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Myra Fennington looked up from the television at the sound of the front door. She watched as her daughter Shelly half walked and half stomped from the front door past the living room entry and up the stairs. She glanced up at the clock on the wall and sighed. It wasn’t even ten and Shelly was home all ready? she thought.

Raising from the couch she quietly slipped up the stairs, as she padded on bare feet down the hall she could hear the slam of a closet door followed by the thump of shoes being thrown on the floor.

This doesn’t bode well, she mused to herself. Shelly had been excited not more than two hours ago when she had left for prom. Being back this early, and alone, definitely did not bode well.

Myra has spent eighteen years raising her daughter alone. A single mother, she had never married. Instead she had focused on family and her career selling real estate. The house bust of 2008 had hit the Fennington house hard; it had been tough times for Myra, but she had hung in where other agents threw up their hands and quit.

Now, ten years later, she was the experienced agent buyers were coming to, and her patience had paid off. Recent sales of three homes over a million each had added that padding to her bank account she had been waiting for.

Standing outside her daughters’ door, she listened first before she knocked. The forty year old had raised her daughter as best she could. She hadn’t hidden the difficulties of the world, or sheltered her from reality. She had always been honest when Shelly had questioned why they didn’t have money, or why she didn’t have a father. That same honesty had carried into womanhood as Shelly struggled through puberty and her own sexual awakening.

She had advised her on everything from periods, to boys and even masturbation. In fact it had been Myra who had bought her daughter her first vibrator. Myra had blushingly admitted to Shelly that yes she masturbated when she had told her everyone did it.

That openness had created a strong bond between the two. So, when prom had come around. It had been Myra that Shelly had gone to. She had been invited out by a boy she liked…a lot. It had been Shelly’s intention to “cure my virginity” as she had put it.

The conversation had left Myra with conflicting emotions. On one hand her little girl was growing up. The idea that some boy would be sticking his penis into her had caused her stomach to flutter.

It wasn’t that Shelly wanted to lose her virginity, hell every girl did at some time. It was the mental image of a man sliding his cock into her daughters tight little slit that sent tremors through her.

While Myra had spent years telling people, including Shelly, that she didn’t need a man in her life; that raising her daughter and working was enough for her. The reality was she didn’t WANT a man in her life.

Oh, there had been a few lovers she had shared time with. How do you tell your daughter that your lover is named Ann, or Cheryl; not Bob? Oh she had tried men; but by the age of twenty she knew she preferred the touch of a woman, the passion she only found in the arms of someone who knew her body as well as they knew their own, because they were built the same.

Sighing, she raised her hand and gently knocked on her daughters door, she steeled herself for what she was about to see. These last two years had been especially difficult for Myra as her daughter had grown into a beautiful young woman. Myra had made a point to let her daughter find her own sexuality, not impose hers on her.

“Come on in mom” she heard through the door.

Myra tuned the knob and stepped into the typically cluttered room. Her first sight was of the prom dress cast onto the floor by the closet, and the shoes strewn on the floor next to them. Turning, she almost groaned as she watched Shelly pull a white old t-shirt over her head.

Shelly had her back turned to her mother, so she didn’t see the flash of hunger that swept over her mother’s face as the pulled the tight cloth over the curve of her bare ass.

Jesus what I would do with that ass, Myra briefly thought. Then she shook herself to try and rid the thought, Shelly had apparently not had a good night, now was not the time.

“So, what happened?” Myra asked quietly. She stayed standing at the door watching her daughter.

“Is it that obvious?” Shelly grimaced.

“Let’s see; the front door slamming, or may be the closet door.” Myra actually laughed lightly.

“Sorry mom” Shelly sighed as she dropped to the edge of her bed. She looked up at her mother as her eyes started to brim with tears.

“I don’t get it.” Shelly almost sobbed.

“Shhhhhhhh” Myra quickly crossed the room and sat beside her daughter, wrapping one arm around her.

“What happened” she asked again. “Did he do something you didn’t want?” The idea her daughter might have been raped raced through her mind.

“I wish” Shelly snorted.

“Then what happened sweetie” Myra was confused.

Shelly just shook her head and sighed. “Don’t worry mom he didn’t rape me” as if the young tuzla escort girl could read her mothers’ thoughts.

“It just didn’t go like I thought it would” Shelly made a sour face.

“So…you’re still…” Myra tried to put her question into words.

“IF you mean am I a virgin, no.” Shelly said flatly.

“Oh” was all Myra could mumble.

“Mom, I wasn’t technically a virgin tonight, OK.” Shelly said.

“Ummm, I don’t understand” Myra was even more confused.

“I took care of that myself almost a year ago” Shelly sighed. “I didn’t want it to hurt when I was with a guy, so I used one of my dildos.”

Myra shuddered at the thought of her daughter laying on her bed shoving a dildo up her virgin hole. She could feel that familiar tingle between her legs, and knew she was getting into dangerous territory, but she wanted to help her daughter through this.

“OK” she said softly

“We snuck off to the chemistry lad” Shelly started finally talking. “I gave him a blow job, I mean tried.” She snorted.

Shelly started to gesture with her hands as she became more animated. Myra tried to focus on her daughters’ face, but couldn’t ignore the vision of her breasts swaying from side to side in the tight t-shirt. She felt the tingle grow between her thighs and clenched them together to try and subdue the growing itch.

“We used one of the desks, I even let him take me from behind” she looked up at her mother. “No offense mom, but a bit on the demeaning side if you ask me.”

“Not your favorite I take it” Myra could only smile as the image of her daughter bent over a desk with that hot ass showing seared into her mind.

“It was OK” Shelly just shrugged. “But, when he finally got it inside” She grimaced again “That was a chore in itself.” She looked at her mother.

Myra sat quietly as the continued images rolled through her mind.

“But finally, he got it where it belonged” Shelly snorted again. “It was like…OK, is that it?”

Myra stared at her daughter and tried to image the scene; some young boy panting and drooling while he fucked her daughter who just lay there with a bored look on her face. The sight just suddenly struck her funny.

“It wasn’t funny” Shelly said as her mother sat and laughed beside her.

“Sorry” Myra said with a last chuckle.

“I was like, OK fucker get started. Hump, hump; and nothing” Shelly said exasperated. “I mean where were the fireworks; the moans, even a little sparkle would have been nice” Shelly said with disgust.

“Jesus five minutes later he pulled out, squirted on my ass” Shelly shook her head. “I was ready for home. Hell the Flash couldn’t have cum quicker.” She grated.

“Didn’t he do something for you?” Myra choked out. “I mean after all, you gave him a blowjob.”

:”Fuck that was worse” Shelly threw herself back onto the narrow bed. “He felt bad after and I lay out on the desk” Shelly bent her knees imitating her position.

Myra couldn’t suppress the gasp as her daughters’ tight slit came into view. Oh God, she is not wearing panties, she almost groaned. The tingle between her thighs was igniting into a smoldering heat.

“He shoved his head down there like he was running a football play” Shelly spread her thighs as gripped her inner thighs. “The licking wasn’t bad, but when he tried to suck one lip off and then pulled the hair with his teeth, I wanted to smack his head” her daughter kept ranting.

Through her whole description, Shelly opened her thighs, her small lips barely parting, as her shirt slid higher, revealing a well-trimmed landing strip of dark hair just above her mons.

Myra could feel her breathing shallow out as her eyes glued to her daughter. The fire that smoldered in her belly called out to her, it was all she could do to not shove her hand between her own thighs.

“He never did find my fucking clit” Shelly exclaimed as her enraptured mother watched her open her lips with delicate fingers, allowing the small pink bud to slip into view.

“Jesus” Myra whispered. She could feel her rock hard nipples strain at her own blouse while her panties dampened with anxious juices.

“You know what the bitch is mom” Shelly sighed as she dropped her legs back to the bed. “Mom?” she looked at her mother.

“Hmmm” Myra was almost in a trance. “What sweetie” she barely croaked out.

Shelly stared at her mother in surprise. She could see the glassy look in her mothers’ eyes as she stared down at her. Her glance took in the flushed cheeks, and the light sheen of perspiration on her mother’s forehead as her breasts rose and fell with her almost labored breathing.

“You OK mom” Shelly asked concerned.

“What? Yes, I’m fine” Myra shook herself and looked up at her daughter. “What was the bitch, as you put it?” she tried to smile.

“It wasn’t my virginity mom” Shelly softly whispered. “I wanted an orgasm.”

“Orgasm” Myra asked stunned.

“Yeah an orgasm” Shelly whispered again. “I’ve never had one. At least not what all the other girls talk about; you know, all the fireworks, light tuzla escort bayan show, body wracking.” She said.

Some people call it an epiphany, others just call it ‘that moment’; for Myra that was the moment. Sitting there beside her daughter, watching her trace a finger along her cloth covered belly. Myra felt love and lust collide deep inside her belly. She shuddered and closed her eyes for a moment.

“Mom” Shelly asked in a hushed whisper.

Myra rose from her daughters’ bed and looked down at the most beautiful creature she had ever set eyes on. She could feel her aching nipples, sense her dampness between her thighs. She could smell her daughters’ arousal as she took a deep breath.

“Stay put” Myra told her daughter.

Before Shelly could respond or ask, Myra stepped out of the bedroom and quickly went down the hall to her own. Swiftly she pulled the small cloth from her bedside drawer and then rummaged until her hand wrapped around a small pink object. Quickly she headed back to her daughter.

Myra couldn’t believe she was about to do this, but the need in her daughters’ voice had triggered the memories of her own confusion and need through her younger years.

For Shelly, she lay in confusion; what was her mom planning. She turned to the bedroom door as her mother stepped back inside. Her mother approached the bed and without a word leaned down and slipped the sleep mask she had brought over her face.

“Mom, what…” she felt her mother press her fingers to her lips silencing her.

“Myra” she heard her mothers’ soft voice. “Right now I am Myra and only Myra, do you understand?” Shelly silently nodded her head.

Shelly lay staring into the darkness of the sleep mask, trying to figure out what was happening. After a moment, she felt the mattress shift as her mother slowly eased down beside her. Fingers traced along the exposed skin of her belly, and then began to roll the cloth of her t-shirt higher and higher.

If she goes any higher she’ll…Oh God; was all Shelly could think as she felt the cloth slip over her breasts. She could feel the cool air of the room wash over her skin.

“Mo…Myra, what are you…Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh” Shelly could only moan as she felt hot breath waft over first one exposed nipple and then the other.

As the hot breath washed over her second nipple, Shelly involuntarily arched her back as it sent a tingle down her spine. At that moment she felt a hot wetness close over her aching nipple.

“Oh Godddd” the young girl gasped. Her mother was sucking her breast. The passion and gentles in that single action threatened to short circuit her brain.

“What are you…oh God…Myra…Oh God…” Shelly moaned as for the first time in her young life she felt a bolt shoot from the tip of her nipple straight to her belly.

As her mother left a hot moist trail from one breast to the other, Shelly felt a hand slide slowly down her belly. This is so wrong, she thought, and then the fingers tangled in her pubic hair and pressed down gently on her mons.

“Oh fuck” Shelly could only gasp as her belly suddenly flexed.

Blind, but hypersensitive to those fingers Shelly withered on the bed. She almost screamed when they got so close to her pussy, but then pulled back. Her thighs spread as they traced along only inches from her womanhood.

Myra watched as her daughter clutched her fists into the sheets, her hips jerking and rising, searching for her fingers. She continued to circle all around her daughters labia, knowing she was teasing the poor girl.

When those hot lips left her rock hard nipples, and slowly began to kiss along the soft skin of her neck, Shelly felt a startling wetness seep from between her thighs. Oh my God, my mother is making me wet; then that hot breath filled her ear.

“Like that baby?” her mother whispered in her ear.

Shelly could only groan as she arched her ass off the bed again. “Please…mom…” she gasped. To hell with what her mother had said; all her brain could focus on was the fingers between her thighs.

“Please what?” her mother teased. “Tell me baby, what does my little girl want?”

“Oh God” Shelly moaned. “Please…touch me…please” the young girl almost sobbed.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Shelly sighed as she felt her mothers’ light touch slide over her now soaked lips. “Yessssssssssssss” she hissed as her ass slammed back onto the bed.

Shelly felt a fire start deep inside her stomach as her mother slid her long fingers down the sides of her outer lips, squeezing them together softly.

“What are you…Oh God mom…?” Shelly gasped out. “What are you doing to me?” she groaned.

“Just making you feel good baby” she heard her mothers’ voice. It was distant this time, like her mother had shifted on the bed.

“It’s going to get a lot better my love” Myra told her daughter.

Better? God how, Shelly wondered. Wait, did the bed shift again? She felt her thighs parted even further, and then the presence of a body sliding between her legs. God, her mother wouldn’t… she thought.

Then, escort tuzla in less than one second, Shelly felt her entire world explode. One second her mothers’ fingers were pressed over her throbbing clit, then there was a brief wash of warm air, then hot lips closed over her swollen sex.

“Mooommmmmmmmmmmmmm” Shelly screamed as her ass rose off the bed to grind against the face between her thighs. Her hands shot down, fingers curling in her mothers’ hair.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm” Myra moaned as her mouth was filled with the sweet nectar of her daughter.

Myra was in seventh heaven as she lapped at her daughters’ leaking sex. The hot fluids coated her tongue as she drank deeply of Shelly’s tight pussy. It had been a long time since she had tasted a pussy as sweet as this, and she intended to enjoy every drop.

Shelly felt lightheaded as the knot in her belly grew, something was happening and she couldn’t control it. It almost frightened her how she felt like she was losing control of her body as her mother devoured her. Between the swipes across her throbbing clit, and then that plunging tongue, Shelly rocketed out of control.

“Oh my God…mom…something…oh God” the young girl babbled. “Going…oh fuck…going to…” it felt like a bomb was set to go off her belly.

Just as her body hit peak, as if her mother instinctively knew, Shelly felt her belly clench and then a slender finger slide between her pussy lips as that tongue strummed her exploding clit.

“Aaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Shelly screamed as her body erupted.

Her eyes rolled in their sockets behind the sleep mask as the fireworks she had so craved exploded deep inside her. Roaring filled her ears, followed by a piercing scream she dimly realized was her own.

Myra watched as her daughter shuddered and shook through her first orgasm. One hand gripping her hips as she felt her legs go rigid on the bed, her entire body vibrating with the intensity of her orgasm. A hot gush of fluids filled her mouth and she hummed as she drank her daughter’s pleasure.

The prom, the chemistry room, the fumbling boy; all that vanished as Shelly felt her body go rigid and then explode in raw pleasure. She opened her mouth to speak, but could only grunt and whimper as wave after wave rolled through her.

As her body began to slowly seep back down from that mountain, she could feel her muscles ache as she began to relax on the bed. God, now this was SEX she faintly thought.

Myra watched her daughter slowly ease back down; she pulled her cum covered mouth free, her fingers still slowly gliding in and out of the tight walls that gripped them.

“That…is an orgasm” she said in a husky voice.

Reaching up a hand, Shelly ripped the sleep mask from her face. Raising her head, she stared down at the most erotic sight her mind could conceive of. Her mother, laying belly down between her lewdly spread thighs, smiling up at her with a cum slick face.

“Oh my God” Shelly gasped, trying to catch her breath. “Fucking hell” she whispered.

Myra started to pull her body from between her daughters’ thighs when Shelly reached down and wrapped her fingers in her hair again.

“Oh noooo” Shelly half growled. “Do it again” she husked. “Eat me mom, eat my fucking cunt.” She pulled on her mothers’ head.

Myra was startled when Shelly pulled her face back between her thighs. Her mouth once again closed over those puffy lips as the scent of her aroused daughter filled her nose pressed against her.

“You started this…now finish it” Shelly told her mother.

Myra buried her face between her daughters’ quivering thighs. Leaning her weight to one side, she reached out and picked up the small pink object she had brought with her.

“You want to cum again baby” Myra cooed up to her daughter.

“Oh fuck yessss” Shelly moaned. “Make me cum again mom” she told her mother.

“I’m going to do more than that baby” Myra said as she jammed two fingers up her daughter’s tight channel. “Momma is going to make you fucking explode” she husked.

“Oh fuck…eat me…oh God…” Shelly chanted as her mother attacked her pussy again.

This time it wasn’t just the feeling; it was the whole package for the young girl. She could smell their sex in the air while she heard her mother lapping at your dripping cunt. She lifted her head to watch the obscene scene of her mother servicing her hot sex.

“That’s it…Oh God mom…” she gasped. “Make me cum…make me cum…” she cried as her hips busked on the bed.

The speed of her mother’s attack was rapidly driving her back up the mountain again, this time Shelly knew what was happening and relished every sensation.

Myra could feel her walls tightening around her fingers, she knew it wouldn’t be long this time and her daughter would peak again. She raised her hand holding the small pink egg, flipping the switch she poised it above her daughter and waited.

“So close…oh God again…” Shelly moaned as her belly tightened.

Just as she felt the tightening hit its limit, a new sensation ripped through her body. Her mothers’ hand descended and pressed the vibrating egg right over her mons. The vibrations shot straight through her mons and rippled through the walls of her pussy as she felt them explode.

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