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Repos of my FantasyThis is how the fantasy goes I arrive at the Hilton Garden Inn before nightfall. In advance, I had made reservations for a handicap room as these rooms have a nice big walk-in shower and me being handicapped as well. From inside one of the bags that I had packed, I pull out all of the interesting toys that I brought. I set up everything on the table, the night stand and the dresser before you have a chance to arrive. You arrive about an hour later than I do from a long drive to meet me for what has been a long over-due rendezvous.As you enter the room, you notice under a metallic measuring cup mounted upon a stand, a small scented candle burning on the table by the bedside. Inside this metallic cup, you notice that it is filled with cocoa oil that is being heated to a comfortable/tolerable temperature for the body. Next to this candle is an array of devices that you are somewhat familiar with me talking to you about over the phone. These toys and devices include a strap-on, professional hand barber’s massage unit; several different lengths of restrictive rings which include the solid white colored one that you love so much to see him wearing in pictures and the internal slotted metallic sleeve with a glue strip attached to it. Along with these toys are the TENS stimulator and all the attachments that go with it that you wanted me to purchase, and a couple of surgical tweezers; one straight and one curved. Your eyes wander and notice several different sizes of syringes, both needled and non-needled and the sealed bottles of lidocaine solution for injection purposes. Beside these items are several tubes of numbing solutions, such as Oral Gel and a lidocaine base cream that can be used for exterior topical application.I walk out of the shower wearing nothing but a bath robe and a smile just after you had entered the room. You have taken notice of the layout that is there before your eyes, and a smile slowly creeps across your face. You have that Cheshire cat grin on your face as you walk past me, not saying a single word and enter the bathroom to take a shower and get cleaned up from your long and hard road trip. You take extra care to make certain that every part of your sore and aching body is relaxed by the hot water from the shower before you lather up every inch of your being. Once you’ve taken a shower and completely rinsed off and are now completely relaxed, you towel off and dress in nothing but a sheer robe as you exit the bathroom. I was so caught up in the moment of us finally being together and observing your naked body that I failed to notice that you hadn’t shut off the shower water as you left the bathroom. Once I realized that the shower was still running, you told me that the sound of the running water would be like making love during a gentle rain shower dancing just outside our window.As I sit on the edge of the bed in my robe, you slowly walk over and gently lay me down on my back across the entire length of bed. As you slowly crawl on top of me, you rub your body against mine, your breast and nipples touching my shaft and then my chest. You spread your legs and straddle my hips, walking all the way up to my face while being on your knees. You slowly and seductively press you warm shaven pussy on my mouth. I slowly and gently lick your clit and the outside of your pussy folds. Occasionally, the tongue will dart inside of your folds, and you will give out a little cry of joy. You feel butterflies in your stomach and the giddy sensations of lust rise inside your loins. Your head begins to swim with excitement of what is next to follow, and you start to grin your hips harder and harder on my face. You experience one, no two, orgasms as my tongue flickers in and out and around your pussy, up and down between your legs, making you feel wet; as wet as it was when you just got out of the shower. The butterfly feelings of passion that you experience in the pit of your stomach start out as a small flickering ember deep inside your body. They slowly starts to grow whiter; hotter; brighter until they become an all-consuming flame. This passion begins to run wild as my tongue flickers around the folds of your pussy lips. You realize that you have to have more than just this one-sided oral sensation of pleasure. Your hands that were once on the top of my head, holding me down and gently guiding my tongue where you wanted me to be are now reaching backwards to feel my aching and throbbing shaft.What I hadn’t realized was that as I was making love to you, you had left the door unlock, and a young female friend of yours had walked into the room. I could not hear her enter the room because your thighs were wrapped around my ears so tight. As she entered the room, she slowly, carefully and quietly locked the door behind herself and proceeded to take a long, hot shower. Very quietly, she dressed in a see-through negligee and exited the bathroom taking in the view as you performed your magic on my face. As you reached backwards to hold my manhood and stroke him, you slowly slid off of my face, down my chest, across my stomach and started to rub my shaft between your legs. Once you first began to slide off of my face, your friend knew that was the signal for her to come over to the bed and join us. She slowly and quietly walks up to the edge of the bed, smiles at you, looks down at me with my closed eyes because I am in sheer ecstasy and slowly straddles my face, putting her pussy over my mouth just as you had done. Her face, now looking down at me, has a big, broad smile which has emerged from her lips. My eyes open in shock as I was not expecting anyone else to be in the room with us. You calmly and seductively in a cat-like voice purr those words into my left ear, “This is going to be a night to be well remembered for everyone involved in this room.”As your friend slowly begins to grind her hips on my face, you take the hard and swollen shaft and allow him to enter inside of you. You slowly begin to rock him inside of your body, hitting your G-spot, as you slide your hips back and forth over my belly. The purple-headed meat monster that you have buried between your thighs slides out of you because of your increased, rapid gyrations. These gyrations grow more intense with each passing second; and, in doing so, his exposed poking head hits and rubs up against your clit. Your friend, who has her back to you and facing me, sees this purple-headed snake poking out of you in the mirror across the room as she tilts her head back in orgasmic glory. She gets extremely turned on by the sight of you rubbing your folds over the entire length of my shaft. She grinds her pussy harder on my mouth and begs me to shove my tongue deep tuzla escort inside her. She has an orgasm and is not at all quite about it. She lets the next room, if not the entire hotel, know that she is coming as she screams at the top of her lungs.After an hour of wild passionate love-making, and after you have had several orgasms being on top of me, you noticed that I haven’t climaxed just yet. You go to the bathroom and retrieve a warm, wet washcloth. You slowly and gently wash him off for what is to come next. Your friend is anxious to find out what is to transpire. As you wash and gently clean him in your experienced hands, your friend gets up and proceeds to the bathroom to clean herself, but warns me not to get up off the bed because both of you are not finished with me. She says that you, my lady, haven’t given her permission to leave or quit just yet, and she must do as she is told. She returns from the bathroom after cleaning herself off and brings a second warm washcloth to clean my face and a dry towel. She asks you what to do next, and you tell her to resume the face sitting position again so as to not let me up. You inform her that I am to be held down and not allowed to move. She quickly obliges but ask to see what you are going to do to “him.” You allow her to turn around so she can see. She turns around and leans a bit forward to observe as she slowly backs up and lowers her pussy on my mouth. I slowly begin again to let my tongue do its work on her. What comes next is surprising and exciting to her as she watches you work him over.You take the now flaccid shaft by the foreskin, and noticing that I too had shaved him back before our rendezvous, apply a small coating of Vaseline along and around the base of the shaft near my body and on the beginning part of the testicles; being careful not to get any more than a one inch high ring from around the base on him. You lay him down on my belly and slide him into the metal slotted ring with a glue strip attached on it. You get him part of the way inside and then use the washcloth to get a good grip on the foreskin. You pull him straight up by the foreskin, aiming him towards the ceiling, and slide the ring all the way down to the base of the shaft making sure that the slot in the ring is toward the bottom of the shaft and in line with his opening in the head. You hold the ring down firmly on him until he rises to the occasion again, pressing and sometimes slightly twisting it back and forth until he becomes erect. Now you clean him off using some rubbing alcohol on both sides of the shaft. Your friend looks upon you in awe as you fill a couple of needled syringes with lidocaine and, holding the shaft in one hand and with the foreskin pulled upward, press the syringe all the way into the right side of him and push the plunger down slowly until all the solution has entered him. You tell your friend that one shot would normally be good enough for hat you want to do to him, but you are feeling a little naughty today; so you take the second syringe and inject him in the left side. Your expertise in administrating the injections do not cause him any pain, nor allow him to bleed. You now hold down the ring against my body causing him to swell to his full potential. Once he is fully hard and erect again, you pull the protective plastic strip off of the glue strip and roll the foreskin down onto the glue-board portion of the ring, giving him that circumcised look. Next, you inform your friend that he needs to be lubed and a black electro flex rubber ring is going to be slipped over everything; the foreskin and the glue board that is attached to metal ring. You tell her that he is glued back this way so as to not allow the foreskin to crawl back up and interfere with what you are about to do. You use a non-needle syringe and draw from the heated metal cup a good amount of warm cocoa oil, coating him all the way down the shaft, and then slide the rubber ring down the shaft and over the glued foreskin. There is a little bit of resistance to get it over the metal-glue-board ring as he has swollen and that ring is actually bigger than the rubber ring, but after coaxing it a bit, it slides all the way down near the base. You friend asks you what are the two tiny metal knobs sticking out of the side of the ring. “Are they some sort of collar studs,” she asks? You let her know that all will be revealed in a little while. As you hold everything down tightly against my body, he becomes fully erect and blood-gorged, reddish-purple in color as you slowly stroke him using some more warm cocoa oil; having it dripped over his head, down the mushroom part of the head and along the shaft.The look of him being so helpless in the palm of your hand, all stiff, hard and erect, causes your friend to have another orgasm, especially after she see you take him in your mouth and begin sucking the entire length and nibbling on his head. Your friend has to get off of me as she is getting weak in the knees, but you feel it’s now your turn. You and your friend now trade places. I slowly slip the barber’s massage unit onto my hand, and as you begin to slide you pussy towards my face, I turn the unit on and touch your clit. The fingers are vibrating at such a fantastic rate that the mere first contact on your skin, vibrating at such a powerful, earth-shattering rate causes you to have an instant orgasm. You don’t get off of me but press you slit closer to my mouth as you hold the shaft. Your friend looks on in amazement as you again have another orgasm, shouting, “I’m coming.” You can barely contain yourself as you grip the shaft tighter with each passing wave of passion that flows through your body. Your friend now takes the lead, taking the shaft from your hand and slips her lips around the already swollen head and shaft and slowly begins sucking and licking the precum that is oozing out of him. You inform her that she is not to make me cum; that you have something special for me. You slowly get off of my face as your legs are too weak to be in that position anymore; especially since you have had at least five orgasms that have taken a toll on you. You remove the vibrator from my hand and inform me that I won’t be needing it any more as it is now time to get me off.Your friend goes to the bathroom and refreshes herself again and gets the washcloths cleaned once more. She comes back to the bed and cleans my face as you go into the bathroom and refresh yourself as well. When you get back you tell her that she is to sit on my face again so you can begin the final session of our encounter. She straddles my face once more, and you begin the final play/torture of your little man.You start by connecting the two double tuzla escort bayan headed leads on the flexible rubber ring to the TENS unit. You inform your friend that she is about to find out what is the purpose of the two knobs on the flex ring. You connect two of the leads, one green and one yellow, to each of the studs. Next, you take a T-handled metal headed prostate stimulator and coat the head with Vaseline. You connect a black lead (because you know that this lead is a ground lead) to the prostate stimulator and have your friend hold my legs up in the air; at the same time she is still sitting on my face; and you slowly and carefully insert the probe into me anally, wire side up so as to not have the lead come off the unit. You ease the unit inside of me all the way to the base of the T-handle. You instruct your friend to gently let my legs go, and you grab them and ease them down onto the bed. Next, you instruct your friend to securely hold my shaft and keep it from moving as she presses her pussy down on my face. You fill a non-needled syringe with warm cocoa oil and have your friend hold it with her free hand. She remarks as to how exciting the warm oil feels in the syringe and asks what is to become of this oil. Again, you tell her that all is to be revealed very shortly.You now pick up a six inch long flexible electro-stimulating rubberized probe that has a 1/4″ O-ring on it near the head of the apparatus. The purpose of the O-ring is, once fully inserted inside of your little man, the flexible probe will not slip back out of him and fall on the bed. You attach the red lead (the positive lead end) to this probe and hold the unit with the curved surgical tweezers just on the upper side of the O-ring and use your fingers on the bottom end to steady it for insertion. You now inform you friend to place the syringe into the hole’s opening all the way until the tip end of the syringe is bottomed-out against the head of the penis. You tell her that it is important to be certain that the shaft is held straight and securely and that the syringe is held tightly against the head so as to keep any of the oil from flowing out of his shaft. You instruct her to slowly inject the oil; slowly; very slowly; allowing him to be filled up with all the warm cocoa oil and not waste any on the bed. She is also informed that once the plunger reaches the bottom of the syringe, she is to pinch the shaft between her thumb and index finger just under the head of the mushroom (corona gland) medically known as the frenulum (aka frenum). This pinching action is to keep the oil inside until you are ready. “Ready for what,” she asks? “You will find out shortly,” is your response. “Now stop asking so many questions and do as you are told. It’s important to keep him from moving.” She inserts the syringe into him. The little man begins to twitch with excitement and anticipation, but cannot go anywhere as he is being held tightly in place by this lovely vixen. The metal cock ring is pressed deep down inside my body, and he is held firmly in place. She begins to very slowly inject the warm cocoa oil, and he feels it filling him up; she also feels the warm sensation of the oil as it passes through the opening down his shaft. She is half way through the injection when you inform her to stroke the oil inside of him downward before she empties the rest of the syringe. He feels the warm sensation of the oil rushing down inside of him past the metal ring as she continues to hold the syringe firmly in place in his opening. She gently strokes the oil in him downward several times, and then you inform her to finish the entire injection in one swift motion and pinch him off. She rapidly pushes the plunger down immediately and pinches the head, cutting off any chance of the oil from escaping. She then pulls the syringe out of his opening and watches in amazement as you slowly and carefully insert the flexible probe down inside of him; down to the O-ring. A little of the oil escapes, but that is your plan as you need this oil to lubricate the O-ring and force it inside of him. The fact that he is so swollen, erect and hard normally makes it difficult to get the O-ring inside of him; but you know that by placing the tweezers on the rubber probe just on the opposite end of the O-ring; and slightly and constantly tilting the O-ring toward the right and then the left; and it being oil soaked, that the flexible probe will go inside of him beyond the O-ring. His hole is being stretched open as the O-ring is being forced inside of him. He feels the tightness, the pleasure and the pain of being subdued by two lovely women; but he is not one to give up. I keep licking away as you force the probe inside. Finally, in one swift swallowing motion, it goes in; he greedily eats it up, and you remove the tweezers. “Now for the fun part,” you tell your friend. “He is to be stimulated. This little man (pointing to the purple head of my penis) is going to be electronically stimulated until he comes. Just before he comes, we will remove the probe and suck him dry. The purpose of electronic stimulation is to get him to produce more cum and a stronger ejaculation than he normally would do on his own.”You turn on the TENS unit and set it to the #3 setting to get things started. The rubberized flex ring causes a tingling sensation to the head all by itself; but with the other two probes being inserted, the prostate stimulator and the six inch long ¼” diameter flexible stimulator with the O-ring attachment, the prostate and testicle are stimulated to the point of almost pulsating on their own. Wave upon wave of impulses are passed through him, stimulating every inch of his being. He slowly begins to twitch a little as the frequencies are being adjusted for maximum potential. You inform your friend to turn around and face me and keep me satisfied. She does so, smiling in my face, and you very slowly turn up the setting on the TENS unit to #4 and then to #5 and leave it there for a while. He is growing extremely hard, blood-gorged, dark and purple and you can see that he is close to bursting; so you back off of the settings for a bit. You fill the syringe again with more warm cocoa oil. As your friend feeds me her pussy, you begin to drip the warm oil on top of his swollen head. As the oil runs down his shaft you hold him in one hand, slowly stroking him and with the other hand you slowly push the flexible probe deeper down inside of him. As the probe goes deeper, the stimulation to the testicles increase; the pulsating gets stronger and I begin to twitch a little. You pull it out a little ways and watch me relax. Now that you know my little secret about what I like, you slowly push the probe all escort tuzla the way down inside of me until it bottoms out at the top of his little head. He greedily and eagerly accepts the whole thing, and you slowly increase the setting again, but not so much this time as you want him to produce a huge load for you to swallow. You slowly drip warm cocoa oil on his head, allowing it to run down his shaft and coat his balls. You take him in your mouth; and slowly and sensually nibble around his mushroom, the head and all the way down his shaft. You grow wet with desire and anticipation. Your butterfly feelings return in your stomach as you think about the load that he is going to deliver. You become deliriously drunk with desire. The fire that was in your loins have returned, and you have got to get some relief. You tell your friend that she needs to get off of my face and that it’s your turn again. You tell her that the two of you need to swap places. Reluctantly, she gets off of me, but she is not fully satisfied as she hasn’t come again. You tell her she can nibble on him while I eat you out.As you sit on my face, your pussy is dripping wet. Your love juices run down my chin, down the front and back of my neck and into what little hair I have let. You are just so wet that a dripping faucet doesn’t hold a candle to you. You wonder why I am bucking around so much, and you look over your shoulder to see your friend slowly turning up the setting on the TENS unit as she is biting and nibbling on my shaft. You tell her to stop and wait a bit as I am very close to coming. You have her come over to the side of the bed that we are on and have her hold my head steady. You gyrate your hips on my mouth while she holds me steady until you finally come. She says that she wants to come as well, so I oblige her by inserting my fingers inside of her and get her off while you are still sitting on my face. After both of you have been satisfied, the two of you go to the other end of the bed. She holds the little solider in her right hand, slowly stroking him, while you turn the TENS unit down and slowly pull out the rubber flexible probe out of his hole but not all the way just yet. You turn off the Tens unit, fully remove the flexible probe and disconnect it; remove and disconnect the prostate stimulator; and finally disconnect, but do not remove the electro-flex ring as both of you want to keep on seeing him and suck on him in a circumcised state. You both say that want to feel the mushroom of the head as it passes across your lips.After fully pulling out the flexible probe out of his hole, you notice all of the precum that is oozing out of his opening. Since your friend already had first dibs tasting me and some of the precum a few minutes ago, you informed her that this time it’s your turn. You hold my shaft in one hand, and you rub the index finger of the other hand over his opening. You feel the slick and sticky fluid between your fingers that is emitting free-flowing from him. You stroke him slowly and see the fluid ooze out and begin to run down the head. Your friend is getting turned on, licking her lips, watching as you spread the precum all over his head giving him that nice shiny look. You rub, in circular motions, the clear sticky juice around the mushroom (corona). Your wanting and waiting mouth engulfs him, and you begin to slowly, romantically and seductively suck on him. As you pull your mouth up on him towards the head, your friend slides her face across my stomach and begins to suck and nibble on the shaft. Together, the two of you work him over into a frenzy; starting out slowly at first and then increasing in intensity in your play. Fingers are rubbing all over him and my stomach; mouths are going everywhere; my neck is being sucked on; lips are being passionately kissed; you are trying to insert your nipples inside of him as you rub him between your breasts. Finally, after a long and intense passionate exchange between us, the poor little throbbing and aching muscle that he is shoots his massive load. His first shot shoots three feet up in the air, and your friend leaps over and grabs it in her mouth in mid-air. He shoots again this time it is all over your hands. He shoots again, and your friend cups her hands just above his head, and the load covers his head and shaft. The two of you together greedily devour his love juice and lick him clean. His purple head is so sore and throbbing, but he refuses to go down. You already know from our prior telephone conversations that he is good for a few more ejaculations.You waste no time taking him between your legs, lining him up to enter your pussy and sitting down on him, sitting on him all the way to the base; cock ring and all. Your friend straddles my face one more time and true to his past performances, he shoots a big load inside of you. Now your friend wants her turn. She gets off of my face, and you slowly get off of the shaft that has pleased you so well. Your legs are weak and knees are shaking, but you continue on as you know that your friend must be satisfied as well. Once again, she come back from the bathroom with a warm and wet washcloth. She cleans off my face and proceeds to the other end of the bed. She tells you to hold me down and keep my head straight any way possible. She faces me just as you had done and straddles her legs across my waist, and with one swift motion, sinks my shaft into her already wet pussy. You are holding my head between the palms of your hands. You reach down and gently kiss my neck and lips while stroking my head. As she is rocking the little man inside of her trying to get the last of the load out of him you know what else excites me, and you place you tits in my mouth and tell me to suck on them gently; but you know me, and you know that I like to nibble. You eventually offer up your neck for me to suck and nibble on but ask me not to leave any marks. Her rocking her hips on top of me with my fully erect shaft and purple head; me sucking on your neck; both of your tits in my hands and feeling your nipples between my fingers is more than I can stand. I finally shoot my last load inside of her, and she screams with delight as she feels the hot cum coat the inside of her pussy. She collapses; you and I both collapse; and we all finally go into a deep sleep.The next morning we all get up and take a shower together. We can take our showers together because, as I mentioned earlier, the shower is a big walk-in shower for handicapped people. We wash each other and let fingers flow freely, exploring all parts of our bodies and discovering new and exotic ways to bring joy and pleasure to one another. We all dry off after a two hour playful shower session, get dressed, and go out to breakfast after I pack up all of the toys. After checking out of the hotel and before parting our separate ways, we vow to do this again and make another memorial night.The End(or is it?)

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