Rod Adventures Ch. 09


Wednesday 14th October 1998, Portsmouth Sophie’s Flat

It is the day of Master King’s first Lecture. It is at 10am today and a full two hour double period. I think there is about twenty four of us in the class but World History is such a wide geographical area we will probably be put into smaller groups. I work better that way and often prefer to go solo.

I check my phone and have a text from Master Frank. I check the time and it was sent 6:04am. Master starts early, so normally do I. Sophie has her free period today so will be off to the gym I suspect. She is quite the gym buddy and has a great body. Personally I run when I can. Run and think so my aerobic health is good.

‘Slave Michelle. Master would like a photo of Sophie. I would like to meet her over this coming weekend. I know she works weekends in the pub so hopefully try and arrange a meet when she is free.

I feel we need to bring her into the ROD research. It’s very sensitive and secret of course. With what it entails of course I think testing the full use of the ring with her is called for. In essence it will be the first full authentic use. You of course are a special case.

I trust you know that I would not undertake anything that would not be part of your sub training but of course where you are willing and under contract she will not be hence the ring.

A bit like the Star Wars saga there Can only be one Master, one Student so she will never be my slave far less my sub. Trust that gives comfort but to all intents and purposes her health and well being and happiness will be as it is for you my chief concern in involving her. There will be some things that I will initiate however sexually with her that I will not have initiated with you. This is due to having you trained to be ready where with Sophie the ring will provide I believe an accelerated state of acceptance.

Finally I look forward to seeing you in the lecture theatre today and recognising my beautiful slave represented as Master instructed. On that point I hope the daily fifteen minute morning devotion is observed and having the desired effect.

Master King’

Daily devotion refers to the practice of porno izle pleasuring myself to climax as I think of my Master. It very much reminds me of the daily devotion in the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. I am sure Master sees a parallel between Richard and Kalan as much as Khem and Clarissa.

‘Master Rahl guide us. Master Rahl teach us. Master Rahl protect us. In your light we thrive. In your mercy we are sheltered. In your wisdom we are humbled. We live only to serve. Our lives are yours.’

I also can see a parallel in the statue ‘Tongue’ as we are giving the pet name and spirit from the Sword of Truth series carved by Richard for Kalan.

I have read the articles already on the perfect sub and the perfect Dom. I recognise a lot of the qualities of a perfect Dom in Master Frank but less of them in myself for the perfect sub so I know I have a lot of work to do. Together with the ROD research work and the course work and other subjects I will be well and truly stretched.

Wednesday 15th October 1998, Portsmouth University Lecture Theatre

I arrive early and have a coffee in the canteen. I am choosing to wear the red silk scarf around my neck. Master will appreciate the slave collar representation. Otherwise I am dressed pretty normally – baggy sweater over a vest top and today I am wearing a bra. Master will find his slave suitably dressed for the lecture. I have a Languages lecture at 9am before the double lecture with Master from 10am. Two hours of listening to his Scottish voice. I plan to be his most attentive student.

Then in the afternoon after the one hour lunch it is double Psychology and another lecture from my usual history lecturer. It will seem pedestrian after Master’s double lecture and particular if there is a reference as I suspect to Min and Khem and of course Queen Clarissa. Little will anyone suspect that I am Master’s surrogate for her in particular as I am wearing his red silk scarf as symbolising my real collar when Master believes I earn the right for one. I also am wearing my hair in a single ponytail with a white tie. I am sure Master will recognise the message that I want his cock in my mouth porno and hope he will reward me with ‘tongue’ in return as he also waits back in Sophie’s room.

In reply to Master’s text I respond by sending two photos. One of me and Sophie together, my favourite ‘Doll & Legs” picture and one of Sophie alone. In ‘Doll and Legs’ Sophie and I are sitting on the grass back to back. I am dressed in a white sleeveless top and blue jeans. I have silver bracelet worn on my right wrist, my hair is loose down my back. Sophie is all in black with black long sleeved sweater and black jeans and her lovely golden hair cascading in front to lay across her magnificent chest. The single shot of Sophie she standing wearing a pale pink sleeveless dress, she has a natural look at the camera with her golden hair over her left shoulder down to her waist.

I appreciate it makes sense to bring Sophie into the inner circle so to speak. I know Master will use the ring to have Sophie submissive but I trust him to ensure that she can enjoy the experience.

It’s time now as we file into the hall. I fall in behind the second line forming. As I enter and walk down to the second row from the front on the left hand side of the theatre hall I catch him with his back to us on the lectern looking at the opening slide on the large projection screen. The title ‘World History – Sacrifice and Torture in the earliest of Mankind’s Civilisations.’

That should get the audience’s attention I think. I shuffle to be seated almost dead centre. As everyone settles down he finally turns and looks out. I see him scan the audience and find where I am sitting. He sees the red silk scarf around my neck. It contrasts well against the black sweater. He can see my hair is in a ponytail. Of course he cannot see the colour unless I turn to the side, however I face front forward. He gives me that special smile that I soon learn is reserved especially for me. Another Sword of Truth reference.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this first two hour lecture to look at some of World Histories earliest Civilisations and try and unearth the primal reason that mankind from it’s earliest times has resorted to torture rokettube and sacrifice to achieve it’s aims and goals.”

I observe the other students reaction to the opening statement. I am pretty sure he got their attention.

“Now firstly before we start I need to cover off some admin and announcements. First for all of you there will be a 30 minute session booked on a one to one basis with me. The purpose is to help us both to leverage your skills and dare I say hidden talents to maximise the potential you will get for this particular Unit. It will be a significant component of your overall degree.

Unit recently I have been working for the past seven or eight years for the University but purely in research. The fruits of this research has culminated in this Unit. As World History has such a broad scope you will after the first few weeks be broken down to smaller groups of 6 and will focus on one ancient civilisation that suits your particular skills and ambitions.

Finally I know a few of you have been inquiring about the post of an intern that has been advertised. I regret to inform you the post has already been filled.”

He means me surely I think. I try and react the same as everyone looking around the room as I turn my head left and right revealing the white tie for my ponytail. There is murmuring around the room.

He waits for the noise to die down.

“Okay let’s examine our first ancient civilisation, that of ancient Egypt. Do we believe we know all about that particular civilisation?”

He waits for a discussion amongst the class.

“Is the general consensus quite a bit?” There is a general chorus of agreement.

He puts up his first slide. It shows a picture of Min with the erect phallus.

“Who can tell me who this is?”

I don’t let on. I know he will not want me to.

“Min! The fertility god.” It’s a guy at the back on the right hand side.

“Correct! Min the fertility god. He looks as if he knows how to keep the ladies happy.” There is general laughter.

“Who knows who Khem is?”

Now there is no hands or replies.

“What about Queen Clarissa?”

Again no hands.

“Is there a Queen Clarissa in the room?” Again general laughter. He is looking right at me with that secret smile.”

“So lesson learned. There is so much we do not know. But it is vital to uncover the truth. Let’s begin.”

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