ROBIN’S WEEKENDWritten for me by spanksalot have a few days off and it’s hot and muggy outside. So, I’m walking through the mall, because its cooler here. They’ve said there are a lot of people using electricity for a/c units and fans and there have been power outages. When I see “her” walking ahead of me. She’s got this walk that just says “Take me, I’m yours to do with as you please!” And all these kinky thoughts start running through my head. She’s strutting along. Wearing hardly anything. Since the weather has been so hot. A lot of women are going without panties and bras these days because of the heat! I Love to see that! I can see right through the dress she’s wearing too! It seems she’s window shopping. Stopping every so often to look in a shop. After following her for about 10-15 minutes, she finally turns and enters a clothing store. I finally see her large breast from the side. But it’s enough to get me semi-erect. I can’t let myself get fully erect, I’m trying to hold it down by having my hand in one of my pockets. I get the feeling she knows I’m following her. Because its as if she’s teasing me.This is when I decide to k**nap her. I’m trying to think of a way to do just this. She comes out of the store, but didn’t buy anything. She heads down a long corridor that’s between the stores, that leads to the men’s and women’s restrooms. But I also know, there is an exit down this way too. And my truck is not far from this Exit. I know it’s dark outside, by now, so that will help some what. While she’s using the restroom so am I. I hurry to finish, I walk out before she does, and stop in the door way. No one in the men’s room and I don’t hear any voices down this way either. The lights begin to flicker. She comes out of the restroom and bends over to a drinking fountain. I think “that fucking little slut tease!” “Look at the ways she’s wiggling her butt!” All of a sudden all the lights in the whole place go out! There’s an emergency backup light that kicks in, but it’s down the corridor toward the mall.She stands up, with a start “OH!” Quickly I think, now’s my chance! I swing my arm around her waist with my left arm. My right hand covers her mouth, so she won’t scream! I’m holding her close and I know she can feel my cock against her ass! “Don’t scream Slut!” “I know you’ve been teasing me for that last 15 minutes!”She’s thinking “Yes, I have and you’re tall and a great looking guy.” “I’ve also seen (and now feel) the bulge in your pants that I’d love to get a hold of!” As she wiggles her ass against his growing cock. But also giving the impression she’s trying to free herself.But she says “I have know idea what you’re talking about sir?” “Please don’t hurt me, I won’t tell anyone!” I hear the word “sir” and think mmmm she is a little slut and she’s calling me Sir already!I turn her around and throw her over my shoulder. Taking her breath away, she can’t scream out! I push open the exit door and find all the activity is down the parking lot a ways to the right. It looks like someone ran into a transformer. My heart is racing! My truck is to the left and I hurry to it! I open the back door, it’s a crew cab. And put her in. I always carry rope and straps in a box back there. I take off the tie strap she has on her dress and wrap it around her head and mouth to keep her from screaming out! I tie her hands behind her back and then, tie that to the seat bracket. “Shhhhh ” I jump in and drive home.I live about a mile from the mall. I drive into my back yard and shut the gate. I have a high fence and my neighbors never bother me. I’ve never k**napped anyone before! So I’m kinda nervous, but also very excited about getting started.I reach under the seat and get a beanie I have there. It covers my whole face but with slots for the eyes and mouth. But if I turn it around it will act as a hood. I put the hood over her head then I take her out and bring her into the house and down to the basement. I’ve sound proofed my basement since I’m into some pretty kinky stuff that can get kind of loud at times! I lock the door from the inside. I untie her wrists. I lay her over a saw horse, that is padded on top. I attach ankle cuffs and secure them to the legs of the saw horse. I untie her hands and put cuffs on her wrist and attach these to the saw horse eye bolts on the other legs. “I’m going to take the gag off, but I don’t need you to start screaming, it won’t help because no one will hear you!” I untie the strap gag, but leave the hood on. She’s silent. She doesn’t even appear to be scared. I’m shocked!”What’s your name.” I ask. “It’s Robin.” “Hi Robin, you’re to call me Sir.” “Do you know why I’ve brought you here?” “No Sir, I don’t?” “You really turned me on in the mall.” “Wearing a see through dress with no panties or bra.” “Plus, the way you walk is very erotic.” “I’m into some stuff that a lot of people would look at as perverted.” “Robin spoke, “I would call those people vanilla.” “Oh?, then you may be into the same stuff as I?” “Are you a submissive?” “Yes, Sir I am.” “Fantastic!” I say. “Then things are looking up for both of us!” “My sub and I are going to play with you, I hope you didn’t have any plans!” “No Sir, no plans.” “Sir, if I like it, can I come back?” “I think that can be arranged, if my sub approves of you?” “She has no idea, I k**napped you, I didn’t plan on doing it, but you seemed so right!” “Thank you Sir.””Stay here, I’ll be back.” Not that she could go anywhere. I walk past her and slap her hard on the rump. WHACK!! “Thank you Sir.” I walk upstairs and unlock the door. I leave the lights on. It’s cool in the basement, but not to cool.Robin is laying her head on the side of her face while attached to the saw horse. She starts to think how her day started this morning. “I woke up feeling very horny, but I also felt like having some sort of adventure. I did an enema a few times to get really cleaned out. I tried filling my ass with the whole red bag and almost took it all. Then laid on the bed and brought some of my favorite toys out. A vibe and a dildo and the butt plug I love. As I laid on the bed I started fantasying about having a Master who forced me to suck his cock. He was big and I had trouble taking all of him and started gagging. He didn’t care and kept forcing his cock in. Then he was slapping my tits and pinching my nipples really hard. This really turned me on and got me hot and hornier and soaking wet. I brought myself off once with a powerful climax. Then I greased up the butt plug and started to work it into my tight asshole! While pinching my nipple. The more I forced it, the hornier I got! Until it finally popped in. Again I had to bring myself off! I got up off the bed and went to the closet to pick something to wear. It was still hot and yucky outside. So I decided to be daring. I picked a see through sun dress I have. I started to look for a bra and panties and finally said Fuck it! I was still fantasying, which kept me horny! I’m going without today! After I got dressed and put very little make-up on. I went back to my vibe and got myself off 3 more times! I decided to go to the mall and strut myself. While window shopping. In the parking lot a good breeze came up and blew right across my pussy lips. I damn near had a climax!”Some time had passed, Robin has no idea how long. Since as she was laying there thinking about her day. She began her fantasies again. Thus making her horny all over again!My girlfriend, Dianna, who is also my submissive, quickly came over after I called her and said I had a big surprise for her. She took a quick shower first before we went down stairs. I laid out a short skirt and no panties and an old blouse I found in my room that Dianna left a while ago. No bra either. Just before we opened the door. I pushed Dianna against it and kissed her hard with my tongue going into her mouth, while one hand went to her cunt, which I found wet. My other hand to one nipple to pinch. She moaned and kissed me back hard. Reaching and finding my cock rock hard. I pushed her hand away. “There’ll be plenty of time for that.”The basement door opened and Robin heard Sir and a female voice, she assumed it was his sub, coming down the stairs. Robin was nervous to say the least.”Robin, this is…I guess.. You’ll call her Mistress.” Robin said “Nice to meet you Mistress, I hope I please you!” Robin couldn’t see either of us, since she still had her hood on.Mistress and I decided to take her off the saw horse and strip her to see what we have. But before we do. I flipped up her dress up over her back to give her a slap on the ass. “OH MY!!! What do we have here!!” As I’m staring at Robins butt plug. Dianna says “Damn you picked a horny slut, all right!!”Dianna wraps her hand around the base and starts to slide it barely in and out of her tight hole! Robin begins to moan loudly and gyrate her ass back onto it. Dianna says “I see we do have a horny slut in our presences!” She continues the sliding action and I reach over with both hands and begin spanking both cheeks at the same time. Robin can’t control herself and rolls through a powerful climax! “We’re leaving the plug in!” I say.We take her off the saw horse and stand her up. “Strip for us.” She doesn’t have much to take off. Robin unbuttons and steps out and folds it over her arm. Dianna takes the dress and tosses it on the couch. Dianna and I are debating weather to take off her blindfold or not? So I decide we should video tape are activity with Robin. In case she comes back to complain tuzla escort about the k**napping. I do have a camera, that’s setup in a good position that covers the whole room. All I have to do is let it run. We use it for parties and such. No one can see it. Dianna says “Robin, I see your pussy is shaved, when did you do it last?” “I shaved it this morning, Mistress.” “We’re you expecting to play with someone today, since you have a plug in too?” “No, Mistress, I was just treating myself to some enjoyment today, I enjoy the plug being in.””Well, we’ve decided to take your hood off. I know you were taken here without consent. But I think you may be enjoying this weekend, you’d enjoy it more without the hood.” “Thank you Mistress, I do want to serve you the best I can.” “Take the hood off and put your hands behind your neck and look forward.” I say. She does as ordered. The light in the room is set low, but not too low for the camera to record.Dianna and I approach and walk around her. We caress her skin, over her nipples which are erect already and stomach. “Spread your legs wider.” Dianna says. Robin does without hesitation. “Good, Good.” I pinch her right nipple as Dianna pinches her left. Robin grimaces when Mistress does it, since she’s using her nails. I reach down and slide a finger easily into her cunt. Then bring it to her lips. Robin opens and licks my fingers, smiling. I say “Mistress will take you to the bathroom, and watch you while you pee and then shower and wash every inch of your body, then dry off and return to this spot.” “Yes, Sir.” They both say. “Also put her cuffs back on afterward.”As they are both in the bathroom. I prepare the room. I set up the bed by bringing out some spanking implements and toys. The saw horse is in view of the camera lens. So is the stocks.They return and I instruct Mistress to attach Robin to the stocks. “You’re to be punished for cumming without permission today.” Robin starts to protest. “But I didn’t even know you befor…” She stopped after the look I was giving her. “Now, you’ll get extra for mouthing off!” Robin dropped her eyes. “Yes Sir, I understand.”She’s bent over at the waist, but has a padded support under her belly. I don’t want her falling down. While her head and hands are attached into the wood beam. “I made this myself.” “Do you like it?” “Yes Sir!, it looks like you are very handy with tools!” “You won’t be able to see what’s going on.” “But we will have fun!” We also attach a spreader bar to her ankle cuffs. Her legs are spread wide. She still has her butt plug in.I hand Dianna a large flogger. “Start with this, easy until I get out of the shower.” Dianna starts off laying it on her back and letting is slide and fall over her back and ass. “Mmmmm” comes from Robin. Robins thinking, “oh this feels good!” ” I’m going to enjoy this weekend!”By time I get out and dressed in just shorts and walk out. Dianna has just begun to use it harder across her ass and upper back. I stop Dianna for a minute while I attach 1 pound weighted nipple clamps to each nipple. With moans and grunt coming from Robin. I motion Dianna to continue. With each strike the weights swing, and Robin grunts. Now I pick up a cane. For every strike of the flogger, which now is making a thud sound across her ass. The cane comes right after the flogger falls. “OH!” Robin calls out after each cane strike. Again right across both butt cheeks! Her nipples are being pulled and stretched from the weights. After a time. We stop. I slide my fingers down into her cunt, and find it wet. “Yes, that’s what I thought.”I then attach with a Velcro belt around Robins waist, a clit pump. I turn it on and put it in place. It doesn’t just suck it. It pulsates it! It has different settings. Robin immediately starts to moan loudly. I go to her head. Just to fuck with her. “You best not cum bitch!” The look she gave me is priceless! I know I’m asking a lot, she’ll most likely fail. I hold up a big heavy wood paddle. “Do you want this used on you?” “No Sir, Please No Sir!” I put the paddle down on the table in front of Robin. Dianna and I continue to assault her ass with the cane and a tawes now. I started first with a strike of the cane. “UGH!” Then Mistress with the tawes. After 10 strikes each. I increase the pulsating clit pump and I pull off one nipple clamp while Dianna pulled the other. Robin screams out. “Aaaaaa…aaaaaa…aaaaa I CAN’T HELP IT, IM CUMMING!!!!” Dianna and I just smile at each other. I reach back and slide the butt plug in & out a bit to increase the pleasure. I look at Dianna and her hand slides to her own pussy and starts fingering herself. I know she is also hot and horny!I walk to the front and pick up the wood paddle. Robin opens her eyes from just having a very pleasurable climax. Her eyes and mouth are wide open and is about to say “NO SIR!” When Dianna puts a cock/dildo gag into her mouth and straps it around her head with a velcro strap. The cock part goes in her mouth. I pull the butt plug out, much to the dismay of Robin, I’m sure. And begin striking her ass cheeks with the wood paddle. One cheek then the other. Robin grunts when each one lands! But yet the clit pump is still on. Pulsating away! So I know she’s enjoying herself. So, Dianna turns it off. Dianna now takes the pump off. Robin screams around the gag! I stop and slide my fingers easily into Robins cunt, which is soaking. I go back to assaulting her ass! Dianna, stands in front of Robin and takes her top off to let her boobs free. Dianna looks into Robins eyes and sees desire. Dianna starts to rub her breast in Robins face. But also reaches under to pinch Robins nipples.After Robin’s ass is ripe red! I stop. We both unhook her from the stocks. We bring her to the bed and lay her on her back. The bed has no headboard but there are metal rings on the four corners and in between the corners, attached to straps that go under the mattress. I attach her ankles to the rope pulleys I have in the ceiling. So her ass is near the end of the bed, legs sticking in the air in a V. Her wrist cuffs are attached to the side rings that are between the corners, so her arms are out to the sides. Dianna tosses the remaining of her cloths on the couch. Then climbs on the bed, hovering over Robin’s face. Facing the foot of the bed, to watch me. Dianna says “I hope you enjoy this, bitch.” As she lowers her cunt onto the dildo gag. Dianna’s juices are flowing over the dildo and down both of Robin’s cheeks. All Robin can do is smell Dianna’s sweet nectar. As Dianna slides up and down on the dildo the cock part is in Robins mouth. There’s no way for Robin’s tongue to come out and lick/taste Dianna!I strip and stand on the bed so Dianna. can suck my cock, just a little. I look at her and she’s loving the tease she’s giving Robin. After sucking my cock, Dianna starts slapping Robins boobs. I step down and stand at the foot of the bed, because this bed is a little taller than most. I slap her cunt a few times with my hand. Getting Robin to jump and grunt at the same time. I kneel and begin to lick and tease Robin sensitive clit. Robin starts to convulse into a powerful climax! I then stand and sink my cock into Robins hot juicy cunt! Stretching her cunt bigger to accommodate my cock. I slam it into her and start fucking her fast and hard!! Robin continues to roll thru another climax as Dianna fucks Robins face. I reach up to pinch Dianna’s nipples and she starts to cum also. As I’m fucking and enjoying the site and sounds of Robin and Dianna cumming I only last about 10 minutes before I feel like making my deposit of a big load! So, I pull out.I release the pulleys holding up Robins legs, and they quickly drop to the bed. Dianna climbs off Robins face. Takes the dildo gag off her. I pull the bed away from the wall. I release her wrist cuffs from the rings. I pull her toward the top of the bed. I attach them to the top corners. “Robin bend your knees.” I tell Dianna “get down there and eat some pussy!” Dianna eagerly licks her lips and buries her face in Robin’s cunt. Robin gasps from Dianna’s instant tongue on her clit! I tilt Robin’s head back and off the bed a bit. I slide my cock down her throat. Robin’s mouth is opened wide for me. I start fucking her throat. She starts to cum from the attention Dianna is giving her. Not to soon after I feel my balls tighten and pump a big load down her throat and on her face. I pull out and let her lick and suck my balls.I go kneel to the side of Dianna and start to spank her cute ass. And caress and pinch her nipples while she’s still feasting on Robins cunt. I get hard again and kneel behind Dianna. I sink my cock into Dianna and start fucking her with long deep strokes. She can’t maintain her licking. Dianna says “Sir?” As she brings her mouth up for air. I grab her tits and fuck her for another minute before she speaks again. “Wait…a…. Minute… Sir.” I stop. She gets up and my cock slips from her cunt. Dianna turns around and whispers in my ear. I look at her, “Thats a great idea!” We both stand. I start to unhook Robin from from the bed. “Robin, turn over onto your hands and knees.” “Yes Sir.” Behind me, Dianna is getting prepared. I step back as Dianna gets on the bed, behind Robin with a strap-on dildo. Dianna has used this once before. She easily slides right into Robins slick cunt. Robin realizes what’s going in and lets out a gasp! And says “OH! THANK YOU MISTRESS AND SIR!” And slam her cunt back to meet the thrusts!While Dianna is fucking Robin. I use the cane on Dianna’s ataşehir escort ass. Dianna loves the cane. Every so often I grab a hand full of hair and kiss and sink my tongue into Dianna’s mouth while I either pinch her nipples or Robin’s. It smells like sex in the room, but no wonder! I go back to using the cane, not real hard though. Dianna starts to build up to a powerful climax. Fucking faster and harder, thrusting all 8″ of thick rubber into Robin’s hungry cunt! Dianna finally lets loose “AAAAHHHHH FUCKING AAAAA!!” As she slumps over Robin’s back side. Her legs spasming.I’m not ready to give up yet. I whisper in Dianna’s ear. Which brings a big smile. I pull Robin up from the bed. Dianna lays down on her back. “Robin, climb onto Dianna’s dildo.” Robin gives me a big smile. She straddles Dianna’s hips and sinks down on her dildo. Robin lets out a pleasurable “AAAAAAAHHHH!!” Robin starts to ride Dianna. Dianna is sucking and biting Robins nipples.I step onto the bed. Robin is so caught up in the pleasure. She doesn’t know what I have in mind until she feels my cock at the entrance to her asshole! I’m already lubed up and start to push the head in. The butt plug we took out was much smaller than my cock. So it’s a tight fit, to say the least! So I squirt more lube around the head and entrance! I start pushing my large head into her, it takes a while but.. Finally the head pops in! Both Robin and I say in unison “FUCKING AAAAAAA!!” I hold her hips and slowly start fucking her tight little asshole! She’s grunting and trying not to cry out! I’ve sunk the full length in! . “DAMN Robin, YOUR ASS IS TIGHT!!” “Thank you Sir!” She struggles to say. “You’ve got a huge piece of meat Sir, I’m surprised it all fit!”Because its not only tight around my cock. But my cock is stretching her ass to the max! I start to spank her once red ass, once again to bring the correct color back. Slicing in and out. I can hear Dianna moaning in pleasure as well! We are all moaning in pleasure! As I’m fucking her I can feel my balls slapping against Dianna’s dildo. This goes on for quite a while. Both of them rolling through climaxes!All Dianna can do is stay in position as her strap-on presses on her cunt in just the right place. Robin can’t fuck Dianna with me pounding her asshole! But the dildo is working into her cunt perfectly! After a while I feel the need to make another deposit! Robin can feel the difference in my fucking as I’m bringing my cock almost all the way out and then slamming the full length all the way back in. She must know I’m about to blow my load. She tightens her rectum. “Take that you fucking little slut!” I say. Dianna and Robin are now in full lip lock with tongues. They’re pinching each others nipples. I finally can’t hold back anymore. “FUCKKKKKKK!!!!” I blow my load deep into her as I hold my cock all the way in! Then I continue to fuck her. And I swear I came a second time, like it wasn’t even part of the first load! I’ve done this before. Not very often. But when I do it feels EXTRA good!! Mmm mmm mmmm!I stand and slide my cock out as I’m pulling Robin away fromDianna and her dildo comes out of Robin’s cunt. I lead her to thecorner, and raise her hands up. I have eye hooks in the ceiling with restraints hanging down. I attach her to that. Also in the walls I have hooks for her leg restraints so her legs are spread wide. Her legs are still wobbly after the fucking she had. I’m sure she came many times over. My cum is dripping out of her asshole and down both her legs. I find this very erotic and Dianna has been in the position many times before.Dianna gets up and takes her strap-on dildo off. We are all drenched in sweat. I take Dianna by the hand and we go take a shower. Lathering up each other we are still incredibly turned on. My cock is still hard. We start making out in the shower. Eventually I slide my fingers into Dianna’s pussy to bring her off a few times. She’s stroking my cock. But it will take to long to build up another load now. We climb out and dry each other off.We both walk into the room Robin is shackled in. “Would you like a shower, slut?” “Yes, sir, I would thank you, Sir!” I notice my cum has caked to her inner thighs. Which brings a smile to my face. I instruct Dianna to unshackle her and watch her take a shower. As Dianna does this. I smack Robin’s ass hard with one hand. I grab the back of her hair and pull it back so I’m looking down and into her eyes. “DO NOT play with yourself, do you understand?” “Yes, Sir I understand!” “Mistress, when you’re done secure her back on the wall.” “Yes Sir.”As I’m walking up the stairs. “I need to make some phone calls, I’ll be back in a bit.” I go up stairs to call some friends and order dinner. They tell me it should be about 45 minutes, to delivery time. I’ve been upstairs for about half an hour.I walk back down to the basement and find Robin shackled to the corner. Legs spread wide, arms to her sides and shackled to the middle of the wall. Dianna is slapping her cunt while they are both lip locked. I can practically see the steam coming off both of them! I stop and watch a bit, neither of them heard me walk down the stairs. My cock has grown hard. As I watch Dianna go from hard kissing, then drop down and start nibbling and biting Robin’s nipple. Robin throws her head back as Dianna bites her nipple and finger fucks her. Then drops lower to her cunt to lick her. And Robin convulses into a powerful climax!I walk over and grab Dianna’s wrist. “What are you doing horny slut!” I sit on the couch and pull her over my lap. She’s in a daze as if she’s on some sexual d**g! I raise my arm up and look at Robin, who has just come down from her climax. She’s got this big smile on her face. I don’t know if it’s from her climax or the fact that Dianna’s about to get a spanking! My hand comes down hard across both Dianna’s butt cheeks. I get a loud low moan of lust from Dianna! I continue to warm her cheeks. I do believe she is cumming!! Which doesn’t surprise me. Now that her ass is nice and red. I stand and throw her onto her back on the bed. “Knees up! Legs spread!” She does as asked but also starts to finger her cunt. I grab a riding crop and push her hand away. I start slapping her cunt with the crop. She’s lifting her hips to meet the crop. I then grab one of the bigger vibrating dildos from the table and turn it on and thrust it into her cunt! She starts to cum hard! I then get some rope and quickly tie her 4 limbs to the bed. When I’m done the door bell rings. Dianna has a look of desperation of wanting to cum more on her face. As I turn off the vibrations and leave the dildo inserted in her.”That’s our dinner!” I rush up the stairs and turn around as I reach the middle steps. Dianna is humping her hips. I then throw on a bathrobe. I had already put the money near the door so I wouldn’t have to dig around for it. I answer the door and it must have looked like I just got out of the shower! The guy had no idea there were 2 horny women down in the basement, craving more sex. I hand him the money, and get my pizzas.I return down stairs and put the pizzas on the table. I unshackle Robin and tell her to untie Dianna. “Don’t touch each other, just come eat.” “Dianna, get me a beer and some drinks for you and Robin from the fridge.” I sat them at opposite sides of the table. Because they still had lust in there eyes for each other. We ate and then I brought the cable out. The shackle on Robins ankle had a padlock which I attached the plastic incased cable to. It gave her room to be in the bed and use the bathroom.”Robin, get some sleep tonight. Because, you’re going to be our fuck toy tomorrow.” Both Robin and Dianna had smiles on their faces.Dianna and I went upstairs and watched some TV and sat in the jacuzzi in the back yard, then went to bed.Dianna woke me with a blow job, but I pushed her off before I came. I needed to save my load and energy for the days events. We showered and she was not at all happy with me when I put her chastity device on her. Which included a medium butt plug. I know the butt plug is a tease to her, she may even cum from it.Dianna then cooked breakfast and made enough for Robin. “Take that down to her.” “But, do not touch her, but I do want you to show her your device.” “It’s your punishment for your behavior last night with her.” “You know you should have asked permission first!” “Yes sir, I’m sorry sir!” “When she’s done eating, have her shower.” “Our guest will be arriving shortly.” “Guest?” Dianna responds in shock! “Run along.” “Yes Sir.”Just as Robin is getting out of the shower and drying off. I walk down stairs. “You’re dry enough, come out here.” “Dianna, help her get the restraints on her limbs. I also hand her some music ear plugs. “Put these in.” I then place a hood over her head as well. She can’t see or hear. “Mistress, sit and watch.”I have a nice sturdy oak desk, with eye hooks here and there. I place a leather cushion on it, which has a place for her head to lay, sort of like a massage table. I position her on it laying on her stomach. Her arms to the sides and attached to some eye hooks. I then attach her ankles to some eyes hooks on either side of the opening of the desk, spreading her legs wide. I start to finger her twat and it doesn’t take long for her to become moist. I then attach the clit pump and turn it on, it starts to pulsate and Robin immediately starts to moan and hump her hips.I look at Dianna, and see a look of disappointment. I’m sure she wants it on her. I walk over to Dianna and start maltepe escort pinching her nipples. Now Robin and Dianna are both moaning. I then secure Dianna onto the saw horse. All her limbs are attached. She’s to the side of Robin, if she looks up, she’ll see all the action. “You get to watch, but are not allowed to touch yourself.” Dianna gives me a big pouty face. “Do you want me to blindfold you, slut?” “No Sir.” And gives me a big smile. Even though I know she’s not happy.I walk up stairs and return with my three friends. I turn on the camera to capture everything, good thing I have a 64GB card in it. I explain to my friends Jake, Pete and Josh that Robin can’t hear us. I want them to be quiet while I explain to Robin the rules of this game. I turn off the music and the clit pump and remove it. Robin moans in disappointment. “Robin, were going to play a game.” “Here are the rules.” I have three friends that are going to fuck your cunt for 10 minutes each.” “One is a black man, another is an Italian man and the third is a jewish man.” “You have to tell me which fucked you first, second and last?” “But, you have to wait until the end to tell me.” “Do you understand the rules?” “Yes, SIR!” Excitement in her voice! I turn her music back on. Remember her head is covered.As my friends strip. I start spanking Robin with my hand. This startled her, since she thought she was just going to get the fucking of her life. I then changed to a leather tawse, the sounds bouncing off the walls with a loud CRACK! Robin lets out a loud “OH!!” Her cheeks were quickly turning red as the tawes covered both cheeks! After I was satisfied with the color of her cheeks. I slip my fingers into her hot juicy cunt. “Ok, she’s Ready!”Jake, who is Italian, steps up first. They drew straws. He starts to rub her cunt to get slicked up. Robin starts to moan. Jake slides it in easily. I use my iPhone as a stop watch. He grabs her hips and just starts pounding her pussy hard! Robin starts to grunt and let out squeals! and “OH FUCK YEAH!!” Within minutes she lets out “IM CUMMING!!” Then just as the 10 minute mark comes. I say “Time!!” Jake pulls out as his cock is throbbing and close to cumming himself! He walks over to Dianna and pulls her head up and attempts to fuck her face, but his cock is too big to fit. So he has her lick Robin’s juices off. He also slaps her ass. After his cock is cleaned of juices he sits down to enjoy the show.Pete is black he’s next up. I start the clock. Before he uses Robin. He starts to spank her hard. His large hand coming way up high to come down on both cheeks. Then steps up and slams his cock into her hard from the get go! The whole time he’s fucking her he’s also slapping her cheeks with one hand then the other. During this time Robin seemed to really like having her ass spanked along with the fucking. Grunting and screaming out with each spank. Continuing to roll thru climaxes. “Time!” Pete pulls out and he also walks over to Dianna to tease and torment her. Grabs her hair and slaps his cock onto her face. Sliding his finger beneath the chastity belt. She’s soaking wet. She shudders thru a powerful climax.Josh steps up and just slides into her cunt and starts fucking her real slow. Josh also spits onto Robin’s asshole and works his thumb into her, much to her delight! Robin tries to push back onto his cock, but can’t. He pulls all the way out as his large head comes out and he pushes slowly back in. “You’ve got 2 minutes left. Josh grabs both hips and just starts fucking her fast and hard. Robin cry’s out “IM CUMMING!!” “Time!”I take Dianna’s chastity off. Josh walks over to Dianna and lays it against the side of her face, It’s still throbbing she scrambles to suck it clean. He then slips his fingers into her cunt. She starts to roll thru a another climax. Screaming out!I walk up to Robin. Take her hood off and ear plugs. Pull her by the hair on the back of her head. “So tell me, who was first?” Robin begins still breathing hard. “At first I thought the first guy was black, because he was huge. He really stretched my cunt. It felt Great! But then the second and third guy were also big! So, I’m going to just take a guess. First guy was black! Second guy Italian and third Jewish??” (Robin didn’t know it, but all three were the same size, so all she could do, was guess.)”You’re totally wrong, and for that you get this.” I signal to the guys. Each one is holding a pitcher of ice cubed water. Jake poured his on first, right over her upper back! Robin Screams out in shock! Struggling against her restraints. Pete waits a bit then takes his pitcher and throws it right on her hot cunt! Robin lets out another scream! Josh also waited and slowly lets his go starting just below her neck as it runs down her back over her asshole and cunt and down her legs. Robin screaming the hole time! “Robin, are you done?” “I’m sorry sir, but that shit was fucking cold!””Perhaps you’ll get the next part right?” Just as I finish Josh has lubed up his cock and poured some on Robin’s asshole and sinks his thumb in.He presses his cock to the tight entrance. Push and push his big cock into your tight asshole! Spreading her cheeks more, the head finally pops in with some effort. Josh says “Fuck yeah!!” Which we barely hear thru Robin’s screams! Screams of pleasure or pain we aren’t sure?? That’s when I take Robin’s hood and ear plugs off. Josh is banging her ass hard as his balls are slapping her cunt. The look on her face is priceless!I look at Dianna and I see jealousy for sure! I take her chastity off and put the clit pump on Dianna. Flip it on and she immediately starts to cum and cry out in pleasure! I then lube up another butt plug and ease it into her. Now she can really enjoy the show!I return my attention to Jake, who pulls out and walks to Robin’s head. As he does Pete takes his place, sliding his big cock into Robin’s ass! Jake pulls her head up by her hair and jacks a huge load all over her face, she in turn has her mouth wide open, but didn’t catch much. I reach under Robin and pull one of her tits out to the side, then the other to the other side. Then attach nipple clamps to each. “Thank you Sir!” She yells! As she’s getting hammered from Pete.At about this time Pete’s about to shoot his wad. So he pulls out and walks around to Robin, and does as Jake did. But this time gets a lot of into Robins mouth. Josh steps up and slowly sinks it into her ass. He’s pulling his large head all the way out then slamming it all the way back in. Giving her ass the pounding it deserves!I take the clit pump off and butt plug out of Dianna. I unrestrained her. I handed her, her strap-on dildo, with the largest dildo attachment attached. “Your turn to fuck Robin now!” She loudly says “YES!!” Raising both arms in the air! Dianna quickly steps into her strap-on. She’s standing behind Josh and starts to run her fingers up the crack of his ass to the small of his back. The extra sensation almost drives him over the edge. He quickly pulls out and walks to Robin’s head to jack off. Dianna just as quickly takes his place behind Robin. She looks up to see Josh, stroking his cock unto Robin’s face, hair and over onto her back with a huge load of cum, from his large balls.Dianna grabs the bottle of lube. Lines the length of her dildo with it. And presses forward. This dildo is much bigger than the guys cocks! So it’s stretching Robin’s asshole to the extreme! Robin screams out “OMG!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!” She try’s to look over her shoulder, she does enough to see Dianna is back there. Dianna says “SHUT THE FUCK UP CUNT!” “WE KNOW YOU CAN TAKE IT!!” “WE KNOW YOU WANT IT!!” Dianna holds her hips tight and starts sliding her “cock” in and out roughly! Inch by inch each stroke! Finally pulling all the way out then slamming it all the way back in! Right then I pull off both nipple clamps. Robin starts to convulse into a mind blowing climax! Her whole body shuttering. “OH FUCKKKK!!!” Soaking Dianna’s legs and her own with juices! Dianna keeps fucking her, rolling through a long climax herself! She then slumps over Robin’s back, still embedded deep in Robin’s ass!That’s when I approach to the rear of Dianna. I had already lubed up my cock. I spread her ass cheeks and embedded my cock into Dianna’s ass! She was shocked just a bit. As I started to fuck her. She some how managed to continue somewhat to fuck Robin. Not as intensely as before. But still enough to feel it against her clit. As this was going on.Robin thoroughly enjoyed Dianna’s pounding of her ass. Then my three friends got dressed and left. Something I prearranged with them. I feel my balls getting ready to unload and decide to just give it up into Dianna’s asshole. I held out for quite a long time. But when I finally did cum it felt Great! I then lead Dianna around the desk. I unshackled Robin and lead her over to the bed onto her back. “Dianna, go squat over Robins face, so she can lick you clean and give you more orgasms .” I sat back and enjoyed watching the girls entertain each for over an hour. Then I laid between them and let both of them give me a blow job! Then we all fell asleep. We woke up about an hour later. We all three took a nice hot shower.”I guess it’s time to return you to the parking lot.” “Must I Sir?” With a pout. “I really had a great time, I’d like to do it again and again, but I am rather sore in all places.” “I’ll leave you with my email address and we can talk about it.” “Oh, thank you Sir!!”Before we left I tried reinserting her butt plug back into her, but it kept slipping out, so I put it in her purse with my email address.We put her back in the truck. And drove to the mall with her hood on. I asked her what and where her car was and opened the door and pulled off her hood and Dianna and I drove away.

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