Return of the Goddess Pt. 01-02


The Return of the Goddess

By needyone16

Part 1: How we got here


Dear Diary,

Every once in a while, one needs to step back and assess the status of what’s going on in their life. I am currently at a major junction in mine, as dreams and fantasies have become, and are still becoming realities. For many, what I am about to pen would be shocking, even taboo.

As I look back over the past 25 years, raising my two twin daughters was easy as well as difficult. Parents know an instruction manual did not accompany their children at birth, and even if it did, each manual would need to be customized per the child. I became a single parent less than a year after our daughters were born. Fortunately; however, I am not sure fortunately is the proper word, the girls were so young when their mother passed, their memory of her is vague, if at all.

Now 25, my girls, Priscilla and Sasha, are absolute beauties, as was their mother; to whom I give all the credit. Not that I am an ogre, it’s just women are the more desirable of the sexes. Priscilla, the oldest by four minutes, is blonde, green eyed, fair skinned with a toned body stemming from her love of exercise. Sasha is brunette, brown eyed, with olive skin. Her body is toned as well, but it comes naturally from the creator.

Obviously, they are fraternal and not identical twins.

Their beauty isn’t limited to their physical attributes. Both are well educated, articulate, hardworking, polite, and for a lack of better words, nice people. Spending time with them always brings me joy, and recently, so much more. Still, despite these common characteristics, their personalities are as different as their beauty.

Priscilla is an outgoing, type A person; something I find to be a major positive for her. I never have to guess what is on her mind, although she does keep certain secrets from me. She can be a bit intimidating if one isn’t comfortable with their own persona.

She is driven and usually gets what she wants; but only about 99.99% of the time. After graduating from college, Priscilla started her own business, and it is booming; to the point where I need to make an appointment to see her.

She is also incredibly sexy and she knows it.

Sasha is more reserved, and a bit shy until you get to know her. With Priscilla as her sister, Sasha took the more private path, concentrating on her studies and putting herself through college. This is her last semester for her Master’s degree and already has a number of offers from prominent research firms. She too has a way of getting what she wants.

Like Priscilla, Sasha is incredibly sexy, but in a more conservative way.

The girls have always raved about my cooking, and took an interest in it. For their 18th birthday, I enrolled all of us in a week long course at one of the local cooking schools. It was a blast and from that point on cooking became one of our passions.

Sasha turned cooking into an erotic event.

When our recipes were near completion, we’d always have to taste. If I used a spoon to serve her, Sasha would gently take hold of my wrist as if it were a certain part of my anatomy, and sensuously take the contents into her mouth, lick her lips, and savor every drop of our creation.

There was nothing more erotic than feeding one another a sample with our fingers. As we sucked and cleaned the other’s fingers, I always became aroused. We would look at one another with smoldering desire, stating how the savory tastes of the food made us feel that way. We both knew we were lying.

Priscilla’s cooking style was sexual.

It started with her cooking attire; naked except for a too-short, oversized T-shirt and a pair of slippers. Each time she bent over or reached over her head, the shirt would lift up and expose her shaved mound. It was difficult not to look, and I got caught looking on more than one occasion. Priscilla would just give me a knowing smile, but Sasha would say something quippy such as “Dad, the sauce….”

Another activity we enjoyed was movie watching. This started with the Disney Classics when they were young. Of course, their taste changed and by the time they turned 18 they both had specific genre’s they followed.

How we watched movies together also changed. Ever since we came back from cooking school and our relationships got closer; movie watching became more intimate.

Sasha loved to snuggle with me on the sofa while we watched Romance or Romantic Comedies. Her head was usually nestled in my shoulder; allowing me to smell the wonderful fragrance of her hair; place tender kisses on the top of her head; and wrap my arm lovingly around her. Our connection was very close and warm.

When it was Priscilla’s tun to pick out a movie, it was always something risqué. Her watching style was to sprawled out over whatever she was sitting on. Her legs were either draped over arm rests or simply spread.

Priscilla hack forum was a major distraction. When the scenes became erotically charged, Priscilla would try to sneak in a few pinches on her nipples or a quick rub on her mound. When she caught me staring; she’d close her thighs, clamping her hands between them saying, “Daddddddy.” She knew what she was doing.

My desire for my daughters grew; many old and long buried perversions began to surface.

The girl’s bedrooms sandwiched mine. Ever since cooking school, I felt I was sleeping in a video booth at an adult arcade listening to the sound tracks from the adjoining booths. Without exception, every night I would hear their sounds of masturbation. From Sasha’s room, I would hear the buzz of her vibrator and the word “Daddy” faintly sifting through her wall. We often came at the same time.

The sounds from Priscilla’s room were more overt. It wasn’t simply a faint “Daddy.” It was clearer and more along the lines of “Yes, that’s it Daddy, right there….yes…yes….” or “Oh Daddy, that’s so dirty.” We rarely came at the same time. Priscilla was insatiable, and I couldn’t control myself.

I began to creep on the girls: sniffing their panties, taking them, worshipping their vibrators and dildos which were covered with their essence. I did all the laundry just to touch their intimates and ensure my seed was cleaned from the items I soiled. Both girls were wanton… their mother…and so was I.

Thoughts of their mother, Leda, often surfaced as I lusted for my daughters in much the same way I lusted for her. She was an incredible woman and I was starting to see much of her in the girls. Sasha has her skin tone, Priscilla has her attitude, and both have her allure.

Letting my mind drift, I thought back as to how we met.


Everyone at college wanted her; both men and women. Although we had a number of classes together, and socially we were often at the same place at the same time, she never really paid much attention to me.

Leda seemed to be free with her sexuality. She was an obvious flirt, and most guys considered her a ‘ball-buster’ because she’d get them all hot and bothered and leave them that way. The girls were standoffish towards her saying she was a slut. That is until they got drunk, and then they couldn’t get enough of Leda’s tongue.

There was a rumor that Leda was very kinky. I heard more than one guy say, “She wanted to use strap-on on me;” or “When she pulled out the flogger, I ran for it;” or “The next thing I know, she’s pissing on me;” or “Wow, is she a nipple freak;” or “She wanted me to wear her panties;”…..just to list a few.

Truth be told, everything I heard about her turned me on, but I was too shy to approach her. The last thing I needed was to be shot down in front of everyone. And to complicate matters, her beauty and attitude intimidated me to no end. So, I’d just go back to my apartment, alone, and fantasize about her.

Saturday and Sunday mornings around campus were times for me to get away. I really disliked being on campus after a night of partying. Seeing the hung-over frat boys; the girls on their “walk of shame” back to their dorms; and the bull-shit comments from the boys in the coffee shops talking about the girls they just fucked made me sick

There was a little haunt I frequented, well off campus, to avoid the above mentioned. I’d take my time, read the paper; enjoy a muffin or light breakfast, and take in the images of life off campus. As fate would have it, I was at this café the day my life changed forever.

As I sipped a vanilla latte, munching a biscotti, ingesting the sports section of the morning paper, I felt a presence next to me and looked up. Standing there was the most erotic woman I had ever set eyes upon……Leda….my fantasy.

“James, may I join you?” was her only statement. I was surprised she knew my name.

I put away the paper (even though I didn’t get to the various league standings); cleared off the table with the back of my hand; stood and pulled out the chair across from me saying, “I’d be honored, Leda.”

Her smile captured me instantly. She looked beautiful in her jeans, low heels, and simple white blouse. Her brown hair swayed as she sat down and I pushed her chair forward. When I returned to my chair, her brown eyes twinkled as we spoke. She was a Goddess.

We chatted forever, covering a myriad of topics before I even looked at a clock. When I did, I realized I had 20 minutes to get back to campus because I had a basketball game. I politely explained my situation to Leda.

She gave me a very sultry pout and asked if I was dumping her. I chuckled, and I actually remember my exact reply. “No, I am actually inviting you to watch the worst basketball player, playing on the worst team, get his ass kicked by some frat boys that think their shit don’t stink.”

“And”….was Leda’s follow on response.

“Well….would you like to have dinner at my apartment afterwards?” I took the chance. What could I say? I wanted to be with her.

“I’d love to.”

Hooking her arm in mine, we decided to take my car and come back for hers later.

A little ego here—our team, made up of military veterans now in college including three “GIRLS” who just happened to be former high school stars, kicked the frat boys by 22. I played well. Leda was impressed and laughingly punched my arm as she told me I was FOS about being lousy. (FOS: full of shit)

After the game we went back to my apartment. I took a quick shower while Leda opened the wine. After a few appetizers we got busy cooking dinner. We had a blast, sampling and sipping as we went. There was a real connection between us. It was obvious we both felt it. When dinner was over and the dishes done, we moved back to the table for another glass of wine.

This is when Leda took the lead. With her elbows on the table, arms up, fingers intertwined, and her chin resting upon them, Leda asked, “So, Mr. Wonderful, what do you want to do for the rest of the evening?”

I smiled, took a sip, gazed into Leda’s eyes and replied, “Whatever pleases the Goddess.”

Leda smiled, let out a slight “ooooo,” and uttered in a sultry voice, “Well, that certainly opens the door to so many possibilities.”

Standing, Leda slowly sauntered to my side of the table, dragging a finger over the table top, swaying her hips as she approached. When she was directly behind me, she leaned forward, bringing her mouth sensuously close to my ear. Purposefully tracing her finger up my arm, Leda whispered, “I am a woman of many needs, most of which are very perverse.”

Her finger was now moving across my chest. Finding my nipple through my shirt, Leda purred, “Are you sure you want to truly please me?”

My moan of pleasure was probably the only response needed, but I felt compelled to provide an answer to Leda’s direct question, “I want nothing more than to please you in any manner you wish.”

Backing away from me, Leda took complete control. “James, please stand and face me.”

I tried not jump out of the chair.

As I stood in front of her, she moved behind me, giving my clothed body the once over along the way. There was a slight smile as she gazed at the silhouette of my hardening shaft. Leda moved the chair away from the table.

“James, turn towards me.”

Again, I did as I was told.

“Remove all your clothing.”

Leda watched, resting her buttocks on the table with her arms crossed in front of her. I took my time, taking care to fold and stack my clothes as I went. For some reason, I was not embarrassed even with my erection jutting out in front of me. Completely naked I waited for Leda’s next command.

Moving from the table, she circled me, allowing her hand to trail across my skin, but avoiding my erection completely. Making a second trip around, Leda stopped behind me, and gave my ass a firm slap. She then pressed her clothed body into my back, and wrapped her arms around me, taking a firm hold of both my balls and erection.

“From this point on, these belong to me. Actually, you belong to me. Isn’t that what you want, James?”

It was if she could see into my soul.

“Dear Goddess, my heart’s only desire is to give myself to you.”

Leda let go of my private parts and finished her circle around me. As before, her hand trailed over my skin, but there was a tenderness to her touch. Standing in front of me, Leda stepped out of her heels, and began to unbutton her jeans. Her eyes never left mine.

With her jeans removed, Leda peeled her panties away and flicked them to me with her foot.

“Look how wet you’ve made me.”

Catching them in flight, I didn’t hesitate bringing the soaked garment to my nose to savor her essence. I was in heaven.

Leda sat on the table with her legs spread, dangling them over the edge. Pulling me towards her, Leda devoured my mouth, pushing her tongue hungrily into me. My lust took over as I sucked on it and returned her passion.

She then placed her hands on my shoulders and pushed down. “Make me cum, James.”

Most guys would probably start licking like mad men, trying to shove their fingers in her cunt—Not my style.

Slowly I brought my mouth to the junction between her thigh and groin and softly kissed her warm flesh. I did the same on the other side. Then I gently ran my tongue along the length of her outer lips, tasting the creaminess of her arousal. Leda shuddered.

I took it slow, working from the outside in, purposely ignoring her clit. Her increasing flow told me I was pleasing her. I kissed as well as licked her area, breathing warm onto her bud. Leda had leaned back on the table and was savoring every moment.

Finally, my tongue touched her swollen nub. Leda’s body jerked as she grunted. It was time to bring her to orgasm. My mouth sucked her; my tongue danced over her; my hands cupped her area, pressing gently onto her. The pressure caused Leda to squirt a small stream of nectar into my mouth.

Her orgasm was deep; her body shook, and a mixture of cream, cum, and piss poured from her. She wasn’t a screamer, rather she moaned between gasps of air. I don’t remember how many orgasms Leda had, but I do remember being covered with her essence.


Over the years, Leda taught me so much about my sexuality, my submissiveness, my perversions, and kink in general. We were together until she passed, a memory I prefer not to rekindle.

Now with my daughters becoming more like their mother, the kinky perversions Leda and I enjoyed were being transferred to my desires for Sasha and Priscilla. I thought things would get better when Sasha returned to grad school. On the contrary, my life became a spinning whirlwind of erotica as Priscilla became bolder and bolder. I couldn’t control myself.

I began to invade her world more and more. I found myself standing in the shadows of her open door at night, watching her masturbate as I stroked myself at the same time. Help was needed, for both Priscilla and me.

I found a renowned therapist, Dr. Eve Reynolds, who specialized in sexual perversions. The first time I met Dr. Reynolds, I was dazed. Her presence, her beauty, her overall demeanor was captivating. Despite her professional attitude and attire, all I could imagine was pleasing her. It took all of my self-control to fight those thoughts and stick to what was going on at home.

What made the task difficult was the topic of sexuality, and speaking of the building sexual desires within the family. Dr. Reynolds was very interested in our situation, asking a number of revealing questions. In the end, we set up a series of appointments for Priscilla, along with the expectation of follow-on family sessions with all parties in session.

Dr. Reynolds did leave me with a specific question to ponder, “James, I would like you to define your submissiveness so I have a better understanding of the situation.” It did catch me off guard, thinking, “How does she know? Was it that obvious?” Still, it was something I needed to rethink.

Leaving, I was confident we would get the situation at home under control….

Part II: The Seduction of Daddy

The drive back from Dr. Reynolds’ had me pondering over her instructions “to define” my “submissiveness.” I was trying to figure out when it started or when I knew. I came to the conclusion that I have always been submissive, I just didn’t know there was a term for something that was a natural part of me.

It was a bit unsettling as well, because once I learned about the term “submissive,” I felt it inferred something negative. Thinking about the images the internet returned when I searched for “submissive males,” or “erotic images of submissive males,” it was no wonder it inferred something negative for me.

I’m really not the type that wants to have their testicles kicked; or be bull-whipped; or dressed up in sissy outfits with my cock in a cage watching my spouse have sex with a ‘real’ man. It may work for some, but it simply is not me.

Still, it didn’t help me “define my submissiveness.”

The closest imagery I could find came from the search results for “erotic submissive.” Those were typically beautiful women assuming passive positions waiting for their dominant to take the next step. They do capture eroticism, but they still fall short of helping me define my submissiveness.

Again, my thoughts drifted back to Leda. Her total control over me was never nasty. In the years we were together, we had one, maybe two true disagreements, and after sharing our thoughts, they went away. I believe it was because my sense of submissiveness blended perfectly into her style of control.

Leda spoke affectionately about how I always put her first.

She told me she felt my complete devotion to her. I would always ask if we had any plans before I made any plans and I’d share them with her before finalizing anything. Each day I would present options to Leda for lunch and dinner. Coffee was always ready in the morning; her lunch was always packed and ready; her car was cleared of snow and warmed in the winter; and the a/c running during the summer when she left for work.

This was the least I could do for someone I cared so deeply about.

Sexually, it was the same. I was always ready to satisfy any need, want, desire, kink, craving, or perversion she had. Whatever Leda wanted, I never had to be coerced into fulfilling those wants.

If Leda wanted to be with another woman, I had no objections…a twinge of jealously every once in a while… because, well I wanted to share in her pleasure. More often than not however, Leda would bring her play partners home for a ménage-a-trois.

There were men as well, but they were few and far between, as most guys just wanted to “do” her. For them, the thought of another guy being part of the scene put them in the ‘homo’ category. Still, we had some wonderful evenings with men as well as women and Leda introduced me into the joys of bi-sexuality.

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