Saints Row Gangsta- Tomisha Jackson part 2


Saints Row Gangsta- Tomisha Jackson part 2Saints Row Queen Tomisha Jack Vs the GhostBy lilguy [email protected] runs a foul with a Russian mob.Tomisha Jackson was called many things. She was called a hero, rebel, villain, Anti-hero, nympho, gangster bitch among other things. She was also referred to as one of the most dangerous criminals and Saints Row. She was a king pin who took out any gang who got in her way and rage a war against a crooked Corporation know as Altor. Her battle sent blood and bullets through the streets in the Orgy of sex and v******e. When the dust was settled she was a rich woman and the top mover and shaker in Saints Row.She was a nightmare and wet dream of many of cop in Saints Row. She was a beautiful black girl and with smooth chocolate skin. Her body was fit and tone like a fitness model and her hair blond with a pony tail. She was 6.2 with nice firm boobs that she loved showing off. She made them stand out with a giant tattoo of a cross with rays on sunshine coming out it. That was above her quite spectacular breast that were more then a handful in size.Tomisha was currently enjoying a fruits of labor by fucking some busty blond hair porn starlet Doggy style with a strapon. Sweat dripped down Tomisha back showing off her giant tattoo of an Asian woman with a samurai sword. She got that Tattoo after she defeated a head off a Japan crime family in a sword fight taking out their whole crew. Another gang she wiped out was representing by a Tattoo of a wolf head on that stomach. She killed that guy with her bare hands after fighting him in a monster truck rally. Both arms had tattoos off roses and vines. A smile cross her juicy red lipstick lips as her plunge her strapon deep inside the girl’s pussy, making her pussy overflow with pussy juices. The porn star bit her lip and grabbed on to the bed for dear life as the bed began to rock. Her face turn blush red as pure joy went over her face as Tomisha brought her to the edge, touching her G-spot in a way that only a woman could know. It wasn’t because Tomisha only liked women. She was known to ride a dick or two. And sometimes 5. She even had plenty of guys she bent over in position, taking their ass to school. Tomisha was inside her match the beats of the music that was blasting through the room. The Gangster thick ass bounces up and down as she went in and out of the porn star. This girl was known for being a squirted by the name of Roxy Love. Blunt smoke came out of her lips floating through the air. She kept the Ashtray on the girls back. The smoke floated by the large glass window overlooking the city. She could see Police Helicopter row by probably trying to catch someone riding dirty Tomisha thought. The white woman in question was being pushed against Tomisha silk sheets. Roxy body was drench with sweat making her body glisten. Tomisha watch the rubber cock disappear in the white girl’s pussy. Over the girls ass said “Property of Saint’s Row”. Tomisha took a handful of her hair jamming it in. The light from the building was casting shadows across Tomisha showing ever sexy curve she had“Damm girl if you keep cumming on my bed I got to get new sheets” Tomisha smirked “Your taking all this shit. Don’t you pull away girl you got a dicking tonight. Bet those porn stars don’t now how to handle the sweet ass like I do. Better learn…If you going to hoe for the saints you got to learn how to take a big dick…from some thug out guys. Isn’t anything less than 10 inches? They won’t be a cutting. Hell you best learn to do all types of nasty shit. Learn to make a man cock melt in your mouth.”Tomisha grabbed hold of the woman tits and started to squeezed and massage them together feeling the natural tits flesh squish between her fingers. Roxy let out a loud moan as he knees were turning into jelly. She looked back at Tomisha and watches her rubber cock disappear into her pussy. A hand slapped Roxie ass making it jiggles a bit. Tomisha move in and out with large and slow movements when she thought Roxy was about to cum. She slowed down to make Roxie lastThe room was dimly lit, making the largest source of light in the room the flat screen TV. This TV was huge and could be brought up with one press of her remote. She recognizes one of the clubs she ran on the TV. On the television was a special report. Tomisha grabbed her remote and turn up the channel.The reporter on the screen was in front of one of Tomisha strips clubs. The place was burning down“This is the 3rd building that was hit tonight. These places pendik escort had be robbed and burn down an apparently a new gang attacks properties to distract the police to a bank Robbery. They did this in multiple states. The Gang is known as the Vikings. They come from Russian and know as the most efficient gang in there. There second in command is Igor Mklovizes. “The reporter “He love to hit the local scenes”The television showed a picture of a tall strapping man with long blond hair and plenty of muscle. His eyes were piercing blue“The Head of the family has no picture of him. He know by most people as the Ghost due to be so well hidden”Tomisha was pissed. This new gang thought they could use burning down her place as a mere distraction. Tomisha was still fucking the porn star when she picked up the phone“Yea…you seen the news” Tomisha said in the phone “Want to know about these people. Put out the word. Anyone spending a lot of cash that Russian sends them to me”LaterRoxy laid pass out on the bed exhausted unable to move. Tomisha was talking on the phone.“Igor at the Club Sizzle you say. Don’t worry. Don’t need any back up. Does this shit alone” Tomisha SaidTomisha was standing there dripping with sweat. Her pussy had a patch of hair over in and was dyed blond like her hair. It dripped down her muscle leg show off peaks and valleys of muscle definition. She took one last puff of her blunt and put it away. Tomisha walked to her wardrobe and pulled out a purple leather Jacket that said “Saints” on the back of it. She grabbed some gold Brass knuckles and put it on each hand. She grabbed a pair or skin tight purple leather pants and slipped it on. It was a size to small showing a bit of the crack of her ass when she walked. Her booths were long black leather. She put on some shades and gold necklace with a cross. She put her nose ring in and ear diamond ear rings. She grabbed a phone and some gear. She grabbed the keys and took the elevator too her garage. Her garage were filled with various cars she got in her adventure, motorcycles, street race cars, hummers, cop cars, even a tank among many other vehicles.She jumped on a pink crotch rocket bike that was sleek with plenty of nitro boost. She hopped on feeling the bike vibrate between her legs. She spread of at 80 miles per hour, hitting a jump out of her garage and leaping high in the air into the busy traffic. Cars beep and people curse and she sped by through traffic. She swerved between the cars like a purple blur with expert skill. It was midnight and the night was still young. Most sane people were escaping to their house and avoiding the crime of the City. The motorcycle roared with an intense fury and the speed of engine vibrator sending pleasure between her thighs. Her eyes had a steady determination. She cut through the back alley avoiding traffic. She saw the club coming up. She spun her bike making streaks and stopped a few feet from the club. The neon lights of the club sign over her. The neon sign had a girl gridding against the pole in a red silhouette. A sign on the club said “Hottest women in Town” “Shots half off” “And now special shower rooms”. Music blast from the club and there was a long wait in line.Tomisha got off the bike and started walking to the door“Back of the line bitch” One of Two bouncer SaidThe bouncers were burley and tall. One was black and one was white. They were a tower of muscle. Tomisha kept walking toward him“Bitch maybe you didn’t hear me” The black bouncer Said “Maybe I need to show you my hearing Aid”He opening his Jacket showing a gun“Or Maybe you need it in surround sound” The white bouncer said opening his jacket to reveal a 45Tomisha walked toward them some more, faster this time. The black man pulled out his gun. Tomisha grabbed his arm, snapping his wrist back and head butted him in the nose drawing blood. She kneed him in the stomach backing over, grabbing the gun before the white man could grab his. Tomisha pointed the gun at him and turn it sideways.“Drop it” Tomisha SaidThe white man hesitated. Tomisha hit him with the butt of the gun making him fall to ground and pointed at him.“Ok” He said giving his gun to Tomisha“Take your punk ass’s home. Small dick mother fuckers” Tomisha SaidThe ran. Tomisha put the guns away and walked into the club. Eyes turn to her as the saw The Saints Row Diva walked it. The cross necklace brought attention to her chest and the fact she was wearing a bra. Her breasts were ample and firm. The lights from the kartal escort club dance across her body, as big booty bitches grind to the songs on stage. The DJ was spending records and half naked women walked around serving drinks. Tomisha smiled and patted one on the ass slipping few 100’s between the waitress warm cheeks. She grabbed a bottle of Grey Goose and changes it down. She spotted Igor across one of the stage in the VIP. In front of that stage was a security guard. He was holding a shot gun. Igor had 8 guards with him. Igor sat there in a suit that cost more then most people month’s paycheck.Tomisha still had the bottle of grey Hood in her hand. She ran up toward the guard and cracked the now empty bottle over his head. She slammed a knee into his balls and grabs the shot gun. She ran across the stage and fired at the guards. The room broke out into screams as she fired taking out 3 and of them and clicking till the gun clicked empty. She let the shot gun drop…and pulled out the two guns in the move that was so Jon woo…you half expected white doves to come out. She fired them as she ran off the stage shooting up the guard in the hail of bullets. She leaps off the stage and fired taking out the rest accept for Igor. She tackled Igor and started punching him with the gold plated brass knuckles and beating him senseless. She took off her jacket revealing her imposing back tattoo and fitness back muscles. Her nipples were hard as rocks now and nice and dark. She did a couple of shots to his ribs and k**neys.“Where your Boss bitch” Tomisha Said“Fuck…you Ghetto skank”She pushed him down and slammed her foot on his crotch. She pointed the gun at him.“Ghetto….damm boy…you hurt my feelings. I like to think of myself as upperly mobile skank” Tomisha Joked as she twisted her foot into him “Where your boss”“Damm you. He will kill me”She shot a gun inches from his ear.“Yea but I kill you slower. You know me. You know what I can do. You hear my reputation”“Ok I tell you. He at the hotel by the Docks restaurant. He in room 516. He has a tattoo on a dragon on his chest” Igor screamsShe smiled“Going to check it out and come back. This conversation won’t be so pleasant.” She Said“Yes Anything”“And you work for me now. Any money you make I get 80 percent. Your part of my gang”“Yes of course” He SaidShe thought for a moment.“Only thing decided if you going to roll as a gangsta..Or is a bitch pretty boy playing for my girls to play with. Only one way to find out. Take your fucking clothes off”“What”“Did I stutter hoe? The initiation…last 3 minutes with cumming and you in the gang. Don’t and you be shaking your ass on the street to make me some cash. Does it now before I get all Ike Turner on your ass and make you sing Proud Mary” Tomisha said taking off her clothes.His cock was a hard 9 inches and he was solid muscle. But he still looked timid to Tomisha standing over him. Her pussy was dripping wet. She grabbed hold of his cock and slipped it deep in her. It was the wettest pussy he ever felt and it tighten like a fist taking his shaft deep in like it was only 2 inches. She gripped her legs around him and started riding his cock up and down. Her pussy juices dripped down his sock soaking it. Tomisha held his wrist down“Shiiiit yea…damm making my pussy wet” Tomisha SaidShe gripped his neck grinding to the sound of the music, letting the music taking her over. She gripped his neck with one hand and squeezed her breast with the other.“Ohhh fuccccccccccccccck” He screams outShe licked her lips flipping her blond hair back and fourth. He didn’t know how much he could take. He been with 100’s of women but this girl was turning his cock into silly puddy, riding him with ease“Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttt” He criedHe came filling her pussy with his cum. She rode him some more as his cock kept shooting out jizz. He failed the test, and he was no more then a sex toy now. She used her pussy muscles to stretch his penis till it was hard again. She rode him to her climax, cumming down on his cock. He climax again as she came.She stood up, cum dripping out of her pussy“Damm boy you FAILED with flying colors. Guess you want to be my bitch”She went into his pants pocket and grabbed his phone and license.“Someone will him picking your ass so you can get to make my some cash tomorrow. Best not leave town” Tomisha SaidShe put on her coat and nothing else and put the guns in her pocket. The coat had plenty of places to put guns. She left him totally beaten. She grabbed maltepe escort her keys and walked out. She hopped on her motorcycle and rode off. She heard sounds of sirens and smile“Thanks Goodness for this City response time”She had police radar. Apparently it said a suspect that shot up a strip club called sizzle was up to 4 star wanted levels. She smiled. Thinking that was a record of how fast she got the wanted levels up.She arrived at the docks in record time and entered the high class hotel. People were shocked to see this woman that was mostly naked walk in, her pussy dripping with various juices. No one dared stopped her cause they could see her holding a guns. She looked at two women drink tea and did a bow like she was tipping her hat to them and laughed.“Good day Ladies” She SaidShe took the elevator and went up to the elevator. There were two henchmen waiting by room 512. She took one out and shot him in the head, the other she shot in the arm making him drop his gun. She grabbed the wounded man and put a gun to his chest. She slammed him through the door breaking it. Bullets fired and she used him as a human shield.The room was expensive, lot of high art in the room, vases and marble pillars and expensive furniture. All was getting shot up as she ran through the room shooting out bits of marble. There was a hot tub in the middle of the room. There were 6 busty women in the bath tub that ran for cover. In the bath tub was the ghost. He was tall figure with a dragon Tattoo on his chest and stood 6.7. He had a grey beard and short hair. He looked to be in his 50’s and in good shape. The guard were well armed and had flake Jackets on. She dropped her human shield and went behind one of pillar.She replace her rounds and bullets flew by and took them out with a combo of shots to the knee caps bringing them down and then shots the head.She stood in the room. 20 henchmen laid dead. She pointed the gun at the Ghost“This is for FUCKING with the saint’s place of business” Tomisha SaidShe pulled the trigger only to have it click empty“Ahhhhh fuck me” Tomisha SaidThe Ghost got up in the amazing speed and tackled her. She was pushed back several feet and slammed hard into one of the marble pillars. The Ghost took a swing at her head. She ducked and his bare fist took out a large chunk of the pillar. She caught him with some punches to the ribs and too no avail. He picked her up by her pony tail and swung her across the room into a table and through it.“Little Girl…been doing this for decades. Did you think I would be some frail old man” Ghost Said“Yea…was kind of hoping” Tomisha SaidShe held a bruise rib and grabbed a leg from a broken table. She swung it at him and hit him in the head. It knocked him back a little but he kept walking. Tomisha grabbed a vase and leap in the air cracking it over him.He stood there a smiled and kneed her in the stomach making her back over. He tore of her coat uppercut her putting her on his back before stomping down between her legs.“What kind of city…lets a BITCH…run it? Weak City. A City I will crush before I show you’re your place little girl” He SaidHe grabbed her by the legs and swung her around. She was slammed into one pillar and then the other. With a long swing she was tossed in the hot tub. He leaped in.“I shall break you then **** you. You will BEG for it” He SaidStarted pushing her in holding her down and drown her.“Do you BEG NOW?”She was pulled out of the water, but when she came out she did a chop to the neck making him back over. She leaped on his back and pulled off her necklace and wrapped it around his neck and chokes him. She was on his back as he tried to get her off.“Ride them cowgirl” Tomisha SaidHis armed flailed around as he slammed her into the walls of the hot tub but she manages to keep the necklace tightly around him, making it tighter around his neck. His arm soon went limp as he lay lifeless in the pool. She got out dripping wet. She saw the stolen bank money on the table and smirked.“Today is a good day” She SaidShe poured herself a drinkNext DayTomisha lay on stack of 100’s dollar bills naked. Igor was on a leash eating her pussy out. “Property of Saints Row” was tattooed over his ass. Tomisha had her Cigar lit by one of the Ghost’s ladies who were now part of her crew.The television was playing the news“Here were all at the docks, where the Bodies of what alleged to be Russian Mob Boss the Ghost and Several of his henchmen. The symbols of the SAINTS are written all over. The stolen money hasn’t been found”“Cut it off” Tomisha Said“How you like working with the saints” Tomisha said to one of the ladies“Great…never got so much cash, so much respect and been fucked so well in my life. Also it fun taking out my revenge on that Igor’s ass” The woman Said“Good cause this only the start” Tomisha SaidThe End

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