Relishing Tanya Ch. 1


“Hey, dinner was terrific! You’re a wonderful cook, Tanya.”

He pushed his chair back slightly from the table and it squeaked on the slick, marble floor. It had been a wonderful meal, and all the more so because he had spent it gazing dreamily at the beauty seated across from him. Tanya smiled brightly at his compliment and her cheeks flushed. He felt her bare toe touch his calf and begin sensuously stroking his leg. Her dark eyes danced as he returned her smile.

“Yeah, it wasn’t too bad tonight, babe,” added Bob. “You’re getting better. Naturally, she’ll never be the cook my mother was. Alan, have I ever told you about my mother?”

“A few times, yes,” Alan offered.

Bob nodded without hearing.

“Now that woman could cook, Al. She was first generation Italian, of course. Those people start teaching their kids to cook before they can even walk! But it doesn’t matter.”

He reached over and patted Tanya’s forearm, smiling broadly.

“I didn’t marry Tanya here for her skills in the kitchen, if you know what I mean!”

Bob let loose with a loud laugh at his joke. Tanya’s face turned crimson and her mouth tightened as she watched her husband laugh, but Alan wasn’t noticing. He never did. The man lived his life absorbed in himself. He was chief legal counsel for his company, a powerful man used to saying whatever he pleased, whenever he wanted. He was a man used to throwing his weight around and commanding respectful silence from those who served him. He didn’t notice her embarrassment, and if he had, he wouldn’t have cared.

“Dessert, Mom!” exclaimed Gracie.

“Time for dessert, Mom!” Hallie joined in.

“Girls, it’s already past your bedtime. You can each have a cookie and then I want you to change into your PJ’s and get yourselves off to bed.” The tone of her voice brooked no disagreement, and the girls moaned in quiet disappointment as they got down from the table and followed their mother’s instructions.

“Before you go to bed, give your Uncle Alan a big hug and kiss goodnight,” she exclaimed. They cheered and rushed him, leaping onto his lap. He swept each child up into his arms, kissing and hugging them until they giggled with delight, then sent them off to bed.

Tanya and Bob had been his neighbors for almost seven years. Alan and his wife, Maria, were childless and had adopted the family across the street as a substitute for their own. Early on they’d discovered their mutual and fierce love of games. They’d gradually established a ritual, meeting in one home or the other two or three nights a week for bridge or poker, Monopoly or Risk, anything that gave them a chance for ruthless competition over a table flowing with laughter and conversation, good food and drink. They’d all soon become the best of friends, sharing outings and vacations, movies and dinners.

Tanya was an exceptionally beautiful woman who carried a simmering sensuality wherever she went. On their first meeting, Alan had taken her hand and seen in her eyes something wild, something hot, something wanting to be aroused and possessed. She’d held his gaze, her dark eyes sparkling and teasing him, her warm fingers imprisoning his hand. His gaze had dropped to her full chest, where her nipples and the outline of a low-cut bra were plainly visible through her white, silk blouse. She was heavenly.

In the following years, they’d both flirted shamelessly, but nothing had ever come of it. They’d confided in each other and shared their marital ups and downs. But their mutual commitment to their marriage partners was unstated and understood. They were merely good friends — nothing more.

Slowly but surely, that had changed.

Bob had been promoted to chief legal counsel, a position that had required him to travel more. Always an arrogant man, he’d grown more insufferable as he’d risen in the company hierarchy and the numbers of fawning servants employed to carry out his instructions had grown. He started working longer hours. He neglected family commitments. Before long, he began neglecting the woman he had once loved with so much passion. Tanya was hurting, and it had been Alan who had come to her rescue.

At Alan’s suggestion, Tanya began phoning him at the office for advice and consolation. Her recounting of their latest fights always brought her to tears. Alan tried to console her, but his best efforts weren’t enough. She was lonely. She wondered aloud if Bob had found someone else, but she couldn’t bring herself to confront him. She wondered if she was still pretty, still desirable, still the woman Bob had fallen in love with.

She was all of that and more. Bob had a mistress, all right, but not one with whom Tanya could easily compete. Power had become his lover, and he found her beauty intoxicating.

And then came the unexpected blow to the head: Maria had ditched him with no intention of returning. She’d left him for a woman she had met on-line! He was crushed, destroyed, until Tanya had stepped in and helped güvenilir bahis him pick up the pieces.

After that, neither of them had seemed interested in maintaining a polite distance. Within days, they’d tumbled into each other’s arms enthusiastically. She’d turned out to be every bit the tigress that he’d imagined her to be. Bob, he now knew for certain, was an idiot.

“Could you help me with the dishes, Alan?” Tanya asked.

They rose from the table together and began clearing away the dishes while Bob retreated to his home office to make some telephone calls.

As Alan stacked dishes on the counter, Tanya began running water in the sink. Bob’s voice drifted into the dining room from his office, where he was having a heated conversation with someone about a legal issue of some sort. After his third trip to the dining room, Alan deposited the last load of dishes in the kitchen and came up behind Tanya, pressing his pelvis into her perfect, round ass, encircling her with his arms and squeezing her tightly. He nuzzled and kissed her neck, filling his lungs with the sweet scent of Shalimar, her favorite perfume. She moved her hands to the counter to brace herself and let him enjoy himself. She loved the feeling of his body against her own, and she was already wanting him, badly. He lifted his hands to her chest and encircled her breasts, quickly finding her delighted nipples, tweaking them through the fabric of her clothing.

She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes, drawing in a breath at the exquisite feel of his fingers on her body.

“Oh, lover,” she whispered. “Just sitting across from you tonight, you somehow made me soaking wet! I want you so badly right now, I’d risk doing it right here on the floor if I wasn’t afraid someone might discover us in the act.”

“Do you think we could climb into the dishwasher for a quickie?” he suggested.

She laughed huskily. “Might be a little uncomfortable, but keep that thought.” She turned in his arms, and her eyes were pleading. “Sometimes, I can’t stand it here. Bob is driving me crazy, Alan. You keep me from going insane.” She reached up and gave him a quick kiss. “Shoo. Better get out of here before someone comes in.”

He let his hands trail down to her ass, gave her a squeeze, then walked out into the dining room, to the living room, where he settled into the leather couch. He picked up a magazine off of the coffee table and began browsing, just as Bob walked out of his office.

“Have a drink?”

“Thanks, Bob.”

His host poured him a glass of Scotch and they drank together. Alan nursed his. Bob downed his first drink quickly and poured another.

They made small-talk until Tanya joined them in a round of drinks. Alan sipped at his, finally disposing of it in a vase at his right arm. Tanya excused herself from the group, then returned to fix everyone another round. Bob was in a fine mood and regaled them with stories and jokes. He was a heavy drinker and could usually hold his liquor, but before very long he was looking wasted. Tanya went to check on the kids, and by the time she returned, Bob had nodded off on the love seat.

“Come on, Tiger. Let’s get you to bed,” she announced loudly. He didn’t stir.

“Help me out here, Bob,” she said, and the two of them rose and went to where her husband was sitting, breathing heavily, looking like he would be out for the count.

Tanya moved to one arm to lift him, and Alan went to the other side. Bob mumbled incomprehensibly, but cooperated just enough that they were able to guide his staggering form back down the hall to the master bedroom. Together, they removed his shoes and clothes down to his underwear, then pulled the covers over him and left him snoring on one side of the huge king-size bed.

They left the room and closed the door behind them.

“Wow. I’ve never seen him go down like that before,” Alan remarked in amazement.

“He really went out like a light, didn’t he?” she replied. “You don’t suppose it had anything to do with the Valium I put in his drink, do you?” She gave him a coquettish smile.

“What?! Good grief, Tanya, you could kill him!”

“Bob has the constitution of a horse. He’ll be fine.”

Alan wasn’t so certain, and he looked back at the bedroom door, worried.

She put her hand on his face and turned him towards her. “Don’t worry about him, lover. He’ll sleep it off and wake up in the morning with a hangover, that’s all. And while he’s in there dreaming of legal victories, you and I are going to try to set the indoor record for the most orgasms in a single night. Would you like to fuck me tonight? Hmmmmm?”

She walked ahead of him and entered Bob’s office. In the center of the room was his huge, walnut desk. She went behind the desk and hopped up on it, then leaned back until her head dangled off the doorway side. She beamed at him, upside down, her tawny hair hanging just above the floor.

“Eat me, lover. Turn me on, make me crazy, make my juices güvenilir bahis siteleri flow down over the crack of my ass so they leave a cute little ass-print right in the middle of Bob’s desk. In the morning, I’ll point it out to him and tell him that he ravished me just like the stud he thinks he is.”

Alan was aghast. And his cock was throbbing like a jack hammer.

“Come here, lover,” she whispered.

He leaned down and kissed her deeply, then moved to the front of the massive desk. She spread her legs as he stood between them, then he ran his hungry hands up her tummy, to her chest, to her breasts, where he squeezed the round globes of flesh, massaging them, playing his thumbs over her hard nipples, filling his hands with her firm breasts. He touched her neck and stroked the warm skin under her chin, letting his sensitive fingers drift down her throat. He leaned over her and pressed his open mouth to her breasts, wetting the thin silk of her blouse. Her chest was already rising and falling irregularly as he deftly unbuttoned her down to her navel and pulled the fabric out of the waistband of her skirt.

His fingers slid along the taut skin of her tummy, along her sides, to the thin fabric of her bra, where he took her proud nipples between thumb and forefingers and squeezed them firmly. They were bigger than he’d ever seen before, and a low moan escaped from her throat as he pleasured her. He withdrew his folding knife from his pocket and opened the 3-inch blade with a click that caused her to raise her head up. Lightly stroking her stomach with the back of the cold blade, he slipped it upwards, between her breasts, underneath the little flower-covered bow that joined the two cups of her bra, and flicked it, slicing the fabric neatly, her breasts jiggling slightly at the recoil of the fabric. He put the knife on the desk and exposed her completely with his hungry hands, her large, brown areolas puckered, her pink nipples engorged and strained.

She was incredibly hot now, more than she’d ever been before. She needed him and surprised herself by begging for his touch.

“God, Alan, make me cum. I want to cum. Touch me, lover. Please, touch me.”

“Patience, my love. Patience,” he whispered.

He found her nipples with his lips and pulled first one, then the other breast into his hot mouth, swirling his tongue over her nipples, biting her lightly with his teeth, suckling her like a child, touching her like a man. She cried out with joy as he worshipped at her body, and an involuntary shudder sped up her spine.

Now his hands were on her thighs as he continued devouring her breasts. He pushed her skirt up to her waist and let his hands massage the warm skin of her legs while his lips worked on her breasts. He shifted his attention to the warm, moist skin of her inner thighs, drawing light little circles over her flesh with his fingertips, making her ache for his touch where she needed it most, building her pleasure slowly and steadily.

He lowered himself into Bob’s chair and kissed her tanned legs, dragging his lips and tongue up to her pussy, but stopping just short.

She groaned and reached for his head, wanting to pull him to her. Her panties were dark where they had become soaked in her juices, and he allowed her to guide him as he forcefully pressed his face into her pussy. She gasped at the monstrous pleasure, and as she held him with her left hand, the fingers of her right hand flew to her nipples and began stroking them madly.

He pushed one edge of her panties out of the way and skewered her with his tongue, lapping up her sweet juices, swirling around her swollen lips, pressing into her vagina to drink deeply of her.

It was too much for her, and she felt herself explode in a rush of heat and tension. She let out a cry and shook, her first orgasm rocking her to the depths. A smile spread across her face.

Alan pierced her with his fingers as his lips sought out her clitoris. He drew her swollen nub between his lips and began an exquisite torture. She wrapped her legs around his neck as he sought out her breasts with his free hand, and suddenly she felt overwhelmed by stimulation, senseless as he touched her everywhere at once, driving her out of her mind with need, lifting her like a rocket until she burst through the clouds into the blinding sun and exploded again. She cried out as she rocked, her muscles convulsing with pleasure, heat flooding her and making it hard to breathe.

She gripped him with her thighs and held him tightly with her hands as she came, even more powerfully than before. Gradually, he slowed his movements and let her fall. He licked her pussy once again to catch her delicious spices, and she jumped when he touched her clit, the shock sending her tingling and wanting him more.

She sat up and pulled his face to hers and kissed him deeply, wildly, tasting herself and smiling in the knowledge that he loved the taste of their loving as much as she did. iddaa siteleri She reached down to his belt and quickly unbuckled and unzipped him, pushing his slacks down to the floor. Then she kissed him again as she reached into his briefs and took his rock-hard cock in both hands, squeezing his muscle of love with her fingers as she turned him around. She pulled down his briefs and pushed him back on the desk, then took his jerking cock deep into her mouth and began fucking him orally.

He groaned in pleasure as he watched her. She smiled in delight as she watched him, as she swirled her tongue around his head, as she kissed her way down his shaft to his balls, as she touched him with her fingers and sank her mouth around him, pulling him in as far as he would go. She moved her mouth up and down, letting him escape from her mouth so that she could tickle the very tip of his cock with her tongue before plunging back down on him again.

He grew almost too big for her to take and she gasped as she tried, but she wanted this man, she would do anything for this man, and she meant to please him like no other ever had.

“I’m going to cum soon if you keep that up,” he gasped.

She pulled out and kissed the head of his cock lightly. “I hope so,” was all she replied.

He loved it when she went down on him, loved it when he came forcefully in her mouth. She would hold him and drink his cum like it was the elixir of life itself, letting his cock pulse inside of her mouth as she swallowed his seed and smiled at the pleasure she’d given him. She never went down on Bob these days. Never. He’d become a jerk, and she wanted this most special of gifts to be reserved for the one who loved her, the one who stirred her in her dreams.

But Alan wanted to feel himself deep inside the center of her being tonight, so he lifted her and kissed her. Removing her panties and skirt, he turned her around, laying her face-down on the cool desk. He spread her thighs, reached for her pussy and stroked her, penetrating her with his fingers, then brought his swollen cock to her and rubbed his cock-head along her wet slit. She moaned with need.

He pressed forward, and the head of his ram spread her, stretched her, and penetrated her. He pressed hard and the massive tool of his love drove deep into her, penetrating her to the end of her existence, until his groin split her ass cheeks and pressed against her pussy lips. A grunt escaped her throat. He grasped her thighs and lifted her slightly, and withdrew, then slammed himself into her deeper still. She raised herself up on her elbows and looked back at him briefly, smiling drunkenly, as he began his lustful rhythm, driving into her, pummeling her, filling her urgently with his cock.

She reached back and touched herself as he penetrated her, and pressed herself back against him with his every stroke. She began to feel delirious with passion, and she felt herself racing towards another orgasm, and felt herself powerless to do anything but let it overwhelm her.

“Alan, Alan, Alan, oh god, I’m cumming again, I’m cumming again. Fill me with your cum, Alan. Oh, godddddd, oohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

She seemed out of breath as he looked down at himself, watching his cock plunge into her, feeling the incredible heat of her wetness bath his cock, feeling the muscles of her vagina grab him as though they would imprison his cock forever inside of her. She was so lovely, her round ass jiggling as he slammed into her, her sleek back flushed and moist with perspiration, her muscled thighs squeezing him. He slipped his hand beneath her and found her fingers and joined her, diddling her clit as he felt himself loosing it, felt the explosion rising from his balls, felt his cock growing in anticipation.

He pulled back and slammed into her one final time, and as he did, his cock erupted like a shotgun blast, flooding her with his hot cum, pulsing inside of her, driving his seed deep into her center where it heated her to the boiling point. Her body quivered with the boiling aftershocks of her orgasm. He stroked his cock into her several more times, each time releasing another blast of his cum, until, exhausted, he stretched his body over hers and kissed her lovely neck.

She made quiet mewling sounds as the flames diminished. She imprinted the feel of her lover against her body, inside of her body, his breath hot on her neck, his quiet words of love breathed into her ears. Soon, she felt him withdraw and felt the trickle of their mingled juices run down her thigh. She turned around and sat on the desk facing him, letting her juices puddle on the desktop as she pulled him between her spread thighs and kissed him deeply. She stroked his moist cock lightly as she kissed him, and before very long, he began growing again in her hands. She kissed him deeply, their tongues stroking and penetrating each other’s mouths.

“That was wonderful,” she breathed. “I want more. I want you to go down on me again, because no one has a mouth as talented as yours. And I want you to fuck me again, because no cock has ever filled me as completely as yours. And I want to cum again and again until the night is gone and our bodies are completely spent in love.”

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