Rachel: My Sexy Sister


My sister Rachel is 12 years older than me – I think I was a bit of an after thought (or mistake!). When I was twelve, Rachel married Jack. Shortly afterwards, I moved with my parents over 300 miles away, so from then on I saw little of Rachel – she fell out with my parents over something, so there were few opportunities to visit. So, as I got older, Rachel became a bit of a distant memory.

It wasn’t until I was 18 that I got the chance to go and stay with Rachel and Jack for a few days. I was pretty shy at this time, but becoming more and more aware of girls. When I saw Rachel for the first time in five years, I was stunned. She was absolutely gorgeous! Her long auburn coloured hair tumbled over her shoulders, framing her beautiful face, with her green eyes and small nose. Her lips were just full enough, with her chin being very slightly dimpled. She seemed to have filled out compared with how I remembered her, and was now curvy in all the right places. Her breasts looked large and firm under the tight vests and tee shirts she seemed to wear all the time, and I constantly found myself staring at her nipples poking out from under her clothes. Her legs seemed to go on forever, up to her tight bum. I couldn’t believe that this was my sister!

We had a great few days. Rachel and Jack were really good to me, and treated me like a friend and equal, rather than a “little brother.” On the last night I was staying with Jack and Rachel I found some photo albums, and started to look through them while they were out. In one were some pictures from their summer holiday the year before. Rachel looked fantastic in her tiny bikini. As I was about to put the album back on the shelf a few loose pictures fell out – they must have been hidden at the back of the album. They were from the same holiday – but in these Rachel was sun bathing topless on the beach. I couldn’t believe it – my sister topless! And looking stunning! I looked through the pictures – there were seven or eight of them – time and time again. As I looked at them I was acutely aware of my painfully erect cock – it had sprung up instantly when I first realized what the pictures were. Suddenly I heard Jack’s car on the drive. Without really thinking I quickly thrust one of the pictures into my pocket, before pushing the rest into the back of the album, throwing the album onto the shelf and running upstairs. I threw myself on the bed, my heart thumping.

After I’d calmed down I hid the picture I’d taken in a book, undressed and got into bed. As I lay in bed, I couldn’t resist looking at the picture again. Rachel was lying stretched out on a white sandy beach, her arms above her head. Her large breasts were taught, her nipples erect. All she was wearing was a tiny string bikini bottom, which did little to hide her mound. I swear I could make out her pussy, but that was probably my imagination running away with me. As I stared at my beautiful sister, my hand automatically reached under the bedclothes. With a start I realised what I was doing, and quickly hid the picture in a book and switched the light off. But as I lay in bed I couldn’t get the image of Rachel’s body out of my mind, especially her large, firm breasts. Before long my hand was reaching down again, a vision of Rachel in my mind.

It was another three years before I saw Rachel again. In this time her picture was my constant companion, a vision of her in my mind, especially at night. To me, she was simply gorgeous – better than the models in the wank mags I shared with friends at college, and certainly better than the girls I dated and had my first fumbles with. As much as I tried, I could not get her out of my mind.

Just after my 21st birthday, I was invited to Rachel and Jack’s for a two-week stay. When I saw Rachel I was totally tongue-tied. If anything she was – at 33 – even more gorgeous than before. She kept referring to me as her hunk of a brother. I couldn’t take my eyes off her during the day, and off her picture at night, wanking as I imagined her in the bedroom next to mine.

After I’d been with Rachel and Jack for a couple of days, Jack had a phone call to ask him to return to his job a week early – he worked on a oil rig, and normally worked for three weeks before having three weeks off. That night I lay in bed listening to Jack and Rachel as they made love more loudly than normal, imagining her naked body and what they were doing to each other. As I listened, I automatically started to stroke my hardening cock, feeling its strength and thickness. I stroked my length and then started to pump my cock harder, and within it seemed seconds I was pumping jets of hot, thick cum all over my stomach. I don’t think I’d ever been harder, or cum as much. I put the light back on, and lay in bed panting, covered in cum, listening to my sister.

I was awakened the next morning by the sun streaming through the window. I felt so tired – I had hardly slept the night before, kept awake by visions of my gorgeous sister Rachel. I became aware of Jack and Rachel talking quietly downstairs, and then bursa escort of Jack leaving. I heard the taxi draw away, and the front door closing. I heard Rachel walking slowly upstairs. I assumed she would go back to bed as it was still early, but she didn’t – she opened my bedroom door slowly and stepped inside.

“Davie, are you awake,” she whispered.

I rolled over to face her. “Just,” I replied, “Was that Jack leaving?”

“Yeah – God I miss him when he’s gone,” she told me.

By now she was by the bed, and sat down on the edge, looking down at me. We chatted for a few minutes, as I become more and more aware of her. She was only wearing a short, white terry towelling dressing gown, which showed off her long tanned legs beautifully. Each time she moved I caught glimpses of her thighs, and occasionally her cleavage. My cock hardened as I wriggled about, becoming more embarrassed in case she realised the effect she was having on me. She reached over and picked up a book I’d been reading the day before. I gasped – the photo I’d stolen of her sunbathing topless was inside the back cover. She flicked through the book, chatting away. Suddenly she stopped, and looked down at me, seemingly aware of my nervousness.

“You’re very shy aren’t you,” she said.

I muttered, “Yes,” before she carried on. “Do have many girlfriends,” she asked.

“Not really.”

She looked at me with an odd look on her face. “My little brother isn’t still a virgin is he??” she wondered out loud.

I went bright red. “Well,” she declared at my obvious discomfort, “We’ll have to try and sort that out for you while you’re here”.

She went back to flicking through the book, stopping again after a few more pages. This time as she turned to me, I realised she had my photo of her in her hand.

“Where did you get this from?” she asked, turning to look at me.

Before I could answer, the look on her face changed. She seemed to realise how dog-eared the picture was, that it had obviously been hidden, that I looked extremely embarrassed…and that I was desperately trying to hide my raging hard on.

“Have you been wanking over this?” she gasped.

Before I could react, Rachel grabbed the bed cover and yanked it back. My cock sprung up, slapping against my belly. She gasped again – this time at me. She was staring at my cock.

“You’re huge,” she whispered, staring at me.

I’d always thought I had a decent sized cock, but huge? When erect, I’m about eight inches long, and pretty thick. I also get very hard. But now, I felt harder and bigger than ever. With a strange look on her face, Rachel leant over, and gently took my cock in her hand. She stroked my length, her hand looking very small against me. She squeezed me gently, and a drop of pre-cum appeared. She rubbed this into my cock head with the ball of her thumb. She twisted her body to turn towards me, and cupped by balls in her other hand. Her gown fell open, exposing her breast to me. It was my turn to gasp – her naked breast and erect nipple were only inches from my face. Before I could react, she stood up abruptly. Walking towards the door, she turned.

“You’d best come with me,” she said, before turning away.

As she walked to the door, she shrugged her gown off. I stared at her gorgeous tanned back and bum as she left the room. In a daze, I got up and followed her.

She was in her bedroom, lying naked on her king size bed. She was lying like she had been in the photo. Stretched out, with her hands above her head, her long hair forming a sort of frame around her beautiful face. Her large breasts were thrust upwards, her nipples already erect. She had her knees raised, and apart, showing me her whole body. She was tanned all over – even her pussy mound, with its light dusting of red hair, looked tanned. As I gazed at her, I could make out the moistness already forming along her slit.

She held her arms out to me. As I moved over to the bed, she slid over so that I could lie next to her. She leant over and kissed me gently, her lips moist and welcoming on mine. Her hand slid back to my cock, quickly stroking me back to my full size. She pushed me on to my back, and straddled me. Taking my cock in one hand she rubbed the head against her wet pussy. The feelings that coursed through my body were incredible – a mixture of pleasure and pain rolled into one. She moved her pussy down, taking more of me into her warm, wet pussy. She felt so incredibly tight. At first I thought she was taking her time because I was so inexperienced. Then I realised that it was my size she needed to cope with, as my cock stretched her tight pussy. She gasped as more of my cock slid into her, and again as my entire length filled her. After pausing for a few seconds, she pushed down harder. We both savoured the intense feelings we were having. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts. She felt warm and firm. I rubbed her nipples with my thumbs, and caressed her gently. She began moving against me again, lifting her hips so that my cock bursa escort bayan almost left her body, before dropping back down, driving me into her again. She moved faster and faster, her head thrown back, her breasts thrust upwards, both of us breathing heavily. The pleasure became more and more intense. She cried out as she came, her pussy clenching my cock. I came seconds after her – pumping jet after jet of cum into her pussy. The feeling was unbelievable.

As her breathing got back to normal, she lay down on top of me, my semi hard cock still inside her. I felt her breasts against my chest as she leant forward to kiss me. She gently licked my lips, running her tongue from one corner of my mouth to the other. I tried to use my tongue, but she teasingly avoided me, before plunging her tongue into my mouth. As we french kissed passionately my cock began to react. I felt her pussy tightening around me as I grew inside her. I thrust my hips up towards her, and we quickly established a very sexy rhythm. She leant forward over me, offering me her breast. I took first one nipple and then the other into my mouth, sucking them, savouring them. I licked her breasts and nipples, before sucking them some more. She gasped “Harder, harder.” I didn’t know if she meant the thrusting of my hips or the sucking of her nipples, so I did both harder. I reached around her and held her bum, moving her to our rhythm. She held my head tight to her breast as she started to cry out “Babe, babe, don’t stop,” and then she came again. I felt her hot juices around my cock, running from her. I continued to pump into her as she cried out, and then I came again, filling her hot wetness with more cum. She collapsed on top of me gasping. I could not believe the intense feelings we were both going through, and the pleasure I was able to give her. After a few minutes she rolled off, and lay grinning at me.

“Boy, are we going to have fun,” she told me.

With that, she leapt up and went to the bathroom. I watched her cross the room. She looked even sexier than before – especially the way she swung her hips, showing off her bum to me. She came back with a cold flannel, and lovingly washed my cock and balls. My cock began to rise.

“Oh no,” she laughed, gently slapping him down, “Some breakfast then we’ll see – after all we need to keep your strength up!”

We both put towelling gowns on and went downstairs. We got some cereal and coffee. Rachel hadn’t bothered to do her gown up, so her body was on show to me all the time as we ate, sat at the breakfast bar. I watched mesmerised as her breasts swung forward each time she reached for something. She watched me watching her, a smile on her face. When we’d finished, she grabbed the dishes and took them over to the sink.

She then wandered back over to me, swinging her hips and showing off her body as her gown swung open. She stood between by legs, as I sat on the tall stool. She offered me her breasts again, and I sucked gently on them for a few moments before she moved away slightly and dropped to her knees. Pushing my dressing gown out the way, she took my cock into her mouth. Sucking gently, she reached down and cupped my balls. I started to harden immediately. I leant back, instinctively pushing my cock towards her. She took me deeper into her mouth and sucked me, before releasing me. Holding my cock in one hand, she stroked me gently, and ran her tongue slowly down the length of my cock. When she reached the base, she moved onto my balls, licking them before popping one into her mouth and sucking. I nearly exploded there and then, but Rachel had other ideas. Standing up, she took me by the cock and led me out of the room.

“Lesson two,” she murmured, as we headed for the stairs.

Back in her bedroom, we stood kissing passionately as we removed each other’s gowns. I ran my hands over her body, feeling her firmness, her sheer sexiness. She stroked by cock, and kissed my chest. She turned in my arms so that her back was against my chest, my hard cock against her bum. She wiggled her bum at me, so that my cock settled between her cheeks. She wiggled some more, almost wanking me with her bum. I reached around her, and cupped her breasts in my hands. She really was a handful! Her breasts felt full and firm. I leant down and kissed the side of her neck, gently rubbing her nipples with my thumbs. She turned slightly, and we kissed passionately, our tongues and hands exploring each other. She turned and reached for my cock again, leading me back to the bed.

As I lay on the bed, Rachel knelt between my legs. After stroking my cock, she sucked me back into her warm, wet mouth. She licked around the head of my cock, before sucking me in deeper. Pulling out, she licked down my length again, before sucking and licking my balls. She even wriggled her tongue down between my bum cheeks. She repeated this over and over again, getting me harder and more excited than I’d ever been before. Then she began sucking me hard again, all the time using her tongue on me as she did so, concentrating escort bursa on the head of my cock, wanking me into her mouth. I thrust my cock towards her, and with a cry I came, pumping my cum into her sweet mouth. She continued sucking, taking all I had to offer. Smiling at me she swallowed all I’d given her, before kissing me, her body pressed hard against me. I could taste my cum on her as we kissed for ages, our tongues playing gently together. Eventually, she lay back on the bed and told me that it was her turn.

I slipped between her legs, and gazed at her pussy. She kept her pubic hair very short at the top of her mound, and shaved completely around her pussy. What hair she did have blended in with her tanned skin, giving her a totally naked and vulnerable look. Her pussy was already wet, and her clit was poking out slightly from its hood. I’d never gone down on a woman before, but was determined to give Rachel as good a time as she had just given me. I slipped off the bed, and knelt down at the edge. Leaning over as Rachel move towards me, I gently licked the length of her pussy. She tasted wonderful. I slid my tongue from her clit, down her pussy, and to her bum. I repeated this a few times, sometimes lingering at her clit, sometimes at her pussy, poking my tongue inside her. As I did this, Rachel moaned and sighed softly. All the time I could taste her pussy getting wetter and wetter. I concentrated on her clit for a while. Under Rachel’s guidance, I gently pulled the hood back to expose her clit a bit more. It seemed to grow as I did this. I licked and sucked on it gently. Rachel’s moans got louder and more urgent. She held my head and pushed me back down towards her pussy. I slid my tongue inside her as deeply as I could, licking and sucking her. She held me tightly, pushing up towards me, rubbing herself against my mouth. With a cry she came. I gently licked and sucked her as she lay back on the bed, and as she came down from her high. She told me not to stop, so I didn’t. As I concentrated on her pussy, occasionally sliding my tongue down to her bum, she began to rub her clit. In minutes she came again, just as intensely as before. This time I did stop after a while, and climbed back onto the bed to hold and kiss her.

“You’re very good you know,” she told me. I glowed at the compliment, and told her that I had a very good teacher.

We lay on the bed for a while, talking about anything and everything, always gently kissing and caressing each other. As we recovered from our earlier love making, the caresses became intimate and sexual. I leant over and took her nipple into my mouth, sucking gently at first, then harder. I flicked her nipple with my tongue, savouring the taste and feel of it in my mouth. At her urging I repeated this with her other nipple, sucking harder and harder. As she reached for my cock, my hand that had been stroking her smooth, flat belly moved instinctively towards her pussy. I ran my finger along her slit, feeling her wetness. I slipped inside, amazed by how tight she felt. I pushed my finger in and out slowly, then more quickly as she began pushing her hips up slightly to match my hand movements. She grabbed my hand, and pushed me deeper inside me, guiding me. She began panting, as her hips thrust higher.

“Fuck me,” she gasped, “now.”

I quickly climbed over her, my cock rearing up in front of me. She opened her legs wide, pulling her knees up in front of her. Her clit, pussy and bum lay totally exposed before me. I guided my cock to her pussy, and drove hard into her in one thrust. She flung her legs over my shoulders, opening up her body to me. I thrust deeper into, deeper than I’d ever been before, my cock harder than ever before. She held her own breasts, rubbing her nipples, as I pumped her hard. She arched her back as she came, her face flushed red, her pussy muscles squeezing my cock, her juices running from her. I slowed down my thrusts as I watched her come. She cried out “No!” so I carried on fucking her, thrusting into her through the end of her first orgasm and into her second. This time I couldn’t stop, and pumped what felt like gallons of cum into her. I fell on top of her, both of us exhausted. We rolled onto our sides, my softening cock still inside her. We kissed gently, stroking each other’s bodies, before drifting off to sleep.

I woke up a few hours later. It was getting dark outside. Rachel stirred.

“Hello lover,” she smiled, as she cuddled up to me. I smiled back, loving her more than ever before. We chatted for a while as we woke up properly, and then decided to freshen up and go out to eat. I wandered downstairs, still naked, to get some wine. When I got back, Rachel had run a deep bubble bath for us to share. I climbed in, and Rachel followed, lying back in my arms. My cock stirred straight away as she wriggled back against me. I reached round and held her breasts. We chatted away, and sipped our wine. As the water cooled, Rachel turned around so that we could soap and wash each other. I concentrated on her breasts, bum and pussy, while she paid special attention to my cock and bum – especially my bum! She soaped it generously, before rubbing her finger around the entrance. She even slipped a soapy finger a little way inside. I nearly came there and then.

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