Rewarding Their Brother

Aidra Fox

There are two ladies for whom this story was written, in a burst of kinky, heated inspiration. They know who they are and I hope they enjoy it.

The girls were having one of their discussions, as sisters are wont to do, with some drama and arguing and other things that will not be discussed herein.

The topic of discussion between Merry and June was how to say “Thank You” to their older brother Jack for bailing them out of the jam of their lives .

“Okay — treat him to a weekend in Vegas?” the tinier of the twins, Merry, piped in.

“He went a few months ago with Laurey, remember?”

June snorted at her twin and shook her head. Reddish-gold locks dangled in front of her brown eyes, she brushed them aside. “Oh yeah — that was before they broke up. Poor guy — he’s such a nice guy and pretty good looking, but he always ends up dating such skanks !”

Merry nodded her head in agreement. Jack was one of the last nice guys out there, but his head was far too easily turned by a pretty face — and a nice pair of legs in heels and miniskirt or … let’s be honest, if the girl was half-decently cute, their older brother was a goner. Laurey was the longest in a parade of idiots their 35-year old brother had dated.

“Have we ever liked any of his girlfriends?” June asked, looking at her slightly-shorter twin. It was only half an inch, but it was a running joke between the two. “Otherwise, we’d be identical!” Merry had told one boyfriend, who scratched his head. The girls looked nothing alike — aside from their eyes, which were the same soulful brown and captured the attention of many suitors.

Both girls rarely lacked company. From the time they’d been able to fuck, the girls fucked . Neither put a high price on virtue, sex was the best exercise, the most fun, a great way to keep one’s complexion clear [ so one friend claimed ] and one of the things that kept them going.

It had been their sexual proclivities that had gotten the twins in hot water. The brou-ha-ha had been over a night of sexual debauchery the girls had undertook while their parents were out of town. To save money, the twins had continued living at home while attending college and working in a Lingerie Shoppe. They worked alternate days so they had time to study. But weekends were for fun – and fun = fucking !

So the twins went out to their favorite pub, picked up their favorite studs — 2 studs who were part of triplets , oddly enough — and brought them home for a weekend fuckathon.

June was riding Terry’s cock and wringing it dry while Merry was screwing Jerry with every inch of her wriggling body taking him deep and from behind. An hour ago, the girls had fucked the other’s partner and and hour before that, they’d all fucked in the pool and had some beers. Luckily, their neighbors hadn’t been home to hear the yelling and carryings-on.

June, in her lime chiffon teddy, loved the thick cudgel that was filling her cunt. Her twin, in a pale-blue teddy, seemed to be relishing the hard shaft that was fucking her to oblivion. This was far from the first time the girls had shared studs and likely wouldn’t be the last.

That was about the time their parents walked in and all hell broke loose.

Their mother reacted in a way typical to her — she fainted dead away. Their father hit the roof, if the boys hadn’t been athletes, there might have been broken limbs. When he turned his anger on the girls, he ordered them to pack up and leave. When it became apparent that he wasn’t kidding and no amount of tears and supplication would change his mind, they called their friend Lindsey were able to stay at her house for the night — but it couldn’t be a permanent arrangement, she didn’t have the room.

June got the bright idea to call their older brother, who’d been able to purchase his own home a few years prior due to investments that had made him fairly well-to-do. Jack wasn’t surprised and said “Get your cute butts over here, I’ve got plenty of room. I’ve just broken up with Michelle.”

That had been 3 girlfriends and a bit over a year ago. The girls had offered to pay rent, but Jack pooh-poohed that idea, he didn’t need the money. They did the laundry and cooking — Jack hated to cook — but that was about it. They came and went as they pleased, brought lovers home if they wanted — and found the arrangement worked for all. They even reached a kind-of reconciliation with their parents.

Both girls had saved a rather-sizeable nest egg from not paying rent. Jack was generous to a fault, he even paid most of the bills and bought the food. So — how the hell could they thank him?

Merry looked at her twin and said “Do we have anyone we could fix him up with? He’s so damned hot, any girl would be getting a real stud.”

June giggled. “Yeah, I used to hear Michelle and Laurey — they didn’t have any complaints in bed, that’s for sure. You think Jack’s hot?”

Merry nodded. bursa escort “Christ, yeah ! He’s got that gorgeous wavy ashen hair, his eyes are green — majorly hot — and he still has the good cheekbones and we know how much he likes to work out. Plus, he’s got money — the kind of guy any girl’d like to fuck!”

June brushed away another reddish lock and thought about it. “You know, I don’t think any of our girlfriends are single right now. Damned shame, Jacky’s so — so fucking cool. Shit, shit, SHIT!”

Merry — at times the bolder of the twins — had an inspiration, a devilishly perverted idea. Oh no — she couldn’t – they couldn’t — could they?

June always knew when her sister was up to something, she tended to become overly quiet. Tapping her on the shoulder, she said “Okay, what the hell is going on in that mind of yours?”

Turning to her equally-kinky but slightly quieter twin, Merry said calmly “Do you really think our brother is hot?”

June nodded. “How many times do I have to say it, dummy. I will spell it for you. Jack is H-O-T!”

Merry flicked her sister’s shoulder as they poured two steaming mugs of coffee. “Okay, if he wasn’t our brother, would you fuck him?”

June did that look only she could do when her twin said something that sounded wonky. “You want to say that again — slower?”

“If … he was not … our brother … would YOU fuck him?”

June’s eyes narrowed. “I’m not sure where you’re going with this and I am not sure I like it. Don’t be ridiculous, we can’t fuck Jack, that’s incest. Okay, if Jack wasn’t our brother, would you fuck him?”

Without missing a step, Merry said “In a heartbeat.”

June nearly toppled out of her chair and spilled her coffee, but it was like her to regain her composure quickly. “Okay — I am trying hard not to freak out here, but … “

“You just said it. I said it. Jack’s hot. He’s cool. A lot of our girlfriends have commented on our stud of a brother. He has no trouble getting chicks, he just has no taste. Neither of us has been laid in a while and …. “

“Whoa! Slow down bitch, slow down!” June chided her sister. “Are you talking about us both fucking him?”

Merry shook her head, brown ringlets tossed aside. “Sure. He might stay home and stop hanging out with user-skanks.”

“Well, I gotta admit, that’d be a good thing. Okay, I have to admit, I am intrigued. So if we were to do this crazy thing … and I’m not saying we will … how do we work it? Who gets what night? Oh hell, how do we even know Jacky’d go for it?”

Merry knew the wheels in her sister’s mind were turning now. “Well, we have enough money to buy some nice stuff at the store, especially with our staff discount. We could set up a nice dinner and take it from there. As for Jack — I’ve caught him looking, he knows his sisters are hotties. What night — why, the same night, don’t be silly!”

“You want us to fuck him at the same time? Are you nuts?”

“Why, you’ve seen me naked — when we go away together, we sleep in the same bed, we’ve fucked guys in the same room ….”

“Oh Christ, I can’t even believe I’m considering this!”

Merry’s eyebrow arched. “So you are considering it?”

June sighed. “Shit, I don’t know. I mean — you and I, we’ve done some pretty wild stuff, but this — this is incest and … “

Merry gave her sister a reassuring hug. “We’re not going to get pregnant. Jack takes good care of us. Maybe there’s a reason we all ended up together. Heck, it’d be fun just to tease him and blow his mind!”

June giggled. “Among other things!” She shrugged her shoulders and resigned herself to her perverted fate. “Okay, I’m in. Poor Jack — his life is never going to be the same.”

On Monday, their plan went into effect.

Over morning coffee, Merry served their brother in a new white teddy and stockings with heels, adding a dab of perfume and strategically bending over a little more than necessary. That night, June wore a new black negligee that cinched tight at the waist, with a high slit on one side and cute black mules. Merry, back in the teddy, sat cuddled with her sister on the couch across from Jack and noticed him trying hard to pay attention to his football game — in vain. The girls went to bed with dopey grins on their faces.

Tuesday Jack was up and out early, but over lunch, June wore a snug tank top and the shortest shorts she owned. Underneath was a tiny red thong and instead of runners, she wore an impractical pair of red stilettos. She put an extra bit of ooomph into her movements as she fed her brother and when Merry came down, she thought Jack’s eyes were going to bug out. She claimed she was “going shopping” but Merry had on one of the shortest minis June had ever seen and a top that was also black, but like “Swiss Cheese” – holes everywhere, just allowing glimpses of bare flesh. She had on a pair of thigh-high “fuck me” boots with matching stilettos bursa escort bayan and had styled her hair and eye makeup to give her a brazen, wild look. June thought if her sister shopped in that outfit, she’d be coming home with a lot of freebies.

Wednesday morning came and both women could see their brother looked a bit tired and haggard. June teased her sister quietly that she thought she’d heard creaking in the next bedroom and wondered if their brother had been masturbating thinking of them. The twins went upstairs and came back down in pretty pale sun dresses, under which could be seen lacy bras and sexy french-cut panties. Heels were a must, both girls had noticed their sibling liked their legs — so they’d spent time shaving and applying lotion to make them shiny and smooth.

Thursday the girls “worked on their tans” – an excuse to wear micro-bikinis and move and squirm and even take their tops off, hoping Jack would come out and join them. He didn’t. Even when the sisters oiled each other up, being a bit explicit, Jack seemed to remain stoic. Was their plan going to fail? June was becoming dejected, now she’d let herself go, she was really into this.

Friday was a day to pull out all the stops — June wore a scarlet corset with black stockings and garters, heels with a silver stiletto tip. Her sister had on a beautiful satin negligee, black, slit high, stilettos too, plunging neckline, a perfume that would not be ignored. Jack hadn’t said anything in nearly 30 minutes. The TV was on, but it was clear he wasn’t paying attention to Cartman or Butters. Finally, he spoke up.

“Okay, this has to stop .”

“What?” both girls said in unison.

‘This — this – whatever it is you’re doing. The clothes. The moves. I don’t know why you’re acting like flirty little teases, like sluts begging for a fuck, but …”

“Are we acting like sluts begging for a fuck Juney?” Merry turned to her sister.

“Maybe — so what if we are?” June said, moving in a slightly provocative manner.

“Yeah Jack — maybe we are hot, nasty little sluts, just aching to be fucked. Whatcha gonna do about it?” Merry said, pressing her body hard against his, her round breasts rubbing his chest.

“For Chrissakes Merry — you’re my sister!” Jack exclaimed — he seemed horrified, but not entirely . There was something there — hard to define — not quite lust, not love — like confusion, perhaps? He wasn’t supposed to find his sisters sexy, but June knew the effect she and her sister had on men — and their brother was most definitely of the male persuasion.

Jack was struggling hard with all of this. His sisters were certainly not angels, or they wouldn’t have been living with him. Their sexual escapades were well-known to him, but this was well beyond the norm. This was a line that once crossed could never be un -crossed and Jack was loathe to take that step — but they were so sexual and alluring, his will was crumbling.

He regained his stoic composure and challenged the twins. “Okay, you know this is flat-out ridiculous. We can’t — fuck — it’s incest and besides, you two can have any man you want. Why the hell do you want to fuck me?”

Merry looked at her brother with rich brown eyes that seemed to dance with delight. “Well — you mean aside from the fact you’re one hot S.O.B and both of us want to jump your bones?”

June moved in beside her sister and boldly grabbed her brother’s crotch. She was not at all surprised to find him hard — but she was amazed to find out how big he was.

“Okay — truth time. We hated each and every girl you went out with, Jack. They’re idiots or skanks or both. You’ve taken great care of us — so, we figure it we take care of you, this solves everyone’s problems!”

Jack’s head was spinning — these were his sisters, he knew that — but Christ, they were such hot fuckable little honeys! He couldn’t deny if he’d come across them in a bar, he’d have wanted to take them home and screw the shit out of them — and now they were both offering …?

Merry whispered into June’s ear and an awkward smile crossed June’s face. She trusted her sister, but this was pretty out there. Still, if it got their brother naked and ready to fuck ….

Jack saw his sisters move together — lord, this couldn’t be — they moved together, their lips brushed together, hands tangled through thick hair, then moved down each other’s bodies as the kisses became more ardent, more passionate. His sisters were getting it on! It was wrong and it was so fucking hot !

June was a bit confused — Merry sure could kiss. June wasn’t bi-sexual, as far as she knew — but Merry could kiss. Her entire body was responding. From the way Merry was making her feel, she was fairly sure this wasn’t Merry’s first time kissing another girl.

Merry found that her little ploy was working — she could see Jack’s resistance, but she knew it wouldn’t be long. No hurry — escort bursa kissing June was a very sensual experience, the lusty little minx was arousing her in return. Merry could see while all the men were drawn to her sister, she was indeed a cuddly, adorable little bundle of sex. She squeezed her sister’s asscheeks and nuzzled her neck, the little giggles she heard her sister make adding to her fun.

June just did the best she could to play along — although she certainly thought her sister had never looked more exquisite, the negligee looked spectacular on her. She thought she’d like to borrow it sometime.

Their bodies were twisting together in erotic syncopation, so much so, that the twins nearly forgot their brother until they heard a loud “Ahem” from across the room.

The girls turned in unison to their brother who was standing there with what could only be described as a dopey grin on his face.

“Is there anything you two hellions wouldn’t do?” he asked them.

The girls shook their heads.

“No way I can talk you out of this?”

The heads shook again.

“Okay, if I am going to be your stud, I suppose we had better get started” he grinned, hearing the girls squeal. “Who’s going to sleep with me tonight?”

The girls looked at each other and laughed. ” BOTH of us, dummy!”

“Whoa now … I don’t think I … “

There were no words after that, because Merry kissed him harder then she’d ever kissed any man while her sister began unbuttoning his shirt and rubbing his chest. Despite her earlier reservations, she was soaked with desire and couldn’t wait to have her brother’s hard cock fucking her into oblivion.

Jack was murmuring something neither twin could make out, so Merry pulled away for a minute and said “What?”

“I said I’d rather go into the bedroom, where we’ve got a bit more light and a bit more room. And I need to get outta these pants!” Jack smiled. Any minute now, I’ll wake up and this will all be a dream and …

The girls led their brother to his bedroom and stripped him down. He still had the slight scar from where he’d fallen off his bike all those years ago — a reminder that their newest lover was family — and yet, his hard body and his cock made them not care a whit. He was a man and soon, he’d be their man.

He lay back on the bed and surveyed his two women, counting his blessings. Merry began to slide off the negligee and June was getting out of her ensemble when they heard him say “Hey, hold on!”

Both heads turned in his direction.

“You’re both so gorgeous — why rush? Let’s take it slow. June, you take off that little thong and you’re naked enough, for the moment. Hey Merry — why don’t you and sis put on a little show for me? I’d love to see you eating her pussy!”

Merry would’ve preferred to start the fucking, but she was glad her brother was getting into the kinky spirit. She turned to June, who shrugged her shoulders and did as asked, kicking the thong aside in a flirty little gesture. She crouched down and prepared for a new feeling as she straddled her sister’s face on the bedroom floor. A knowing, slinky tongue invaded her pussy and she groaned in erotic supplication. Her sister was eating her, a woman was eating her cunt for the first time and she had no intention of asking her to stop.

Jack was resisting every urge to “Jack off” as he watched his sister’s love-play. This was something he had never dreamed of, not ever, in his most lurid thoughts. He knew his siblings were sexual creatures, but the depths of their kink was incredibly arousing. He could see Merry’s face already shiny with June’s flow. His cock was hard, despite his misgivings, he was hotter than the fires of hell.

The girls, in somewhat of a kink-induced stupor, pulled Jack to them and kissed him repeatedly, letting him taste June’s juices and tantalizing him further. Now on the bed, the action was going to heat up. Merry decided seeing as June had already come to climax, she needed some attention. She licked at Jack’s dick until it signified it was raging to go and she wriggled — inch by inch — taking it in and enjoying it all — down on his cock until it filled her snug cunt. She turned around and winked back at June, a signal that her sister should try their brother’s tongue now.

Jack was now fully into the incestuous threesome his sisters were providing — June’s tight pussy on his face and her sister — their sister’s — even tighter cunt on his rod. Okay, if they were all going to fuck, they were going to fuck with as much strength, desire and skill as they could muster up!

Merry’s pussy was full of cock and it felt so right . She’d had bigger cocks and she’d had thicker cocks as well, but it seemed like her brother’s dick was the perfect dick for her horny little puss. From the blissful expression on June’s face, she could tell her sister was really grooving on the incestuous experience as well.

Jack seemed to sense that Merry liked her loving with a bit of savagery — not so much abusive, but strong and confident — so he gave her long, powerful strokes and he concentrated as best he could on pleasing her twin.

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