Sally’s Guilty Pleasures


Sally’s Guilty PleasuresSally’s Guilty PleasuresSally was the local dealer… dealer in guilty pleasures, that is. In other words, she was the only Girl Scout on the block. If you wanted cookies, you had to track down this cookie girl and share some of her “stash”. Each year, I would see her in her green vest going door to door taking orders and later delivering the boxes. Sally was kind of plain until she smiled. Then her face would beam like the sun. She had skinny legs and a slight figure. Her blonde hair was shoulder length with a bit of curl at the ends. Sally had the brightest blue eyes and perfect skin. I noticed how small and delicate her hands and fingers were every time she handed me a box of guilty pleasures.Each time I would see her in the neighborhood, I would make a point to learn a little more about her. There was no dad in her life but she did have a single mom, Brenda, who seemed to be working all the time. I came to feel sorry for Sally. She was mostly alone with little money and no friends her age. The big thing in her life was the Girl Scouts and especially the cookie sale. I always made it a point to buy a large order from her. I would give them away at work since I disliked cookies.When I asked her about the small number of badges on her vest, she told me that nobody had the time to help her earn badges. Most scouts had one or both parents helping their c***d. Sally had no one. Little tears started to well up as she confessed this to me. I felt really sorry for her. I told her that I would talk to her mom and see if I could help. I was treated to one of her sun-beam smiles.Brenda: So you want to help my Sally with her scouting?Mark: Yes, she seems to be a nice little girl and I think she could be very successful with a little help. Would you mind?Brenda: Absolutely not! Hopefully it will keep her out of my hair. When I come home after my two jobs, I just want to rest and she is always bugging me about something or other. Keep her occupied as long as you wish, or as long as you can stand her!One of the first things I helped her with was the cookie sale. One day I noticed a new blouse on Sally. I complimented her on it and she burst into tears. Sally: I’m so ashamed. I stole the money for it from the cookie sale.Mark: Why did you do that?Sally: I wanted to wear something nice for you.Mark: Why?Sally: I wanted you to like me. I wanted you to be my friend.Mark: I like you already. I am your friend!Sally: That is wonderful but… Oh, no. Now what am I going to do about the missing money?Mark: Friends help friends, don’t they? I will replace the money but you will have to do something for me.Sally: Anything!Mark: Come to my house tomorrow at dinner time and I will explain everything.After a pizza and sodas, I let Sally in on my deal.Mark: You are special.Sally: I am ug-ly.Mark: You are not… you are beautiful, adorable, and sweet.Sally: Thank you. (Shyly)Mark: You are one other thing.Sally: What (Anxiously)?Mark: You are very sexy!Sally: REALLY?Mark: gaziantep escort Absolutely. If I help you with scouting, will you do me a favor?Sally: Anything! What?Mark: I need a beautiful, sexy girl like you to be my girlfriend.Silence for several minutes… I could almost see the wheels turning in her little mind.Sally: I have never had a boyfriend; Mommy would never, ever let me. I’m too young.Mark: Then it would have to be a BIG secret.Sally thought, smiled, and then nodded yes.Mark: Have you ever seen boyfriends and girlfriends together?Sally: Some of the older girls have boyfriends.Mark: What do they do?Sally: I’ve seen them kiss… hold hands… and talk together.Mark: Yes, couples do all that… but they do lots of other things too.Sally: Like what?Mark: I want to show you some couple stuff on my computer. Would you like to see?Sally: Ok.I set up some websites and readied some videos. Before we started, I had Sally sit in my lap facing me. I could tell she was very nervous and stiff so I decided that getting rid of that was the first step.Mark: First, I want you to kiss me. (She gently kissed me on the cheek.) No Sugar, like girlfriends kiss their boyfriends. Let me show you.I gently kissed her tiny mouth. I leaned back and looked at her. She tasted her lips with her pink tongue and then smiled at me. I kissed her again… a little longer and a little harder. When I leaned back this time her smile appeared instantly. Sally leaned forward and kissed me… even harder this time. We continued this for about ten minutes… until Sally was panting.I had her turn around and straddle my legs facing the computer screen. I clicked on one of the videos that I had previously selected. To me, the actress in the video was a young woman but her hair was in pigtails and she had youngish clothes on. To Sally, the actress may have appeared just a little older than herself. The male actor was thin and had a young face. They were kissing. In the next few minutes, the guy undressed his partner, played with her small breasts and then kissed her pretty nipples. In the reflection of my flat-screen, I could see Sally’s eyes were wide open. Sally was very quiet. I stopped the video and had Sally turn her head toward me.Mark: Did you like that?Sally: Yes… but you can’t kiss my boobies like the guy did.Mark: You don’t want me to kiss you like that?Sally: You don’t understand; I just don’t have big boobies like the other girl had.Mark: (Softly) I will have to see, won’t I?Sally’s face turned pink.Mark: Want to watch a little more later?Sally: Ok, just go slow with me. I don’t know anything about this stuff.Mark: Don’t worry, Sweetheart. Anytime you want to slow down, just tell me.Hearing me call her “Sweetheart” made her smile widely.I had her face me again. I gently unbuttoned her shirt. I guided it down her thin arms. She was wearing a trainer bra but I didn’t understand why until I removed it. Sally was right… she had small breast mounds but… she did have nipples. They escort bayan were glorious. They were like puffy miniature pink marshmallows. My guess was that her nipples were very sensitive and the bra kept them from rubbing against the inside of her shirt.Sally: Aren’t my nipples ugly?Mark: No. They are beautiful.I touched one gently and she jumped.Mark: Do they hurt baby?Sally: Yes, Mark. Mommy says it means that they are growing.Mark: I hope they never grow. They are perfect just as they are.Sally smiled.I turned her around and finished the video. She squirmed a bit but watched it all. The video was only about ten minutes long but it exposed her to oral sex, regular and finally anal intercourse.I turned off the computer and helped her get dressed. She was like a little zombie as I kissed her goodbye and watched her walk home. I wondered if she would dream tonight and what those dreams would be. I could not wait until our next boyfriend-girlfriend session.The next day, she knocked on my door. She told me she was not ready to do all the things in the video. I asked her if there was one thing she did think she could do. She said that she liked the kissing we did. While we talked, I took out the money she needed to make up for the missing money for the shirt. I laid the money on the counter and suggested she take it and come to the living room with me.Thus began the slow training of Sally. It was nearly glacial in speed. In the old fable, the tortoise takes his time but he wins the race. I intended on winning this race. I started by just helping her earn some badges. Each badge earned was one step closer to the finish line. Part of the time we spent together was just hugging, kissing, and caressing. I remember the first time I kissed her small feet. I removed her shoes and socks all by myself; taking my time as each tiny appendage was revealed. Each kiss was the most gentle I could manage in my excitement. After some time, I took each tiny toe into my mouth. I just didn’t suck and kiss each toe; I made love to each one. Sally was shaking by the time I was finished. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling. She was breathing in tiny pants.Each time, when Sally was on my lap kissing me, the bulge under her bottom became harder each time. From the videos, Sally came to realize what the bulge represented. Mark: Want to see it, Beautiful?Sally: You won’t hurt me with it, will you?Mark: Of course not. You are my precious cookie girl.Sally: (Giggling) OK.I had her stand next to me and I slid down my pants and underwear. My cock rose into the air. It was bobbing back and forth with my heartbeats, I was so excited. I let her watch me for a few minutes then re-dressed and had her climb back into my lap. Sally had a much better idea of what was pressing against her cute bottom now. Over time, she learned to gently touch it, hold it, stroke it, and eventually put tiny little kisses on it. I had her practice on my fingers first. Even that was quite an experience. I was fascinated by her soft tongue work. When she sucked on my fingertips, I could feel myself dripping into my shorts.After some weeks, Sally learned to lick my cock and have her little pussy licked. That was only fair wasn’t it? Trading off special kisses like that.She learned to swallow. I had her follow the videos I showed her; opening her mouth and showing me her tiny pink tongue covered in cream; waiting for my approval before drinking. She was so pleased when she shortly showed me her empty mouth. So was I!She learned to enjoy being entered by my fingers… both front and back. I tickled each love hole to get it ready before pressing just the fingertip inside. I found that tiny circles with my fingers made her moan. She soon became impatient and was actively sliding her love holes back and forth on my fingers. Sally was a natural!She soon developed self-confidence and a wonderful mysterious manner. She had a BIG SECRET, something that none of the other scouts shared. She had a very special person in her life now who was devoted to her. Someone who treated her like a princess, like a lover! As she learned more and more from me, her vocabulary increased and she was able to tell me exactly what she wanted. Her shyness evaporated… but she developed a glow of happiness that must have been visible from Space. How happy we both were!After months and months, we were ready to tackle penis penetration.Mark: I think we should start with your pretty tail hole. You have enjoyed my kisses, my fingers, even my tongue back there, haven’t you sweetheart?Sally: Oh yes. I must be very sensitive around my back door. Everything we do there is wonderful.Mark: The other advantage is that we will not need condoms. Your sexy tail is like your mouth in that way. My sweet girl cannot get a big belly from feeling my cream in her tail.Sally: OK “Daddy” (her new name for me.)Mark: The first thing you will need to learn is how to take an enema. It will help relax you. Remember the video on enemas I showed you several weeks ago?Sally: Do you have all the things, Daddy?Mark: I bought everything yesterday. I will explain every step as we go. Is that what you want?Sally: Oh yes, Daddy. I can hardly wait.Later that afternoon, Sally was hooked up and slowly taking warm water into her tight bottom. While she expelled the liquid into the toilet, she hugged me so wonderfully. When she was done, I gave her a sweet kiss on her tiny mouth and then gently washed her bottom. Her sexy tail hole got another kiss before I took her into the bedroom.During each subsequent visit, I slowly opened her hungry, hot tail hole. She relaxed a little bit more each time. I got chills each time Sally rolled over and presented her bottom to me for more fun. Sally was awesome. Several weeks later, after many gentle attempts, I found my cock half-way up her butt spraying my warm love cream deeply into her. Her beautiful pussy was next. Over time, we explored every aspect of love: slowly, gently, and thoroughly.After several years of being lovers, I realized that she was “always prepared” no matter what we did or where we were. I had the most perfect little cookie scout in my life.

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