Resurrection. The Beginning


I’ve done terrible things in my life. I’ve betrayed friends and turned my back on those that were close to me. Your life doesn’t truly flash before your eyes, that’s all bullshit. It’s the regrets that haunt you. No, it’s your sins. The ones you let down, the ones you failed.Heart monitor softly beeping ______/\_______/\_______/\____The fog lifted from my head, I recognized smells, sounds. ‘Where am I?’ I wonder, as I awake.The realization hits me hard. A groan escapes my lips and I think out loud, ”So, this is what it feels like to get your ass kicked.”A chuckle comes from across the room and a very gruff smoke filled voice says, “Yeah, you look like shit too.””Fuck, I can’t see, its dark,” I say in panic.“Don’t sweat it, Storm, the doc says it’s only temporary,” as my hand reached up and felt the bandages around my head.A familiar voice says from the corner of the room asks, “So what kind of shit did you get yourself into this time, Storm?”The question echoed in my head and I slipped into a deep sleep before I could respond.Three days ago…In a smoke filled bar on the South-side, I was nursing my second Scotch when I noticed a cute thing scurry into the place. She swiftly took a seat at the end of the bar. Her eyes were darting around the bar looking for something. I returned to my drink, leaving the cute young girl to her curiosities.I was about to order another scotch when I saw the bartender look at the door with narrow eyes. I slowly turned to look, just as the cute young thing gasps and I can see the panic in her eyes.At the door was a big, tall, overweight slob that looked like two tons of whale shit on a good day. I glanced at the young lady, then back to the barkeep and then returning to the guy at the door. My mind immediately started to assess the situation and I ‘m sure that something is about to happen.“You fuckin little bitch, you stole my money and I’m going to teach you a lesson,” the blob Pendik escort bayan bellowed from the door.In my world, I don’t give a fuck who you are, you don’t ever lay hands on a lady. My senses cleared and I looked at the chick at the end of the bar. I slowly slid off my bar stool and causally headed towards her. Her eyes met mine and told me the story instantly, she didn’t do it.She mouthed a silent, “Help me.”I heard the heavy feet of the slob as I got closer. A quick glace in the bar mirror and I took in two other goons watching fat fuck’s back.I made a quick decision, grabbed the collar of her bomber jacket and pulled her towards the back fire exit. She fought me, stumbling and flailing as I dragged her. A clawed attempt to my face brought a growl and I said, “I’m trying to help you, god damn it.” We busted through the back escape door and I was thrown against the alley wall. I heard the distinct flip of the blade and thought to myself, “FUCK!”I reacted with a fist to his midsection, the soft belly gave and I threw an uppercut. I was fighting blind, I never saw who and didn’t stop until I felt the PAIN just above my right kidney. I spun toward the pain, saw an unshaven face and threw a fist. It missed his chin and caught his shoulder.I yelled, “RUN,” right before I heard the gun shot. I saw stars, than everything faded to black.Present day…I awoke to what I assumed was after dark. I smelled a subtle citrus almond scent, which is familiar, I think, from somewhere. I could hear the pages of a magazine or the paper, something was ruffling. The scent appeared to be getting slightly stronger..“I know you’re awake Storm,” a soft voice says.I dig deep. I know that voice from somewhere, but where? I croak, ”Who are you?”The bed shifts and I hear, “Storm, may I call you that? My name is Mac. I am the detective assigned to your case.”I raised my IV tubed hand to stop him. Escort Beykoz “The Girl,” anger filled me, ”Is the girl alright? Did she make it? Is she alive?” The questions came fast as anger filled my voice, “I needed to know.”“Ssshhhhh Storm, she is here in the hospital. She will be alright.”I felt the shift on the bed, the scent grows stronger and I feel the softest lips ever as she quickly brushes her lips quickly against mine.“Storm, that girl you rescued, she has a broken arm. Apparently she used a pipe and cold cocked one of the goons that attacked you. I have to hand it to ya, you crusty old bastard, I would have left ya,” Mac said with a chuckle and added, ”The other guy that was wailing on your ass, broke it.”A black hot raged filled my core. My blood was running white hot. I tried to sit up but a gentle hand pushed me back and said, “Hold on tough guy, lay back down,” that sweet voice full of authority broached no argument and I laid back down, my mind reeling.“Listen to her Storm,” Mac said. “You have cracked ribs, a busted eye and a concussion.”“Let’s not forget the knife wound,” she said softly.“Look man, we got one of the bastards thanks to that young lady,” Mac said.‘FUCK,’ A flood of memories and emotions came rushing back with the force of a sledge hammer. “Lindsey, is that you?”“Yeah handsome, it has been a few years, but yeah, it’s me,” Lindsey giggled.Lindsey was a rookie cop I had met back in the day. We had our run-ins and went from having coffee to actually dating. We would later develop feelings and the natural progression led us to becoming very close friends. I was on the other side of the tracks. Lindsey was one of the good ones, straight and narrow, bending the rules of good common sense. Why she was here baffled the fuck out of me.Later that afternoon the doctor came in during his rounds. He poked, prodded and had a nurse take off my head bandage. Cevizli escort He grunted appropriate doctor shit, scribbled something on my patient clipboard.“Well Mr. Storm, it looks like you’ll live. The eye looks worse than what it is.”He did the finger follow thing, shined a light in my eye and said, “You still have a slight concussion, but should be fine.”He read some notes on the clipboard, looked up and said, “The knife wound will heal. Your vital organs were missed. You will just be very sore and uncomfortable for a while. I have prescribed pain medication for you and the nurse will bring it in about thirty minutes.I thanked the doctor and my eyes followed him out of the room, it was a good feeling to see again, even with one eye. My eyes then drifted back and fell to one of the sexiest and cutest butts I have seen in a long fuckin’ time. ‘Fuck,’ that looks good, I thought. I glanced up and sure as shit, I was caught. I got a cheeky grin from the nurse and she was gone.Lindsey returned a few minutes later. I followed her form as she entered, as best I could with one eye swollen shut. The memorization of long ago remained. Like an adolescent hormonal teenager, I started to thicken.“I can’t stay long, Storm,” she said as she sat on the edge of the bed.I felt the sheet lift a little as I stared into her eyes. She reached under the sheet and cupped my cock and heavy laden balls, giving a slight squeeze. She leaned in and gave me a kiss as she whispered against my lips, ” Baby, when you get out of here I am going to thank you properly. You see Storm, that girl you saved, is my sister Angel”.Just then the nurse returned and gave me a sly wink, “Your medicine, Mr. Storm.”I felt Lindsey smile and give a low chuckle, “I’ll check on you later Stormy, get your rest.”Giving me a wink she left.I was lying there thinking on what I was going to do, when I sensed someone at the door. I looked over and there, in the doorway was that cute thing in a wheelchair. Arm in a cast and some bruising on her face.“Angel?” I inquired as I squinted trying to see.As my eye focused on her, she gave me a long look as if sizing me up. A tear fell to her cheek. A resolve came over her and two words were spoken,“Thank You.”

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