Rising Star – Lawful Execution


I think I told you that my agent, Flick Caterham, had landed me a part in a new tv series called ‘Lawful Execution’ to be directed by Chesty Morgan, real name Cassandra, with whom I’d worked before when I was much lower down the food chain.So there I was in my dressing room getting ready for my first big court scene. I was playing the part of a barrister which, for those whose legal system is more sensible than ours, is a lawyer trained to represent others in court. For reasons totally unknown to me they wear wigs and black suits with a black gown like a graduate’s gown over. Top barristers are ‘Queen’s Counsels’ and are said to have ‘taken silk.’ Don’t blame me for this crap, it’s probably something to do with Henry VIII or something.I had donned a white silk shirt under a black skirt suit with heels, black stockings and a silly little collar they wear. My dresser came in, Veronica or Ronny, a woman of about 45 and butch in a feminine sort of way. Don’t ask me to explain, you either get it or you don’t. She bore my wig like I was about to be crowned. She had a wicked sense of humour and, like me, was as gay as you like and in her words ‘loosely attached’ to a woman who lived in America but quite often ‘pops over for a bit of work and a lot of pussy from time to time.’“Fuck, you look hot.”I smiled. “I feel a complete tit.”“Wait till I’ve put the fucking wig on. You’ll feel a complete cunt then.” Not one to mince her words. “Want to feel one now? We’ve got twenty minutes.”“Behave.”She ceremonially placed the wig on my head then spent a few minutes buggering about getting it straight. She stood behind me, hands on my shoulders as we examined the apparition in the mirror. “There, see what I mean?” I did. She kissed my ear and said, “Keep the wig on when I fuck you later?”“Just the wig?”“Eventually.” She had a grin like a wolf spotting a lamb.Ronny had joined me a while before and we’d developed a ‘loose attachment’ rather like that she had with her American friend. She wasn’t someone ready Beşevler escort bayan for domestic bliss but she was great in bed or wherever else she decided to have her wicked way and I found it delightful. I actually wanted a long-term relationship but that had not, so far, been my lot.Her hand slipped up under the skirt of my black suit and she slipped her finger between my thighs. “I am going to give you such a seeing to tonight. Now, go and act.” Ronny was not one who treated so-called stars like they were superior.I went onto the set and received a few wolf-whistles and a smattering of applause. The scene was a courtroom replete with judge, other barristers, defendant and jury and I was giving my closing speech as the fearless prosecutor determined to get the villain locked away for the rest of his life. I’d learned the speech and could recite it verbatim even though I had it written in front of me. I’d watched real barristers for hours and realised the power of their oratory and wanted to replicate that so I went for it.It is rare that a scene is filmed successfully in one take but, to more applause and a rather violent slap on the back from Chesty, I did it that time. I felt elated and drained. I’d spoken for about eight minutes but it had felt like eighty.There was a break while the next scene was set up and I went back to my dressing room to change into the clothes for the next scene. Ronny helped me undress. Well, when I say helped, she watched, licking her lips. She’d taken my wig off and put it in a tin like a cake tin and then sat as I undressed down to my knickers.“Who do you get to kill?”“A politician. She’s a closet gay and I meet her in a bar then lead her down a side alley and bump her off.”“You get to murder a politician? God, I wish I could.”“I also kill two lawyers and an airline pilot.”“Everyone should have a hobby. Talking of which.” She stood up and placed her hand flat on my breast. “Am I coming to yours tonight?”“Can Escort Çankaya you stay over?”“I might be persuaded. Got any pyjamas I can wear?”“You like to wear pyjamas?”Her other hand went between my legs and she stroked me through the flimsy, moist silk. “Sometimes. I’m inclined to different moods. I might want to wear them or I might wear leather. Which would you prefer?”“There’s something about you in leather.”“Leather then. But make sure you have some pyjamas too, just in case.”I dressed and did the next scene. Fortunately I have a mind that holds lines easily so I could leave the dressing room, a little breathless I admit, and get into work mode and slaughter a politician.Ronny had left by the time I finished so I tidied up, called my driver (one of the many perks) and had him drive me home. I sent Ronny a text to say I was home after I’d stopped off and bought a pair of black silk pyjamas for her (just in case). They had red piping and were for a man so had a fly. She favoured a strappy so, again, just in case. Well, as she had said, everyone should have a hobby.I had a house in the country with a housekeeper and driver/gardener but I lived alone in my London apartment. I did have someone to come in and clean but usually not when I am there. I took a couple of ready meals from the freezer in case she was hungry then went to my bedroom and stripped off and took a shower. I put on a long, flimsy skirt and a similarly filmy blouse and poured myself a substantial g+t. The entry-phone gurgled and I went to it and saw Ronny’s face in the cctv screen so I let her in.She kissed me but not before I’d had a chance to have a good look at her. She looked edible. She had chosen a white cotton button down which was tucked into tight leather trousers which were in their turn tucked into black boots with four straps around each ankle and heels like nails. She had a small leather rucksack which she shrugged off and hung on a chair’s back.“Good job I have a decent Cebeci escort carpet. Those heels would destroy a wooden floor.” I took a bottle of wine from the fridge and poured her a glass. She didn’t like gin but then, nobody’s perfect.“You look better than you did in the wig.”“That’s a relief. There’s a present for you in the sitting room.”“Oh good, I love presents.” I followed her through and she fell upon the rectangular parcel, untying the ribbon and lifting the lid. She pulled the tissue paper aside and looked up at me and smiled. “They are gorgeous,” she said as she lifted the jacket out.“They’ll suit you.”“I’m going to try them on but not just yet.” She came to me and took me in her arms. “Did I mention I was going to fuck you tonight?”“Possibly, I cant remember.”Ronny turned me around so she was standing behind me and licked my neck. Her hands moved over my breasts through the filmy top, cupping each breast, rolling each nipple as her tongue did something special to my ears and neck. She squeezed my nipples, slowly increasing the pressure and I laid my head back on her shoulder. I tried to turn but she hissed, “Stay still,” and continued to squeeze as she licked my ears. She lifted the top and cupped my naked breasts, raking her fingernails along the sensitive skin underneath them. I felt her hand leave my breast and run up my thigh.“Why the long skirt?”“It makes me feel sexy.”Ronny’s finger traced the crack of my arse then slithered round the front of the skirt and her nail dragged along my lips, almost pushing the light fabric between them. “You do feel sexy. Want Ronny to fuck you?”“I’ve got nothing else to do.”Her nails bit into my nipple. “I’ve got plenty to do if you’re going to play cool with me. I’ve got a cute little librarian from RADA who likes me to fuck her,” she paused as her finger left my cunt and went behind me and pushed, none to gently, against my arse. “She likes me to fuck her a lot.” She bit my ear and gathered my skirt up slowly between her fingers until my arse was exposed. “She just loves my cock here.” The finger slithered between my wet lips and then slowly back and up a fraction until, slick and wet she pushed it against my arse, “and here. If you don’t tell me you want me to fuck you I’ll go and see her and phone you while I’m fucking her.”

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