Rear Ended Ch. 02


As shocked as she was, Rachel could have sworn she heard the distinct cries of a woman in the throws of orgasm coming from an upstairs window. She was eager to see where it came from. When she looked she saw the flushed face of a female pulling away from a window.

Rachel turned back to fooling around with her friends, but couldn’t get the woman’s image out of her mind, or the cries of delight she’d heard. It had a mesmerising effect on her and she started to imagine lewd acts going on from behind those curtains.

It made her think. She had been brought up to appreciate meat and two veg. She’d had a series of steady boyfriends for so long she couldn’t remember, but she’d always held a curiosity for that which lay beyond, though she’d never been seriously tempted until now. She was afraid to rise to the occasion in case she didn’t enjoy it or ended up offending, or worse scaring off the other woman.

True – when she was younger she’d fooled around with other girls at sleepovers, but it amounted to nothing more than the innocent fumbling of teenage adolescents. Then she discovered boys or more to the point, their continuously erect, phallic symbols, and the male species was an altogether different proposition. They seemed obsessed with the idea of copulation and getting their end away. For Rachel, it was always going to be a passing phase as they never possessed the subtlety or tenderness she’d once experienced, and the thought of it continued to pique her curiosity, though she was the first to admit that hanging out with her female friends wasn’t the same as hanging out with an intimate lover, but it was a start.

Now she was older, more wiser, and definitely more experienced, ever since she’d heard the orgasmic cries of that woman in the throws of her climax she’d been unconsciously rubbing up against her friends given every opportunity. A bit of harmless fun without attracting too much attention, or so she thought. As she did this her mind wandered back to the past. There was a time when men wouldn’t leave her alone. She’d caught them on occasion staring at her rear. It was the source of embarrassment for her. She was very self-conscious of its size and how it protruded, and in her opinion it eryaman escort certainly didn’t deserve the attention it received.

As she grew older her immature boyfriends’ quick gropes turned into more demonstrative, but clumsy anal penetrations which turned out to be nothing but excruciatingly painful. It was quick in, quick out and then they became quite disinterested as soon as they’d spilt their seed. But as her various boyfriends became more experienced lovers the pain she once felt turned into a more pleasurable, even orgasmic experience even though they were quite neanderthal in their approach. She’d now go as far as to say that she received more pleasure from anal sex than she did virginally, and this was frustrating the male, female paradox running over her mind.

On the one hand, she enjoyed anal sex with men, on the other she longed for the intuitive touch and caress that only a woman could bring. So, she had to contend herself with the occasional rub against her friends in the pool, followed by a quick grip and grind when they were waste deep in water and she was sure no one was looking.

Women were feeling, sensuous, tactile creatures, and so her interest was steadily turning toward the need for a lesbian adventure, even if it meant forsaking good anal penetration.

She’d contemplated various toys, even tried them out herself, but it was never quite the same. There was a lot to be said for the thrill of expecting the unexpected, and the feeling of a real, throbbing cock sliding in and out between her cheeks. It might work if it was a woman doing it with a strap on, but even then it would seem too unauthentic and anticlimactic in many ways.

She didn’t know what the answer was. She’d even considered having a threesome, male and female, but she was quite a private person and the thought of sharing something so intimate with two people was a none starter as well.

“Oh my, Rachel’s getting quite frisky girls,” announced Beau to her friends with a smile as she teased pushing her bottom back into Rachel’s pussy.

Suddenly all eyes turned toward Rachel and realising her worst nightmare she immediately blushed and backed off, hoping they’d all forget it and carry on eryaman escort bayan as normal, but they were having none of it.

Frankie was the first to jump back in and wade out to where Rachel stood head bowed, blushing, “so, a secret lesbian grinder, huh? You didn’t think it would go unnoticed did you? Oh, you did, did you? Well, you’d better demonstrate your technique on us again, hadn’t she girls? Only this time don’t hold back because we will be able to tell, and we might have to let slip your dirty little secret.” The other two girls, Beau and Andrea, started to move out to the centre of the pool, nodding and laughing.

Rachel never liked Frankie, pompous stuck up bitch, she thought. She liked her even less now, but then it occurred to her that this was the perfect situation to pass off this lewd act as a joke, or act as if it were a penance, whilst at the same time satisfying her deepest urge.

Then Frankie completely caught her of her guard by announcing, “do me first, and then satisfy yourself on the others.” As she said this Rachel watched as the other two girls continued to wade into the centre of the pool away from the other bathers. “You too Bryony,” exclaimed Frankie in a raised voice, but Bryony was having nothing to do with it.

“Nah, best be off – running late,” and before Frankie could respond, Bryony was out of the water, drying herself off and making her way back to her car.

“Well, it looks like it’s only going to be us.” Said Frankie as the other two girls closed in. “But I want first servings – don’t want sloppy leftovers.” Then she looked across at Rachel, pondering why her nipples had become erect. “You obviously get off rubbing yourself against another woman, so I’ll make it easy for you.” Then she backed up against Rachel and started rolling her hips back and forth, grinding her rear against her victim. Rachel’s eyes half closed in a trance, her head fell back and she let out an involuntary groan.

Frankie was blond, taller than the others, and taut and lean with it. It meant that Rachel had to stand on tiptoe to mash her pussy against Frankie’s cheeks, but the water alleviated some of the effort by providing a degree of buoyancy to her ministrations. escort eryaman What she didn’t expect was the firmness of Frankie’s buttocks, or the deep cleft she felt as she ground back and forth.

If she didn’t know better, thought Rachel, Frankie actually gets a lot of pleasure from her perversions though Rachel was embarrassed that the others saw through, what she thought were subtle, under the radar playful moments disguising her wanton desires. And to think it all started with the distant cry of an orgasm from that mysterious woman.

“You two s..s..stand watch. We don’t want anybody gate c..c..crashing the party,” said Frankie with glazed eyes. “Faster, harder Rach,” she continued, as she pushed her bottom further into Rachel’s willing pussy. Because they were waste high in water, the others bathers wouldn’t have been able to see Rachel’s juice mingling with the algae strewn water, or her excited nipples, erect, hidden in Frankie’s back.

Rachel could tell Frankie was getting lost in the feelings of the moment. So, she gripped her about the waste and started to grind hard. Buoyed by the water Rachel wrapped her legs around Frankie’s and started to hump her pussy against her gyrating butt. At the same time Rachel’s fingers sought out Frankie’s nipples which were erect like her own and tenting her top. As soon as her fingers made contact with Frankie’s tips Frankie cracked, and threw her head back, grinding her bum against Rachel’s drenched pussy.

“Squeeze them hard… harder,” she responded in a horse whisper. “Oooh, that’s it. I’m close.”

This was a fantasy come true for Rachel. Never in a million years did she think it would become a reality, but it was… And in a pool in the middle of London no less!

Then Rachel thought of something naughty. “Imagine you’re humping my lewd rear,” whispered Rachel in Frankie’s ear, and continued to squeeze, rub and roll Frankie’s nipples. At the same time Rachel was near to the point of no return herself.

“You get off on your perversions, don’t you Frankie? All the while passing it off as me as the culprit. You’re a lewd lewd girl. And what do naughty lewd girls do when they’re rubbing and grinding against other lewd, sexually depraved girls?”

This proved too much for Frankie. She reached behind to get hold of Rachel’s hips and thrust Rachel’s pussy against her butt. “Oh God, oh yes, I can’t stand it any more, I’m cumming!” grinding her bum against Rachel’s throbbing pussy.

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