Subject: Ryan’s New Life 9 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I hope you are enjoying this story. Please send any comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill RYAN’S NEW LIFE Chapter 9 Ryan was happy to take Archie and Tommy to the tailor’s shop after finishing the breakfast shift. He knew that Mr Huang wouldn’t ask him to get naked with two others present. Mr Huang smiled when he saw Ryan and then looked almost disappointed to see that he wasn’t alone. “Good morning, Mr Huang. I present Mr Archie and Mr Tommy, two guests at the hotel. They wish to buy some swimwear.” “I’m pleased to offer my services,” Mr Huang said, smiling at the two from Scotland. “Do you both want swimwear?” “No, only me,” said Tommy. “I’m looking for something sexy.” Mr Huang looked Tommy up and down. “I have a number of items which should fit you. I will only be a moment.” He disappeared into a storeroom at the rear. “Daddy�I mean Neil�has asked me to buy some sexier swimwear,” Ryan told the others. “I think that’s a great idea,” said Archie. “You and Tommy could put on a little show by the pool.” “I don’t know about that,” smiled Ryan. Tommy grinned. “I wouldn’t mind. It could be fun.” Mr Huang returned with a selection of skimpy swim-briefs, thongs and jockstraps. Ryan looked on as Tommy and Archie checked them out. “I can’t decide between this red thong and this see-through swimsuit,” Tommy said to Mr Huang. “Can I try them on?” “I’m sorry, sir. For hygiene reasons, we cannot allow customers to try on swimwear,” Mr Huang replied. “Just get both,” said Archie. “Good idea,” smiled Tommy. “Medium should fit me.” Mr Huang started to collect the remaining items and Ryan stepped forward. “I want to buy something too. Let me look at these.” Knowing that Mr Huang couldn’t force him to try them on, Ryan enjoyed looking through the swimwear and deciding which ones Neil would like best. He finally chose a small gold-coloured jockstrap and a white thong. “I’ll take these in size Small, please,” he said, smiling at the tailor. “You two must model your new items for me and Neil,” Archie said as they walked back to the hotel. “Let’s stop by reception and find out when Neil can join us by the pool.” Ryan wasn’t sure that he wanted to be seen by other guests in his new, more revealing swimwear but Tommy was keen so he didn’t feel that he could refuse. Neil was very happy when Ryan showed him his purchases. “They look great and I can’t wait to see you wearing them.” “I suggested that the boys could model their sexy new items by the pool this afternoon,” Archie told Neil. “Tommy loves the idea but I’m not sure about Ryan.” “Ryan will do it if I ask him to,” Neil responded. “Isn’t that right, Ryan?” “Yes, Daddy.” Ryan looked at the floor as he replied. “Let’s meet up by the pool at two o’clock,” said Neil. He knew that many guests relaxed by the pool after lunch and he wanted the biggest audience possible for Ryan. “We’ll be there,” smiled Archie. Ryan watched Archie and Tommy walk off to their room. Neil grasped Ryan’s bum and gave it a squeeze. “I’m really looking forward to seeing you wearing only that tiny thong in front of everyone. Archie won’t be the only to get a hard-on when he sees you virtually naked.” “I’m going to feel embarrassed,” said Ryan. “No, you’re not!” retorted Neil. “You are going to be proud of your sexy body. You are going to strut up and down, knowing that everyone is jealous of me having the hottest boy around.” “But�” “No buts! Haven’t you received lots of compliments from guests? They love how you look,” Neil said. Ryan thought about all the admiring looks and comments he had received since arriving at the hotel and acknowledged that Neil could be right. “Maybe but it still feels weird to be almost naked in public,” he said. “Forget about how things are back in your home town,” said Neil. “You are in a gay hotel, in a country where being gay is perfectly acceptable. Nobody will complain about you wearing minimal outfits. Heck, many would love to see you fully naked!” The office door was open and Chai, who had overheard the conversation, came in and said, “I’d love to see you fully naked, Ryan.” Neil laughed. “See? We all think you’re beautiful.” Ryan looked at the smiling Chai and asked, “Do you really think it’s okay for me to wear tiny items like these in front of the guests?” He held up the thong and the small jockstrap. “Of course,” replied Chai. “You must have seen some of the older, overweight guests wearing tiny speedos. If they feel comfortable dressed like that in public, then a sexy young guy like you should be happy to show off your body. I’m just sorry that I won’t be able to come to the pool and see you.” “I’ll take some photos for you, Chai,” smiled Neil. Ryan sighed and accepted that there was no way out of the situation. He was going to be modelling his new purchases in front of a lot of men. “I’ll go upstairs and get changed for work.” “I’ll tell Veera to let you finish early so that you can be by the pool for two o’clock,” said Neil. Ryan tried not to think about being almost naked by the pool as he worked in the restaurant. At 1.45pm Veera told him to go so he reluctantly went upstairs to change. Looking at the two items lying on the bed, Ryan decided to wear the gold jockstrap since it was the least revealing. He wore his shorts on top and put the white thong in his pocket. Then he went downstairs, met up with Neil in the lobby and walked with him to the swimming pool. Archie and Tommy were sunbathing in a central position and they had saved neighbouring loungers for Neil and Ryan. “There’s quite a crowd today,” Neil said to Archie as he sat down next to him. “I may have mentioned what is going to happen to a few others,” Archie whispered in response. Neil smiled and looked over at Tommy. “Looking forward to showing off?” “Very much. I just hope I don’t get a stiffy in front of everyone,” replied Tommy. “Which one are you wearing first?” Ryan asked Tommy. “The red thong,” smiled Tommy. Ryan nodded. “I’m wearing the jockstrap.” “Whenever you’re ready,” said Archie. “Walk up to that end of the pool, turn and walk to the other end and then come back here. Go one at a time and then do it together. Okay?” “Okay. I’ll go first.” Tommy grinned, stood up and dropped his shorts. Ryan gasped when he saw that the thong barely covered Tommy’s cock and balls. Tommy smiled at Archie and posed while he and Neil took photos. Then he confidently strode up and down the escort pool, smiling and saying hello to the men he passed. “That was fun,” Tommy said when he sat down on Archie’s lounger. “I think a few men are jealous of you, my darling.” “On you go, Ryan,” said Neil. “Be proud of yourself and make me proud at the same time.” Ryan eased his shorts down before standing up. He forced a smile as Neil and Archie took photos. It was a real smile when Tommy said, “You have a cute bum.” Taking a deep breath, Ryan set off on his walk past some other guests. Some men who had been sitting on the opposite side of the pool swam over to get a better look at Ryan before he returned to a hug from Neil. “You did great!” said Neil. “Now take Tommy’s hand and walk up and down together like a pair of real fashion models.” Tommy stood and smiled as he held out his hand. Ryan took Tommy’s hand and felt more confident as he walked past the guests for a second time. When he got to the first turning, Ryan saw that Prem, the barman, had come out of the pool bar for a closer look. Prem smiled and waved before the pair turned to walk to the other end. This time Ryan noticed that some men were taking photos and he pointed that fact out to Tommy. Tommy laughed and said, “They will be jerking off looking at those pics later.” “I don’t think I like that idea,” said Ryan. “You don’t like men thinking you’re sexy? It turns me on,” responded Tommy. As soon as they got back to Archie and Neil, he said, “Some men took our photos. They fancy us!” “I’m sure everyone here fancies you two young beauties,” smiled Archie. “I think you’re right,” said Neil. “Now change into your other items and give them – and us – another treat.” Tommy picked up the see-through swim-briefs and showed them to Neil. “Are you sure it’s okay for me to wear this here?” “Yes, of course,” replied Neil. “Only good things were said when Ryan `accidentally’ wore a see-through swimsuit.” Archie held up a large towel and Tommy swapped swimsuits behind it. Neil then did the same for Ryan. Ryan’s eyes opened wide when he saw Tommy’s cock through the fine material of his swim-briefs. Although flaccid, it was bigger than his own when erect. Archie smiled when he saw the teenager’s reaction. “It’s a nice one, isn’t it? A tasty mouthful.” Ryan couldn’t help wondering how big Tommy’s cock became when erect. He watched as Neil and Archie took photos of Tommy and then admired Tommy’s bravery when he set off on his walk up and down the poolside. Tommy smiled at the men who cheered him and took photos. He loved being the centre of attention. “That was fun,” he said when he returned. “They’re going to love you too, Ryan.” Neil smiled. “Yeah! Drop that towel and let Archie and I take a couple of photos before you go and tease our guests.” Ryan reluctantly stood up and dropped his towel. Only Neil and Mr Huang had ever seen him fully naked and now others would see him virtually naked. The white thong covered his cock and balls but made it obvious that he had no pubic hair. “Wow! You are stunning, Ryan,” said Archie. “Isn’t he gorgeous, Tommy?” “Yeah, you are a hot young guy, Ryan,” Tommy said. “You’re going to have those old guys drooling!” Ryan was pleased to hear such positive comments. He looked at Neil who had a huge smile on his face. “Be proud of yourself, son. You know I’m very proud of you.” Ryan smiled and set off with more confidence than he could have imagined minutes earlier. Instead of hurrying past the men as he had planned, he took his time and smiled as the men looked him over and made flattering comments. He even stopped and posed for those who asked his permission to take a photo. “Did I do okay, Daddy?” Ryan asked when he returned. Neil hugged Ryan and held onto his butt cheeks. “You did marvellously,” he said before pulling him closer. “I got stiff watching you. Can you feel it?” Ryan grinned because he could feel the erection pressing against his stomach. “I can feel it, Daddy.” He then lowered his voice and asked, “Are you going to take me to the apartment and fuck me?” “Very soon. Right after you walk up and down again with Tommy,” replied Neil. “Oh. You’ve made me get stiff. I’d better wait until it goes down,” Ryan said. Neil stepped back at looked down. “No. Let them see that tent in your pouch. It will turn them on even more. It’s making my cock stiffer.” Archie and Tommy smiled at each other, enjoying the exchange. Then Tommy stood up and held his hand out to Ryan. “Come on. Let’s drive those men wild. I’m getting stiff too.” Ryan automatically looked at Tommy’s crotch and then smiled as he took the young man’s hand. Together they walked all around the pool, stopping to pose for frontal and rear photos when requested. There was a large damp patch caused by pre-cum on the front of Ryan’s pouch but he was happy to pose and allow Neil and Archie to take more photos. “I think you need to take Ryan home now and give him what he needs,” Archie told Neil. “I need some relief myself after watching that display,” smiled Neil. “Come on, Ryan. Don’t bother putting your shorts back on. You can let Chai see you in your thong.” Ryan no longer cared who saw him in his current state. He was really horny and Neil was about to take him upstairs and fuck him. He picked up the jockstrap and his shorts, said goodbye to Archie and Tommy, and walked with Neil back into the hotel. Neil knew that other guests were unlikely in the lobby so that nobody would be shocked by the arrival of Ryan wearing nothing but a tiny white thong. Chai was reading a magazine when he looked up and saw a grinning Neil and an almost naked Ryan. He jumped to his feet and smiled. “Have you brought me a present, boss?” Neil laughed. “You can only look, Chai. Ryan enjoyed showing off to the guests by the pool and I thought you should see more than just photos.” Neil took the shorts and jockstrap that Ryan had been holding and said, “Let Chai see your sexy body.” Chai came out from behind the reception desk and slowly walked around Ryan. Ryan was aroused by being looked at so closely by yet another man. His cock throbbed and leaked more pre-cum. “I thought you were shy but you clearly enjoy men looking at your body,” Chai said to Ryan. “He was very shy but I’m happy that he isn’t now,” said Neil. He reached over and squeezed Ryan’s cock. “You’re soaking the thong with your juice, Ryan. There’s nobody else around so just take it off.” “Yeah, take it off,” said Chai. Ryan looked around to check that the lobby was empty and then pushed the thong to the floor. “Nice!” Chai smiled as he looked Ryan up and down. “Your ass is your best feature though. gebze escort I’d be happy to fuck you any time. Remember that if you don’t get enough from the boss.” “I get plenty,” said Ryan. “And I’m going to get more now.” “That’s right. Get your ass upstairs now.” Neil spanked Ryan’s bum. Ryan giggled, picked his thong up from the floor and hurried towards the staircase. “See you later, Chai.” Neil followed the horny teenager upstairs to their apartment. Once inside the apartment, Ryan jumped onto the bed and went on all fours. Looking over his shoulder, he said, “Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me hard!” Neil started to strip off. “Yes, I’m going to fuck you hard. You have been walking around virtually naked, letting all those men see that you were horny. Bet you’d like them all to fuck you.” Ryan smiled. “Yes, I’d like to have a�what’s it called? A gang something.” “A gang-bang. Too bad you only have me,” said Neil. “Yes, but you’re the best. You have the biggest cock,” Ryan responded. Neil knelt behind Ryan and spread his arse cheeks before diving in to rim him. Ryan moaned softly as the tongue opened him up. Neil didn’t spend much time on rimming as he was almost as horny as the teenager. He grabbed the KY jelly and soon a greased finger was pushing into Ryan’s tight hole. “Open your cunt for me. Let me in,” ordered Neil. Ryan did his best to relax and Neil began to finger-fuck him. A second greased finger stretched the opening further. Neil normally used a third finger when he was preparing Ryan for fucking but he was too horny. He moved straight from two fingers to his long, thick cock. Ryan gritted his teeth and pushed back when the cock pressed for entry. He let out a cry when the cock penetrated him but the flash of pain was soon forgotten. He sighed as the thick 23 cm (9 inch) cock pushed deeper. “I’m in balls-deep now. You still want me to fuck you hard?” Neil asked. “Yes, Daddy. Fuck me hard and make me cum!” answered Ryan. Neil wasted little time in getting into a rhythm of hard, fast thrusts. Ryan pushed back against each one, enjoying the pounding he was receiving. When Neil started pinching, pulling and twisting Ryan’s nipples as well as fucking him, Ryan was sure he could feel the cum churning in his little balls. “I’m going to cum, Daddy! I’m going to cum!” Ryan moaned as cum started firing from his piss-slit. Neil quickly moved his hand to capture most of it and then he held it up to Ryan’s mouth so that he could eat it. Neil had stopped thrusting while dealing with Ryan’s ejaculation and now he started again. He was soon pounding hard and fast just like before. Despite having cum, Ryan’s cock remained hard after he’d finished spunking. “Oh, Daddy. This feels wonderful. I love you fucking me!” Neil reached down and took Ryan’s cock in one hand and the boy’s balls in the other, and wanked him roughly while fucking him. Soon Ryan began whimpering. “I think I’m going to cum again!” “Good! I’m about to cum now,” said Neil. He gave a few more thrusts and then groaned as he sent his load into Ryan’s hot hole. This triggered Ryan’s eruption and he sprayed his cum all over the bed sheet. There was no sound but heavy breathing for some minutes. Then Neil climbed off Ryan and gave his bum a couple of hard spanks. “You’ve made a mess of the bed. I’ve told you to always eat your own cum if I’m not sucking you off.” “Sorry, Daddy,” said Ryan. Then he smiled and said, Thank you for the great sex.” Neil smiled. “I enjoyed it too. Now put the dirty bed sheets in the laundry basket and come into the shower with me.” Ryan stripped the bed and then joined Neil in the shower. “Kneel down, son,” said Neil. Knowing what was coming, Ryan knelt down and closed his eyes. The expected `golden shower’ started on Ryan’s chest but quickly moved up and rained down across his face. To Neil’s surprise, Ryan opened his mouth and took some piss inside. He swallowed some and then let the piss overflow and run down his chin to dribble onto his chest and also his semi-hard cock. “You’re a good boy,” Neil said when he had emptied his bladder. He pulled Ryan to his feet and kissed him passionately. With the man’s tongue in his mouth and the man’s arms holding him close, Ryan felt really loved. When they parted, Ryan smiled and said, “I’ll do anything for you, Daddy.” Neil smiled and gave Ryan a quick kiss on the nose. “Help me get clean. I need to get back to work!” Ryan wasn’t on duty again until five so he relaxed naked on the bed after Neil had gone. He thought about what he had done at the swimming pool and knew he’d never have done it without the support and encouragement of Tommy and Archie. “I’ll miss them when they leave,” he said to himself. Ryan then wondered how the guests who came to the hotel restaurant for dinner would react. He hoped they wouldn’t tease him too much. After some time surfing the `net, Ryan put on his waiter’s uniform and went downstairs to see Chai. “Do you think I was naughty for getting naked in the lobby?” he asked. Chai shook his head and smiled. “I loved seeing you naked. You are a very sexy boy.” Ryan smiled and said, “Thank you. Any interesting new guests today?” “Not really,” replied Chai. “However there are two of your fellow countrymen – two Chinese men in their fifties from Penang. I don’t know if they’re a couple but they’re sharing a room.” “It’s quite common for friends to share a bed in Malaysia,” said Ryan. “It doesn’t mean that they are in any sort of relationship.” “I know,” smiled Chai. “It happens here in Thailand too.” “It’s almost time for me to start work. See you later.” Ryan left the reception and headed to the restaurant. Veera and one of the part-time waiters greeted Ryan with applause. “We heard about your modelling show by the pool,” Veera said. “It wasn’t just me,” said Ryan. “One of the Scottish guests started it and he wore a see-through swimsuit.” “Yes, but you’re our baby,” smiled Veera. “We wish we could have seen it.” “I’m not doing it again,” Ryan said. There were smiles and winks from a few guests but only a couple mentioned having seen Ryan by the pool earlier. They both were very complimentary and one asked if he paraded in sexy swimwear often. Ryan shook his head. “That was the first and probably last time,” he said. “Tommy – the guest who was with me – wanted to show off and I was persuaded to join him.” When Tommy and Archie arrived later, one American who’d had a few drinks called out, “Hey son! We almost didn’t recognise you with your clothes on.” Tommy laughed and sat down. Then the American’s mate shouted, “Are you going to do a repeat performance for gölcük escort those of us who missed it?” Tommy shook his head. “Sorry, guys. It was a one-off event.” There were a few groans of disappointment. Ryan asked Veera to serve Archie and Tommy. “I don’t want guests to make any more comments if they see us together,” he explained. Ryan was pleased when Neil arrived a short time later. That meant he could take his break and have dinner with him. They had just finished eating when Archie and Tommy joined them. “Our little show this afternoon was very popular,” Tommy said. “Several guys came and said thank you after you left the pool.” “I didn’t think anyone would object but I never expected it to create as much excitement,” said Neil. “Several guests have stopped me to comment on it.” “I wouldn’t mind doing it again but we’re going a tour tomorrow and we leave for Chiang Mai the day after.” “Maybe you can come back next year and maybe do something similar,” suggested Neil. “We are planning to visit Malaysia next year. Perhaps we can take some time out to come here again,” said Archie. “We’ve loved being here and we’ve enjoyed your company.” Neil smiled. “Come back and I’ll give you a discount.” “That’s certainly something worth thinking about,” smiled Archie. “Now we will leave you in peace. We’re off for a wander around the town.” “They’re great guys,” Neil said to Ryan after the couple had left. “I think we should invite them to have dinner with us tomorrow and maybe we can keep in touch by email.” “That would be nice. I like them,” said Ryan. “It’s a shame they live so far away.” Neil nodded. “Yes. Scotland is a very long way from here.” *** During his free time the next day, Ryan had another massage lesson from Chit. When they were getting started, he asked, “Isn’t a bit weird giving `happy endings’?” Chit smiled. “It’s not the best part of the job but it can easily double my income. Not everyone wants one though.” “How do you know who wants one?” Ryan asked. “If they get stiff while being massaged, it’s likely,” replied Chit. “I only ask if they wish some relief if they become stiff.” He smiled and added, “Although sometimes I encourage them.” Ryan asked how he did that and Chit said, “I might rub their nipples, or let my fingers touch their balls or their cock when I’m massaging their upper thighs. Unlike you, they are fully naked when they are receiving a massage.” “Oh. Should I have taken my briefs off?” asked Ryan. “No. It’s okay. If I had been using oil for your massage, I would have asked you to remove them and given you a small towel,” said Chit. “However if you want to see if I can make you stiff, you can take them off now.” “I don’t want a `happy ending’ but I will take them off and you can try to make me stiff,” said Ryan. He slipped his low-cut briefs off and stretched out on his back. Chit got to work on Ryan’s upper thighs, gently brushing against his balls and flaccid cock from time to time. Ryan wasn’t physically attracted to Chit but the touches were enough to cause his cock to stiffen. “It worked!” Ryan said with a smile. “I don’t think I will have any trouble getting Daddy – Mr Rogers – stiff. Do customers ever ask you for more than a hand-job?” “Yes, it happens,” replied Chit. “If the guy is handsome, I might offer him a blowjob but I usually tell them where to find a rentboy.” “Okay. Thanks for the lesson,” Ryan said as he got dressed. “I might surprise Daddy tonight by giving him a massage before we �um, go to sleep.” Chit smiled. “You mean before you have sex!” Ryan laughed. “Yes. We always have sex first and I love it. See you around!” Ryan smiled to himself as he walked back to the main hotel building. “Now I can admit to having sex with a man without blushing. I have changed a lot since arriving here.” *** Ryan wore the white thong for his last swim with Tommy and Archie. He even allowed Archie to apply sun block to his back and bum, despite it being unnecessary. Tommy looked on in amusement and warned Archie not to put a finger in Ryan’s arsecrack. “You have a very sensual touch, Archie,” Ryan said when the man had finished applying the sun block. “Tommy’s a lucky guy.” “Oh? Did I turn you on?” asked Archie. “Yes, you did.” Ryan turned over to let the pair see that his stiff little cock was stretching the fabric of the pouch. Archie smiled. “May I take a photo?” “Yes, of course,” replied Ryan. Archie snapped a couple of photos and then Tommy reached over and grasped Ryan’s cock. “I’d love to see this little beauty and I bet Archie would too. Can I�? Ryan bit his lower lip and then nodded. He wanted Archie to see him naked. Tommy pulled the pouch to the side allowing them to see the rock-hard cock and the grape-sized balls. “It’s beautiful,” Archie whispered. He took two photos (a close-up of the cock and balls, and a full-length photo) before Tommy put the pouch back in place. “Thank you for letting us see all of your sexy body,” said Archie. Ryan sat up and looked around. He was pleased to see that none of the other guests were paying them any attention. “You’re welcome,” he said. “I’d better get ready for work but I’m finishing at seven. You will join Daddy and I for dinner at seven-thirty, won’t you?” “Yes, we are looking forward to it,” replied Archie. *** Dinner for the two couples was a happy affair. “We really appreciate the special service we have received,” Archie said as the evening drew to a close. “With so few young men around, I know that Tommy enjoyed Ryan’s company. I did too.” “I need to thank you both for helping to bring Ryan out of his shell,” responded Neil. “He used to be very shy but now he’s quite comfortable about others seeing his sexy body.” “We know. We saw all of it this afternoon,” smiled Tommy. Neil looked at Ryan who said, “I will explain later.” “If you give me your email address, I will send you copies of all the photos I took of Ryan,” Archie said to Neil. “I’d appreciate that,” said Neil. “Don’t forget what I said about a discount if you come back next year.” “If you ever come to Scotland you must visit us,” Tommy said. “Definitely!” Neil smiled. Back in the apartment, Neil asked Ryan what Archie meant about seeing all of his body. “I got stiff after Archie applied sun block to my bum,” Ryan began. “You let another man touch your bum?” interrupted Neil. “Only my bum cheeks, not my�pussy,” Ryan replied. “When I turned over, they saw that I was stiff and Tommy asked if they could see my cock and balls. So I let him pull the thong aside. They didn’t touch me there. I hope you’re not mad.” Neil hugged Ryan. “No, I’m not mad. As I’ve told you many times, you should be proud of your body. However in future I don’t want you to get naked in front of other men unless I’m with you. Okay?” “Okay, Daddy.” Ryan smiled and hugged Neil tightly. To be continued

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