Salenna part 8


Salenna Part 8: The twins Mickey and Briana

The “8 Team” first movie was a runaway success it involved the whole eight of them and doubling up with different members of the team, also Roger as a guest appearance. The theme was the olympic games and how they trained to be at their peak physical fitness and the fucking they did as their hormone levels also peaked, then the events they won and the celebrations (fucking and sucking and anything sexual) after their wins.

This gave the boys a chance to show off their muscular bodies and their cocks and the girls their magnificent figures and sexual prowess. The web site almost reached melt down with orders for the tapes and just hits looking for stills of the team, Nathan had no chance of keeping up with the emails even with Brit’s help so he hived off the relevant emails to each member of the team.

He was still snowed under and decided he needed a secretary or two so he could cope. The comment he had placed earlier on the web about a look alike competition for Salenna or Jill had caused a flood of mail all with pictures, this looked like a good place to start.

They had been in business for about six months with the sale of tapes and DVD’s running into the thousands, Roger could not have imagined the money that was being generated and the cult that was growing around them. Time to spend some money and follow the image up, he bought two Merc convertibles and two Mazda MX-5’s for the team, they were overwhelmed and squealed with delight when they arrived, everybody wanted to drive them but which one?

Salenna jumped into the iridescent pink Merc and roared down the drive and into town for a test drive, her blonde hair streaming in the wind and the CD deck at full power when she heard the siren. She slowed down and pulled over as the cop parked in front of her, “Was I speeding?” she asked as she got out of the car. Salenna, clad only in a very skimpy bikini and her mammoth tits stood facing the copper.

“Just checking if the car was stolen” he replied, as his eyes drank in her beauty.

“You’re Salenna from the 8 team aren’t you, I bought your last tape it was just fantastic, this must be my lucky day.”

Salenna saw the bulge in his pants and reached into the car to get her purse, she pulled a nude photo of herself from it and asked “What’s your name?”


Salenna took the pen from his top pocket and wrote, “With lots of love to John from Salenna”

She returned the pen to his pocket and handed him the photo, “That’s so you wont forget me.”

“There is no possibility of that ever happening, thanks a million!”

Salenna knew she had one friend in the police department, as from now.

The rest of the team took the cars for a spin and with a boy, girl combination in the cars got all sorts of whistles and toots on the car horns from passers by. Roger kept the two older cars as they would come in handy, because the 8 Team had become so popular their privacy was sacred. This is where the older cars and their old nuns habits came in, the girls could go shopping in disguise without being pestered by fans and cameras.

With the purchase of the cars the 8 team realized that Roger had acknowledged that they had accomplished the first steps towards stardom.

Their fame grew and soon there were requests for endorsing all sorts of products, the fees were huge. Craig receiving 50 grand for holding a packet of condoms with the caption “I’m big and I’m fussy, so if the ladies beg I always use …………….. “

Christy endorsed a depilatory cream and waxing products with “Come and feel how smooth and inviting it is when I use……………….”

They opened exhibitions,(of the sexy kind) posed at motor shows, appeared at award nights and flew around the country promoting their films. All this fame and not 21 yet, but all achieved with Roger’s words of wisdom, work hard, don’t get big headed, act natural, help each other and have fun.

Meanwhile Nathan was trying to sort out some help, he had narrowed it done to three and of course they were all the image of his idol Brit, blonde, slim and big tits.

Briana took his eye but her tits were a little small about 34B maybe, but her CV read well, “I am a company secretary, 20 years old, not bad looking, would love to be involved with the sex industry as I think it’s glamorous. I have had limited experience with sex (two boy friends) but enjoy it immensely. I recently watched a tape called “Houston 500” and fantasize what it would be like, but have no way of experiencing it except in the porn industry. I am fond of money and what it can do and my first goal would be to have my boobs enlarged in an endeavor to become famous. Please consider my application as I would do anything for a chance to get started. Yours Briana.”

She arrived at 9a.m. in a hurry, blonde hair flying and her coat partly undone but held together with a belt.

“Am I late? Sorry, damn car wouldn’t start, but I made it.” She undid the belt and shrugged her shoulders and the coat fell to the floor, she was naked cebeci escort except for her high heeled shoes.

Briana stood 5’7”, very slim, almost skinny, long blonde hair, big blue eyes, two prominent front teeth, narrow face and aquiline nose, her breasts were smallish but adequate and her cunt covered with a blonde thatch of fine hair.

“Would you like me suck you off? I’m good at that. Or do you want to see if I’m any good at fucking?”

“I’m looking for a secretary and maybe the other things will come later if you are any good at your job.”

Nathan decided to hire her, he could always put her off if she didn’t measure up but she had all the traits of Brit, hard worker, efficient, organized, punctual and full of self confidence. They got along fine together and between them nearly cleared the backlog of orders and emails, during their time together Nathan found that she was not seeing a man at the moment and living very frugally so that she could save for her boob job.

On an impulse Nathan offered to lend Briana the money for her tit job and she could pay it back later, the last six months had been very kind to Nathan and he was rolling in money. Briana accepted with glee, smothering Nathan with kisses and hugs, ringing around for appointments and letting everybody within ear shot know of her impending operation, asking advice on what size would suit her. Most of the girls seemed to think that 34DD would be appropriate, any bigger and she would look out of proportion as she was so slim.

Nathan was wondering if he had done the right thing by lending Briana the money, she would be off for a week and heaven knows how he was going to cope, he was so used to Briana doing half the work that without her he would be struggling.

“I’ve got a replacement for the week that I’m off, you probably wont notice that I’ve gone. She will start a week before I go to hospital so I can show her the ropes. Okay?”

That’s a load off my mind thought Nathan, “Who is she?” asked Nathan.

“My twin sister, we have been talking lately and she would like to get into the porn business as well.”

Nathan’s jaw hit the ground, “Twin sister?……………… Identical twin sister?” he asked.

“Yes, that’s why I said that you probably wont miss me, you two will get on great.”

About a week before the operation Briana took Roger aside and asked for a private talk.

“Roger can I be frank and ask you a few questions? And will you answer me in the same way even if the answers hurt?”

“Sure, I don’t believe in building up false hopes or telling lies, fire away.”

“If my operation is a success, do I have a future in the porn business? And if I do, what will I have to do or learn?”

“Yes to the first part of your question and the second part is a little more difficult. There are so many young good looking girls trying to get into the game just by dyeing their hair blond, shaving their cunt and having a boob job and expecting the money to roll in. The ones that are successful are the girls that truly love sex, love sucking cock and do it well, love swallowing cum and don’t mind if it gets in their eyes or up their nose. You must also love fucking so that it shows on camera, the smiles and orgasms must be genuine not faked, when you take it up the arse the same applies, no grimacing or clamping up so that scenes have to be shot time and again. Everything has to be natural and show that you are enjoying sex, the men who buy the tapes want to feel that they are fucking you. When they fuck their wives at night they want to see you in their mind and you in turn are fucking them back. That’s why the 8 team girls are so popular, they just love sex and that is how it is projected. If you want to learn how to suck cock properly see Brittany, she is THE best, as to fucking, any of the boys or myself can help out there. Not the best of answers but I haven’t pulled any punches either, if you are going to continue I suggest you start practicing fairly soon, time is the enemy of women in the porn game, there is never enough of it.”

“Thanks a lot Rog, you have been a great help, any wonder that the 8 team think of you as a god, all wise and knowing and never make a mistake.”

I didn’t know that, thought Rog but they need a guiding hand and some suggestions or they would fuck themselves to death for no result.

Briana practically danced over to see Brit to ask if she would teach her to suck cock properly. Brit said of course she would and Briana had her first lesson using a huge rubber dildoe. She had to learn how to swallow it without gagging.

The operation was done and apart from a little bruising turned out a complete success, Briana was in raptures with her new big tits and when she came out of hospital the girls took over, waxing, plucking eyebrows, lightening her hair and a complete makeover.

Nathan was stunned as she waltzed in front of him naked and spun around, “What do you think of the new me? Like it? Or are my tits too big?”

“You are magnificent!”

“Roger çukurambar escort said I might have a future in the porn industry if I practice hard and learn to love sex so that it oozes out of me, will you help me Nathan?”

Michelle, Briana’s twin sister was all agog at the transformation, “Gee sis you really do look magnificent, I wish I had the money I’d be in hospital tomorrow.”

“Well you are supposed to be identical twins so if you want to I could lend you the money just like I did to Briana, how does that sound?” asked Nathan.

Michelle or Mickey as he had been calling her couldn’t control her excitement, “Yes please, when they see the two of us dolls every man in the world will want to fuck us.”

“What a great name -The Doll Twins- I can see it flashing in lights already.” Said Nathan, posing on one knee with his hands making a frame around them.

“C’mon let’s get in some practice.” Briana said to Mickey and they dragged Nathan over to the couch. Briana busy getting his pants off and Mickey with his shoes, Nathan’s cock was up and didn’t need coaxing.

Briana was yapping away to Mickey telling her what Brittany had been teaching her and as she put her hot mouth over Nathan’s cock he came, she didn’t have to learn to like the taste, it tasted yummy and she wanted more.

First hurdle cleared with ease and she kept stroking his cock with her hand and her tongue circling the glans, it was about to go to sleep but sprang to life again with the attention of two tongues one sucking the head the other doing his balls and the shaft. The second dose was building in Nathan’s balls and he tried to hold it back but the tongues were insistent and as he shot into Mickey’s mouth he swore he could hear “ole blue eyes” crooning …………”Heaven, I’m in heaven……………..”

Mickey was discharged from hospital and just like Briana was thrilled with her new tits as she checked them in the mirror, they were going to be a gun team they thought to themselves.

That is till Roger spotted them together with their new tits, he couldn’t believe his eyes, the possibilities for them were endless and his brain nearly hemorrhaged as he tried to commit them to memory as they flooded into his mind, they were going to be formidable.

Would they sign a contract to do their films for Orgasmic Pictures, “of course” was the answer. With that settled it was only a matter of more experience and some decent scripts.

Nathan’s days of masturbation were now gone forever, the twins were at him day and night, they were eager to get started on their film career. They had got sucking and deep throating right, now for the fucking and all its intricacies.

Roger wanted them under wraps till they were perfect, he had a big one planned for their first film.

He would call it “The 500 Challenge” and it would try to break the record set by Houston, but instead of countless guys cumming, or fucking a rather ugly, blond with obvious fake tits this would be classy and involve both Briana and Mickey. They would each fuck or blow about 10 guys each in separate scenes and would show them enjoying it, not the rush to create a record. The camera would pan to a counter at times to create the illusion that they were close to the record and finally the record would fall, during all this not a drop of cum would be wiped away from either of them.

The final scene would be of them both kissing one another with cum dripping from every part of their bodies, the joke would be on the audience who had been led to believe that one girl had broken the record yet they were twins. Roger put the rough story line to the twins and they loved it but on one condition they wanted himself, Nathan and the four boys from the 8 team involved, they felt that they would be more at ease fucking and sucking friends and give a better performance.

The rehearsals went for a couple of days mostly to make sure the twins could get Craig and Barry’s cocks down their throats and into their cunts. One thing that stood out was the fact that both Barry and Craig’s cocks were thicker than the twins wrists when they were milking them, this would have to be highlighted in the film, thought Roger.

The stills taken of the two blonde twins, kneeling and with their new tits, sucking down Craig and Barry’s huge black cocks would be duplicated on XXX sites around the world, they were to be famous even before making their first film. Apart from blue contact lenses to increase the color of their eyes and lightning their blonde hair everything was ready to roll.

Briana and Mickey were like old pros they sucked and fucked and orgasmed like there was no tomorrow, not a retake was needed, this film was heading for an award thought Roger and this was their first.

Their rolls could be endless, together as twins in lesbian films, with pig tails in teen films, with older guys in “dirty old men” films or just by themselves in fuck films. Keep your mind on this film and get it finished, Roger said to himself, they were down to the last scene ankara escort and then it was a wrap.

The twins hurried off for a shower and when they returned a party was in full swing, celebrating the end of a successful conclusion. They were worn out but the atmosphere was infectious so they joined in, soon everybody was fucking and the tension that was evident around the set just drained away.

Briana and Mickey knew they had chosen the right career, it was hard work but they loved it, the glamour and popularity was shown on the web site, the number of hits almost equaling the 8 team. Their excess money was building up and Roger suggested they get a financial adviser to invest it for them, he knew of a few that were very good and that looked after their clients, not like some that were snaking about.

Alan met them both and after a long discussion persuaded them the best way to invest their wealth was about 60% in something solid, 30% in new growing companies and 10% as a gamble like high tech companies or new inventions etc. That way if the shit hit the fan not everything would be lost. They asked what he charged for his services and he told them that it was free as he got his money from a percentage he levied for managing their funds. He would like a photo of himself and the twins so he could hang it in his office as an advertisement that they were his clients, would that be okay?

Alan was about the same age as Brit, late twenties, blond, a good physique, about 6 feet tall, bronzed and not bad looking.

“Hey, Rog would you take a few photos of the three of us?” Mickey called out.

Roger grabbed a camera and took a couple of shots of the three of them around the pool, a few inside the rec room, “Enough?” he asked.

The twins shed their clothes and draped themselves over Alan, “get a few shots of us naked with Alan, not many people have seen us with clothes on, they won’t recognize us,”

Roger shot off a few more frames and noticed a bulge in Alan’s pants, a rather bigish bulge.

“What about a few shots of all of you naked?” asked Rog, “You don’t have to hang these in the office if you don’t want to Alan.”

The twins helped undress him but Alan wasn’t to keen on the idea but submitted under pressure, as his pants came off he turned bright red as his huge cock flopped out.

Alan was embarrassed about the size, the twins enthralled and Rog was firing off film as fast as he could.

It must have been the primeval instinct in the girls, when you see something out of the ordinary you want to touch it and taste it, which is what they both did.

Alan’s cock surprised the girls, it was the same size as Craig and Barry’s, they had imagined that only big cocks were black but this exploded that myth and they couldn’t wait to sample it.

Roger took lots of shots of Alan with his arms around both of the girls, they were smiling at the camera each with a hand around his erect cock, even with two hands one on top of each other there was still about 4 inches sticking out of the top.

The movie clip of the twins sucking Alan’s huge cock till he came, the globs of cum splattered all over their smiling faces and the excess dribbling down their hands was a winner.

Alan had been embarrassed all his life about the size of his cock and was afraid of sex with the women he took out and the rumor got out he was gay, nothing was further from the truth he wanted to fuck badly but was scared he would injure them.

When the twins heard his story they felt sorry for Alan and said that he could fuck them whenever he wanted and even encouraged it by giving him hand or blow jobs till he was ready.

Alan now had a second career, that of a movie star and he was reveling in it. Roger always tried to have one scene with Alan fucking or being sucked by one of the girls it helped sell more tapes to women audiences, after all it was the biggest white cock in the porno industry.

Sell tapes to the women it certainly did, Alan’s email was coming in by the sack full, offers to suck him off, to marriage and even a couple of offers of 10,000 dollars for him to fuck rich lonely women.

He had to knock them all back, even the really good looking ones that sent in photos and begged to be fucked, one slip and it would be all over the gossip mags harming his career and opening the door for him to service every woman that asked. Alan confined his sexual activities to the “Doll twins” and that was bad enough, they were insatiable and when he was drained they turned to Nathan.

Nathan loved his work, was becoming rich beyond his dreams and now had the power to turn an above average girl into a star, what he lacked was steady sexual activity. Since he had “discovered” the twins they were in demand and working non stop most of the week and only gave him relief in their spare time, what he wanted was a girl around that was willing and could keep up with his sexual desires.

What Nathan wanted was what about 90% of men wanted, a big titted, glamorous, blonde nymphomanic and he was in a position to fill that want. He delved into the mail bag marked Salenna look-a-likes and sorted through until he had about ten photos in front of himself, he would enjoy interviewing them, they all looked great and their stats were good as well, what would they be like in the flesh?

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