Reiko Miyami looked at herself in the mirror one more time. Her personal trainer was arriving in a very few minutes. Nolan Baker would be the first man other than her late husband to see her dressed this way. She wore an ornate silk kimono tied at the waist with an obi. If things went well, Reiko would seduce her first lover today.

There had been no time for men since her husband had died. There was a clothing company and a couple of restaurants to run and their grown children to console. She mourned little for her late husband,Yukio, who had died of a heart attack while one of his office whores sucked his cock in the back of the corporate limo. The police had told her everything. Reiko had never done anything like that for Yukio. He had never asked. Instead, she would awaken in the middle of the night with the smell of bourbon and cigarettes in her face and his penis inside her. Her pussy or her ass, it made no difference to Yukio.

“That’s my little wife,” he’d grunt as he pushed into her. After a bit, she’d feel a sticky warmth and Yukio would roll off her, snoring before his head hit the pillow. The showers afterward became a ritual. God-sent. Calming. She wished better for her daughter, Nori, who was growing into large-breasted womanhood. She hoped that their son, Kintaro, would turn out to be a better man than his father. Now, after a little over twenty-two years, all Reiko had was work, her get-togethers for bridge at the hotel, and her weekly dinners with Nori and Kintaro.

It was at one of these dinners that Kintaro had brought up the subject of a personal trainer.

“Have you thought about joining a gym, mom,” he had asked.

“You think I’m getting fat?”

“No, mom! Not all all,” said Nori.

“You look great, mom,” said Kintaro, a bean sprout hanging from his mouth.

“We just want to keep you that way,” said Nori. “We want you healthy and happy.”

“I don’t like gymnasiums,” Reiko sniffed. “All that sweat and who knows what else! Other women comparing every flaw. And in the shower, no less! Ugh!”

“You don’t have to go to a gym,” Kintaro said. “I’ll send you my guy.”

“A man?”

“Sure. A professional. He’s great. He’s got a big clientele just in our office alone. He’ll help you stay fit.”

“I don’t know…”

“If you don’t like him, there’s plenty of women we can find,” said Nori.

“We’ll see,” said Reiko.

Reiko made some inquiries around the office. The verdict was unanimous: Nolan Baker was impeccable. He listened and his advice was given gently and explained thoroughly. His own body was said to be his own best advertisement. The fact that it was black quickly became incidental.

Kintaro brought Baker over to meet his mother on a Thursday afternoon in late August. Reiko was surprised at how tall Baker was—how he filled their doorway. His skin was the color of a bar of dark chocolate and his bald head gleamed.

“Nolan Baker, I’d like to introduce my mother, Mrs. Reiko Miyami.”

Baker bowed and said “hajimemashite” before taking her hand.

“Pleased to meet you, sir” said Reiko. She was taken aback by his formality. She hadn’t been addressed that way since her last trip to one of the restaurants she owned.

They sat and exchanged pleasantries for a few moments before Reiko brought up the subject at hand.

“So, my children think I am becoming a flabby old lady, Mr. Baker. What do you say?”

“I would say that you’re far from it, ma’am. I’d be honored if I could help you remain that way.”

“What about Tuesday mornings at nine o’clock, Mr. Baker? Does that agree with your schedule?”

Kintaro smiled.

“You’re taking my spot, ma!”

“You can find another.”

Reiko found herself thrilled at the prospect of starting her program. She ran track and played soccer as a girl, but her marriage and her children had made those pursuits impossible. Even though Los Angeles contained a multitude of distractions for a woman of leisure, her husband’s death had changed her course yet again. This was a chance to take control of her life for once.

She went out and bought an exercise suit and some training shoes and anklets. Reiko performed a few of her old school calisthenics just so she wouldn’t be rusty when Tuesday arrived. When it did, she was showered and ready for Nolan by a quarter after eight.

She wasn’t prepared for the sight that greeeted her when she answered the door promptly at nine. Nolan Baker wore a one-piece Spandex workout suit that covered his entire body. Every chiseled muscle was evident. He seemed even taller than he had at first. And Reiko couldn’t will her eyes away from the tantalizing bulge at the juncture of his thighs.

“Ohayou, ma’am,” Baker said as he bowed.

“Come in! Please,” said Reiko as she averted her eyes and ushered him in. She was calm outwardly but inwardly, Reiko was on the verge of a breakdown. She walked Baker out to the pool where she’d had some kilis escort mats, towels, and bottles of water set up. He was speaking to her but she couldn’t quite hear him for the roaring in her ears. She was trembling. The crotch of her panties was sopping wet.



“I said that walking is a good warmup. Would you like to walk a few laps around the pool with me?”

“Yes… yes! That would be good.”

They talked as they walked, mostly about her plans and goals. What she’d like to accomplish with her physical training. Soon, she was sweating and more at ease. She began asking him questions. Where’d he’d grown up. Why he had chosen his line of work. Did he have family in the area.

“We’ve been walking almost forty minutes, ma’am—”

“Call me Reiko.”

“Thank you… Reiko. And you’re welcome to call me Nolan.”

“Thank you, Nolan.”

“We’ve got time for an exercise or two before I have to leave. Come on over to the mat and lie down.”

Reiko lay down on her back looking up into Nolan Baker’s eyes and felt nervous again.

“This exercise will keep your tummy in shape,” he said.

“Raise your knees.”

She did it without thinking.

He put his hands on her ankles.

“Now, put your hands behind your head and raise your shoulders a few inches off the mat.”

She had raised her head for the twelfh time when something unexpected happened. Reiko’s breath left her lungs in a rush that made her cry out. All her blood had gathered in her pussy and it coursed and throbbed like nothing she’d ever felt. She couldn’t control the twitching of her body. She could feel consciousness slip away from her like water through her hands.

When Reiko opened her eyes, Nolan was kneeling beside her with a bottle of water. He placed his hand under her back and sat her up.


Reiko gulped down half the bottle. She was still trembling. Suddenly, she felt as light as a feather. She was being borne aloft in Nolan’s arms. He placed her on one of the lounge chairs at the side of the pool.

“Am I going to be all right,” she asked.

Nolan smiled.

“You lie here until you feel like walking. The water’s right here. I think you did very well for your first workout.”

“But what happened to me?”

“Your body’s reaction to exercise after such a long time. I see it a lot. Don’t worry about it. I’ll see you next week.”

Nolan turned to leave. Reiko noticed that the bulge in his suit was larger.

She fell asleep in the chair by the pool. She awakened feeling more centered and calm than she could ever remember. Reiko tottered into the house on still-unsteady legs, cancelled her appointments for the rest of the day, went to her bed, and slept.

When Reiko awakened late Tuesday afternooon, she arose, lay down on the carpeted floor of her bedroom and began a set of crunches. It took more this time—almost twenty. But, just as before, her body betrayed her and took command over every muscle, nerve, and sinew. She indulged herself, letting her moans, groans, and utterances take their course.

The center of her body gripped her tightly, then released her. Slowly. Mercifully. Tenderly. Every shudder forced a sound from deep within her lungs. The feeling was so intense that she rolled over onto her left side and placed her wrists between her thighs.


She knew the word. Reiko had tried to have one. Nothing had reached her until a strange man held her legs and allowed her to squeeze her thighs together.

And he knew what had happened to her. He liked what had happened to her.

She bought a new outfit that weekend. She picked every piece with care. Reiko picked pieces that made her uncomfortable… daring pieces… seductive.

The bell rang promptly at nine o’clock that next Tuesday.

Reiko breathed deeply and struggled to steady herself. She went to the door, took a deep breath, and opened it.

It was Nolan Baker’s turn to be surprised. Reiko’s nipples strained the thin fabric of her top. The soft cleft between her breasts led his gaze downward to the shorts that barely covered her nether region.

“Ohayou, Reiko.”

“Ohayou, Nolan. Please come in.”

Reiko felt Nolan’s eyes on her bottom as she led them to the pool.

“My compliments on your outfit, Reiko.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

The pool was set up exactly as before except for a stick of incense burning in a censer on a table at the side of a mat.

“Would you like us to walk again to warm up, Reiko?”

“No, thank you. I would like to do my crunches again, please.”

Reiko lay down on the mat she had prepared. The smell of incense was overwhelming. The sound of a nearby fountain was the only counterpoint to her gentle breathing.

Nolan kneeled at Reiko’s feet. He could see the unpantied swell of her buttocks in the flagging fabric of her french-cut kırıkkale escort shorts. The outline of her sex was plain. Her nipples poked against the soft fabric of her shirt.

He knew what was going to happen when she began her crunches. He had no idea what would happen after them. He grasped her ankles—her feet bare–and felt her trembling.




Reiko began slowly. She was conscious now of the pressure at the juncture of her thighs on the swollen bud of her clitoris. Each raising of her head tightened her thighs and squeezed her button between two columns of flesh. Each raising of her head brought an increased thrill to and through her body.

She looked into Nolan’s eyes without shame as a wave pulsed through her.


Reiko raised her head again. Her eyes met Nolan’s and then flitted down to his cock. The bulge was there.


Reiko closed her eyes again and continued.


The sound of the fountain and Reiko’s breathing were joined by Nolan’s determined count.


Reiko began to tremble.


Nolan could barely hold her ankles still.


Reiko’s body arched and a ragged cry assailed her throat. Her ass left the mat, trembling and quivering in ecstasy. She opened her eyes to find Nolan’s gazing directly into hers.


Orgasm possessed Reiko completely. Her body was a rigid arch with Nolan’s hand steadying her feet. She cried out from the depths of her throat as wave after wave of pleasure.

“Keep going, ma’am. You have ten more to do,” said Nolan. His voice had an edge that Reiko hadn’t heard before.

She completed her sit-ups without feeling the delicious pleasure between her thighs. She wondered if she had offended him. Her fears were compounded when he took her hand and helped her stand up. They were face-to-face and she couldn’t tell what was going on behind his eyes.

Nolan held her hand for a moment. She saw him lean toward her. Then, he closed his eyes.

“I have to leave,” Nolan said, “we’ll try again next week.”

He turned and walked out without another word.

Reiko went to her bridge match the next day and was so distracted that her partner quit in frustration.

“What’s the matter with you, Reiko-san,” barked Mrs. Tanaka in the bar afterward. “You play as if you’ve forgotten how!”

Reiko gulped down a glass of bourbon.

“I have something on my mind.”

“Ah! Could it be a man?”

“It could.”

“Tell me about him. Is he tall, dark, and handsome?”

Reiko suppressed a chuckle.

“That, he is.”

“Have you slept with him?”


“Then, what’s happened?”

“Nothing, really. Nothing at all.”

“Well, maybe you should get a little and get it over with. It might help you pay more attention to your bridge game!”

Reiko thought for a moment, paid for her drink, took her leave of Mrs. Tanaka, and found the nearest phone booth. She knew the number by heart.

“Baker Fitness,”

She hadn’t expected Nolan’s voice.

“This is Reiko Miyami.”

“Hello. What can I do for you?”

“I would like your last appointment day-after-tomorrow.”

“That would be Friday. Hang on a second…”

Reiko found herself gripping the phone too tightly. She loosened her grip.

“I could be at your place at three-thirty.”

“Very good. I’ll be expecting you.”

Reiko then went to the hotel shop, bought an envelope and a stamp, scrawled out a check, and mailed it.

The next forty-odd hours slumped by at a snail’s pace. She removed the kimono her mother had given her as a wedding gift from its box. Reiko had given herself to Yukio for the first time in the kimono with its shining white folds tucked around her waist. He had kissed her so sweetly when he took her. She wondered what Nolan’s lips would feel like. They looked thick and soft.

And now, it was after three o’clock and Reiko stood looking at herself in the mirror. If things went well, she would seduce her first lover today.

Nolan was late. Five minutes dragged to ten. When Reiko heard his car arrive at almost four o’clock, she wanted to be angry with him but she was too nervous and too excited. When she opened the door for him, he stood before her dressed in a basketball uniform. Its shiny blue material was stained dark with his sweat. Reiko could smell him.

“I’m so sorry,” he said. “The game went long and I didn’t have time to change. Could we postpone this for another time?”

“Please, come in.”

“But I’m a mess.”

“Come in.”

He stepped in and Reiko closed the door behind him.

“I can no longer retain you as my personal trainer,” she said.

“Is there something wrong? Have I—”

“I have sent you a check that should settle the balance of our financial arrangements. kırklareli escort And you may use me as a reference for any other clients you wish to acquire.”

Nolan’s brow knit with concern.

“I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

She took Nolan’s hand.

“Please. Come with me.”

Reiko led him to her private bath.


“It would please me to please you.”

She made him sit by pressing gently on his chest. She kneeled, untied and removed his shoes, and pulled off his socks. She placed them aside neatly, then tugged at the hem of his basketball jersey. She pulled it over his head.

She took his hands and had him stand.

Reiko slipped his shorts off over his hips. Nolan’s rigid cock throbbed before her. She caressed it. She held it in her fist and felt the pulsing of blood through it.

“Will you take a shower with me, Nolan?”

“I’d love to.”

Nolan tugged at the knot of her obi. Reiko couldn’t look at him as he parted her robe. The swell of her breasts and tummy were visible beneath the silk. A matted delta of black hair adorned the joining of Reiko’s thighs. He slid the kimono off her shoulders, folded it neatly, and placed it on a shelf.

“You’re a beautiful woman, Reiko.”

She traced the rippling washboard of Nolan’s stomach with her fingertips. Reiko led him to the shower by his rock-hard cock. He turned the water on for them, shielding her body from the spray until the temperature was right.

Nolan rinsed the sweat from his own body, then handed the soap to Reiko. She rubbed it over him, tending to him, recording the feel of his muscles and skin as she spread the suds over him with her hands. His arms. His chest. The softness of his scrotum, The hot hardness of his cock. He kissed her then. Nolan’s lips were thick and luxurious and soft, and Reiko couldn’t stop trembling.

She felt one of his slender fingers between her legs. She melted against him as pleasure radiated through her. The kiss remained unbroken as the water rained down on their bodies. Their lips parted when Reiko gasped and slumped against Nolan, a small orgasm flitting up from her clit.

Nolan turned the water off. He gathered Reiko to him and lifted her. She felt the bulb of his cockhead push her vulva aside and slip slowly into her as his strong arms supported her. Reiko wrapped her legs around him and pushed her hips forward. She thrilled as he sucked her nipple into his mouth.

She looked down to see the dark, thick member disappearing inside her. Reiko put her arm around Nolan’s neck and began to move until she was filled. Then, another kiss, tongues entwined, her breasts crushed against his chest. They ground their pubises together as they reveled in their joining.

Reiko gasped the first time Nolan drew his cock almost all the way out of her and thrust it in again. She clung to him, her hips wriggling so that she could center his shaft on her clit. Little by little, the slap of their thighs grew louder.

Their lips parted again because Reiko began to breathe delighted little squeals into Nolan’s ear. He pressed into her as deeply as he could, then slid her hips out so that his now slick cock could find its home again. His balls began to slap against Reiko on each thrust.

“Nolan! Oh, there! Right there!”

The sound of their thighs slapping together echoed off in the small shower enclosure.

“Nolan! Hold me! I… Ohhhhhh!”

Reiko’s first cock-filled orgasm swept away everything she had ever known before. Her cunt throbbed, milking Nolan’s cock in a way he had never felt.

“I’m going to cum,” he whispered into her ear.

“Cum inside me! Let me feel it!”

Nolan began to growl as he cupped Reiko’s buttocks—one in each hand—and drove his cock into and out of her. Reiko wrapped both arms around his neck and matched his thrusts with her own.

“Fuck me!”

“AAAAHHHH, yeah!!!”

Nolan shuddered as his penis pumped his hot, potent seed deep into Reiko’s body—stream after stream of thick cum drenching her womb.

“Give it to me!”

Reiko rocked and wriggled on the cock slickened with his cum and her juices. She felt an overwhelming urge take her. She let go of Nolan’s neck and slid down his body. She took his cock into her mouth and sucked. She’d never tasted herself—never tasted a man’s spunk–before. She slaked the juices off with the oval of her mouth, swallowed, and engulfed Nolan’s cock again. She felt a warm, musky squirt of cum jet to the back of her throat. She captured it and savored it.

Nolan caressed Reiko’s head as he watched her discover her love for sucking cock—his cock. She caressed her own face with it. She licked every inch of it clean.

She stood and kissed him deeply. Then, she felt his dick against her stomach.

“You’re still hard!”

“You shouldn’t be surprised. It’s all because of you.”

“Could you cum again?”

“Anything you want.”

“I want you to cum in my mouth.”

“It would please me to please you.”

And so, Reiko and Nolan spent the rest of the weekend pleasing each other.

At bridge that next Wednesday afternoon, Mrs. Tanaka didn’t remark on her partner’s vastly improved play. Some things were better left unsaid.

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