) he did so with great clarity. Will asked the Colonel in charge to visit him, and after a brief meeting at which it was made clear that on Queen Mary there would be no colour bar of any kind the Colonel asked that Prince be brought in. “Thank you, young man,” he said. “I’m sorry that it took an Englishman to tell me this was going on. I thought my officers had stamped this out. We’re not in Alabama now,” and he shook Prince’s hand. “Say,” he said to Will, “would you be willing for this lad to be attached to me for the voyage? If I have one of your colored crew members carrying messages and such-like it’ll show my men that I mean business.” Will was taken aback, but he looked at Prince, who was looking very happy. “Prince seems to think that would be a good idea, Colonel.” And that was that. Prince went off with the Colonel and when he got back to the cabin that night he was full of his news. By then all of us were in the jobs we would always have. But again I’ve got ahead of myself. We will meet this Colonel again though: trust me. It sounds silly to say it now, all these years later, but all eight of us had a wonderful time in the War, and we’d settled down to life together like four married couples. Well, that’s not strictly true – all eight of us found time to mess around with each other and, when we had the chance, with other others. After Pearl Harbor we were under US control, although the crew and officers remained the same. The task switched from bringing Empire troops to India to taking US troops to the Pacific. We underwent another refit, this time in Boston, to increase our capacity to over 8,000. Eventually it would increase a lot further. The Boston refit, in January 1942, meant that we were given four days’ shore leave – our first leave for ages. When we heard that we would be going ashore when we reached Boston the eight of us gathered in the canteen to discuss this exciting development. Sam had heard a few hours before the rest of us, and this had enabled him to do some research. “Boston’s about 200 miles from Kingston,” he told us. “None of us can drive, but let’s see if Ryan will take us all there for a few days.” Charlie, Tim and I were immediately up for it. “What happens there?” asked Javid. Tim described in considerable detail the pleasures that we had encountered there in 1936, over five years before. “How old will these kids be now?” asked Nigel. “The twins will be about 18, their brother 20 or 21. Abe was between them, so 19 or so,” I said. “Won’t they have been called up?” said Prince. I said I doubted if the US military moved that quickly – it was only 6 weeks since Pearl Harbor, after all. “Anyway, it’s certainly worth a try. The first thing is to grab Ryan …” but Charlie had already gone. Five minutes later the two of them returned, both wreathed in smiles. “Trust you to find somewhere to get a fuck if we’re tied up in a strange town,” said Ryan, looking at me. I grinned, “the things I do for you, old man.” I took his reply as indication that he would act as our chauffeur on US soil. On the Saturday two days later nine of us were in a hired bus – Ryan had taken remarkably little persuasion to revisit the delights of Kingston. The drive took about 5 hours, and by the time we got there, in mid-afternoon, the four who had not been on Queen Mary in 1936 were fully briefed about what had happened. “I hope these guys are still up for it,” said Graham. “If they’re still there, they’ll be up for it, believe me,” said Charlie. Ryan parked where Phil had parked before, and we all went to the soda fountain. News of who was still about would be easily obtained there. I asked Ryan to order me a coffee and grabbed Tim. “Come on, we’ll go to the store.” Tim added a coffee to Ryan’s order. When we got to the store the first person we saw was Mrs Perkins. She did a classic double take when we walked in. “Oh my Lord,” she cried, “here you both are!” and she rushed out from behind the counter to hug us both. “Tell me you’re all well,” she merter escort said, “this horrible war …” and to my dismay she began to sob. This wasn’t what I’d expected. After a few moments she calmed herself and yelled for ‘Amy’ to ‘come and mind the store’. Amy, a woman of 60 or so, appeared and Mrs Perkins took us into her office at the back. She made us tell our story as far as we knew it. It didn’t take long, because we had learned to become security conscious. “What about Harry and the Fishbein boys?” Harry, Cy and Abe had all volunteered almost as soon as the dust had settled after Pearl Harbor. “They’ve all been such close friends since – oh, I don’t know how long – years now.” Tim and I carefully refrained from catching each other’s eye. “After the President spoke on the radio they all stood up and shook hands and said this was what they were going to do. They went to the Post Office the next day and got the leaflet telling them where to go. They had to go to Albany a week or two later. They’re still here though – they haven’t been told to report yet. They’ll be thrilled to see you all again.” I explained that there were eight of us – four from 1936 (“my, was it that long ago!”) and four new ones. “They were bell boys too, but that’s all finished now. Maybe if Harry is sent to Europe he’ll sail with us,” I said, but as soon as I’d said it I realized it wasn’t exactly tactful. Luckily she didn’t seem bothered. “You must go and call on them. Rueben and Sarah will love to see you again.” I promised we would do just that. “And Harry, can we see him too?” “Of course. I’ll tell him when he comes in. He works in the soda fountain now – well, he practically runs in. You must go in.” We didn’t tell her the other six would by now have made Harry’s acquaintance again. “How long are you here for? You must come for a big meal, all of you. It will be just like that Thanksgiving all over again.” I promised we would look in later after we’d visited Harry in the soda fountain and the Fishbein boys. As we left we walked across to the soda fountain to find two cold coffees, Ryan, six of our colleagues and Harry. Ten minutes later everybody was in the picture. Cy and Abe were still an item, but their relationship was a closely-guarded secret. Jakey and Esau fooled around regularly with Harry, but none of them was anybody’s boyfriend. After a brief discussion it was agreed that Sam, Charlie, Tim and I would go and visit the Fishbeins, leaving the other four and Ryan to chew the fat with Harry. ***** Sarah was even more dumbstruck to see us than Mrs Perkins had been. “Rueben, Rueben, come and see the ghosts,” she cried. Rueben, fearing some disaster, came bounding into the room and stood stock still. Two seconds later his face broke into a broad beam and two seconds after that the four of us were engulfed in Jewish hugs. The Chief Rabbi and the Pope would have been thrilled. I expect the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Moderator of the Church of Scotland wouldn’t have been too disappointed either. We were sat down and carefully interrogated. Sustaining liquor was provided to fortify us for Sarah’s in-depth questioning. After about ten minutes Rueben came to our rescue. “Sarah, give over. Here they are visiting us and you give them the third degree. Boys, how long are you here? Where are you staying?” The three of them looked at me. I said we were had four days’ leave, so to be on the safe side we’d be in Kingston for three days. And we hadn’t fixed anywhere to sleep yet. Rueben clapped his hands. “Then you will sleep here.” Sarah looked at him. “Where will they sleep, dummy?” Rueben shrugged – solving domestic problems was evidently woman’s work. “Ach, we will manage,” was all he said. “Go now, go,” said Sarah, “go back to the soda fountain, and tell your friends you’ve found a foolish man who will take pity on you all,” but the twinkle in her eye rather gave her away. She drove us out, Rueben following close behind. “Let’s see what’s happening over with Harry,” he said with a broad wink. What was the wink about? Was he conspiring with us to let Sarah seem to be put out when the whole thing was just what she excelled in? Catholic boys weren’t aware of the Jewish Momma thing, but evidently hospitality was bahçeşehir escort Sarah’s middle name. Or – worryingly – was the wink to let us know that what might be going on ‘over with Harry’ might be something about which he had a greater awareness than any of his sons might think? Time would tell. Back in the soda fountain we found the other six keen to move on. Harry’s shift had ended and they were impatient for us to return so that the four newcomers could be presented to his mother. On the way I asked Harry where Jakey and Esau were – there had been no sign of them at home. “Oh, they’re at work. They don’t get off till around 7. They’ll be home then.” ***** By 10 after a great deal of flying around accommodation had been arranged for all of us. Mrs Perkins had enough spare bedrooms for Ryan and four of us. The other four were at Sarah’s. Each of the women wisely left us to sort out who was sharing with whom, and it ended up with Prince, Graham and Ryan in one room (three beds), Sam and Tim in another (one bed: “I hope you sailors won’t mind sharing”) with Harry – initially alone in his own bed – at Mrs Perkins’s. Sarah – or perhaps Rueben – said that we’d have to share with her boys, so Charlie and I moved into Jakey and Esau’s room, while Cy hosted Javid and Nigel. As most of us and our hosts were too young to buy liquor – crazy that Cy and Harry were old enough to die for Uncle Sam but the mean old bastard wouldn’t let them buy a beer – we chewed the fat in the barn, scene of many happy memories to most of us, over beer that Rueben kindly provided. By unspoken agreement nothing of a sexual nature took place. There might or might not be happenings during the night: that would depend on how close parental authority might be to wherever the happenings might take place, and how lightly parental authority slept. Much more useful, however, was the news that Jakey and Esau worked for the people who, in the summer, looked after Ashokan. “Tomorrow we’ll get the key and explore,” said Jakey. A colourful description of Ashokan and its attractions took half an hour to give to the four Ashokan-virgins. “Don’t forget the crocodiles,” said Cy, “without them buggers Abe wouldn’t’ve clicked that you were who you said you were, and him’n’me wouldn’t be – well, y’know.” We knew, especially those of us whose lives together resulted from an equally fragile happenstance. “Where is he anyway?” I asked. “Tucked up in bed,” said Cy, “but by the time he’s got his breakfast down him he’ll be over he just as fast as he can get. I’ll make sure of that.” ***** Cy was true to his word. By 10 the next morning Abe had joined the group in the barn, as had a large key. “What did you say?” asked Tim. “I just told them we had friends unexpected-like, and they wanted to see Ashokan. Somebody has to go there once a month just to see everything’s OK, so they were happy for us to do it. Saves one of them,” said Jakey. “It’ll be fucking freezing though,” added Esau, “far too cold to sleep.” This wasn’t surprising as even in Kingston there was an inch of snow of the ground. People had had to sleep more closely together the night before in consequence of the cold that they would normally have done. That was our excuse anyway. But nobody had shown any interest. Well, nobody of Rueben’s generation, that is. =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 127 as we continue to renew acquaintances made in 1936, and the four new to Ashokan find out about the crocodiles for themselves. Queen Mary did act as a troopship in 1940 and 1941 and made several trips to Australia and elsewhere. After Pearl Harbor she came under US control carrying American troops to the war in the Pacific. Later she returned to Atlantic crossings, carrying GIs and Canadians to the European theatre of war. Whether any passengers from 1936 were on board is not known, but it doesn’t seem beyond the bounds of possibility. I have been economical with the truth in some details. She was originally fitted out (in Australia, not New York) to carry around 5,000 troops. In early 1942 she was refitted in Boston to increase her capacity to 8,500 and to give her the armament equivalent of a light cruiser. Later still her capacity reached 15,000. The photographs in Queen Mary 2 are real. I saw them while making a transatlantic crossing in 2017, and the boy I describe as “me” is really cute. I’m sure he had adventures … Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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