RoseAnn Discovers Dominance Pt. 14


I lazed in bed next morning, watching Craig as he did his morning ablutions. The sound of an electric shaver recalled pleasant memories of Dad getting ready for work, back when there was work to be had in Bitumen. I’d stretch out and doze under the covers, comforted by the domestic bustle. After my father left for work, it would be another hour before I had to get ready for school. Now I was stretched out under another set of covers, under very different circumstances, but still feeling that wonderful lazy comfort.

I’d made sure Craig got four hours’ sleep. He could survive on that much sleep for at least a day. At two in the morning, I stopped touching and whispering to him and tucked against him under the covers with as much body contact as possible, but it had been a full hour before his breathing evened out and I was sure he was asleep.

He brought me coffee, with just a dab of milk, the way I liked it. I stacked up the pillows and pulled myself to a sitting position, leaving my breasts bare. I wanted to remind him of last night’s tease, and of the heavy load of come still trapped in his balls. I decided it would stay there until I chose to release it. Did he regret not coming when I’d given him the chance? How long could he last? Thinking about that made me smile.

“I’ll keep that pretty smile in my mind all day long,” he said.

“I’m smiling because I’m tempted to lure you back to bed.”

“You could do it in a second if you wanted. But please don’t. I can’t afford to be absent for even a few hours at this time of year.”

“I have to work a longer shift today, too. Labor Day weekend coming up,” I said.

“Do you have plans?”

“My Mom and Dad expect to see me Sunday and Monday.”

He was silent, until I said, “Do Tekirdağ Escort you want to come with? It’s just one overnight.” No sooner was it out of my mouth than I wanted to pull it back. It was too soon for Craig to see the dismal circumstances I grew up in.

“That would be nice,” he said, “but you should check with your folks to make sure there’s room.”

“We’re not so formal out in Dogpatch. People just show up and they get fed and even bedded down for the night. They do the same for us.”

“I’ll think about it,” he said.

“Candy’s going, but I can’t get a ride with her. She’s not going out there until Monday morning. If I can’t get you to drive me, I can’t get there.”

“Well, maybe.”

“Then it’s done. I’ll call my Mom and let her know to set an extra place.”

“RoseAnn! I didn’t say…”

“Did you have other plans?”


“That’s what I thought. You’ll come with me. I’ll make you do it. Wait and see.” I put on my most evil face, and a very bad Zsa Zha Gabor accent. “You vill not be able to resist my chahms.”

* * *

“Sounds to me like you’ve got him properly hooked.” Candy giggled. “Aren’t you worried about taking him to see your folks?” She sat across from me as we wrapped cutlery in paper napkins.

“Hardly. My father will be overjoyed that I haven’t hooked up with another loser. My mother…I’m not sure how she’ll feel. She liked Mike. She thought he was a real man. That’s what she called him: a real man. But I never told her everything he did.”

“You know Mike will find out you’re coming home–and bringing your new boyfriend, too.”

“So? We’re divorced. He’d better respect that. Anyway, it’s not like Craig and I are committed yet. He even asked me to keep Tekirdağ Escort Bayan on wearing Mike’s wedding ring.”

“He did? Why would he do that?”

“Oh, something about rules in his apartment building. No unmarried couples. It’s nearly 1970, for Christ’s sake, and some people still live like it’s 1870. I wear it so he won’t get grief from the management. Like I said, it’s not like we’re committed.”

“Not committed? You’re staying at his place and you’ve got him panting after you like a puppy and chewing your snatch every night. What does it take to be committed these days? You’ve been, um, ‘intimate’, right?”

“Actually, no. Not the way you think. But I called my doctor in Morris. He’s leaving a prescription for birth control pills at the Walgreen’s for me. Then Craig and I can start having some real fun.”



“He’s done nothing but go down on you, and he’s happy with that?”

I grinned and nodded. “Uh, huh.”

“Well, when you get tired of just one kind of sex, just keep telling yourself, ‘free room and board for the next four years.'”

I kept that thought in mind when I returned to Craig’s apartment after my shift. In a few weeks, he’ll be able to put that cute cock in me, and we’ll have sex like a normal couple. I was painfully weary, but before a half-hour had passed, he had me naked on the bed. His eager lips and tongue snuffled and slurped at me, and I thought, maybe this isn’t so bad after all.

The same happened the following day. All day long, I imagined Craig releasing his inner cave man. He’d pull my clothes off and push me onto the bed, ignoring my feeble protests. Then he’d thrust his cock into me–it seemed to get bigger each time I imagined it. But Escort Tekirdağ when I returned to the apartment, all that was forgotten. Once more, I was his Queen Samara, stretched out on the recliner, enjoying the bliss that could only come from his lovely tongue.

On Friday, I worked another double shift to make up for taking the Sunday and Monday off, until Bernie cornered me in the kitchen.

“I need you to work the second shift on Monday,” he said. “Candy’s going home for the long weekend, and Keira just quit. She says her boyfriend wants her to move to Seattle with him.”

“I can’t do it. I haven’t seen my parents in two months, and on Tuesday, my classes start. I won’t be able to pull any more double shifts on weekdays, either.”

He pressed his flabby lips together and nodded slightly. “Classes. I’d forgotten about those. So you won’t be able to work any morning shifts at all?”

“Weekends. I can do weekends. All day Saturday and Sunday, if I need to”

He shook his head. “Everybody wants to work weekends. Cub games, theater crowds, weekend hippies. It’s all about bigger tips. That’s not going to work. It’s not fair to the other girls.”

“I need the job, but I haven’t seen my parents in so long.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll work something out,” he said, and rushed off to some other chore.

I watched him go with dread in my belly. Candy spoke over my shoulder. “I’ve heard him say ‘I’ll work something out’ three times to different people. Every time, he ended up firing them. I’d say you’ve got about one or two weeks to work something out for yourself.”

“I guess I’ve got to give up on college after all.”

“No, Rosie! If you do that, you’ll be a waitress forever. Don’t forget, Bernie likes you and he knows the customers like you. He’ll have to make allowances.”

But just after quitting time, Bernie came up behind me while I was wiping down tables and cleared his throat to get my attention. He gave me an envelope with my pay and an extra fifty dollars in it and told me I was fired.

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