Rachel , Kelly Ch. 01


Rachel is a young woman, 30, gay and single. She’s getting dressed to go out. She hasn’t been out in a few months, hasn’t really wanted to. She’s just been working, she said to herself, and really just hasn’t been feeling social, but tonight… tonight, she wants to have a drink and do some people-watching. As she was deciding on an outfit, she settled on something that was eye-catching… casual, not aggressive… a short skirt, strappy sandals, and a cute striped top that accented her boobs. And no panties, because she just felt sexy. She gave herself one last look in the mirror, and satisfied, she headed out.

Although Rachel lived a few miles outside of the city, the club just happened to be on her end of town, so she got there in about 15 minutes. It was right at 10 o’clock when she got there. The parking lot was mostly full, but not packed. It was a Saturday, which meant business, but an off-Saturday… no holidays or big events. Lucky for her, she found a parking spot close to the door.

Inside, she hugged the girl taking admissions, and then went to the bathroom to freshen up. You could hear a couple girls in the last stall having sex. After a quick check in the mirror, she left the bathroom and headed for the bar.

The club was pretty busy, just like the parking lot advertised, but not crazy. Rachel bought an appletini and scoped out the room for anyone she might know. She did recognize a couple faces, but nobody that she was really friends with. The burlesque show on the main stage was just finishing up, so she looked around for something else to catch her eye.

Over on the side of the room, some girl was getting spanked on the spanking rail. With nothing else going on at the moment, she headed over there to sit and watch the show. A table right up front was open and she sat down to enjoy some spanking. The girl getting spanked had some nice legs, Rachel could tell that. She was wearing a red school girl outfit, with white knee-highs and black platform Mary Janes. Rachel’s eyes wandered slowly from bottom to top, taking in every inch of the girl’s leg flesh. Creamy. Firm. She stared at the curve where thigh meets ass. The girl had on a black g-string, and her ass was a warm pink from the beatings. A quick flash of light and a trained eye showed that she had a blue princess plug in her ass.

After a couple more minutes, the show was over, and the girl stood up. She was young, early 20s, with long straight blonde hair. The other girl, the one dishing out the spanking, asked her if she was doing okay. She said she was, they gave each other a friendly hug, and the one walked away; they weren’t really together, just doing a scene. The blonde caught her breath, animatedly waving her hand in front of her face, and then started to turn towards the bar.

As she turned Rachel’s way, her eyes locked on Rachel and stared for a minute. “Ms. Andrews?” she asked, walking towards her. Rachel was surprised at being recognized.

“Yes?” She had no idea who this girl was, but she liked that the girl knew her.

“It’s me, Kelly Wells, from Roosevelt” she said, sitting down next to Rachel. “Oh!” She caught herself, not wanting to be rude. “Is anyone sitting here?”

“Not at all,” Rachel said with a gesture. “Have a seat.” There was no way she was going to refuse this hot young thing. She remembered the girl’s name as one of her former students. Kelly was just a kid back then, a high-school student… athletic, Rachel vaguely remembered, but quiet and awkward, and well, a kid… but that years ago. Now, she’s a young woman, and quite a piece to look at!

The two girls started talking and catching up. Kelly, it turns out, is now 23 years old, and a year out of college. She got a degree in marketing, but that hasn’t really panned out yet. Instead, she leaned on all her years of collegiate volleyball and turned that into a career as a physical trainer.

Rachel told of how she had enjoyed teaching, but of course, it had its downside, too… Then after 4 or 5 years, an offer came along to get into sales of educational software.

As they talked, Rachel noticed that a couple of times, Kelly paused in mid-sentence, and her eyes went distant for a second.

After a minute of silence, Kelly made a confession. “Can I tell you something?” she asked sheepishly.


“Back in school, I had a really big crush on you.”

“Really?” At this moment, Rachel was the one with a crush on Kelly.

“Yeah,” she said. “You were just so hot, y’know. Still are,” she corrected herself with a shrug and a grin. Rachel smiled. “I mean, I was just a teenager, and there you were, an adult, all grown up, but at the same time, you were just a few years older than me. It was like a vision of the possibilities. I kept thinking I could be like that in a few years. And I also just wanted to… well…”

This is going good, Rachel thought. “Well, you are like that, Kelly. Look how you turned out. You’re really sexy, güngören escort and you’re an adult now, too… just the same age I was back then.”

“Really? You think I’m sexy?”

“Sure, honey, you don’t need me to tell you that.”

“Thanks. I do get a lot of compliments, but it’s nice to hear it from you, though,” she said, looking Rachel squarely in the eye. “I always wanted to kiss you.” Kelly looked at Rachel for approval. Confident that Rachel wasn’t going to turn her down, Kelly continued, “I wondered how your lips would taste. Sometimes, in my mind, I would touch your breast.”

“They haven’t been touched in a while, Kelly,” Rachel told her matter-of-factly.

Confidently, Kelly called her out. “Speaking of breasts, I’ve noticed that you’ve been looking at mine a lot.” It’s true, she had been.

“Yes, I have,” Rachel said with a nod. She slipped her hand under the table and placed it on Kelly’s thigh. “And I’m dreaming of kissing you right now.”

Kelly reached under the table, grabbed Rachel’s hand, and slid it even further up her leg, Rachel’s hand slipping up under the other girl’s skirt. Kelly stuck her chest out a bit and asked Rachel, “So. Ms. Andrews. As a teacher… my school uniform… is my shirt too tight?” Heck yeah, it was tight! It was a size too small, and her ample tits were busting right out. The buttons were just about to pop.

“Wearing a shirt like that will get you a lot of attention. I think you need to come home with me. You need a lesson in what kind of attention that shirt will get you.”

“Yes, ma’am, I need a firm lesson,” she grinned, and they got up to leave. As they crossed the parking lot, Rachel said to Kelly, “I saw that buttplug you have in your ass. I hope you can take something bigger.”

“Mmm hmmm,” she replied with a smile. “I like it in my ass. Deep.”

Standing next to the car, they made out for a minute. Rachel squeezed Kelly’s delicious melons, and then gave them a quick slap. Kelly yelped a little, and then smiled at Rachel as she climbed in the passenger seat.

Tonight, Rachel had driven her restored ’65 Mercedes. It had a bench seat, instead of bucket seats, and she decided to take advantage of it. As they pulled out onto the main road, Rachel told Kelly, “I’m a Domme, Kelly. Sexually, I need to be in charge.”

Kelly replied positively, “That’s totally fine with me. I’m a sub. I like letting go and letting someone else be in charge.”

“Good. I want to see how you do at taking orders. I’m not wearing panties right now, so while I’m driving, I want you to put your face in my lap, right up against my pussy. But no licking. Just breathe in my scent and wait until we get home.” Rachel’s pussy was dripping wet right now, and she wanted Kelly to have her nose buried in it.

“Yes, ma’am,” she said enthusiastically, and unbuckled her seatbelt. “Can I kiss it? No tongue?”

“Yes, slut,” Rachel said with a grin. “Closed mouth kisses are okay.”

“Okay.” Kelly got herself situated on the big seat. “Here. This is for you,” she told Rachel, handing her a plastic remote control.

“What’s this?” Rachel asked as Kelly laid her head in my lap.

“The remote. I’m wearing vibrating panties.”

“So that’s why you got all glassy eyed back at the bar. You were getting yourself off. How many times have you cum so far?”

“Twice.” Kelly’s face nestled against Rachel’s pussy, her nose pressed against the hood surrounding the clit.

“Hmph. Naughty bitch. Seems like you need to learn a few lessons. Well, no more orgasms until I say so. You just sit there and think about my pussy while I drive us home.” Rachel clicked the button on the remote, which started the vibrator on the low setting. Kelly moaned when the vibrator started working against her clit, but no words were spoken, and then she quieted up. Rachel gave her another instruction. “This is called Orgasm Control, Kelly. If you feel like you’re about to cum, I want you to tap me on the leg. Maybe I’ll let you cum, and maybe I won’t, but I expect you to hold onto that orgasm until I decide. Understand? Tap my leg once for yes, and twice for no.”


“Good girl. Now breathe in my pussy.” Rachel turned on the radio and heard some old 60s soul music playing. She checked the time on the clock, so she could see how long Kelly could last with that vibrator on her clit.

A few minutes had passed when Rachel felt the tap on her leg. She checked the clock. Nine minutes. Pretty good. But she decided to stretch this out a bit, really test the girl. “Not yet, Kelly,” she told her. “Hold onto it.” Another minute passed by, and then Kelly started tapping my leg furiously. “NO,” Rachel told her firmly, and shut the vibrator off. “You don’t get to cum until I say so.” Kelly squeezed Rachel’s leg to express her frustration, but she kept her mouth shut and her face against Rachel’s pussy. “Don’t be giving me that. You came twice tonight already. Now eskort şişli you have to wait. I’m in charge now.” Kelly stroked Rachel’s leg, and patted her gently, content that Rachel was in control.

Another couple of minutes went by, and then they turned into Rachel’s driveway. “We’re here,” Rachel told Kelly, and she sat back up. “Wow, this place is big,” Kelly said as they pulled into the garage.

“Yeah,” Rachel responded, getting out of the car. “A little too big for one person… but I liked it,” she said with a smile as she opened the door to the house. Kelly was curious about the place, but Show and Tell could wait. Right now, she just wanted to fuck.

Rachel shut the door behind them and pushed Kelly up against it. Rachel’s hands pressed against Kelly’s and she buried her tongue in the other girl’s mouth. Kelly’s face smelled strongly of pussy, and that turned Rachel on even more. Their tongues thrashed against each other, twisting like pretzels.

Rachel grabbed the front of Kelly’s shirt and ripped it open. Kelly let out a Whoop in surprise. You could hear buttons bouncing off the floor as her tits burst forth. Her tits were encased in a red demi-bra, her tit flesh spilling out the top. “That’s what happens when you wear tight blouses, Kelly,” Rachel admonished her as she undid the front snap on her bra. “People get aggressive.” Kelly’s delicious melons were finally free, and Rachel’s face dove straight into them… licking, sucking, biting…

“Should I be concerned? Right now?”

“Do you consent?” Rachel asked, looking up at Kelly. “BDSM is about consent.”

“Yes, I consent,” she said.

“What’s your safeword?”


“Good,” Rachel said, and stuck her face back between Kelly’s tits. Her hand shot straight for Kelly’s hot cunt.

“Oh, God,” Kelly moaned, running her fingers through Rachel’s hair. “Fuck, I want you!”

Rachel’s fingers slid around the hem of Kelly’s panties and then worked in between the slick lips. Her pussy was super moist. Rachel’s middle finger found the hole and slipped inside. She started to push it further in when her finger touched something inside. “Do you have something in your pussy?” Rachel asked her.

“Umm… yeah,” she responded. “It’s… a surprise. A gift… for you.”

“A gift?”

“My friend, Tricia, gave me the idea. I stuffed some panties in my pussy, and then I wore the vibrating panties over the top. So the idea is that I make myself cum all over the panties a few times, and then if I go home with someone, she gets them as a gift.”

“Ha!” Rachel stared at Kelly for a long second. “Between you and Tricia, it sounds like I just might have to start teaching again. A school for wayward girls.”

Flirtatiously, Kelly replied, “Well, if I’m impressed with my school visit, I might just let Tricia know.”

Seizing the initiative, Rachel grabbed her by the hand. “You come with me,” she told Kelly, pulling the girl behind her. “Teacher needs to see you in the hall.”

“Yes, ma’am,” she said excitedly, nearly tripping while trying to keep up.

Rachel flipped on the lights as they went, and led Kelly upstairs to the bedroom. In the hall outside, Rachel pushed Kelly face forward against the wall. “Take a big step back, and lean against the wall.” Kelly did as she was told, which left her ass sticking out.

Rachel knelt down and then flipped Kelly’s skirt up so she could give her ass a proper inspection. Rachel slid Kelly’s panties down, exposing her beautiful bald pussy. The smell of it hit her nose and it made her ravenous. Kelly kicked her panties aside. Her legs were shoulder-width apart, but Rachel spread them wider. That ass was beautiful! Big and round, yet firm and athletic. So creamy looking. The princess plug was beckoning Rachel. Kelly’s bald pussy was so wet and tempting, and those cum-coated panties were inside waiting to be freed.

Rachel spread the pussy lips apart and peered at her present inside; there they were, light blue panties waiting for her to fetch them. Up until now, Rachel was contemplating about keeping the sex a little tame… not letting Kelly see the real freak; it was their first time, and she didn’t want to give the wrong impression. But now that Rachel had seen Kelly’s little panty trick, all bets were off. This little vixen is getting fucked tonight, she thought. “You. Are a naughty girl,” Rachel said to Kelly with a hard slap on her ass. Kelly inhaled deeply with the contact. “Mmmm, I sure hope so,” she answered quietly.

Rachel slipped two fingers inside. Hooking them around the fabric, she pulled her hand back towards her and the cum-soaked panties slid out from between the lips. She looked them over as they dangled from her fingers… light blue cotton fabric, slick and sticky with girl cum. The scent filled the hall, and Rachel held them to her face to take it in. But they couldn’t sit there all night; the fucking was just getting started. “Hold esenler escort onto these. We’re going to need them,” Rachel told her, handing her the panties. “Yes, ma’am,” Kelly said as she took them and then placed her hand back against the wall.

Rachel lightly dragged her nails up Kelly’s thighs and squeezed both cheeks with her hands. She stuck out her tongue and traced the trail of her nails up Kelly’s left thigh; her mouth locked onto Kelly’s quim, sucking on the whole thing at once, making slurping noises, trying to inhale the entire pussy with her mouth. Kelly’s hips swayed, but Rachel held her in place with both hands; her tongue was feverish and focused, and she had to maintain her mouth-to-pussy seal.

“yes. yes. fuck. lick me. lick me,” Kelly said quietly.

After a couple long minutes of intense cunnilingus, Rachel decided to move their show into the bedroom. This was great, out here in the hall, but the bedroom is where the toys are… and besides, they really needed more room to have a proper fucking. Rachel stood up and grabbed Kelly by the wrist. “Come on,” she said and led Kelly into the bedroom.

“Wow!” Kelly exclaimed as the lights came on and she looked around. She was right. The bedroom was pretty awesome, big as a large hotel suite, with a large separate dressing room, and an adjoining master bath… but this wasn’t the time for that. Rachel did smile at the compliment, though. “Tomorrow,” she told her guest. “Right now, take your clothes off.” Kelly removed the rest of her clothes while Rachel removed hers. “Wow! You are so sexy,” Kelly said to her, admiring her figure as Rachel got undressed. “Thanks,” Rachel told her. She was proud of her figure. She took pretty good care of herself, a sensible diet and regular exercise, but just enough pudge to show that she wasn’t all nutty about it.

“Leave your socks on,” Rachel told Kelly, just as she was starting to slip one down. “I like them.” She left the socks in place.

“Put those panties on top of the dresser. I want to be able to find them when I need them.”

Kelly placed the cum-covered panties on the dresser, and then knelt on the floor, waiting for permission to get on the bed. Whereas most girls would just hop right on up, Kelly demonstrated that she was a good and obedient submissive that respected her Domme’s domain. Rachel smiled in acknowledgement. “Good girl. Up on the bed.”

Kelly hopped up on the bed, and got on all fours, wiggling her hips, anxious for Rachel to join her. As soon as she was naked, Rachel climbed on the bed and joined Kelly. “Face down,” Rachel told her. “Spread your ass with both hands.” Kelly’s face was lying sideways on the mattress. With both hands, she reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart. “Wider,” Rachel barked at her. “Make it stretch!” She pulled them harder, and her ass crack was spread taut.

Rachel wanted the girl’s asshole, but that blue jeweled plug was in my way. She deftly yanked it out. She watched as the sphincter opened wide around it, and then collapsed closed. Her starfish was pink and wrinkly, and hung slightly open. She popped the butt plug in Kelly’s mouth. “Lick this,” She told her, making Kelly taste her own ass on the buttplug.

“That’s a pretty butthole. Can you wink it?” Kelly flexed her butt muscles, making the hole wink at Rachel. “That’s good,” the words dripped from Rachel’s mouth. She spit on the top of Kelly’s butt crack and watched the saliva slide downwards, coating her butthole and then sliding further on down to coat her labia.

Rachel licked her middle finger and rubbed it in a circle across Kelly’s taut butthole, feeling the folds with her fingertip. She slipped the finger inside, and worked it back and forth slowly, feeling the warmth and smoothness of the flesh around her finger. She could feel the butt muscles contracting around her finger, reflexively drawing it further inside.

Rachel slipped the middle finger from her other hand inside Kelly’s pussy. It was warm, wet, and tight. Penetrating both of her holes at the same time, she made a mental comparison… they were different, yet equally inviting and satisfying. She slipped another finger in her ass, and then another in her pussy. A third in her ass, and a third in her cunt. Kelly’s butthole was getting pretty tight. “You like that, don’t you, Kelly? Like having your holes stretched?”

“Mmf Hrmm,” she mumbled.

“I can’t hear you, Kelly. Spit that plug out of your mouth and talk to me.”

Kelly used her tongue to force the plug out of her mouth, and then she spoke, “Yes, ma’am, I love it! I wanna be stretched out for you.”

“Maybe I should shove all my fingers inside, all the way past the knuckles. That would be a stretch, wouldn’t it? Maybe shove my whole fist inside. You’d wiggle on my hand, be my little hand puppet.”

“Yes, ma’am, I’d like that. Can I be your hand puppet?”

“Not tonight, Kelly,” Rachel told her, removing all of her fingers from Kelly’s holes. Kelly let out a small whimper expressing her disappointment, but quickly shut her mouth; she’s expected to show gratitude for what she receives, not disappointment for what she doesn’t, and punishment comes to those that don’t display the proper attitude.

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