Room 220 Ch. 01: Dominance Ruined


Sandy is a big beautiful women in her mid twenties and she loves her curves. She loves food, sex, and anything kinky she can get herself into. On any given day you’ll see her dressed in a long black dress, leather boots, and black lipstick. She’s not gothic, she just loves to wear black.

Sandy was twenty-three when she met Tyler, a couple of years ago, in an adult chatroom for locals. Tyler was sixteen, but he lied and told everyone he was eighteen.

She was warned by her friends online not to talk to him because he was known for being kinky. He had a thing for chatting about BDSM, even though he had never experienced any part of it before. This is why she sought him out. She loved the lifestyle. Everything about it.

Now I could tell you about everything they chatted about and bore you with the details, or I can let your mind go and fast forward a couple years.

Sandy was a night manager at a local hotel, and she spent almost every night chatting with Tyler. She now knows that he lied about his age but now that he’s of age, it’s no longer an issue for her. The two of them added another friend to their little chats, Lisa, another big beautiful woman who, like the two of them loved chatting about the D/s lifestyle. Tyler was always the dominant one and the two girls were his submissive. This was how they all seemed to prefer it.

That’s until they finally all met.

When Sandy invited them all to her hotel for a play date.

Room 220, where all of their fantasies were supposed to come true.

Sandy was the first on there, she was the one that set everything up for all of them. She picked up the wine and champagne, made sure the room was open enough for the three of them to play, and kept the door propped open so no one had to knock to get in.

It wasn’t long before Lisa arrived. Her and Sandy had about 30 minutes alone to talk face to face for the first time before Tyler arrived. They had a lot in common, they had similar tastes in almost everything.

When Tyler arrived they were quite happy to see him. He looked exactly as they expected cute, skinny, and wearing all black. Their little Triad was complete.

When he first arrived he simply hugged the girls and took a seat on the bed next to them. Sandy was the good host and offered everyone a glass of wine, even though Tyler was under twenty-one. Everyone had previously agreed that they wanted alcohol tonight.

After a little bit more chatting, Sandy asked them if they were ready to play. This is when everything changed for everyone. Tyler got off the bed and stood next to the girls laying on the bed sipping on their wine.

“Ok Sandy, get up off the bed and kneel down here on the floor.” Pointing at an empty space on the floor in front of him. Lisa simply smiling as she watched Sandy begin to crawl out of the bed overtop of her.

“Yes Master.” Her voice rich in sarcasm as she kneels down in front of him.

“Ok, now you Lisa. Right next to her.”

She smiles and places her glass down on the bed side table, and takes her place kneeling next to Sandy.

“Ok, so what should I do with you two now?”

“You’re in charge Master, you tell us.” Answered Sandy as if to issue a challenge to his dominance.

“Ok, Sandy, Kiss my boot.”

“Yes Master.” As she lowered herself down to kiss his boot.

“Good Girl!” With pride in his voice. Instantly, Sandy springs to her feet. She grabbed Tyler by the earlobe and lowered him face first into the floor.

“Did you just say good girl? Like you were talking to a dog!” Pressing his face harder into the floor with almost every word. Lisa still looking on, kneeling where she was told to.

“It was a compliment.” He muttered, trying to be clear even as the carpet was burning his face.

“Do I look altyazılı porno like I’ve just been fucking complimented?”

“No.” Still trying to stop her from rubbing his face off.

“You don’t fucking talk to a woman like that.”

“I’m sorry.” Shouting, hoping that she’d stop.

“You’re sorry? You’re fucking sorry?” Still using his earlobe to press his face harder into the floor.

“Yes! I’m Sorry!”

“You don’t have a dominant bone in your fucking body. You’re sorry. Yeah you’re sorry alright!” As she released his ear and stood back up next to him. He stayed down afraid to get hit again.

She simply placed her foot directly next to his face.

“Kiss my boot.”

“But I’m not a submissive.”

This angered Sandy, she immediately kicked him in the stomach. He groaned out in pain as he curled up on the floor. She simply placed her foot down next to his face again.

“I said, Kiss my boot, bitch!”

Still holding his stomach in pain, Tyler complied. He leaned over gave her right foot a peck on the tip.

This angered Sandy even more. She leaned down and smacked him across the face. Leaving a large red mark on his cheek.

“Are you fucking kidding me! You’re a fucking submissive! Now I have to be the fucking dominant! After everything you told us, here you are almost crying in a pathetic ball!”

“I’m Sorry!” Still holding his stomach in pain trying not to look at either of them.

“Yea you are sorry, asshole!” As she goes over to the table to retrieve her wine glass. She begins to take a sip as she notices Lisa still kneeling on the floor.

“What do you want?”

“To be yours Mistress.” Smiling while looking up to her.


“Yes Mistress.” Smiling even more.

“I Like that.” Turning her attention back to Tyler, kicking him in the stomach again, softer than before but still enough to hurt.

“How about you bitch?”

“Yes Mistress.” Still holding his stomach. “You’re a fucking joke.” Shaking her head negatively towards him. “Lisa get over here!”

“Yes Mistress.” She quickly crawls over and kneels directly next to her.

“Take his belt off and give it to me.”

“Yes Mistress.” Immediately reaching for and removing Tyler’s belt. He didn’t fight her in any way. She quickly handed up to Sandy. “Here you go Mistress.”

“Thank You.” Bending down and caressing the side of her face as she kissed the top of her head.

“That’s how you fucking show a submissive that you appreciate what they do for you. You don’t treat them like a fucking dog!” As she began striking him over and over again with his own belt.

He curled up in a tight ball on the floor, as if it would protect him from her anger.

“I’m Sorry.” You could hear the fear in his voice as the tears began to fall down his cheek.

“Everyone in this room knows you’re sorry Tyler! You don’t have to keep telling us. Even Lisa thinks you’re sorry. Isn’t that right.”

“Yes Mistress.” Giggling at him.

“Lisa Stand Up!”

“Yes Mistress.” Jumping up to her feet and standing next to her.

“Kiss her boot bitch!” Again striking him on the back with his belt.

“Yes Mistress.” As he slowly unfolds from his ball and crawls over to Lisa’s foot. He placed a small peck again on the tip of her shoe.

“You’re fucking pathetic! Lisa take his pants off.”

“Yes Mistress.” Immediately dropping to her knees. “What about his shoes Mistress?”

“Yes, those too.”

Lisa simply pulled his shoes off of his, not taking the time to untie them. She then quickly reached for the button and zipper. She undid them with no attempt to comfort him. She grabbed the bottom on his jeans near his feet and pulled them off while standing back up. He laid there on the floor, his hand zenci porno lowered attempting to cover his crotch.”

“Here you go Mistress.”

“Just throw them next to the door. Are you fucking kidding me, you fucking wore black boxers. You don’t deserve black boxers. Lisa take them off of him.” After she hit him again with the belt.

“Yes Mistress.”

Lisa pulled them off of him in the same uncomfortable way. However when she did they both saw what he was attempting to hide. He was as hard as a rock. He had never been exposed in front of another woman before.

Sandy began hitting Tyler again with the belt, over and over, causing him to return back to his protective curled up ball.

“You fucking like this don’t you?” Again hitting him with his belt.

“No Mistress.” Squeezing himself into the tightest ball he can make.

“Yes you do. You’re fucking hard as a fucking rock.” Still hitting him.

When she stopped she grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up to his knees and led him in front of Lisa.

“Put your hands down.”

“Yes Mistress.” Lowering his hands, exposing his erection directly to Lisa.

“Doesn’t he look like he’s fucking happy to you?”

“Yes Mistress.” A slight giggle in her voice.

Sandy turned into Tyler and kicked him in between the legs, causing him to lunge forward, which she pulled back against still holding onto his hair. “She thinks you look happy. I think you look happy. You’re fucking happy bitch!” “Yes Mistress.” his hands in his crotch trying to soothe the pain.

“Lisa pull his shirt up over his face, I’m tired of looking at him.” She released his head and pushed back towards the floor.

“Yes Mistress.” Leaning down and pulling his shirt up over his face. His hands immediately rested behind his backhead, as if he had done so before.

Sandy took notice of a white spot on her black leather boots before she immediately noticed that the tip of his dick was wet. He had already began to precum in front of them. She took her finger and roughly ran it across the tip of his dick, allowing it to stick on her finger. She pulled his shirt down to expose his face but still up over his neck.

“Open you Mouth.”

“Yes Mistress.” Slowly opening his mouth because he knows what she’s about to do.

“Stick out your tongue!”

Tyler complies without saying a word. Sandy then rubs her finger cross his tongue. Leaving a white sliver of his own cum on his tongue.

“This is how pathetic you are. You had two women ready to answer to your every whim, and here you are sucking on your own cum.” As she quickly covered his face back up with his shirt.

“Tonight could have been so much fun until you fucked everything up.” Kicking him again in between the legs. Again he falls forward from the pain. She pulls him back up by his neck. Leaving him there on his knees in a weird arching stance of him reacting to the pain.

“Lisa what are we going to do tonight? He ruined everything.”

“Anything you want Mistress.”

“You still want to play?” A slight bit of shock in her voice.

“Yes Mistress.”

“How about we lose this dress then.” As she walks up to her and slowly wraps her arms around her to unzip her dress, causing it to drop on the floor. A small mound of material around her feet. “And you don’t need this right now.” As she unsnaps her bra. Slowly pulling it away to expose her very large breast. They immediately sagged downward. Sandy didn’t care, she was just happy Lisa was still smiling. She tossed her bra onto the bed, as she offered Lisa her hand and led her out of her dress.

“We’re going to have a little bit of fun then.” She led her next to the wall and sat her down on the floor. “Place your arms behind your head aldatma porno and keep your legs out straight and together.”

“Yes Mistress.” Assuming Sandy’s ordered position.

Sandy walked back in front of Tyler, pulled his arms out from inside of his shirt. “Keep your hands down to your side!”

“Yes Mistress.”

She grabbed the rest of his shirt that was above his head and squeezed it into a handle like glob. She used it to move him around on the floor. She led him directly in front of Lisa.

“Put your hands on her feet.”

“Yes Mistress.” Slowly reaching for her feet that he can’t see. He places his thumbs on the top his fingers on her bottoms.

“Now insert your little dick into the little opening between her feet.”

“Yes Mistress.” As he begins to slide his dick in between her feet. Lisa is giggling. It tickles and his precum just got on her feet.

“Now sit there and hump on her feet like the pathetic excuse of a man that you are. And you better fucking tell me before you cum.”

“Yes Mistress.” Quickly beginning to hump Lisa’s feet. Lisa can’t stop giggling. Sandy walked around the room and began sipping on her wine again. After a about a minute she kicked him directly in the asshole.

“Hurry it up.”

“Yes Mistress.” Speeding up his pace.

It wasn’t thirty seconds later when Tyler shouted out.

“I’m going to cum.”

Sandy immediately jumped up behind him. She smashed his balls down onto the floor with her boot and place all of her body weight against him to keep him from moving.


Tyler immediately stops moving, grimacing in pain, he could barely move now if he wanted to.

Lisa has a shocked look in her face. She doesn’t know what to think and why she wanted him to stop just as he was about to cum. Then she feels it. There’s a long stream of cum coming out of his dick. He’s not spraying up her legs like she expected. It’s just a long stream puddling on her ankles and falling down between onto the carpet.

Sandy stood there, smiling, all of her weight against Tyler, still standing on his balls. When he stopped cumming she let him go.

“That Lisa is how you ruin a mans orgasm. I bet that did feel good at all, did it bitch?”

“No Mistress.” Tyler answered still holding onto Lisa’s feet, his dick softening between them.

She then ripped the shirt off of his head so he could see everything. She grabbed him by his hair and forced his face down into the puddle of cum he just made.

“Clean it up!” He didn’t do a thing, he just laid there, his face resting in the puddle. Sandy was pissed. She reached between his legs and squeezed his balls.

“I said Now!”

He flinched in pain and began licking his cum off Lisa.

Sandy smiled and squeezed harder on his balls, guided his face around on Lisa’s feet like a human cum sucking vacuum. Lisa was back to giggling. It tickles and its humiliating for him.

When Sandy was satisfied that Lisa’s feet were clean enough she order her to spread her feet. When she did she guided Tyler’s face down on the carpet where his cum had slid down between. She made him lick it all up too.

When he was done, she released his balls and pulled him back up to his knees. She led him to the door to the hotel room, opened it, and kicked him out the door causing him to fall in the middle of the hallway. She picked up all of his clothes and threw them at him.

“Get the fuck out of here!” As she slammed the door shut.

She immediately looked into the peephole and watched him franticly put his pants and t-shirt back on and run off down the hallway.

When she turned around to look back towards Lisa, she had an evil grin.

“Think we’ll be hearing from him anymore?”

“No Mistress.” Giggling at how humiliating that had to be for him.

Sandy began taking off her dress before getting on the bed. She looked directly at Lisa and motioned her to come over with her finger.

Lisa smiled and began crawling towards her.

Sandy turned the lights off.

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