Robert, The Highwayman Ch. 04


Wake up on Sunday morning was so awesome!!! To wake up and see beauty like Emily lying beside you and know that you share a love like no other……well, it is enough to take your breath away! Emily had always spent more time with my wife and me than any of the other nephews and nieces, maybe because she was the oldest, I don’t know for sure. But I had noticed that over the past year to a year and a half, before my wife’s departure from this life, she didn’t spend as many nights at our house as she used to. Now I think I understood why. She would have to see us going to bed together and leaving her in a bedroom by herself.

I laid there thinking about this, about our relationship, about how we were going to live a separate life and still love each other so deeply. I was so deep in thought, that I didn’t notice that Emily was awake and watching me. However, she made me aware of her presence by playing a sneak and grab game. She sneaked and grabbed my dick so quick that it actually startled me. Then, of course, she had my full, undivided attention! “What were you so deep in thought about hon?” she asked while slowly stroking my dick.

“Oh, I was just thinking about you and me actually. And where we go from here. I mean, it isn’t like we can go announce to everyone that we are in love and that we are living together and making love and all that!” I answered.

“We don’t have to tell anyone about anything, Robert. Our life is our business. So what if we are related. It isn’t like we are moving in together! We are just in love. We just happen to be lovers too. But we aren’t living together.” She replied.

“OK, smart ass, what are your plans; for the rest of the school year, for example?” I asked.

“Well, tomorrow, I will go back to class (if I can walk straight) and continue to be the 4.0 student that I was the day before yesterday! Then come Thanksgiving, I am going home to visit my family, Christmas I am going to go home and visit my family. Now I might feel that my favorite uncle’s house needs some cleaning and the cars might need washing, or my uncle might need my help shopping for some new clothes. Regardless, my favorite uncle will see a lot of me too.” She said in her most thoughtful tone.

“Are you going to rub the skin off that thing? Or do you want to put it someplace where it can do some good?” I asked as I leaned up on one elbow facing her.

“I thought you’d never ask sir! Where would you prefer that I put it? Does it need vacuum action or scuba diving action?” She asked, giggling.

“Well, a little while ago, I got a message from it stating that it needed to be treated like a western saddle! So would you like to go for a ride?” I asked, grinning.

As she rolled over on top of me she said “I will probably need some help washing my cowgirl ass after riding down this herd that I’m looking at!” And with that she lowered herself onto my dick slow and easy. “Is this a wild bucking horse here or a fast pacer running for the finish line?”

Damn smart-assed girl. “It’s a mustang, it runs long distances pretty darned fast!!” I answered as I arched my back to drive my dick up into her a little more.

Emily leaned forward and took both my nipples between her thumbs and fingers and said, “Well, In that case, I need something to hold on to while I ride!” She did start to ride too! “Oh damn baby you feel so good inside me! I have never had the chance to wake up to a good fucking before! I kinda like this! Does it come with Orange Juice and toast?”

“You’d better concentrate on staying on that saddle little girl, or you might find yourself lying on your back, like a dying cockroach!!! With your feet up in the air!” I laughed.

She just twisted my nipples and worked her ass on me that much harder. I reached out and took both or her nipples in my fingers and pulled on them and twisted and she moaned and groaned and mumbled “Oh fuck, you bastard, you know me too well. You know what to do to make me cum too quick!!!” Emily was as intense in her riding my cock as I have ever seen her. She was driving herself to fuck me as good or better than anyone had ever done. I know her that well. The look on her face as she worked her ass on me was one of sheer determination. She was going to be the best fuck I ever had. But she didn’t know that I had already decided that.

“Robert…..Baby…fuck… oh fuck yes Robert, I’m ready….ready to cum baby. Cum with me sweety, cum with me…..Please!!! Oh …. Oh…” She straightened her back and put both hands in her hair and yelled “Shoot you load in me lover!!! Damn your cock is so good! Fuck me Robert hard and deep NOW!!!!!!………OH ……. FUCK!!!!…… Robert honey, please, figure out a way that I can have this every night!!” She moaned to me as she finished her orgasm. I didn’t cum with her, but now I was ready to shoot it all inside her. But she rolled off me and just laid there on her back, so I get between her legs and shoved it back into her and began to pump her hard and fast. It only took a few seconds and she had her heels on my back and her nails in my shoulders and was humping hard against me. As I finally shot bursa escort my load of hot white cum into her, she had another mini orgasm and that left her trembling all over.

We laid there a few minutes and recovered our breathing and I leaned up on one elbow and said to her, very seriously now “Ummm You might need to take some riding lessons while you are here hon!”

She punched me in the chest and said “You’re an asshole, you know that? I was feeling very euphoric and then you say some shit like that! Get in the shower and leave me alone!” She was trying to sound serious but her laughter came through anyway.

“Well, isn’t the cowgirl going to rub down her horse before she puts him away?” I asked.

“In a minute, ass hole!” she responded.

I crawled out of bed and made my way to the shower—which is very small, and will only fit one person!!! Damn, I hadn’t noticed that before! Oh well, we’ll manage somehow. Where there is a will, there is a way!!

I had washed my tired old body and she came up to the shower and opened the curtain and said “Don’t look like there’s room for me in there.”

“Well, if your tits didn’t stick out so far, there would be!” I said, as I handed her a wet soapy washcloth.

“Fuck you asshole. You know you love them!!” She said as she started washing my back as she stood outside and I had the water stream directed against the wall. I rinsed off and then we changed places. Only I washed her whole beautiful body. This girl could be a supermodel if she wanted to be. She could win any beauty contest by just walking out in a bikini! She was gorgeous!

We dried each other off and got dressed. I took her out to breakfast and then we went driving around seeing the sites. Those mountains to the east that make up the Great Smokey Mountains are just beautiful and so serene! I wouldn’t mind waking up every day and seeing that scenery out my windows. We stopped at a little country café for lunch and was treated very well, so much so that it was almost funny. The waitress at one point commented that we had run off and left “mama” at home. I spoke up before Emily could say anything and said that my wife had passed away. I just let her assume that Emily was my daughter then. It embarrassed her a little, so we got a free piece of home baked apple pie with ice cream on the side. But I would remember this place, cause the waitress was a little country fox in bluejeans!!

We drove up into the mountains and found a place to park and get out and walk around in the cool air and soft green grass. We found a nice spot and laid down on the grass and just laid there talking and being together, holding onto each other. Both of us knowing that tomorrow would see us part again. We kissed and cuddled and laughed and talked and joked and just generally had a good time loving each other.

Finally we got back in the truck and headed back down to Knoxville and the campground. We laid down and took a short (very short) nap and then she woke me up. “Robert, all joking aside now. I need to tell you something. And I hope you don’t take this the wrong way. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. OK?” She explained, with a very serious tone and look on her face.

“Sure honey, whatever you want!” I answered.

“Robert, I know I am young, I know I am supposed to be impulsive. But this is not impulsive. I am in love with you. I love you so deeply that I would gladly die if I couldn’t have you. But I am also a realist. I know we can’t marry, or have kids, or live together. So this is what I am going to do. I am going to continue my life just like you are my uncle. If I can find a man that suits me and loves me the way I need to be loved, then I will marry him. I would hope that you would be there for me during all that. Now having said that, and knowing that I love you more than life itself, I will always be ready and willing to make love to you whenever you want me. I know it will be cheating on my man, but to me, it will be more like being with family. I can’t explain it properly. They don’t teach this in school! But I promise you tonight, on my love for you, that I will always be yours, whenever you need me. Just give me a chance to get away for you. Do you understand what I am telling you?” She said.

“Emily my dearest lover, I do understand. I also promise you the same thing. If I ever find someone who can make me as happy as you have, then I might marry. But she will have to understand that you are so very special to me. If she is understanding enough, I might even tell her that we are lovers too. Maybe she would let us sleep in the same bed and not hide it. Who Knows! But you also know, that we will never be too far apart. I will be ready and willing to come to you anytime you want or need me. I will never love anyone like I love you, not as long as I live honey.” I reached over and pulled her to me and kissed her softly at first, but it gradually turned very passionate. We started pulling our clothes off and soon were naked on the bed.

As I lay beside her, kissing her and licking on her face and neck and sucking on her nipples, I was slowly rubbing her pussy with my fingers. bursa escort bayan Very soon I could feel her ass starting to move too. And feel the wetness on her labia. Oh she is a hot little lady!! I raised up over her and moved in between her legs and eased down to enter her with my rock hard shaft. As the head slid inside her and sunk to the bottom of her channel, I stopped and just held it there for a minute. Letting us both get the feel of being totally together, letting the love flow between us. I looked in her eyes and said “Emily baby, you have made me the happiest man alive today! I love you with all my heart honey!”

She smiled up at me as a tear welled up in each of her pretty eyes and she responded with a good hump and a “I love you too Robert, more than I ever dreamed possible!”

With that said, we slowly began making love this time. Slow, easy, intense, with the intent of pleasing the other as much as was possible. We made love for what seems like hours, now and then kissing, hugging, smiling, and just looking each other in the eyes. Sometime later, I was getting very close to cumming and started getting faster and harder and she was too. Then she whispered “Lover, I’m going to cum, please cum with me.”

I did. It was intense, satisfying, comforting. It was the best orgasm I had had in ages. Not the strongest, but the most satisfying! We lay together in each other’s arms for a few minutes, kissing and licking each other’s faces. Then we got up, got dress and looked at our map to see where to go for dinner.

We decided on a very nice steakhouse a few miles from the campground. The service was excellent, the food fantastic (as would be expected in Tennessee), the wine just right and the company…….well, let’s just say that the company was phenomenal. About half way through the meal, this young brat had the nerve to put her bare foot between my legs and wriggle her toes right on my dick! But the funny part was that she was not paying attention to the waitress, and was seen by the waitress with her foot up in the air, from a couple of tables over. She strolled over and smiled at Emily and said, “I don’t blame you sweety, he is some hunk!” Which of course embarrassed Emily! But she just smiled and I said “Well, thank you kindly maam!” We finished our dinner, left a generous tip for the waitress and departed to go back to the campground.

But Emily couldn’t wait. As soon as we got into the truck, she slid over next to me and started playing with my dick. Then she started playing with my mind!

“Did you fuck Sandra really good? Was she any good in bed? Do you like her at all?” she asked, kind of rapid fire questioning.

I answered “Yes, yes, yes!”

“What? Yes what? Oh …. Sorry…three questions, three answers….Does she like to fuck as much as you do? Are you going to see her again? Tell me about the first time you fucked her. Did she suck you like I do? Tell me about her! I know I set that up, but I only did it cause she had a nice ass that you kept looking at! Did she spend the night? How many times did you fuck her Robert? Tell me all the dirty details, Please. I am getting hot and I am going to fuck you again as soon as we get in that trailer!”

By then we were almost back to the trailer. But I started telling her. The more detail I gave her, the more she wanted. She even asked if Sandra had shaved her pussy. During all this, I told her that Sandra and I had gone out for desserts after dinner and I had met Charlotte. Then she got really curious! So I told her all the details about the three of us and by then we were in the trailer and she was naked and was getting me that way!

“You said Charlotte was only 19? Was she good and tight like me? And she is BI? Her and Sandra? That is very interesting!! Did you like watching them together?” She was running questions as fast as she could talk now.

She was even asking me questions as I was sticking my dick in her! I told her..”This is what Charlotte got!” and shoved my dick in her hard and fast. She groaned and said, “That little hussy had to love getting it like that. Do you think she was pretty and clean?”

“Well, yes, I thought so. Why do you ask that? Honey, let’s make love and forget all that.” I said.

“NO, oh my gosh Robert, talking about you getting fucked by two women has my pussy so hot and wet, I’m almost ready to cum already!! I guess I’m a little kinky huh?” She said as she humped against me as hard as she could.

Oh fuck!!! ROBERT!!! FUCK!!!! Slam it in me honey harder and harder and deep!! Oh… shit… I’m cumming Robert baby oh fuck it’s so good!!!….oh”

I let her get over her orgasm before I started again. As I started, I started telling her details of me and Charlotte and me and Sandra, since she got horny listening to the details a while ago. When I was telling her about Sandra and Charlotte together and how hot I thought that was she started moaning and groaning louder so I thought I’d add a little bit of torture to it. I whispered in her ear as I licked it “Don’t you think you would love to have a hot wet tongue sliding around in your pussy as you sucked on escort bursa my dick? Have you ever wondered what a pussy tastes like that isn’t yours? Would you like for me to have Sandra and Charlotte both come over and eat your hot little pussy one night for you baby?”

At that point she let out a mild scream and slammed her heels into my back and nearly sucked my tongue out of my mouth as she orgamsed again. I pumped just a few more times and shot a good load into my sweet loving niece’s pussy. Damn she could sure draw out the orgasms in me!!! I just fell over to her side and lay there. I was worn out.

After a few minutes of recovery time, she said “Robert honey, were you serious? Would you not be upset if I was with another girl at least once just to try it out? You wouldn’t think of me as a silly little whore or something?”

“My goodness… no honey!!! What gave you an idea like that? I think you are the most wonderful girl in the world!!! Nothing I can think of would ever change that feeling!! And if you want to try some girl-girl sex, then honey, by all means, do it!!! I only caution you to be careful who you select to do it with. Some people can get too attached too quickly and you might find yourself with a stalker!! I’d hate to have to come up here and hurt somebody for bothering you!!” I answered.

“Maybe I should wait until I come home and get with Sandra and Charlotte then.” She said.

“Since we are being so honest and forward here, how about a little trade? I’ll set everything up with Sandra and Charlotte for us to have a foursome, after you three have a threesome, if you’ll look around here and see what you can find for me to play with while you watch if you want to. I mean…like I would love to try a young Asian girl, slim and petite, or a young black girl that you think looks good, or something like that. Shit, I don’t care if it is just a hot redhead. Or a foreign exchange student. I just would like to try some pussy from some different places baby. And you might think about doing the same thing with the boys here. Try some out. See if any of them are different in the attitudes and performance. Experiment a little. Just be careful, and safe baby. OK?”

She smiled after a minute of thought and said “I think that is a great idea! I already know this Chinese girl that is in my physics class that I think is just plain HOT! If I can get her to tell me that she is willing to play, I’ll call you and see what we can set up. She is an exchange student, so she probably still has a lot of traditional thoughts and feelings, but I’ll find out. Maybe I could bring her with me for Thanksgiving. Give her a taste of American tradition and a good old-fashioned home …. fucking! What do you think?”

“Sounds good to me!!! Speaking of Thanksgiving, I will probably be eating dinner at your house then, so be aware that I will be there and we can’t get too chummy. No more than we used to do. But I don’t need to tell you that. I’ll have to check also, on Sandra’s and Charlotte’s schedules for the holidays, both Thanksgiving and Christmas.” I said.

“Well, what time is your first class in the morning? We need to be sure you are up and out of here in time to get through Knoxville traffic to class on time!” I asked.

“Oh, you’re right! But my first class is at 9 o’clock AM tomorrow. So we don’t have to get up too early. Just early enough to get in one more good love-making session before I leave you.” She quipped, smiling.

I was starting to get stiff again and she saw it of course. She took it in her hand and laughed and said “I think this thing likes me! But Honey, my pussy is a little sore, so would you mind if I just gave you a good blow-job and then we call it a night? You can cum in my mouth and I will swallow it! You haven’t given me that pleasure yet!!!”

She got down between my legs and started by licking all around the head of my dick then all around and down the shaft onto my balls. Damn she is good at this. I could lie here and take this all night!!! There is just nothing that feels better than having someone make slow easy love to your body! Slowly she started taking it in her mouth for a few seconds, lick the outside, take it back in her mouth, and finally after awhile, she had the whole thing in her mouth and was sucking like her life depended on my cum shooting down her throat. As she sucked, I felt her jerk a couple of times as she gagged when my cock hit the back of her throat, but she never slowed down. So she sucked it in, and held it, then slowly pushed her head down and made my cock slide into her throat. Her stomach jumped a couple of times, but she didn’t back off any. She was determined to do this and I was going to let her. Damn what a great feeling! Knowing she wants to do this just to satisfy you, knowing that it is taking a lot of determination to do it this first time, and the physical feeling of having your cock head in someone’s throat….ooh fuck it is great!! However the hardest part of it is maintaining control. I had to really fight with myself to keep from grabbing her head and just shoving it down on my cock and not worry about her. But I love her, and I can’t hurt her or scare her. So I controlled myself till she had it in all the way. Then I said to her “Oh my god Emily!!! That is so fucking fantastic!!! Oh don’t ever come off it baby, it feels too good!!!”

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