Rent a room for college

Rent a room for collegeI was on my last year of college and had been sharing an apartment with a bunch of guys. It was fun to start with, but I needed to concentrate on my studies and not party so much this last year. I had the whole summer to find another living place, but had no luck so far.I went down to the local bar one evening and to meet some of my friends. We had a good time and drank my beers slowly. My friends started to get pretty drunk and I was not in a mood to deal with them. So I was about to leave when this couple in their 50s started to talk to me in the bar. They asked why I was going to leave when I told them, I answered that my friends were getting to noisy and drunk. I did not want to deal with that this evening. I had too much on my mind.I told them about my concern for my future living arrangements and also that I recently had broken up with my girlfriend. She had been to high maintenance, but I still missed her.John and Mary asked if I wanted to come over to their place since it was so noisy at the bar. Mary said they lived only a few houses down from the bar. It was on my way home anyway so I said yes.John was a big guy, but he did not seem to healthy. Mary was a plump woman with a big chest and wide hips, but her body looked like an hourglass. She was not the prettiest thing around, but not unattractive either. John opened the door to their house, which was a nice big house. One of the biggest in the neighborhood. He told me to relax in the living room and he would gets us some drinks. We chatted and had a great time. It was different to hang out with a couple that was more than twice my own age.It was getting late and I needed to get home. When I told John it was time for me to leave, it must have been about 2.30 AM, he said that he had a proposal for me. They had a big house, with 4 spare bedrooms and nobody living in them. So he would like to offer me one of the rooms so that I would not have to worry about the future living situation. I looked at Mary and she said it sounded like a great idea.John told me to come by the next day when we were all sober and talk about it in detail. He invited me for lunch the next day. He told me to bring my swim trunks and we could hang by the pool after lunch.It sounded like an awesome afternoon.I got a good night sleep and up early the next day. I went for a bike ride and then got ready for lunch with my new friends and most likely landlords.It was a beautiful day, in the mid 80s and not a cloud in the sky.John greeted me at the door and told me to get changed and go out to the pool. He was working on the lunch and Mary was already out by the pool. I quickly changed in to my baggy swim trunks and headed out to the pool. The backyard was extremely private, a big park was behind their house and very large trees blocked the view from park. The only neighbor was on one side and most of their house was hidden behind the extension of John and Mary’s house. It was most private backyard I had seen.Mary was on a lawn chair by the pool. She had a bikini on, but most of her tits hung out of the material. Her big ass was bare on the side so she almost looked like she was naked when I first saw her. She heard me closing the patio door behind me and motioned for me to join her. As I walked up to her, she stood up and came up to me to give me a hug. My eyes must have looked like they almost popped out of my head when I saw how sexy she looked. She bayraklı escort did not look like she was over 50, must more like a mid 30s woman. Sure, she was plump and had a little belly. But she looked very sexy. I had never dated a “big” girl and never thought much about if a large woman could be sexy. I realized now that the could be very sexy. Mary gave me a tight hug and I felt her big tits press into my body. She held me for a while and said that she had been thinking about John’s offer to rent a room and that she thought it would be a lot of fun.She let me go and asked if I wanted a drink or if it was too early for me. I said it would be great with a drink even if it was early. I was not use to drink at lunch, but I felt safe and fine with this couple.I watched Mary walk over to a bar and start mixing a couple of drinks. Her ass was big, but it looked very firm and her back was beautiful. Her hair was tied up in a bun on her head so her shoulders and upper back was exposed. She must be working out because she looked like she was in a good shape even if she was a bit overweight. I thought that John was a lucky man to have such a nice lady that still looked so good in her 50s.Mary and I sat in the sun and enjoyed each others company while sipping on the drink. It was feeling really relaxed and at home already. I was hoping that they were not going to ask for too much in rent. I was definitely wanted to live here.John came out with a tray of food that he had cooked. It was Mediterranean food appetizers and looked so good. He poured another drink for Mary and me. We had a great time eating lunch and talking about a million different subjects. Then John said that he wanted to talk about the proposal for renting the room. He said they had 4 spare bedrooms that would work. I just had to pick the one that made most sense to me.John said that he travelled a lot for work and he liked the idea of having another man in the house when he was not home. They told me the amount they wanted to charge me and it was lower than my current rent in a shitty apartment. I said I really wanted to rent from them.Mary said she had a couple of rules she wanted me to follow. It was good that I did not have a girlfriend, because they did not want any girlfriends to come and spend the night in my room. That was the most important rule, she added that she wanted to know if I was out if I was going to come home that evening or stay out. It just made her feel safer if I communicated with her.I would get breakfast and dinner included in the rent and also lunch if I was home. This was more than I ever could have asked for. They asked when I could move in. Soon I told them. John said he was going away later this week and was going to be on gone for a week, so it would be nice if I could move in before he left. I told them I could move in this weekend, meaning tomorrow. I still had paid rent for the other place, so they said first month would be free.We had our third drink and I started to feel the effects. I was a little bit tipsy.Mary asked if I wanted to look at the rooms and maybe make a choice.We walked upstairs and first she showed me the master bedroom. It was huge with a huge custom bed. It even had a sitting area with a big screen. Mary was pretty tipsy and kept bumping into me with her big tits. Each time, she giggle and said she was sorry.I looked around their bedroom and told her it was very nice. Yes, so nice escort bayraklı I think I will sleep in here.She smiled big and said that I would be more than welcome to crawl into bed with her…. Her eyes glossed over a bit and she licked her lips in a very sexy way. It was not intentional, but a reaction to what we just joked about.We looked at the spare rooms and the room that was closest to the master bedroom seemed to be the one I wanted to stay in. I asked Mary if this room would be good for me? It had a king size bed and even a big TV in the room. Mary laughed that she prefered if I took this room since it would be easier to join her in her bed then…Damn, this women was hitting on me now in her drunk state. I felt a tingle in my cock when I looked at her breast that barely fit in her bikini top. We went down to John and told him that that I took the room next to them. He thought it was perfect, so I could get into Mary if she needed me… He smiled and laughed at his comment.We drank even more and I was really getting drunk at this time. Mary suggested we went into the hot tub for a bit. I said it was all good. She walked over, stopped before going in, turned to me and said that this hot tub was a none clothes hot tub. She pulled off her bikini top and bottom and step into the hot tub naked. Her big breast kind of floated in the water. She told me to get in with her.I was too drunk to protest about the clothes and undressed in front of her and John. Mary looked straight at my cock as I climbed in. John did not join us and sat in the chair watching us in the hot tub.Mary looked me in my eyes and said it was a nice size cock I had there. I was surprised when I felt her hand on my cock and how she caressed my cock and balls. She asked if I minded her doing this?I felt great to have her stroking my cock that grew hard in no time. I felt uncomfortable with John sitting next to us, but no I did not mind having a woman stroking my cock.John did not seem to know what was going on under the water. Mary had me rock hard in short time. It felt so good with the hot water around my cock as she slowly worked her hand up and down my shaft. Mary whispered to me that John had a problem and could not get an erection any longer. So they had talked about finding a lover for her that could take care of her sexual needs. She smiled and said she had a lot of sexual needs and that it had been very hard the last six months without a hard cock in her pussy.Mary asked John if we could have some privacy here in the tub. John smiled and said of course. He told me to take good care of his wife and went into the house.Mary climbed up onte seat at the edge of tub. She spread her legs and showed me her pussy. Her big tits hung down heavy over her tummy, her big belly tummy, and she spread her shaved lips to show me more of her pussy.She asked if I liked to lick pussy? She said she loved to get oral, John was very good at it, but afterwards she always wanted to feel a hard cock in her.I told her that I would lick her pussy for her, actually I would love to lick her pussy. She grabbed my face and gave me a passionate kiss. My cock was aching for attention, but I had a task to complete first. I went down in the water so I could kiss her pussy. I started with light gentle kisses and worked my way around her pussy. Then I started to lick her outer pussy lips and work my way into her pussy. She held her hands on my head bayraklı escort bayan as my tongue found her folds and worked my way all the way to her opening. She moaned when I very, very lightly licked her clit. Carefully I started to nibble on her clit and at the same time I used my fingers to start to penetrate her wet pussy. Her finger dug into my head and I could feel how much she enjoyed my licking. My finger got wet and slippery from all the juices that came out of her. I had not been at it very long, when she called out that she was cuming. I never stopped sucking on her clit, even if she tried to remove my mouth from her. I had two finger deep in her, as deep as I could put them in. When she had cum enough, I kissed her pussy and then kissed my way up her tummy and finally up to her big tits. Her nipples were rock hard and stood way out. This time it we moaned together when I started to suck on her right nipple. It felt so big and hard in my mouth and her breast was so full. She grabbed my head and moved my mouth to her lips. That mean that I had to stand up to reach her face and my cock touched her inner thigh. I moved my hips around while we kissed and my cock found her wetness. I felt my big cock head slide around over her pussy and I felt her hard clit. I lowered myself and stopped at the entrance to her pussy. Without the use of our hands my cock found its way into her. Her kisses got intensified as my cock slowly tried to get in. I had to push harder, my hands on her hips and I felt her move her hips closer to me when my head finally popped into her. She gasped for air as I kept sliding deep into her, she was so fucking wet. She let go of my head and moved her hands down to my ass. She caressed my ass and I fucked her slowly, but with force. Her hands were all over my butt and then found my butt crack. I felt one her fingers on my anus and she massaged like I had never felt before.I was breathing hard and really close to cuming. Mary told me to cum in her! Fuck, I had not expected that. Most girls would not let me in them without a condom. Here I was fucking a married woman bareback and she was telling me to cum in her!When her finger started to slide into my ass, it felt too good and I could not hold back! I felt my cock grow bigger and pushed as deep as I could into Mary’s wet pussy. She looked at me to told me to cum now. I felt my cock erupt and Mary’s pussy gripping my cock like a wise. My orgasm was so strong it was difficult for me to keep standing up. I pumped out a ton of cum into her.My hands were on her big full breasts and I told her this was amazing. She said that it was good that I was going to move in, because she knew that they had done the right decision by telling me to move in with them.Then I heard John say it had been beautiful to watch us fuck. Mary looked over at him and saw that he had an erection. She smiled and told me that she needed to fuck her husband now. For the first time in six months he had an erection.His cock was not very big, but she jumped in and rode his cock to orgasm within a couple of minutes.Then she got off and laid down on a lounge chair. I had managed to get hard again for watching them fuck. Or actually from watching Mary’s big ass riding John’s cock.When Mary saw my erection she motioned for me to come over to her. She spread her legs and I started to fuck her again. She had no problem reaching a series of orgasm while I was pumping away.I let another load into her. My orgasm was as strong as the first time. It turned me on to fuck this big older woman with her husband sitting next to us watching my cock fill her pussy like his never had.Fuck, I had not even moved in yet…..

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