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remote controlJill had been glad to move in with Frank and become a step m*m to his k**s. He was a doting f****r and they were nice k**s, Lucy was 14 and Peter 16. They had both calmed down since a few parties when he was away on business, not a subtle solution but a remote access cam in the hall , lounge , dinning room and upstairs hall put his mind to rest and meant the k**s knew they would be caught so no longer tried. it was a little strange at first seeing them but it had helped Frank and hi k*ds and their friends seemed to realise that this meant no parties so he pressure was off them, they seemed relieved to be honest..Frank was often away on buisness but this time Jill was alone in the house, he had taken the k*ds with him on a short break.It was late in the evening she had a wonderful relaxing bath and now was sat watching the televsion in her gown painting her nails , drinking wine and checking her emails.A new email popped up from frank., saying how he had missed her and asking what she had been up ..she had missed him as always , and did like it when he rang or texted. He had introduced her to phone sex and sexting..which had grown on her and she was looking forward to seeing what he had in mind tonight.She emailed , what she was doing , how she was dressed ( he liked that) and that she had shaved in the bath and was looking forward sarıyer escort to his game tonight, was he horny too? was his cock hard?Jill waited licking her lips, sippng the wine and feeling a hot naughty glow fill her body.Her in box was flashing, she smiled and opened his reply, he wanted her to turn all the lounge lights on and sit facing the camera which was on the tv . The k*ds where away so he wanted to see her in the flesh.Ok she replied and moved her chair , switching lights on feeling excited.A new message flashed in the in box..i can see you , you look great,, why not stand and slowly take your robe off and let me see you naked! ok she replied .She stood smiling at the camera blowing a kiss then undid the belt to the robe, turning round she let the robe open then with a shrug of her shoulder slet it fall to the ground , turning to face the cam she covered her breasts and mound with her hands in false modesty berlesque style before blowing frank a kiss and letting her arms fall to her sides and show her body..then she sat down. That had been fun she felt dirty. Her and Frank liked to watch porn together and now she was stripping for him. Her belly and groin felt hot and she could feel her nipples harden.She waited for the in box to flash, was the waitng adding esenyurt escort to the excitment, she thought so!..Her hand began to rub her thighs and belly.A flashing icon, her heart was racing..She opend it flushed with excitement.Good, it read, now touch your self, pretend its me, touch your self let me see how naughty you are….With a sip of wine she stood, she smiled at the camera then turning away from it wrapped her arms around her self and began to careess her back and ass thinking for franks hands. She shivered as she stroked her own ass and let them move lower and between her legs before she turned to face the camera..then aroused began to stroke her breasts cupping and caressing them before pllng and pinching her nipples, each time flincing and smiling.This was such a turn on she felt like a porn star and that thought drove her hand down between her legs as she rubbed her wet pusssy then brought the wet finger to her lips then licked it..glancing down she saw a new message in her in box..She sat in the chair opening the email..Sit down legs wide be a naughty very naughty show me how naughty you can be! it readSmiling she raised her legs onto the chairs arms then after pouring a fresh glass of wine began to work one then two fingers in to her very wet pussy. As her fingers shuttled into her her avrupa yakası escort hips rocked back and forth she was wetter than she had ever been , she got a third finger in the a fouth…she had never had so much in her and Frank had talked about fisting her, bitng her lip she slipped her thumb in then with an extra rock felt her hand enter her warm wet cunt, her hips bucked as she came growling and thrashing like a demented thing before withdrawing her goo covered hand and licking it clean..The in box was flashing again..The bottle !it readFrank was feeling naughty she thought….she licked the neck then slowly rubbed it like a cock before licking it and putting it in her mouth as a surogate cock..What a whore she felt and loved it! She felt like the dirtest porn starlet of all times.She move the bottle between her legs .pushing the neck into her soggy gapping cunt.. groaning as it entered, before pulling it out licking it dry then with a dirty smile turning it around. Teasing her lips apart with one hand she slide the bottle in, and began to slowly wank her self with it, with each stroke she came bucking thrashing and groaning pinching her nipples and clit. The phone rang..not now she thought..then maybe its Frank? She looked..yes it was she answered with a with of pleasure and cries of delight as she orgasmed again.. Having fun , asked Frank..God yes she cried as her breathe quickened againGlad to finaly stop and get in touch he saidShe came again loudly ..huh she said too far gone to realy pay attention K*ds are playing on my laptop he said …and then laughed…I showed them how to access the house cameras today and i think i left my email account open……..

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