Subject: Chapter 28, Robbie’s True Love III 28. Both Robbie and Tommy were having fun with the family and brunch was fantastic as always. Bradley did an excellent job of serving, kind courteous and very good at his tasks. He had told Robbie that he had been at the hotel for a couple of years but was growing very tired of being treated rudely by some of the uppity guests and he so enjoyed taking care of the gracious family that owned the hotel, since they always treated the staff with the utmost respect. Robbie and Tommy were in packing and getting ready to head up to the ranch for a few days of relaxation before heading back up North to the real work that awaited them. Both had been getting reports from their respective offices that there were no real problems with any of the restaurants. Tommy knew he had some small fired to extinguish with a few clients, but nothing that couldn’t wait for a couple of more days. The restaurants were doing very well!! Robbie walked over to Tommy, encased him in his arms, and looking up at his husband with a dreamy smile simply said, “I love you so much baby. I could not have pulled this restaurant fix without your help!!! So, a huge THANK YOU! Can I make a date with you for later tonight when we get back to the ranch? I think I know of one sexy ass that needs to be played with, eaten out and fucked. You have any idea whose ass that would be??” Tommy gave him a smile and replied, “I think I can guess and yes lover, you have a date!!! So, let’s head out!!” Robbie called his parents and asked if they were about ready to leave for the ranch to spend a few days? Tommy did the same and found Thom and Daniella were ready, as well. They said they would drive up with Daniel and Cynthia and Elsa. They were all headed out in a few minutes. Thom and Daniella were excited about going to the ranch again as it had been a while and they could use a few days of relaxation. The limo was waiting, the luggage was loaded, and the five climbed in for the hour-long ride to the ranch. Robbie and Tommy were just finishing with the last few details when Robbie called Bradley into the bedroom. Tommy handed an envelope to Bradley gave him a huge thank you for taking such good care of them during their stay. Bradley blushed as he opened the envelope in which there was $500. He said, “I know this is totally inappropriate” but he walked towards the men and gave them each a hug saying, “The pleasure has been all mine.” Robbie stood back and simply said, “We, the both of us, have been very impressed with you. As you know we have two large houses, one in San Francisco and one in Palm Desert. As of yesterday, we lost our Daryl , who is moving to our ranch in Santa Barbara and is now engaged to Sam, our horseman at the ranch. So, it seems we are in need help with things around the houses. He will be taking over the duties of the houseman/butler for us. Would you be interested in coming to work with us doing the same and helping our personal chef/ house- manager, Elsa, who runs our lives. You have met her, she has been with us for years, and Tommy and I couldn’t live without her. Would you please consider it and let us know ASAP? Oh, BTW, what is your salary here and how much do you normally make in tips??” Bradley thought a moment and revealed his salary was roughly $95K and normally receives $300 – $500 in tips a month. Also, I get a meal allowance at the hotel and can bring guests to dine here once a month. Robbie was impressed. “How about this? We will pay you $100K, you will live with us, full time, have complete access to the house, can have personal guests, your own private suite including full room and meals, and we will include a car if you need one. If you have a car, that’s fine as well. You will also travel with us on our private jet and act as our steward if we have guests flying with us. Does that appeal to you??” Bradley was totally dumbfounded and could barely breath. Then a smile filled his face and he simply nodded and said a weak “YES!!” “I will, of course, need to give notice, pack up my small apt. and move North. I will need about two weeks if that will work? I will put my furniture in storage.” “There will be no need for that, we can move the current furniture out of your rooms, if you wish. Your accommodations include a small sitting room, a bathroom, and a bedroom. You can use your furniture if you wish, so storage is not a problem. Since the family owns the hotel, I will take care of your leaving, explaining that you will still be working for the family, but in a different capacity. That will not be an issue. “I will include a signing bonus of $1000. and we will pay for moving of your things. I hope you will like your new job. I think you said you are single, correct?? And you are not dating anyone?? Bradley nodded and said no to both questions. So, when do you think you would like to move up North? Do have any major things to do before the move, banking, medical or dental appointments, etc.??” “No, nothing at the moment. BTW, does this include medical and dental Insurance?” Bradley asked. “Of course, you will ensest seks hikayeleri continue with the same Insurance so that will not be a problem, and we will pay the monthly premium for you as well. You will of course have to find new Dr.’s but we can recommend some people to you, and you can take it from there. Bradley was totally overwhelmed, and his face couldn’t hide a huge smile. “Welcome aboard! We expect you at the end of next week, so get packing dude. If any problems arise, let one of us know and we will take care of it if we can!! Now I will go down and speak to the manager and get you released from the hotel, so we can move forward.” They threw the last of their things in the suitcases and Bradley called for a bellman to get the luggage while their car was brought around front. Robbie and Tommy went downstairs to meet with the Manager in his office. Mr. Ted Johnson was a great manager and had been with the hotel for many years. He welcomed both guests/owners into his office and they were offered seats and asked if they wanted anything to drink which they both declined. “Ted, the reason we are here is to discuss something that has come to light very recently. Bradley has been taking excellent care of us and we have found ourselves short of help for our houses. Our present houseman is moving down to Santa Barbara to our ranch. Both our houses, the one in Palm Desert and our main home in San Francisco are left shorthanded. So, we would like to take Bradley with us, taking over as our houseman/butler. I am sure you won’t have any trouble replacing him here at the hotel. He has agreed to come relocate and work for us. Also, we would like to take over the suite we were in permanently, since we will be here quite often with the restaurant. I hope that will work for you. Mr. Johnson was a bit overwhelmed by Robbie’s unexpected request, he understood, but there was nothing he really could do, since the Blackford family owned the hotel. Promoting someone already working at the hotel seemed the simplest solution and Mr. Johnson would score points with his staff. He would have to do some thinking about who to promote, although he did have a couple of people in mind. Robbie stood and thanked Ted for his hard work and keeping the hotel up to the standards that made the hotel one of the best in the city. Robbie shook hands with Ted and departed. He met Tommy in the Lobby and he was seeing the luggage loaded into the car. Robbie thanked the front desk staff, saying that they would be back soon. Robbie and Tommy got in their car and took the road back to the ranch. They were very glad that the re-opening at the restaurant was so successful. It was such a relief and one more thing off their minds. They drive was just over an hour when they arrive at the ranch, it was a welcome sight. It was peaceful and quiet which is what they needed after the hectic two weeks in Beverley Hills. Tommy pulled up to the main house where they got out and stretched. They both took a deep breath of fresh air and sighed. Cynthia came out to greet them and gave each a hug. “How was the drive up?” “Traffic wasn’t too bad, and it is great to be here. Before we left, we had a chat with Ted, the manager, and we have taken the suite on a permanent basis since we will be down here more often to watch after the restaurant. We also decided to take Bradley with us as our new houseman in the City. Gerald has agreed to retire due to his heart attack. Daryl will take his place to be with Sam. “We thank God that he will be OK and will be able to train Daryl in some of the finer things. We think he will do an excellent job.” Cynthia nodded and the three went into the house. Since they had eaten a huge brunch, no one wanted lunch and they would hold off until dinner. Robbie and Tommy went into the generous kitchen to say hello to Miss Ellie who gave them each a huge hug. “Iz glads to sees u’ens both lookin’ so handsoms. Dinner is gonna be a hugest feast tonight in the dinin’ room with all duh fixins. Now y’all jus scoots outa here and Iz needs to git back to works!!” Both men left with huge smiles and went to find the rest of the family who were sitting out on the patio, chatting over iced tea. Elsa was reading a book on a nearby lounge under an umbrella. Daryl came out and asked if anyone would like more tea. Everyone declined for the moment. Daniel asked if Daryl liked his new position and Daryl smiled. He loved it and thanked everyone for providing the opportunity. Most of all he loved being here with Sam. He and Sam would head North next week to collect his things. They were going to drive up, as Sam had a large pick-up truck for the move. Sam would also meet his Gran, Alma. This was going to be a bit scary for Daryl, but he had faith that his Gran would love Sam. Robbie and Tommy excused themselves to go to their room and have a lay down before dinner. Each set of parents also thought that was a good idea. Daniel and Cynthia went to their suite of rooms, and Daniella and Thom went to their guestroom. Elsa had gone up a bit earlier to read for a bit and also have a nap. Everyone had talked, about going riding in the morning out to the lake for a picnic, but all were looking forward to, the nice dinner planned for that evening. Everyone would dress up a bit to make it a festive evening. When Tommy and Robbie reached their suite, they closed the door and enveloped each other into a huge hug and kiss� They looked at each other and smiled and at the same time said, “I LOVE YOU!!” They stripped down to their underwear and laid down, holding each other close, kissed once more and drifted off for a nice nap, with promises of some hot and nasty lovemaking that evening. Daryl spent the afternoon with Sam, helping in the huge horse barn, then shyly saying he was going back to the house for a quick lay down before working in the house, helping set the table and serving dinner that evening. He was liking his new job. He kissed Sam and said, “I love you” before heading to their house. Daryl got the house, stripped down and rinsed off in the shower. He was thinking about how happy he was. He wanted to be with Sam forever. While in the shower, he started to get hard, and he started stroking his 8″ cock but then stopped. Somehow it felt like he was cheating on his Sam. He would wait until later when they could go to bed together and fuck each other’s brains out. He was happy they were both versatile, as they were both really into rimming as well. He dried off and climbed onto their bed naked and slept for nearly an hour. When he awoke, it was almost 4:00 so he got up and dressed in black slacks, a white shirt, black shoes, and a colorful tie. He brushed his dark hair, applied a spritz of cologne, then headed over to the house. Daryl walked in the back door that led to the kitchen. Miss Ellie was busy cooking and prepping things for supper. She put a large Prime Rib in the oven about an hour before and that made the kitchen smell fantastic. Daryl stepped in and asked what he could do? Miss Ellie said he could finish laying the table in the big dining room. He found the tablecloth already on the table, the silver laid out, and the napkins folded alongside. There was a beautiful arrangement of multicolored flowers in the center of the table and there were four, gleaming, sterling silver, candle sticks holding white candles in each, placed on each side of the flowers. There were to be seven for dinner: Both set of parents, Robbie, Tommy, plus Elsa had been invited to dine with the family. Daryl continued setting the table. There were charger plates at each chair. These plates were large, ornate, silver chargers that had been given to the ranch by Robbie and Tommy when they were on their wedding honeymoon. Daryl finished setting the table after removing wine glasses from the sideboard and placing one glass at each place. Bread and butter plates were positioned above each fork. When finished, the table looked fantastic, but Daryl knew that Mrs. Blackford would be down to check his work before cocktails in the living room. Daryl was really pleased with his new job, although he knew he had more to learn, it would come in time. Back in the kitchen, Miss Ellie told Daryl about serving the Hors’d oeuvres using the silver tray that had been put out on the counter. They were to have crab puffs and a wonderful pate’ on crackers. There were to be mixed drinks, wine and champagne too. Daryl had done this before for Tommy and Robbie, so he was comfortable doing it. It was nearing 6:00 PM and everyone should be down shortly for cocktail hour before dinner. Dinner would be served at 7:00 PM. Daryl made sure everything was ready. He heard footsteps and saw Mrs. Blackford coming down the stairs. Daryl greeted her as they walked into the dining room. Cynthia admired the table and told Daryl he had done a great job and should do well in his new position. He thanked her and she smiled entering the living room. She was wearing a stunning short green lace cocktail dress with a slightly belled skirt. She also wore emerald and diamond jewelry including a fabulous necklace, matching earrings, bracelet, and green silk slingback pumps in the same color as her dress. Daniel came down wearing a dark green suit, with a white French cuff shirt, emerald cufflinks, and a patterned tie in shades of green and silver. Daniel looked fantastic and always dressed to kill. Daniella and Thom followed shortly. Each was dressed up as well. Daniella was wearing a medium blue, silk sheath cocktail dress with matching shoes and stunning diamond jewelry. Thom was wearing a dark blue suit with a pale blue shirt, white cuffed, and white collar, sporting a fabulous tie in shades of blue, white, and silver. Elsa appeared wearing a beautiful dark grey cocktail dress and the pearls the boys had given her. Daryl offered drinks. Both men asked for scotch on the rocks, while Daniella asked for a chardonnay and Cynthia asked for a glass of champagne as did Elsa. Daryl passed the Hors’d oeuvres and small cocktail napkins. Everyone was talking about the party at the restaurant when Robbie and Tommy appeared. Tommy was dressed in a dark blue suit, actually the one he wore for their wedding, with his stripped raspberry, blue and white tie. Robbie wore his familiar uniform, a black Armani suit, white a French Cuffed dress shirt, and geometric black and white tie. They each got a chardonnay to drink. They kissed their mother’s and patted their fathers on the back. Daryl soon called everyone into dinner. There were place cards at each setting: Daniel at the head of the table with Cynthia at the other end of the table, Tommy and Robbie sat opposite each other, Robbie flanked by Elsa, and Tommy by Thom and Daniella. Daryl served the first course consisting of a ring of tomato aspic with avocado slices around and the center, filled with bay shrimp and a dollop of Louie dressing. A white chardonnay was poured from Napa Valley. It paired well with the first course. The plates were cleared by a maid and the next course was a champagne sorbet to cleanse the palate served in a small, frosted martini glass with a sprig of fresh mint. Those plates were cleared as well. Robbie stood to open a fabulous bottle of Jordan Cabernet and decanted it to let breathe. Miss Ellie brought out a stunning standing, three-rib, Prime Rib and placed it on the sideboard. The platter of gorgeous beef was surrounded by small, roasted, red potatoes, and fresh grilled asparagus. Small bowls of creamed horseradish with a slight pink tinge were set at each end of the table. Robbie once again stood and offered to carve the roast. He carved and Daryl placed veggies and potatoes on the plates. Cynthia was served first, then Daniella and Elsa. Then the men followed, as ladies were always served first. The Cab was poured, and everyone dug in raving, as always, about Miss Ellie’s cooking. While everyone was eating, Daryl kept an eye on things. Sam came to the back door and he, Daryl and Miss Ellie sat down to a feast of their own. Miss Ellie had cooked a smaller beef roast for them with the same trimmings. Daryl got up a couple of times to check on the dining room and to pour more wine when needed. They discussed the ride out to the lake in the morning and the picnic. Everyone seemed enthused except Elsa, who opted to stay and rest, and everyone complained so, in the end, she said that she would go too!! Daryl and the maid cleared the table and set for dessert. Daryl came in and presented a stunning frozen Grande` Marnier Souffle. It looked superb and served by Daryl, who also did a superb job. Coffee was offered as well as after-dinner drinks. Those were declined, but coffee was poured. Cynthia suggested they have their coffee in the living room, so dessert could be cleared. Everyone agreed and went to chat and finish their coffee’s. The dinner guests were relaxed, and all eventually ready to head up to bed. They were planning on leaving for their leisurely ride in the morning after a light breakfast. One of the hands would accompany everyone to help anyone had horse trouble. They said good night and headed up to their rooms. Robbie stopped in the kitchen and went over to Daryl to thank him for doing such a fine job serving and supervising the dining room. Daryl blushed and told Robbie `thanks’ for the job. He promised to improve with a bit more training when Gerald returned and could teach him. They said good night. Robbie also thanked Miss Ellie for always cooking and serving the best meal. He gave her a hug and departed the kitchen for delights upstairs! He practically ran up the stairs to their suite where he found his sexy husband stripped down and hanging up the rest of his clothes. Robbie just stared! He could never get enough of looking at Tommy, whether naked or with clothes on, as he seemed to be the sexiest man on the planet. Robbie walked over to him and stood behind him, running his fingers up and down Tommy’s well-muscled, hairy, torso, stopping just before feeling his large 10″ cock rise up and meet Robbie’s hand. He turned Tommy around and lowered his hands to the lightly hairy ass cheeks. “Darling,” said Tommy, “One of us is slightly over dressed and that is not fair, at least to me.” Robbie stepped back and slowly stripped to nothing. After laying his clothes over a near-by chair and his jewelry on the dresser, the lovers embraced each other once again. By now Robbie was also rock-hard, rubbing their leaking cocks together and kissing deeply. Robbie grabbed Tommy’s hand the men went to the bed, laid down together, and started an evening of passion and love making!! Everyone is back at the ranch and so far having a grand time. Daryl seems to be fitting in well and did an excellent job serving dinner that evening. I am sure he will be great with more training. (That dinner is one of my favorites to prepare and I normally serve that for Christmas Eve dinner although, I usually do peas with saut�ed pearl onions and different starter courses, nix the shrimp, as I am allergic!!!) I hope everyone enjoyed this chapter and the usual things to be said. Be kind to others, stay masked, get VACCINATED!!!! Please be safe and play safe in the bedroom!!! As always, thanks to my darling Allen for his hard work in editing this story for me. Please donate to Nifty. Be well everyone, a new chapter is coming soon!!! Your Sexy Chef

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