Release the Sadist in my Maid

Release the Sadist in my MaidI am no masochist but will try anything within limits. I moonlight as a self-defense instructor so am used to receiving punches.Our cook Tasneed is a 44-year-old Muslim lady, been working for us for over 10 years and with my parents for over 20 years. She is fair, 5’ 2’ squat figure. Wide hips, 26 breasts. Has three c***dren, two married and is already a grandmother. To us, she was a gentle soul.Husband is a typical chauvinist, very restrictive, checks her phone etc. As our family has looked after them for years, I was trusted!Lately, she had gone extreme in her cooking – too much spice, food served too hot. Boy, she was also in full form, you could here her killing mosquitos which the electric bat with full vigour, totally unlike her sweet nature. This behaviour carried on, I did overhear her talking about how she hated her husband, but tradition meant, she was stuck with him.It all happened on a hot day, I was at home working in the study in a T shirt and shorts. I could hear her banging pendik escort plates, slamming doors etc. It got a bit too much.The other servant had gone. (Translated from Hindi)“What’s going on? Why the racket, why are you being violent?”“sorry sir!, please excuse, my husband is giving me a bad time!”“Why?”“He is beating me”“I can help you how to block and avoid his punches”I then demonstrated a few blocksI then told her to go full on in hitting at me and blocked her. She enjoyed this a bit too much. I then taught her how to block, retaliate and disable.She learnt fast.I then simulated a volley of punches, this triggered something in her and she rained a volley of blows, I got slapped a bit but blocked her, she restrained me and then started raining blows. Then she broke down after venting her frustration, I was flummoxed. I also suddenly was turned on. Under my tight shorts, my erection was to visible to be missed!She was embarrassed and confused. She was crying, yes massaging her nipples and groin u*********sly. escort pendik She turned around to avoid my gaze.It was now or never.I approached her from behind and gave a soothing hug. My groin was pressed into her buttocks, she did not resist. I soothingly told her “all is ok, relax”My hands started touching her breasts”“May I?”She sighed with approvalI kneaded and massaged them and then lifted her tunic to play with them, skin to skin. From the feel, her breasts were saggy, her nipples were taut and boy were they hairy. I explored and caressed her shoulders and her hairy armpits, dripping with sweat. I nibbled her ear lobe and decided to try my luck, I started rubbing her pubic region from the outside. She stiffened and relaxed. I whispered.I put my hand around her waist string and asked“Can I?”“yes sir!”I then put my hand down and felt her crotch, it was soaking and foamy, I gently teased her clitoris, which stood out, my index and middle finger entered her and she arced forward. I started digitally pulsating pendik escort bayan in her.”ShalI I go in fully!”“huh” she moanedI lowered her salwar (loose baggy pants). I shucked off my shorts, my member was half in the crack of her hairy ass which was wet from the sweat and juices. I let it rub her asshole to tease her.Using my right hand on her pubes, I pushed her pelvis further in to me and knelt. I was inside her. She was hairy and loose but her hips, oh boyWith me inside, they were bucking like the Duracell rabbit , I came and how. My seed was all over her pubes and my hands. I took my wet right hand and smeared some of the juice on her lips. I ran my left hand down her crack, into her pubes and then licked my hand clean, it was salty but smooth, evil but nice. She was too shy else I would have licked her clean. She quickly lifted her salwar, looked at my member, she had never seen one uncut!, went into her room. Gathered her things and walked out. Not even cleaning up. Imagine if her old man was having sloppy seconds.I never saw her naked but having enjoyed such a sensuous fuck made up for it.Next day, she came back to work, never batted an eyelid, as if it never happened. All’s good till she needs a bit of release the next time!I then experimented

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