Subject: Roboy v1.0.2 Roboy v1.0.2 by EnzoMatrix [[email protected](dot)com] (boy/teen/boybot, incest, oral) Please support the Nifty Archive Alliance so we have a place to share and enjoy our stories. fty/ As my idol Zachyboy once said. “Give a little something today, you frisky little cheapskate.” Nifty Archive Alliance also participates in zon! If you shop at Amazon, please consider using amazonsmile and choose Nifty Archive Alliance Inc as your charity. They will donate to Nifty, at no cost to you. enjoy, enzo =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= My sexy games with Sam and Cole caused a malfunction in my systems. My programming automatically runs diagnostics during recharge. The diagnostics report no errors in my systems, all functions are performing to specifications. However, there appears to be a new subroutine available to me. Access subroutine Robby. orgasm true false When orgasm is triggered full access to sexual functions enabled. autoArousal kiss nipples feet lick oral anal intercourseb intercourset true false I now have access to new functions. I will try these new functions next time I play sexy games with my brothers. These new functions should please my brothers. When they left for school today Cole gave me a hug, then a kiss. Sam smiled and winked his right eyelid. The relationship between my brothers appears to have changed. As the door unlocks. I wait to greet my brothers return from school. “Roboy, Roboy” Cole screams, running and jumping on me. His legs wrapped around my waist and arms around my neck. He gives me a kiss, “I missed you Roboy!” Sam, lightly pushes his fist against my shoulder, “me too studbot.” My brothers go about their daily routine, changing out of school clothes. Some snacks and drinks. I hear Sam’s phone ring. “Hey dad, what’s up?” I cannot hear the other side of the conversation. “No problem dad, I think I can keep the boys entertained.” Sam winks at me. “Really? You’re the coolest, Dad. Thanks! Have a great time tonight.” “OK” “Yes, mom, I will make sure I say goodnight to them for you.” “Love you guys. Bye.” I sense Sam’s emotion levels rise exponentially. “Guys, dad is taking mom out for dinner and a late movie tonight! They ordered pizza!” Cole becomes extremely excited, jumping up and down, “PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA” Sam looks at me and says, “I know you don’t eat, but Pizza is the best thing ever.” He looks at Cole, then back at me, “and when he gets that excited, we are in for a nice little dessert.” Then he winks at me. Not understanding Sam, “I do not eat pizza, nor dessert.” Sam laughs, “You will tonight, and I bet you are gonna love it!” Cole says to me, “Roboy, I know you can’t eat pizza…but…can I sit on your lap while I enjoy mine? Please Roby.” Sam says, “see what I mean?” I answer, “I do not see what you mean Sam, but you are welcome to sit on my lap while you eat pizza Cole. Sam says, “You will soon enough; believe me.” Sam prepares the table while we wait for pizza. When the doorbell rings, Cole becomes very excited again, “PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA” Sam goes to the door to get the pizza. Cole, instructs me, “Roboy, sit here please. I want to sit on your lap.” Sam opens the box and Cole takes a slice. I can feel Cole’s excitement as he enjoys his pizza. Sam is looking at us and smiling as he eats. Cole is fidgety and his posterior is moving around and his legs swing. His posterior is rubbing against me penis and I become aroused. Cole turns around, “hey, did you just get a boner Roboy?” Sam’s eyes become wider, “see Roboy, he gets excited, you get excited.” I respond to Cole, “Sorry Cole, your butt has caused me to become aroused. I can disable my boner function if you wish.” Cole says, “no, don’t please, I like your boner poking at my butt.” Sam says, “I guess dessert may come earlier than I thought.” Cole continues to wriggle around as he finished his pizza. Sam continues to smile as he finishes. Then he suddenly stops smiling and asks, “Roboy, I forgot to ask you to go into secret mode! Can you just make everything tonight a secret?” I explain to Sam, “It appears when you and Cole caused me to orgasm, it unlocked new functions in my system. I now have access to sexual functions that were previously disabled. Secret mode is now enabled permanently.” Sam interrupts, “fucking wicked dude! So, we like turned you into like a full on sex boybot now?” I clarify, “My primary functions have not changed. I now have access gaziantep travesti to new function.” Cole starts bouncing on my lap causing further arousal, “like that one?” Pointing to my boner. I answer, “yes, Cole, that is one of my new functions.” Cole responds, “I like that function! I can give you a boner now just like I do for Sam!” Sam laughs, “welcome to the little brother boner club Roboy!” My brothers giggle. As Sam cleans the table I ask, “Would you like to play Truth or Dare tonight?” Sam and Cole look at each other in shock. Sam says, “Roboy did you just ask us if we want to play sexy games?!?” I tell him, “My primary directive is to make my brothers happy. Truth or Dare made you very happy.” Sam responds, “it did, but I think we can just go right to the sexy games now, right Cole?” Cole, still on my lap, turns his head and kisses me. Sam says, “see, Cole just wants to go right for dessert.” They both laugh. “All cleaned up, why don’t we go play?” Sam, walks to the living room. Cole, gets off my lap and holds my hand, “come on Roboy, let’s play sexy games.” We sit on the couch, like last time, me in the middle. Sam starts, “Roboy, can we remove your clothes?” I respond, “yes, you are welcome to disrobe me.” “Fucking hot!” Sam says, then starts to remove my shirt. As he is pulling off my shirt his hand rubs my nipple. I respond with a moan. Sam says, “did you just moan Roboy?” I answer, “It appears to be a new function that was enabled.” Sam tosses the shirt and start to rub my torso. It feels a little tingly. When he rubs over my nipple, I moan again. Sam says, “check it out Cole, his nipples are sensitive like ours.” Cole says, “Really, can I touch one Roboy.” I respond, “Do as you please brothers.” With Sam on one side and Cole on the other, my brothers gently rub my nipples. I immediately become increasingly aroused. “Look Cole, he is getting a stiffy.” Cole, still rubbing my nipple, reaches for my penis with the other hand, “wow Sam it’s really stiff. Roboy, you really like when we rub your nipples, huh?” I respond, “yes, rubbing my nipples causes increased arousal.” “Fuck Roboy, you are so hot when you say stuff like that.” Sam says, “now you’re giving me a boner. Let’s get those pants off and see what other functions we enabled.” Sam, moves the floor. He released the closure on my pants and slowly removes my pants. “I can’t believe how smooth your legs are, the detail is incredible, they feel as smooth as Cole’s legs.” Sam starts caress my legs, then lifts my left leg to look at my feet. He pulls off my sock. “Wow, your feet are so…uhm…pretty.” He leans in and sniffs them. “They don’t stink like a little boy, but they are as cute as fuck.” He gives my big toe a lick, and I moan. “wicked, you have sensitive feet too. That’s hot.” Sam proceeds to remove my other sock. He gives it a sniff and a lick. “Don’t want the right to be jealous.” And chuckles. Cole says, “Sam can I remove his undies please?” Sam responds, “go ahead little brother, you get the best part.” Cole says, “goodie!” and jumps in front of his big brother. Sam makes room and puts his arms around Cole, I see him reaching down to little brother’s crotch. Cole turns his head and says, “play with me Sam while I take Roboy’s undies off. Yeah, like that.” Cole moans a little before reaching for my undies. Cole slowly removes my undies, after he removes them, he looks up at me and says, “I like your boner Roboy.” And moves up to kiss it, which causes me to moan a little. Sam is behind his brother rubbing him, “that is so fucking hot little brothers. I see your boner got some new functions as well. You boys need to get my clothes off soon or my dick is gonna rip right through these shorts!” Sam gets up and sits close to me, “hey hottie, why don’t you help your little brother get me naked.” I ask, “may I remove your shirt.” Sam responds, “please do, take everything off.” I get up to remove Sam’s shirt. Cole assists me. Cole says, “I will help with the pants too.” We remove his shorts. Cole says, “he has stinky feet. {giggles} Can you smell Roboy?” “I have limited smell as a safety function.” I lean down to remove Sam’s sock; I mimic Sam and sniff his feet. “Sam, your feet appear to have an aroma that is not entirely pleasant, but typical of a boy your age.” Sam looks at Cole, then both start laughing hysterically. “Dude, did you just say I have stinky feet. Seriously, when you talk gaziantep masaj salonları like that I just want to blow my load. You’re just too fucking hot!” Sam proceeds, to put his foot in my face. I mimic him and lick his big toe.” His eyes get wide, “fucking wicked!” Cole says, “OK his undies now, his undies, I wanna see Sam’s boner.” I remove his other sock and assist Cole. As we pull, his boner gets caught in his underwear band. Cole gives a tug and Sam’s boner release and slaps his stomach. “Boing” Cole says and giggles. Sam says, “OK boing boy, your turn.” Cole is super excited, he quickly pulls off his shirt, both socks, and then his shorts. He stops and looks at me, “Roboy, I saved the best for you. Can you remove my undies?” Cole’s emotions change to shy, he puts his legs together and rocks back and forth. Sam says, “now how can you refuse your cute little brother?” I tell Cole, “That would please me.” He giggles and I reach for his undies. Like Sam, Cole’s boner gets caught on the waistband and springs forward. Cole’s penis is very stiff. I lean in to kiss it.” Cole responds by leaning in to hug me. Sam says, “Roboy, can I try something? I have been dying all night for this.” I respond, “you seem to be healthy, what is wrong?” Sam pauses, the laughs, “Seriously Roboy? I’m not dying, dying � I just mean I really want to try something, Jeesh.” Sam and Cole laugh. “Sit on the couch and enjoy.” I sit down and Sam kneels on the floor in front of me between my legs. Cole moves beside me and cuddles up to me. He whispers to me, “I love it when Sam does this to me, I think you’re going to love it too.” Sam licks his lips, “get ready Roboy, I think this might cause a quick reboot.” Sam leans toward my boner, he sticks out his tongue and starts to lick it. My arousal levels increase, causing a moan. “You like that Roboy, don’t you?” Sam asks. He continues to lick the tip and then up and down the shaft. The sensation is like nothing I have experienced. Sam, then starts to lick my scrotum. Cole whispers, “I like when he licks the balls, don’t you?” I answer, “yes Cole it is very pleasurable.” Cole says, “you are gonna love what he does next, it is my favorite feeling.” Sam stops licking my balls and looks up at me, “Cole’s right this is the best part.” Sam licks his lips again, then opens his mouth. His mouth slowly and gently engulfs my penis. The sensations immediate enable a subroutine that starts making a whimpering sound. My body begins to thrust my boner into Sam’s mouth. Sam responds by cupping my balls and gently fondling them. Cole whispers, “isn’t it the best? Can a give you kissies? Can you rub me too?” I say, “yes Cole please.” Cole leads over to give me kissies. I start to fondle his penis and then jerk it with two fingers. I feel his tongue trying to enter my mouth and open a little. His tongue is in my mouth. We are both moaning. I stroke him faster as we both become very aroused. Sam starts to suck me really hard, he is moaning on my penis causing more pleasure. I am thrusting in his mouth until I feel the overload begin. I am entering orgasm state. I feel Cole start to buckle as well, whimpering in my mouth, his little penis pulsing in my hand as he gets his sparkles too. My body shakes and my penis starts to throb uncontrollably. I thrust my penis into Sam’s mouth before my processor goes into overdrive. Shutdown. As my systems begin to reinitialize, I feel Sam licking my penis and Cole gently kissing my face and squeezing me tight. Sam says, “welcome back stud.” And smiles before getting up. Cole says, “that was better than the first time. I had my sparkles at the same time as you. Did you enjoy Sam sucking you Roboy?” I answer, “Sam, is that what you refer to as `fucking hot’?” Sam and Cole just look at each other and start to laugh. Sam laughing, says “yeah Roboy, that was totally fucking hot! You had little shakes as you were rebooting this time. Just like Cole does sometimes. Like little aftershocks. It’s cute as fuck.” Sam looks at me, and asks, “so, Roboy, can you do that to me?” I answer, “my oral function is enabled, yes.” Sam says, “wicked! Wanna try?” I start to get up; Cole releases me from his cuddling. Cole says, “Sam, Roboy is gonna suck you!” I kneel in front of Sam and start to mimic his actions. I gently lick his tip. The saliva from Coles kissies provide adequate lubricant. Sam starts to gaziantep escort bayan moan, “yeah lick my cock Roboy, that feels good.” I proceed to lick up and down his shaft. I then lick his balls. “Yeah, lick my balls, suck them in your mouth.” Sam’s scrotum is larger and testicles bigger than mine. I suck his balls into my mouth and lick them. “Oh fuck that feels good, suck my balls.” I release his balls. I look up at Cole, “could you kissies in my mouth again to make it wetter?” Cole leans down and starts to give a really wet kiss. I grab Sam’s penis and start to jerk him gently. Sam moans, “oh fuck this is hot little brothers. You two are so fucking hot when you kiss. Get him wet for me Cole so he can suck me good.” With adequate lubrication, I pull away from Cole, “thank you little brother.” I move to Sam and put my mouth over his boner. “holy shit, that feels awesome Roboy?” I sense a new sub routine start. My mouth completely engulfs Sam’s penis. My tongue begins to move and my mouth begins to suck. “holy fucking shit, Roboy, what are you doing, oh my god what is happening, I can’t take it, it feels too good, play with my balls PLEASE. Cole kissies quick. I’m not going to last long.” I start to fondle Sam’s balls while he kisses Cole deeply. His whole body is writhing as he starts thrusting his penis as deeply as he can in my mouth. Sam starts to yell into Cole’s mouth as his balls start spasm and his penis starts to shoot his spunk at high velocity into my mouth. He continues to spasm and spunk a few more times before he collapses into the couch, motionless. I release his penis and wait for his bliss to subside. Cole looks down at me with a surprised look, “Roboy, he has never done it like that before.” We both look at Sam, as his eyes open. He suddenly jumps forward and tackles me to the ground. He gives me a really tight hug, then a big kiss. “That was the single most amazing fucking thing that has even happened to me, EVER! I love you Roboy!” I see a tear in his eye as he goes in for another hug. Sam backs away a bit and looks me in the eye, “You are the hottest boy I have ever met. I am so glad we turned on these new functions.” Sam pauses, then his look changes, “I can taste my cum in your mouth when I kissed you. I guess we need to clean you, right?” I reply, “Yes, I have a cleaning protocol. I need a glass of water and a toilet.” Sam and Cole look at each other both say, “can we watch?” Cole says, “please, I wanna see you tinkle.” I reply, “OK, you can watch my cleaning cycle if you wish.” Sam says, “you keep talking like that and your gonna get me all hot and bothered again. I’m gonna need to cum in your mouth again. Then we will have to run cleaning cycles all night long!” The boys laugh. Sam says, “let’s go you little hottie, and getcha cleaned up. I will get some water and meet you boys at the toilet.” Cole grabs my hand and we walk to the bathroom. “Roboy, I need to tickle too, can we tinkle together?” I tell Cole yes. Sam meets us with water, “so how does this work?” I reply, “it is a new function, let’s find out.” Both boys look very excited. I pour 150 ml of water into my mouth. Sam looks at me and scrunches up his face, “do I hear something? Like a vibrating sound?” Cole adds, “it sounds like an electric toothbrush?” Sam says, “I think Roboy, has ultrasonic cleaning or something.” After, 1 minute, I move toward the toilet. Cole says, “I wanna tinkle with you!” and gets next to me and lean against my body waiting. I hold my soft penis and liquid starts to run out the tip. Cole says, “he’s tinkling Sam, look he’s tinkling!” as Cole begins to tinkle with me. His little stream crossing into mine. “Look Sam we are crossing streams too.” Sam starts to laugh, “I just don’t know what to think. I’m not sure if watching my two little brothers tinkle is hot or just silly. It sure is cute though. After you boys finish your little tinkle it’s time for bed.” Cole says, “do we have too?” Sam says, “I promised mom and dad I would get you to bed before your bedtime. I think we’ve had enough fun for one night. Plus, we don’t want to wear out our hot ass brother before the trial ends! Right little bro?” Sam puts his arm around my shoulder and gives a little squeeze. Sam says, “brush your teeth Cole.” Sam turns to me and says, “I need to check you too. Open your mouth.” Sam looks into my mouth. “yup, looks clean. But just to be sure.” Sam puts his naked body against mine, grabs the back of my head, and starts to kiss me. He sticks his tongue in my mouth and probes. I start to get a boner, which pokes Sam. He starts feeling my hard penis. Sam releases me and says, “no more cum breath, and all functions seem operational.” I reply, “that is correct.” Sam laughs and pushes his shoulder into me. “you really are a hottie.” Do robots dream?

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