Queen Victoria – Long May She Reign


Victoria Simmons could practically feel her stepson’s eyes staring burning holes through her as she seductively strolled towards the pool. Why shouldn’t he look? At 30, she was still young, hot and her body was still smoking! It didn’t hurt that she was wearing her highest pair of heels and a blue metal bikini that was so tight it was almost cutting off her circulation.

That didn’t matter, what mattered most was displaying her body. A true exhibitionist, she was proud of her body, not many women her age looked this good. She was still a solid 36C-23-24 on top of a 5’9″ frame, towering over 6′ in her heels. She rarely let her weight get over 130 pounds and she always made sure she looked her best. Victoria didn’t start her day until she got out of bed, had a shower, put her makeup on and styled her hair. Her husband complained that it took an hour for her to drag her ass downstairs, but she reminded Russell that he had wanted a young trophy wife and that was the price he was going to have to pay. The 55-year old banker would grumble, but grudgingly concede her point and go about his business.

While she loved her husband, more and more her attraction had been growing towards her handsome stepson. Jeremy had started turning into a real hunk this past year, especially now that athletics were proving to be his ticket to the future. Not interested in the world of finance like his father, nor a scholar like his sister Lynn, Jeremy excelled at all athletics. He played football, basketball, swam and ran track. His body was buff and at 6’2″ tall with his father’s dark hair and his intense eyes, he made Victoria so horny that she determined she was going to have to do something about it.

The tall blonde made no pretentions towards morality. She had wanted Russell the night they met in the nightclub and she set about getting him. After several drinks when his guard was down, she dropped a number of hints that she could be had. She teased him by saying she would be back tomorrow, should he be up for a little fun. Then she walked her miniskirted self away, with enough sway in her buttocks to entice him. She knew that Russell wasn’t happy in his marriage to his 42-year old wife. Victoria knew men and she knew them well — he could be had, he could be played.

She had his number, the very next night he was back in the club and hoping she would be there. At first, she played it coy and avoided him, let him come to her, let him want it. Victoria was in control 100% of the time, she knew her best asset was her body and she knew that she could use it to get what she wanted. Not that she was stupid by any means, in fact, she held two degrees. It was a simple matter, she was sexy, she enjoyed sex, she enjoyed a comfortable life, why not combine them all so that everyone could get what he or she wanted?

3 months later Russell ended his marriage to Kim and 9 months after that, they were married. His kids were wary at first, but they came around. Lynn was the first to accept Victoria; she knew all too well that her mother and father weren’t happy together. She was happy to see her daddy not acting so sullen and mopey all the time. “He doesn’t go out to that club and come home drunk anymore,” She told her stepmom. “Jeremy and I were getting worried about him.”

Victoria kept her new husband too busy to spend time drinking. She was an insatiable sexpot and she demanded sex as often as Russell could provide it. Sadly, over the past 18 months, his sex drive had waned a little. It might be good enough for other women but it was not good enough for Victoria. She was a smart, pragmatic woman and knew that if she complained too much, she might end up like Kim and be ex-wife # 2. She was also canny enough not to go out and find a lover, not yet anyway. She had to play it close to home and play it safe. If she was going to fuck around, it had to be with someone Russell would never expect and someone that could keep their mouth shut.

Fate dropped a solution in her lap and she began enjoying life again. Now here was Jeremy, a strapping young buck with a body that was rock-solid and the libido of a young man. Victoria had tried to catch him naked in the shower, wondering if he had inherited the big cock possessed by his father. Today was the day she intended to get an answer to that question.

Her recent forays into new adventures had made Victoria a bit bolder, somewhat more daring. She intended to plumb the depths of her sexuality today and see just how far she could push the envelope. If Jeremy could be seduced, by the end of the day, he would be.

Victoria stretched out on the chaise lounge, this afternoon was not for swimming, it was for sexing! She got out some tanning oil and coated her body with it. She knew that Jeremy was watching her every move and she wondered just how daring the young man would be. In her mind’s eye, she could pendik escort already picture his strong handsome body fucking hers, his hard cock moving in and out of her aching, needy cunt. She hoped he wasn’t a virgin because she wanted a good fucking, but if that happened to be the case, he would be worth teaching. All of her lovers had to learn her ways sooner or later, because Victoria demanded only the very best in sex.

Jeremy walked out on to the deck, closing the sliding glass door behind him. He approached her and smiled, his gaze didn’t avert from her body. “Were you planning on going in for a swim?” He asked.

“No, I’m just going to get a bit of sun and then go inside,” Victoria smiled. She lowered her sunglasses down the brim of her nose. “Don’t let me stop you; I’m sure that the water is lovely.”

“Nah, that’s okay,” Jeremy told her. “I did my morning routine earlier and I just kinda felt like goofing around. Want some company?”

“Sure hon, that’d be nice,” Victoria smiled at him. She noticed that he didn’t stop staring at her breasts, which were practically spilling out of her suit. Victoria decided to take the bull by the horns. For her, the less waiting around, the better.

“Like what you see?” Victoria purred, leaning a bit closer to the youth and giving him a good look at the entirety of her body.

“Uh, sure Victoria, I mean you’re gorgeous, it’s hard not to notice,” Jeremy answered. He wondered just what she was playing at.

“You never call me Mom, why is that?” She teased him further.

“Well, you’re only a bit older than I am and I already have a mom,” Jeremy responded nervously.

“Oh, is that it? I thought it was because you wanted to fuck me.”

Jeremy sputtered so Victoria went one step further. She pulled him closer for a searing kiss, leaving no doubt that she wasn’t playing around. To make matters clearer, she spoke her mind after breaking their kiss. “Listen to me, you gorgeous young fucker. You do want to fuck me and we both know it. Well, that’s fine — you can fuck me, you can put your big cock deep inside my pussy and make me squeal, but let’s get one thing clear — Victoria calls the shots, got that?”

He nodded quickly. “Yes ma’am, no problem with that, none at all.”

She pointed her finger at him and said “Don’t call me ma’am. After what we’re going to do this afternoon, you can call me bitch or whore or even slut, if you like. You’ll soon find out that I can be all of those things. But let’s get one thing straight — you are never to let your father find out, he’d kill us both.”

“Shit, no kidding. We’re really going to do this? This isn’t some huge practical joke?” Jeremy asked, wanting to make sure he wasn’t having a lucid dream.

“No kidding. You’re a handsome young stud and I’ve wondered for a while if you can fuck and how it would feel to fuck you. You aren’t a virgin, are you? You’ve had sex before?” She asked him.

He nodded. “Yeah, a few times. You remember Melanie Daniels who lives down the street? She’s let me fuck her a couple of times, she says I’m pretty good.”

Victoria did remember Melanie Daniels, a leggy, slender black girl with a pair of cupcake tits and a booty that wouldn’t quit. “Hmm, she’s older than you and in college. You did good, lover.”

Jeremy puffed up his chest a little. “Yeah, I — I kinda like women a bit older than myself.”

“We know more about fucking,” Victoria chuckled. “Does it bother you Jeremy — hearing me say fuck, hearing me talk this way?”

“Hell, NO!” Jeremy shouted. “I think it’s sexy, I think you’re sexy!”

“That’s nice to hear, darling,” Victoria purred. “A woman needs to hear that often, I wish you could teach your father that lesson.”

She saw him wince a bit at the mention of his father and decided to defuse the situation. “Don’t worry about your father. I give him all the sex he can handle, unfortunately, the reverse isn’t true. I’m not denying him anything, but I’m a fucking horny slut who needs all the sex I can get and maybe more besides. You’re just taking some of the pressure off of your father.” She knew that she was rationalizing, but she hoped he bought it.

He did buy it. “Yeah, that kinda makes sense. I’m close to home, you won’t have to go out looking for action and you can’t get into any trouble. Dad won’t find out and it will keep your marriage together.”

Victoria smiled at him. “Yes, that’s it exactly. You remind me a bit of your dad, I bet he looked a lot like you when he was younger.”

“I really don’t know,” Jeremy smiled. “God, I’m so horny — can we get started?”

“The impatience of youth,” Victoria chuckled at her stepson. “Let’s go inside, we don’t want a nosy neighbor catching us fucking. We’ll do it in our bed — your father’s and mine — that will make it extra kinky for me.”

“God, you really maltepe escort are a fucking slut,” Jeremy laughed as she walked ahead and into the house.

“Now you’re catching on,” Victoria smiled as she looked back at the handsome young man. It had been quite some time since she’d had a piece of cock that young — in fact, back when she wasn’t much older than Jeremy himself. Still, if he could attract a fine piece of tail like Melanie Daniels and keep her coming back, he must have something to say for himself in the sack. She would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during that fuck session, she bet it was hot!

She moved up the stairs to her bedroom, Jeremy nipping close at her heels. Not wanting to waste any time, she got out of the bikini, opting to keep her heels on. She knew that men liked them and she had caught him admiring her legs several times. It was a fun, kicky thing to do to start things off.

“Wow,” He grinned from ear-to-ear. “I mean, just … wow.”

“That’s nice to hear Jeremy, but right now, I’m more interested in actions,” Victoria said in a demanding tone. “I want you to get over here and prove you have what it takes to handle a woman like me.”

“I’m sure as hell going to try,” Jeremy said, joining her on the bed. He took a long, admiring gaze at the woman he thought was magnificent and knew that he had to get down to business. Opportunities with someone as amazing as Victoria weren’t going to come along every day, so he knew to buckle down. There was only one problem, he wasn’t really sure where to start.

Jeremy saw that he had nothing to lose by asking, so he said “Is there any particular area you’d like me to pay a lot of attention to?”

Victoria was thrilled by that. It showed both a willingness to please and to let her run the show. The father could be demanding and the son was not. Not that Russell was pushy, but if Victoria had a sexual persona, it would be closer to Dom. “I love having my feet rubbed, but as I’m wearing heels, don’t worry about that this time. You can kiss up my legs — I love that — and then go from there, I’m very into oral. You love my legs, don’t you baby?” She stretched one out to emphasize her point.

“You have amazing legs, I love how you’re always wearing short skirts and tight pants,” Jeremy smiled as he moved close to her. “God DAMN, that turns me on.”

“Want to know a secret, baby?” She purred, leaning close to whisper in his ear. “For the last few months, I’ve been doing it on purpose, trying to get you hot and hoping you’d make a move. I really, really wanted to fuck my handsome stepson.”

“Wow,” Jeremy said again. “Okay, guess I had better make sure to leave you shaking.” He grinned, remembering her earlier attitude. “Get ready bitch, Jeremy’s going muff-diving!”

He took his time and made sure to caress and stroke those lovely, long limbs of hers, taking care not to be too rough, massaging gently. The fact that her body was still a bit slick from the tanning oil helped him along and for the first time, he saw her pussy up close. It was covered with a light, downy fleece and yet, he didn’t want to go there, not just yet. Appreciate all of her body before going for the main event, he thought.

Victoria focused all of her attention on the handsome youth, running her hands through his thick, dark hair and grazing his shoulders. He was going to be even better-looking than his dad and if he had his dad’s virility combined with youth and enthusiasm, it would be a great fucking. He sure had a lovely mouth and touch, her skin was tingling all over.

To encourage him, she let herself sigh and groan a bit, but in actuality, he had surpassed her expectations. Victoria didn’t know if Melanie had been his first, but whoever had tutored him knew their stuff. His mouth began grazing her belly and she shook — she couldn’t wait for him to eat her pussy, she would likely explode on contact.

Jeremy was a bright young man and he was paying attention. He saw his stepmom’s fists open and close, he was getting to her. Now as he neared her pussy, he went in with ginger, sweet licks at first and then began to tongue her avidly, making sure there wasn’t a square inch of her sweet spot that went untouched.

As she had believed she would, Victoria exploded and arched up for a minute. Neither thing dissuaded the young man, he kept right on going until she had another, smaller climax. In just over 15 minutes, he had rocked her world twice.

“You’re good, lover,” Victoria grinned, pulling him close for a kiss that would make an iceberg melt. “It’s time for me to set your cock on fire, I’m going to give you the blow-job of a lifetime.” When she had first seen his cock, she hoped that she could fit it in her mouth, he was a lot bigger than his dad, around and length-wise. Victoria would have estimated that once he was kartal escort hard, her stepson would be around 8½ inches. She couldn’t wait to find out.

Jeremy didn’t doubt her statement. If anyone had the lips for a blow-job, it was his sexy stepmom. Full and luscious, the thought of them around his dick was enough to nearly make him cum on the spot. She pushed him on his back and crouched in front of him, engulfing his cock. She sucked and licked at it noisily, then lifted her mouth from it for a second.

“Cum in my mouth, okay?” She told him. “Your father thinks that’s nasty, but I love the taste of cum and it’s good for you.”

Jeremy wasn’t about to argue and he let her go back to work. It was exciting just to watch her and she had such unbridled joy in what she was doing. He could feel his balls churning and he did cum, letting go a huge gusher which she swallowed in its entirety. She looked over at him and to show him how nasty she could be, she licked her lips clean of his spunk. There was a very evil smile on her face when she finished.

“See, I told you that I was a slut,” Victoria told him.

“I prefer to think of it as you promised me you were one,” Jeremy countered. “Okay, I can see from the look in your eyes that you need — no, you want — a good fucking. I think I can help you out with that, but seeing as how you seem to be calling the shots, why don’t you tell me what your favorite position is and we’ll take it from there?”

“Smart man,” Victoria smiled, patting him on the head. “My favorite is doggy, although I like them all. We’ll start in that position and work our way around from there. Don’t be afraid to be a little rough, I’m a big girl and I certainly won’t break!”

Jeremy didn’t doubt that for a second, she was proving to be a wild, thrill ride already. He watched her get into position, he could have watched this woman eating a sandwich and it would have been sexy. When she was on all fours and facing away from him, she turned around at Jeremy and smiled warmly. “It’s time baby,” She said softly. “Everything up until now has been wonderful and it’s all leading up to the main event. Fuck me!”

Jeremy tried to think of a witty retort but nothing came to mind, so he just moved in behind her, grabbed her hips and slid in. She was so tight and so hot, he gritted his teeth and began to pump in and out, in and out, making sure to get a nice rhythm, not too fast, not too slow, gauging by her reactions how he was making out. He heard low moans and gasps, he took these as signs to go a little harder and make her feel it.

“Damn it Jeremy, you are one fine fucker!” Victoria yelled back at him, grinding her hips a little as he fucked deeper inside. “Give me that cock baby, give me that wonderful cock, plow me deep, smack my ass, pull my hair — fuck me like a bitch in heat!”

Even in a situation like this, Victoria had no fears that Jeremy would try to control the situation. She was still running the show, his hands threaded through her long blonde locks and he grunted as he fucked her deeper. He was following her every command to the letter, subject to every whim she had. Her body was responding in kind and she began to cum.

“Cum with me, baby, cum for Mommy!” She groaned. “I’m on the pill, fill me with your load!”

Jeremy had been ready to bust a nut anyway, so he did as she asked and they came at virtually the same time. He was relaxing and saw that she was smiling brightly at him.

“That was wonderful and it’s going to get even better,” Victoria told him. “We’re going to keep fucking, but you can’t ever tell your father. This is between the two of us, understand?” She cautioned him again.

Jeremy was stretched out on the bed, his head resting on one elbow. “Got it,” He grinned and then he felt a heat at his groin. He turned around to see that Lynn, his sexy older sister, was eagerly sucking on his cock. She smiled and lifted her head from his rod and then moved close to Victoria.

“Mmm Mommy, I love the way your cunt tastes on his cock,” She grinned. “You finally got him Mommy, good for you,” The darker beauty smiled, fondling one of her stepmother’s big tits.

“See Jeremy, there are a lot of benefits to having a close family,” Victoria purred, fondling the girl’s tits and caressing her caramel-skinned body. Lynn was a stunning beauty who possessed some of her mother’s exotic good looks combined with her father’s strong features.

“That’s right Jeremy, I was the first one of our naughty family to be sexually involved with our naughty Mommy,” Lynn purred, snuggling close. “We can all have lots of fun together if we just play it cool, right Mom?”

“You’re right about that baby girl, although you weren’t actually the first member of the family to have some fun with me,” Victoria smiled as she moved towards her large shower. “Remind me to tell you about the afternoon your mother came over to pick you up for dinner and you were late getting home from school.” She smiled and looked back at the stunned duo as she said “I’ll tell you about it later, come with me kids, Mommy needs her back washed.”

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