River and Sonya Get Wet


River walked slowly in the moonlight toward her hot tub. The night was warm, but her heart was still cold from the breakup. She needed to feel again, it was difficult to continue being so cold in her life. It was difficult to pretend to be fine while having her heart ripped out. Her longing needed relief so that she could rest and she had not felt that in so very long. It was okay to let him go, but there were still many other things in her life that needed to be taken care of.

She knew her neighbor was a musician, but was still surprised to see her coming home at this hour. Sonya was a little drunk and dropped off by a friend. Sonya saw her gazing into the night from the back fee and was concerned for her neighbor so she invited River over for a drink. Reluctantly, River agreed.

They sat on the couch watching late night cable TV while laughing at the cheesy lines, music and drowning their frustrations in cosmopolitans. They talked about men and how their hearts had both been broken recently and how frustrating it was to not only live with the hurt, but mostly how they really missed the great sex. They stayed up until early morning hours and dozed off with the TV blaring and their hearts broken.

Drunkenly, River admitted that her last relationship had been a DOM/sub situation that had gotten out of hand because her Dom had been cheating on her for quite a while. She didn’t worry that she could find another good man. She missed the release of worries by letting him do whatever he wanted to her body because it always made her feel so perfectly naughty. Her head had a compromised need to have more control when it came to him seeing other women away on business but her throbbing heart felt empty and longing.

She stood to get another drink when she slipped and accidentally fell back on the couch with Sonya’s face inches from her breasts. In the drunken slip, Sonya took advantage of the situation and started to fondle River’s her. By pure reflex of being a sub for so long, River rested her head against the soft throw pillows awaiting any touch that Sonya might give her. Sonya took this motion as a sign of submission and started to take River’s shirt off to find her lacking a bra. Upon further exam, she was also out at night with no panties on. It was just as she hoped.

Sonya had watched River since she moved in a few months ago, skinny dipping late at night when she thought that there was no one there. She would watch her relax in her spa with her spread feet resting on the concrete, her hand working furiously on her own body while floating with the bubbles. She watched her several times late at night and it was always the same thing.

River would slowly rub her breasts in the moonlight while pushing her hips just above the water Ankara escort line. Once in a while, Sonya would use binoculars to watch the show, seeing every detail when she could. She stored these images in the most precious and naughty parts of her mind for further masturbating moments.

Furiously, she would rub on her swollen clit, as a long pink dildo would disappear inside of her. Sometimes she would do this for her master while he watched her eagerly. Sonya could see the excitement on her neighbor’s face while putting her curvy body on display. She would always have River on her mind lately when she was just about to explode with orgasm.

Now, here was River displaying herself for the room to see on her couch. She thought about this for so very long. With all of the lustful spa displays, she couldn’t help herself in moments of need. She saw that River had been quite active when she moved in, usually with her Dom at night. Now, she had been going solo she guessed lately, the break up explains why but not why it was so slow lately. Now, River would only able to see her once every couple of weeks when before, it was more like a few times a week.

Sonya had a naked River in front of her and was quite prepared on how she was going to use her. Filthy thoughts had inspired and tortured her for so very long. She was happy to hear that River had been a sub, which meant that she could get away with quite a bit while knowing that there were few things left that would be firsts; this was going to be a lot of fun. She could not wait to get inside of River’s ass! She couldn’t wait to put a huge throbbing cock inside of it for play. For now, she slipped a finger against River’s aching clit.

She bent over to lick and fondle River’s breast and did so with great tenderness. River was moaning beneath her while Sonya’s fingers teased River’s aching slit up to her throbbing and swollen clit. She rubbed in circle patterns, marking in her mind the exact points of the clock on her clit that made her moan the most.

With a stretched nipple between her teeth, she looked River in the eye. Sonya’s mouth couldn’t help but smile around the nipple with lust. Sonya’s hand probed River’s slit carefully, flicking and massaging along the way. She pushed on the top of the entrance to the slippery pussy and left it there with not quite enough pressure to push all the way in to actually penetrate. She held the pressure with two fingers while her index finger rubbed the silky clit.

Sonya freed her mouth for a moment from nipples and smiled at River with deep eyes and asked her, “How much freaky stuff did your old Dom do to you? Did you fool around with other guys? Or girls? Did he get you to take anal?”

Drunk and blissful, all that River could manage to Ankara escort bayan say was, “Yes.”

That was all of the green light that Sonya needed. She stood up and offered a hand to River as she led her upstairs to help her sink River’s naked skin into the soft bed. Sonya stood in front of her on the floor while she slowly removed all of her clothes. Each agonizing minute passed until she was finally standing in her panties.

She climbed on the bed and straddled River wearing only black panties and said, “I want you to show me what you can do before I take this last piece off.”

River nibbled and pulled the panties to the side while her tongue escorted Sonya’s clit to the open night air. River used her nose to spread Sonya’s labia further apart to expose more of the slutty clit being presented. She pulled with her teeth gently on the tiniest part of River’s clit.

Just as River moaned, Sonya released the flesh and met it with her strong tongue. Lush juices oozed in response from River’s hairless pussy.

Sonya moaned in appreciation as her knees grew week. She flipped on her back on the bed and told River to finish removing her panties with her teeth, no fingers allowed.

River was pressed together between Sonya’s open legs. River dramatically put her hands behind her back as she leaned forward to Sonya’s hips. Seeing that taking panties off would take all the day with such long legs, each inch by aching inch at a time sounded much too torturous, River smiled in brief anticipation.

River pulled the side of the panties up and bit them with her front teeth, exposing the silky skin below. She tore and bit the other side of the panties just as dramatically. With Sonya below her, she stuck her nose right at the top part of the labia while stretching her tongue out below. Her tongue expertly pulled the lace toward her slippery mouth as she bit down on the fabric then sat up and shook her head to the side, releasing the panties into the dark room.

River sat up and smiled at Sonya and said, “Done my Mistress.”

Sonya smiled back for a moment before River pounced between her legs as River’s tongue found a sobbing pussy desperate for some attention. River lapped at Sonya’s clit and ran her tongue all down her wet pink slit before spreading her open to expose the bald and dripping pussy. Just as the tip of her tongue touched Sonya’s pussy, Sonya ordered her to stop.

River’s head popped up by instinct and waited for instruction. Sonya ordered River to place her wet pussy just above her face as she slid her hand under her satin pillow. River did as she was told and waited for further directions like a very good little sub.

“You may lick me now.” Sonya nearly barked at River.

River was quick to devour Escort Ankara all that she had before her.

“I don’t want you to use your hands, just your tongue.” River complied, using her hands merely for balance. River returned to the swollen clit with her dripping tongue. Gently and slowly she licked from the clit to her dripping pussy. Each slow stroke and agonizing wait until she unleashed and started to purr and nibble on Sonya’s sweet pussy.

With River so elegantly occupied, Sonya got to lapping up some of River’s juices and nibbling away on all of the pressure points her genius fingers already found. River gushed wetness as her moaning turned to gargled screams. Both tongues dipped into the heavens with grinding and passion fueled breathless moments.

Feeling River drawing closer to the edge, Sonya pushed a mean and powerful fake cock inside of River’s pussy. She thrust it forward, rubbing and grinding with force against River’s G-Spot. Each breath brought her closer while the nibbling on waiting clits intensified. Their hips undulated and pushed all touches closer to their tender skin.

Sonya pulled the dripping dildo from River’s sloppy and open pussy and pointed it straight to her budding asshole. Sonya sucked with abandon to keep River’s attention away from the massive dildo headed straight for her ass. When River cried out, she pushed the head in with lubed ease. This action pushed River to fit just one more finger into Sonya’s pulsing pussy.

Feeling her own orgasm tighten around her throat and bud in the back of her mind, Sonya pushed the dildo further inside of River and was awarded with an earth shattering moan. Sonya pushed deeper while dildo had all but disappeared except the base deep inside River’s tightly impaled ass. With her massive friend occupying River, Sonya stuck probing fingers deep inside of River while sucking in rhythm to the beating pulses beneath the clit.

Unable to hold on to sweet delay any longer, River’s neglected sexual depths were deeply satisfied and she could wait no more. River erupted into orgasms beyond the moment in mind bursting explosions. Each wave fueled deeper throbs and thrusts making each new flame light further wildfires.

Sonya finally felt the quivering skin beneath her that had been dancing naked in her mind for much too long. Her gasping moans left her bucking her hips wildly beneath the soft curves holding her down. Each pulse rushing deep within her slobbered pussy was met with booms within her heart and mind.

Unable to kneel any longer above Sonya, River rolled to her side and turned her head back to the pillow to look Sonya in the eyes. She was incapable of speech, but her cocked eyebrow and wicked smile told River all she needed to know.

With long and soft arms wrapped around River, Sonya drifted deeply to sleep. River briefly thought of removing her impaling ass toy, but decided to leave it there as a reminder that she had found a solution to her sexual dry spell.

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