Religious Girl Prays Only To One Idol-Submission


Religious Girl Prays Only To One Idol-SubmissiondeletedREAD BEFORE PART …..So has narrated earlier, I was young when I just followed Sanjayji like a lamb to his house…You can read that part in the above link.Sanjayji then broke the kiss and was just looking in my eyes. I then held his face and brought his lips over mine and started chewing his lower lips, then his upper lips and we kissed again. “Sanjayji I need to call home as mom would be worried, please can I make a call”. He said yes, but before that and his hands started unbuttoning my school shirt and unbuckled by school belt and in an expert manner my skirt.I was only in my camisole and boxer shorts. But being particular of how I dressed they both were color coordinated. He asked me to call my mom while he nibbled my ears and pinching my small nipples . I called home, my mom was worried, I told mom it was my friend’s birthday and she invited to her house for dinner, her father will drop me home. My mom was scolding me and Sanjay’s ruthless nibbles and tease made me say “Aai if it gets too late I will stay over and come tomorrow after school” Hearing this Sanjayji just took my nipples in his mouth and started licking it. I was overcome by lust and controlling my moan I said Aai to take care and I love you and not to worry. She said fine and I hung up.I moaned ‘Sanja y..jiiii’ while he was taking me to a different level. It was tearing me apart. He was sucking my nipple and fondling the other. He had made no attempt of touching my holy hole, only if he did he would know how ready I was for his abhishek.While Sanjayji was sucking and savoring my nipples. my ears, my neck, I didn’t wait for him to guide me, I started touching my idol and worshiping it from his pants. I unbuckled his belt, he stopped me. Then he asked me to get some water for him from the kitchen, but when I was about to get up from his lap, he removed my camisole, though he had touched, played, nibbled my nipples being top naked before a Man who was almost my dad’s age and just meeting him some hours I was feeling shy so covered my boobies, he removed my hand and said Radhe, I want you to go like this.I got up from his lap and went to the kitchen and got him a glass. Now without being told I went and sat on his lap(literally on my idol),wrapped my legs around his waist, got the glass to his lips he gulped some water and then he took one sip and lifting my chin placed his lips on my lips and I started sucking the water he would then catch my tongue between his lips and suck it. I was already in cloud N.He again repeated it and I would thirstily drink the water from his lips and also licking his chin in case any water drops. I then started to unbutton him and started kissing his forehead, his eyes, his nose, his cheeks, I sucked and pulled his Upper lip, then his lower lips, biting his neck,nibbling his ears lobe, tonguing his ears this made him crazy I took both his hand, licking and sucking his fingers placed it on my boobies and actioned him to knead it,Seeing the way I was turned on he started kneading my boobies. I removed the remaining buttons and tried to tug his shirt from his pants he lifted himself while I tugged it free I removed his shirt also his vest I was admiring his chest and moving my hands over it, kissing his chest hair, ruffling my face on it. I loved the tickle of the softness. I lifted his underarms and licked the sweat formed due to the days hard work. I was worshiping him. I then nibbled the the soft flesh below his underarms I slide a little down to take his nipple in my lips, I circled my tongue over it while nibbling it. That drove him crazy he moaned ‘’ while pressing my boobs ruthlessly.I was loving the way I was driving him crazy and he was ruthlessly making me horny and more horny. I slide further biting him around his upper abs ( he had a slight paunch which for me where the handles I loved) I licked him and moved closer to his belly button and started licking and tonguing it.He just lifted me back and hugged me. It was feeling so right. The heat of our upper body while he was kissing me ferociously. He lifted me, with my legs wrapped around me and held me the air while pressing his face between my breast and kissing and biting me. I closed my eyes thinking the time has arrived……But instead he carried me near the window and asked me to open it, I was about to draw the curtains close Sanjay ji said let it be open, I said Sanjayji koi dekhlenge, Radhe tum bus mujhe dekho …. mein tumhe sab kho dhikana chahungaa… bus kuch pal mein hi tum ek alaag hi duniya mein honge ..I was so lost with the sensuous horny feeling that he had got over me, I didn’t realise what he was saying..He placed me on the wooden table near the window, he then asked me to seat spreading my legs while he wanted to savor the look. The wooden table, the yellow light from the wall mounted focus lamp and me with my legs spread made the whole scene was very sensuous I am sure..He then licking me on my face, neck boobies(his fingers were fixated with it and I was wondering if he would ever use it to touch my holy hole. I teased Sanjayji and said your fingers are already fixated to my tiny’ies, he looked into my eyes and said with a stern voice said ‘Radhe, I will make a mountain out of your mole’ and then he kissed them both again he then continued licking me to my navel, he bit on my stomach flesh all the while twisting and turning my nipples.I was in a trance, he turned me over he licked me on my back, biting me under all the possible small flesh. He turned me again to suck my toes, I shuddered as I was anticipating him to now kiss over my waist and hip but there he was Sanjayji giving me a pedicure by sucking each of my toes and then licking and circling my feet, my heels he started licking again, this time upwards, biting karşıyaka escort my calf’s, licking my knees, he turned me over to lick and bite the back of my leg and then he stood and looked into my eyes I was getting restless, as Sanjayji was not making any further move.He then came close to me kissing my lips, parted them and put his tongue into me. while I was engrossed kissing him, I gave out a loud moan ‘Sanjay jiiiii, Sanjay jiiiiii’ as if all the gates were open. I was just basking in the multiple emotions, and senses that were flowing as Sanjayji was very delicately stroking my very intimate part, my holy hole. I never realized when he slipped his hands inside my boxer, it was only when I felt him parting my vagina lips that I realized his touch. I moaned his name Sanjayiiiiii He was circling my clit, my holy hole with his finger.while he had pinned me tight to me.My 14 year old body was shuddering with the new sensations that were rising inside and outside me. He then moved behind me and sat on the edge of the table and continuing his fingering me (it was like he was playing some string instrument)I was relaxing with the new sensations, he then kissing my ears with the other hand started removing my boxer I raised my hip, he asked me to relax and enjoy. He was playing with my clit, and slowly slowly slide my boxer shorts. He then asked me to spread my leg further and while he was nibbling my ears, he was holding me close to his body, with my back rested on his chest, his left finger playing with my right nipples and his right finger playing my clit.I am sure if there were anyone standing on any of the terraces in the neighboring building, they would have gone crazy. I didn’t care like Sanjayji said I was just lost in the sensations that his beautiful fingers were giving me.Sanjayji raised my hand put it over his shoulder, he started sucking and pulling my left nipples, while pinching and pulling my right and simultaneously started increasing the speed on my clit. I was convulsing in ecstasy.I moaned his name, I was going crazy it was as if my head had lost all the oxygen and blood, I was rolling my head to my sides, Sanjayji was just increasing the momentum both on my nipples also on my clit. I was arching my back to meet his clit I wanted him to put it in my hole but he was tactfully just increasing the speed.I then lost all senses crying his name, my body was in a fit..I was not knowing what was happening. I was breathing faster , I felt as If I have been lifted from earth and was floating in some trance. I was urging him to bite my nipples hard, Sanjayji was now pinching my clit harder while also sucking(rather chewing) my right nipples and pulling my left. I felt as if I stopped breathing… I was transported to a different plane. I was getting back to my normal breathing. He was holding me tight, and he kissed me on my lips and said Radhe open your eyes, when I opened he brought his right hand in front of me made me smell the liquid and he licked it, I just hugged him we kissed my tongue exploring every crevice of his mouth, then he offered his tongue we were licking and sucking.He said Radhe the table cant hold our weight. I switched my place and then got down, he was now basking the glory of the light.( If I think back today and imagine how he looked under the light I would say ‘Ugly’ just imagine a huge man almost 5’10 broad shoulder heavy breasted with the typical beer paunch, and flab almost every where. He looked like a perfect fit for any villain role especially if he had a **** scene.)But on that day he was my lord, I then kissed him and moved down biting and chewing his flesh everywhere, I was savoring the taste of every inch of the naked body of my lord. I moved my lips to that part of my lords body which has been standing erect for more than two hour patiently waiting for all my attention, Sanjayji didn’t stop me this time. I kissed it over from the only thing separating my lips and my idol.I then tugged the waist band of the jockey(it was the old VIP brief) my teeth and started sliding it down. Sanjayji was playing with my hair.. I then removed the only cloth piece, I felt the heat and the throbbing of my idol I held it my hand as if it was the most precious thing. I didnt have to be guided as I had surrendered.I kissed it on the tip, and then I lapped the sides from bottom to top. I was holding his huge balls in my small hands, and then I did what Sanjay ji never expected. I took my idol in my mouth, and very carefully ensuring my teeth don’t dig into them I was rocking it, rather it was like playing the flute. My small mouth coudnt take my idol completely I could reach only half as it was gagging me and I felt I was about to throw up.My eyes were filled as my mouth was stretched to accommodate my idol. Sanjayji was enjoying I could hear him grunting, he was breathing heavy, I then removed it from my mouth and started sucking his balls and again licking My idol, sucking it I was literally gobbling it. Sanjayji now started moving my head deeper and deeper and I felt he was hitting my food pipe I felt him convulsing and saying Radhe.. Radhe I am going to come, I didnt know as he was now controlling the movement and was jerking my head faster which I understood he wanted me to suck him harder and I was doing exactly what he wanted, my cheeks started hurting and unknowingly touched my tongue to the soft part just below the top part of his penis and he called my name loud Radhe and started jerking. I could feel an unknown taste in my tongue but Sanjayji was not letting me remove my head he was now asking me to suck him harder. I could feel him relax, without having any option though the taste was acidic, I gulped it. For me it was my Idol’s abhishked prasad.Sanjay ji then got up, hugging me and kissed escort karşıyaka me on my lips, I didnt offer as I had his liquid how can I let him taste it. He then kissed me and said everything taste sweet from my Radhe’s mouth. He then got down from the table and said Radhe aren’t you hungry, I said I just relished my hot snack and the hot milk, he got my joke and pulled my cheeks and said Naughty Radhe, I can’t see you falling sick, let me prepare Maggi, as it will take only two minutes. I also offered to help. He took a towel that was placed over the chair and wrapped himself over the waist. I saw my idol had gone to sleep, I am sure it was tired standing all this while.When I went to pick my shirt, he said Radhe I love to see you naked, I left it there..We went to the kitchen cooked Maggi in two minutes. He put it in one plate, then went to the table and making me sit on his lap started feeding me, and then he would place his lip on my mouth and suck the noodles that were hanging over my lips while doing this he would also chew my lips and bite them.After we finished our food, he ensured I had a little more, Radhe you need more energy. He asked me to leave the plate in sink and get him water, I got him water he was still sitting on the chair I saw him popping two tablets, I thought it would be his medicines I gave me water he gulped the medicines. I didn’t inquire what it was for, he winked and said my energy support. I smiled, I happily sat on his lap, trailing my finger over his face, went slowly from his temples to his ears. I kissed him softly while he was caressing my back, pulling my head behind kissing my neck, I felt my idol poking me, it had actually formed a tent through the towel, Sanjayji said “see even he is craving for you”.He then kissed me and parting my lips put his tongue inside, I offered my tongue. He was caressing my tongue with his, I could feel the sweet wet tingle and shiver near my sweet hole. I would feel Sanjayji touching and strumming my clit. I jerked my head back he started kissing me neck, then pushing my chest a little behind started sucking my nipples, I could feel my head losing oxygen again, I felt it becoming sloppy down,he then placed me on the table again, but this time he placed me diagonally towards the edge.. my head was hanging mid portion of the body was on the table and I had to place my feet on the window pane for support.He also tugged his towel out and was standing behind my head where I could now worship My idol and the balls upside down. He then rolled the towel and placed it below my neck. I was wondering what he planned, but I knew and trusted him. He was such an expert, all the time he hadn’t removed his right hand from my clit and also didn’t utter a word. The entire event was just unfolding naturally as if it was orchestrated. Hence till now the only voice was of our moans, it was so erotic.He placed his balls over my, face, and he without asking I licked it, he looked into my eyes smile then he adjusted so that I can take My idol in my mouth, he bend a little sucked my nipple. I understood he was having difficulty bending completely, so I lifted my back bending my knees, he then held my back (Its amazing how our body becomes so flexible that we can twist or hold it). I was enjoying and engrossed in sucking him, and I convulsed only to feel Sanjayji’s hot tongue in my clit, it was licking my sweet hole. He then lifted me further I could now feel his entire mouth on my vagina. It was driving me crazy. I had stopped sucking him as I was soaking in the new sensation. He would pull my clit, kiss my Vlips, nibble it, he would lap his tongue on the side walls of my vlips. Tongue my hole I started syncing my mouth action with his.So when he would bite my clit and shake it vigorously, I would also do it for him but without biting. I was gagging, his penis was now hitting the wall of my throat. But the sensation that he was driving with his tongue below was so strong and captivating I didn’t realize any discomfort. He bend further and I was pushing my hole further in his mouth. Oh how I wanted him to eat, do something to help me release this tension that was creating. My body was again shuddering, convulsing I was moving my hips back and forth faster. Sanjayji understanding my need started playing with my clit faster. He was shaking it vigorously.Then I just sucked Sanjayji’s penis tight. I was moaning but my mouth was full.. All that was heard is AAAAA AAhhhh hhhhh hhhh ……there was a flood…Sanjayji was now lapping me with slow strokes. I was relaxing. Sanjayji hadn’t released. He was slowly settling my body on the table massaging my hips and back.He kissed on my navel, my belly button, moved to my nipples sucking them he stood straight. I had my eyes closed. He then removed his penis from my mouth but I wasn’t ready to let it go. He pulled it out. I felt him placing his hand below my head and another hand below my knees and lifting me. I just circled my arms around his neck and was cradled and carried. I then felt him placing me.. it was a soft mattress caressing my back. I opened my eyes I was in his bedroom. He then moved to switch the fan on and a small yellow lamp . He closed the bedroom door, opened the windows and also drawed the curtains open.I know now the time has arrived. There was a little fear, but as I just went thinking of the pleasure I got couple of hours back I relaxed.Sanjayji stood need the bed, looking at me. I just opened my hands he came eagerly. He hugged me tight, he had his head on my chest, and then he placed my right leg over him, I then cradled him that way it felt so right. Our body was like on fire.He then moved above looked into my eyes, placed his lip on my adjusting his body parts over mine. So yes it wasn’t our lips but karşıyaka escort bayan our chest, our nipples and my holy hole and my idol all were in an embrace.Then kissing me, he rolled me over him. I started kissing him, all over the naked body and simultaneously touching him. “Radhe sit turning your back towards me” I switched the way he asked to me. Then he lifted my hips towards his face, and I slid. He then with his left hand pushed my head down. I knew what he wanted. I took his penis in my palms then kissing the tip I opened my mouth. He dived his tongue straight into my holy sweet hole and was licking and lapping me.I was shuddering with all the sensations, and lost again as this time again he was taking me to new heights, while sucking my clit, I could feel something entering my holy hole, I jerked, he relaxed me with his left hand moving my head faster, with every faster movement he was pulling my clit tighter and pushing his finger inside , I felt my body went into a c***!!! I felt as if I was floating.He kept pulling my clit and now sucking them and pushing his finger still further I jerked my head back pulling his penis but at the same time sucking it and not let my teeth dig, I am pressing his balls and were massaging it. I felt a tension building again, I wanted Sanjayji to suck this tension away I was pushing my face closer he was managing his pace in such manner that the moment I felt my tension was gonna be washed away, he would lick me to slower it down.Then he again started building the momentum by pulling his index finger out and then he would just let the tip of the index finger inside and wait and then push it inside but not deep inside. While I was still sucking him.. I was also moaning hhhhmm!!!!! Aaahh!!!! San…jay..jiii! San….jay…jiiiii aaah hmmm!!!!While I had my eyes closed and was floating in the trance, he swiftly turned me on my back, his penis falling out of my mouth and came over me.. and separated my leg…..and I screamed Sanja…….y…jiiiiii I dug my fingers and held him near his upper paunch. He moved my legs wider and just pushed himself again. I screamed on top of my voice……. There was pain but over the pain there was a pleasure!!! I was in heaven with my lord inside me….it was.. was ecstasy !! I felt as I stopped breathing!!! He was just remaining still for me to relax… Radhe open your eyes….. I opened my eyes….He looked into them, I pulled him closer and started kissing, he was parting my lips and put his tongue inside. Radhe.. I started sucking his tongue…. and arched my back little further now to accommodate him deep inside. He understanding I have submitted completely started removing his penis out and pushed it back inside He was now rocking me back and forth!!!and with every rocking sensation I was taken into a new world of ecstasy..He then moved a little behind, lifted me and I saw it was only half of his inside!!!He looked into my eyes.. kissing my lips moving my nipples to his mouth sucking my nipples while he was rocking me!!!! He went on for sometime he use to stop, pull himself out and then push further…I started moaning again.. He then started increasing his momentum, even I was pushing myself further so that I could take him in completely, he started now grating in a higher speed, he was breathing heavy, Radheeee… Radheee. Radheee I am going to come….I wrapped my legs over his hip locking him pushing him a little further, Radhee.., I was also in a different world in a trance… He started moving faster, and then I heard him say Ra..dhe…… He was convulsing, I was convulsing, I felt a hot water hit the back of my hole. I just held him he had his head thrown back our body was sweating as if trying to cool the fire he started, giving me small jerks. He just slept over me, placing his head over my chest. I was still holding him with my legs around his hips and hugging him tight to my chest…I could feel the pain, but the pleasure that I got just washed away the pain, I was in ecstasy!!! I was coming back to earth, back to my body!! I could still feel the hot flesh inside throbbing!!! It deserved all the pleasure for it actually stood patiently while I was garnering all the ecstasy. Sanjay ji’s heavy breath were now returning to normal, I could feel my lord now slipping it was as if it was getting washed away by the flood that was streaming out. Sanjay ji lifted from me and slept on my side My legs were spread.I then felt sanjayji touching my hole, I winced . He scooped it in his palms, and showed it to me. It was a slight red, he said you know what it is.. I knew I bit my lower lip .. He said its My Radhe’s Prasad…he then applied it on forehead as if he was filling my maang…I hugged him…He then placed it on my lips which I licked and then he licked it. He then slept on his left side, scooped me closer hugged and said “Meri Radhe”…. I said “Aapki… Sanjayjiii”. He kissed me on my temple and I closed my eyes. I could feel him hugging me closer to him. I could feel his hot breath on my hair, I was swayed in a dream world.Friends, I appreciate all the response you have to send to my email, I thank you for reading my story and was encouraged that you are looking forward to read the other part. I hope you like themI also received emails asking personal questions. I would like to say. I am happily married. I have lived my life to the fullest, there are no regrets as I had surrendered knowingly. I just followed my heart, I mean my vaginal heart.Like everyone I too have some small secrets bundled up. I accidentally tumbled on the ISS website, and I thank the ISS for giving me this platform to share. It’s like unloading my heart. Also its not over yet, aabhi tho puri picture bakhi hain. So do write to me your feedback.P.s: I received a feedback saying there are not much conversation, the reason behind it is lust speaks loudly but its only read by eyes. At that age, I knew very clearly that it wasn’t love that I went with Sanjay ji, it was also not like any physical or sexual need . I did trust him. Sometime words fail just like that day we didn’t speak much it was just expressed..

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