Rain Tales: Big Mom, Big Need


Not having to go to work that day, and because it looked darker than usual for that time of morning, I lay in bed for some time enjoying the chill and the sound of heavy rain beating against the roof top and windows. I like rain, it turns me on. Generally, my spirits are lifted when it’s raining; I feel more alert, more creative, more daring, and more imaginative – but most of all I become horny, sometimes desperately so. That was the state of my condition that morning – desperately horny; I wanted to fuck, period.

I decided to get up and go take a peek out the window, to check the condition of the yard, and the drainage gutter beyond the fence, over which our bridge lay. When it rained heavily, the level of water in the gutter would rise to cover our bridge, and there would be large puddles in some places, in the yard.

As I got up off the bed, I looked down at my pajama front which was boldly tented with morning wood. I grabbed the stiff hardon and squeezed it. I’d been without sex for more than a month, due to the combination of having recently broken up with my longtime girlfriend and currently working on my Masters thesis. I sat back down on the edge of the bed and dragged the hard flesh out the fly of my boxer; I began wanking it slowly, occasionally pressing it down and letting it spring back up into the air. How I wished I had a woman in that room with me – any woman – thick, thin, fat, old, young, middle aged, pretty, plain, ugly, whatever, once she had a pussy to offer up.

As I wanked away to random visions in my head of females I knew, I remembered the words a pal of mine had once uttered, when he and I and some others were having a drink in the neighborhood pool bar. The guy had said that a man must always have a sexual option or two – that were easily accessible – in his home or next door or not far up the street from where he lived, because there are going to be times when you gotta go and just have go. The same guy was known to be fucking his cousin, and it was rumored that he’d boned his older and younger sister.

Thinking of my friend’s words of wisdom made me remember my much older cousin who lived a street away, and also her younger sister who lived about three streets away – five or six groupings of my family are spread out in fairly close proximity in this part of town. I’d boned the older cousin dozens of times over a three year period, up until she got married about two years ago and we decided that too much was at stake for her, and it would be best if we stopped.

One night while slow dancing with her at a party held by a mutual friend, I pressed my sex hard against hers and when she responded with equal intensity, I got the hunch that she just might be game for a little taboo sex if asked. In a casual but passionate manner I whispered the idea into her ears, she responded by giggling and rolling her mound against my hard cock fitted between her thighs, then said ‘why not’. Later that night while accompanying her home, we popped into a motel and fucked up a storm. It was then that she told me that she had always liked me in that way, and wouldn’t mind giving me some pussy every now and then, on the condition that I never let our secret out and that I never get jealous and make trouble for her with whomever she’s seeing at the time. I happily agreed to that arrangement, for though she was pretty and a good fuck I didn’t want to be fucking one woman only; my good looks and big boned, athletic, six foot, mid-brown body, drew women to me like flies to sweet.

The younger cousin I’d fucked maybe about ten times, to date, over the past year. The first time being, after meeting up with her unexpectedly as we were both going into a cinema. We sat together, and I soon, smoothly maneuvered us into holding hands and then kissing, and eventually the exploration of her pert young breasts and the hot mound in her shorts. We left halfway through the second movie and found a nearby motel. After that we got it on two weeks later when she spent a weekend at our home following a Friday night birthday party for one of my sisters. Since then, whenever I felt like it, I would call her up and if she were alone at home I’d go there and we’d have a fuck. Sometimes she would come to me if I were alone at home.

Now, with the rain pelting down outside and my cock persistently demanding, I thought of them both and wondered first if the older sister who was a stay at home wife and mother, would consider us reneging on our agreement just this once. I soon tossed the idea aside; my pride as a man wouldn’t let me go there. The younger cousin was hardly likely to be at home, because she was working. I left the room and went to the phone. Her younger brother picked up, and after telling him I was calling to see if they happened to have a certain text book in their house, I enquired about the rest of the family and learned that the real object of my interest was at work.

I walked over to a window, hoping to see some passing female that I knew, or bursa escort even a stranger, that I could persuade to come in for a quick fuck, despite the fact that my mom was at home – such was my desperation. This made me laugh out loud, for I realized how silly a man could be when desperate for sex; which woman could possibly be walking along this little suburban street in such pouring rain? I headed back to my room, passing on my way, a framed photograph of my two sisters smiling, and I felt that their smiles were really smirks and that they knew what I was going through and were laughing at me. This made me laugh some more.

As I sat on my bed, moping and hoping for a miracle, I heard a slight sound from the room next door. The sound of some object falling to the ground. My mother had been sleeping in that room for the past month, following yet another heated argument with my dad. It was a habit of theirs that I had grown used to, but this was the first time that she’d moved out of their room. She used the room discreetly, being careful not to let me see her going in at nights or coming out in the mornings. But I had been aware of her secret from the start due to little give away sounds and her unusual cautious and furtive movements. I pretended ignorance, not wanting her to feel embarrassed.

My mother is fat, with over two hundred and twenty pounds on her five-foot, six frame, but she has a couple of things going for her – she is pretty, with a dimpled, girlish, oval face and light brown eyes that are always sparkling. Her nose is small and slightly upturned and her mouth, also small, but with full round lips. Her fat is not the slack, flabby or doughy type with rolls of hanging belly flesh and floppy arms. She is mostly firm and smooth, and with round breasts that though full, are smaller than you’d expect on one so bulky. They tapered out into round shiny tips that barely carried nips. (I’d seen down the front of a slack or unbuttoned blouse a few times) Her complexion is a smooth, almond brown and she wears her hair in a bob style.

As I thought of her alone in the next room, probably lying on the bed or moving around straightening up the room, I realized that I was stroking my hard cock while picturing her in one of her near-sheer night dresses or lacey underwear. What the fuck I thought, and let go of my cock, forcing it back into the pajamas. But I found that having started down that road of taboo imaginings, and in my horny state, it was hard to stop thinking of her – I was desperately horny and she was the only female around.

As indicated by information given above, incest sex is not alien to me, but with the present object of my lust being my mother, it was an altogether different cup of tea. I found myself battling with my morals and conscience. Out of the blue I remembered the crack in the wall separating my room from that of the one shared by my older sisters until they got married and moved away. The crack could be accessed from inside my closet and I had used it regularly during my teenage years to observe my sisters’ thick, naked bodies.

Although I had enjoyed looking at my sisters’ bodies, naked and in underwear, I’d never entertained the thought of having sex with either of them. To me they were just two sexy and beautiful young women whose bodies happened to be there for my viewing pleasure – that is – up until I started banging my cousins. Once I took that leap I found myself looking at my sisters differently and sometimes dreamed up scenarios about us getting it on. But such thoughts about my mother on that rainy morning, were quite new to me.

As I sat on the bed, miserably horny, I talked myself into a compromise with my conscience – I was going to take just a little peek for a few minutes and hopefully get a glimpse of mom naked or in undies – just a little something to help assuage the sexual fire burning in me, a little harmless satisfaction. I stepped into the dark closet hoping that no picture or anything had been placed on the other side of the wall where the crack was. I located the crack and pressed my eyes to the wall. What I saw in the room shocked me, to say the least.

There was my big, fat mother lying completely naked on one of the two beds with huge thighs spread apart. One chubby hand was caressing a breast while the other was moving what looked like an eight inch white dildo back and forth in her fat, hairy twat, I wanted to look away and step out of the closet, feeling embarrassed for my mommy, although she didn’t know that I was witnessing her naughty indiscretion. After all, this was my loving mother. But I was equally as pleased as I was shocked by the sight of that big, sexy body being self-pleasured, and simply hadn’t the required amount of decency, morals or will power to look away from the big, forty-eight year old woman humping upward to match the strokes of the rubber cock her hand was eagerly driving into her.

My bigger head was telling me to leave, but the smaller, fired up head, was urging bursa escort bayan me to stay put and enjoy the sight. I grabbed my cock and squeezed it. My bigger head right then decided that if you can’t beat them, join them and my hand began to move with a steady rhythm. As if it was no big deal and a likely possibility, my head, now surrendered to the feelings of the moment, started looking for a way to turn what was going on in the other room to my advantage – that is – how to get me into that room and persuade my mom to use my cock instead of the white rubber one she was enjoying.

I was badly in need of instant gratification, so there was no time to hatch and work a plan of seduction. I decided the best option was to enter the room while she was still at it, and play the rest by intuition and bold action.

I stood outside the bedroom door which I knew would be unsecured due to a damaged lock. I hesitated only for a few seconds before my last shred of moral fortitude lost out to my horniness and crumbled. It was quickly replaced by a daring I never knew I had. I turned the knob and entered. The foot of the bed was facing the door, so I found myself staring smack between my mother’s fat, wide spread legs fascinated by the quick moving chubby hand fucking the hairy pussy with stout white rubber.

I stepped to the foot of the bed and stood there looking down at her toy-fucking herself and moaning passionately, eyes closed, mouth opened and breathing hard. I watched her nice full boobs with their shiny, cone-like, round tips and little stiff nips shaking on her chest, and without thinking of consequences, freed my demanding cock and began pumping it vigourously. Suddenly her eyes flew open and she screamed. We both pulled away our hands from the cocks we were each gripping. She looked at my face and then down to my cock, then to her body and back again to my long hard tool angled upwards.

I stood there, suddenly feeling stupid, and asked an even more stupid question.

“Mom, what are you doing?”

She looked away from my cock and covered her face with both hands. I barely heard her anguished voice.

“I … I … I … oh shucks!” she managed to whisper, in a defeated and devastated manner

“I’m sorry mom … that was a silly question, you don’t have to answer.”

“Oh my god, oh god … no, no,” she cried out.

I regained my composure and boldness and walked around to the side of the bed and sat down next to her. With hands still covering her face she began wailing again.

“Oh no … no … no … this can’t be really happening …god, please let this be a dream.”

I took her hands and pulled them away from her face.

“It’s real mom … but it’s alright, I understand.”

She was grimacing with a look of confusion and disgust alternating on her pretty, chubby face as her nice tits rose and fell under the pressure of heavy breathing. The little nips were truly amazing, barely sticking up from the rounded, shiny tip, surrounded by large blackish areolas. I felt my head, without conscious instruction began to lower, with my mouth open and ready to suck them in. but just as my lips touched soft skin, she spoke and I rose up.

“No, it is not alright, it could never be alright with me lying here naked with my big, fat, ugly body laid out naked for my son to see … don’t tell me it is alright,” she shouted.

“Mom, don’t talk like that, you’re not fat and ugly … you’re beautiful … and sexy,” I implored.

Once again she covered her face and cried out:

“Oh gawd, what is this, I am so ashamed … look at me lying here with my fat, ugly, flabby self all exposed to you … no son should have to see his mother like this … it is not right … oh my baby, I’m so sorry, please forgive m.”

I spoke sternly. “Mom, stop saying that you’re fat and ugly, you’re not.”

“But I am fat,” she cried out.

“Yes, you’re fat, but in a nice way …you’re a big, beautiful and sexy woman … look, look at this … you think I’d be in this condition if you were fat and ugly?” I said passionately.

She looked at me stupefied, a lost look in her eyes like she was in a trance. I realized if I were to get where I wanted to be, I had to act fast, before she came out of that trance. I stood up and leaned my hard cock over her face, dangerously close to her mouth. I took her hand and placed the hard dick in its palm.

“Feel this mom, this proves how beautiful you are,” I said, pleading.

Her hand closed around the hard flesh, squeezing it gently as she looked up at me, her face a mask of confusion, and flushing red. She quickly pulled away her hand as if removing it from hot metal.

“Kevin, what are you doing? … Put that thing away … put it back in your PJ … good god, what is happening in this house? … There must be some demon loose, causing all this trouble … or maybe I’m dreaming,” she said, in bewilderment.

“You’re not dreaming, and there’s no demon in escort bursa here, just two lonely and horny people,” I ventured.

“No, there is some evil about, look at you and look at me … the shameful thing I was doing … and you seeing it,” she blurted out.

She looked at the cock that was still standing tall and full of intent above her face.

“I told you to put your co … your thing away,” she said angrily.

And then as if suddenly remembering something, looked down at her body, to below her waist. She stared wide eyed at the rubber cock still stuck in her pussy. She squeezed her legs together tightly, in an effort to hide the protrusion.

I reached out and pulled the rubber from between her legs.

“You don’t need this anymore … I am here for you,” I said, smiling.

I threw the rubber to the floor, and gently patted her hairy mound, letting my finger slip between fat folds of damp flesh. She jerked her body away.

“Oh sweet Jesus, rescue me … what is really going on?” she shouted.

“Calm down mom, everything is alright,” I assured.

“You just stop with dat alright shit … say dat one more time and I goin slap yuh damn face, it can’t be alright with me lying here, all my naked, ugly fat exposed to my son,” she shouted.

“Mom, stop this talk about being fat and ugly … please.”

“But I am fat,” she shouted, looking at me like I was some kind of dimwit.

“Ok, you’re fat, but not ugly, and you know what, the fat you have is good fat, no trans stuff … this is pure, monounsaturated fat … the good stuff,” I said, gently rubbing her huge belly and bringing my hand down to rest on the mat of dark, crotch hair.

Her body stiffened for a moment and then shook mightily as she started to laugh.

“Boy … don’t make … me … laugh … this is … serious,” she said, barely managing to get the words out her laughing mouth.

“I don’t want to laugh … you hear … mono fat you call it … ha ha ha!” she said, bursting out into another fit of laughter.

“Yes, look at this,” I said.

Leaning over I dragged my hand along her knee and down her leg and back up her thigh, sinking my finger into the soft inner spot near her vulva.

“So smooth and firm, mono fat, baby,”

She shook with more laughter and as she was doing that I rubbed the big belly and then quickly moved to cover the enticing tits, massaging them gently.

“And these are so nice … like a teenager’s,” I said, tweaking the tiny nips.

Her laughter ceased abruptly and her body stiffened briefly, before she resumed a soft girlish giggling as I fondled the soft, comparatively little, but full bubbies. I felt her hand squeeze my thigh and I leaned over and took a nipple and its surrounding flesh into my mouth. Three seconds later she pushed my head roughly away.

“Ok, ok, you’ve made your point. Stop now, you’re tickling me,” she cried out, half laughing.

“Tickling you, mom?” I asked, as I resumed twirling the nip between my fingers, knowing fully well that what I was doing was, indeed, tickling her – but between her thighs.

“Yes, you’re tickling me,” she said, grasping the back of my hand but making no effort to pull it away from the blood filled breast.

“Kevin, baby … please sto …”

I cut her short by pressing my mouth down on hers and poking my tongue between her lips. She opened up and sent out her own tongue to meet mine. Her hand came up and grabbing my head, massaged my dreadlocked scalp as she engaged my mouth in a passionate kiss. Then suddenly that same hand was pushing my head away violently.

“Kevin, stop, stop at once … oh gawd, what is going on heah … this is so wrong, so shameful,” she wailed.

I raised my head up, off her.

“Please go baby, ah begging yuh … mih head is spinning … I’m so confused … this is one big mess,” she said slowly, looking like she was going to cry.

“Let’s clean it up mom,” I said.

I quickly leaned over and took a little nipple into my mouth, sucking hard and at the same time letting a hand stray down south, parting the bush with trembling fingers. I felt wetness and let one finger dive into the well. She parted her legs and jerked upwards against the probing finger. Once again her hand was massaging my head, and then within a minute was pushing it away violently again.

“Kevin, when I said stop, I meant stop … everything … please leave me alone,” she said.

“Mommy, I just want to be here for you … you are lonely … let me keep you company … you don’t have to use a rubber toy for sex, I can do that for you … I can make love to you … I want to make love to you … I want to be here for you,” I said, pleading.

“Kevin, shut up!” she shouted angrily, putting her hands to her ears.

“I don’t want you to be here for me … not in that way … oh, mih head spinning and aching suh bad. Mih whole world turn upside down, and it frightening,” she cried

I reached out and patted her shoulder, but she pulled away.

“Don’t touch me, just go … leave me alone … get out of my room!” she burst out, angrily, and then started to sob.

I got up and walked away. At the door I said:

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