Same Time Next Week

Double Penetration

Being a masseuse had its benefits.

Seducing a young attractive woman on the massage table, through nothing more than the power of my hands, was a sexual thrill hard to match. Over the years I had discovered that I could bring even the most innocent woman to such a state that—despite herself—she was practically gagging for it.

I had to be careful, of course. Test the water as I went along. One wrong step would be the end of my career, not to mention the potential charge of sexual assault that could follow. But I prided myself on having it pretty much sussed out. As each massage progressed, I could sense who was up for it and who wasn’t.

And I never—ever—crossed the line without being one hundred per cent certain.

We were all at it, of course. The guys I worked with were, like me, Massage Therapists at one of London’s biggest chain of health clubs. Our clients ranged from younger to older women, thin women to those with a fuller figure, wealthy married women to everyday but stunning young beauties.

The difference between me and the other masseuses was summed up by one thing. Age. They were young bucks who … yes … boasted huge stamina and had muscular bodies to match.

Me? I was nearing retirement age. But that was an advantage, not a drawback. It gave me the one thing they didn’t have. Experience! And my encounters with women on the massage table—and beyond—had proven beyond doubt that experience counted for so much these days.

Today was going to be an extra special day. I realised that as soon as I peeked out through the blinds at the next client waiting in the reception area. All my Christmases had come at once.

She flicked a hand through her short blonde hair as I watched, her expressive blue eyes taking in everything that was going on around her. God, she was fit. Her tight fitting dress showed plenty of delectable thigh as she crossed and uncrossed those long tanned legs and her tits were simply straining against the pink material.

What was going to make the encounter even more interesting was that I knew her. We weren’t friends or anything of that nature, but we had exchanged a few friendly words from time to time at the local pub we both frequented. I wondered if that familiarity would count against me. How would she feel about a massage from someone familiar to her?

Whatever her objection—should it come—I instantly knew I’d find a way to overcome it. This prize was too great to let go.

As I watched her shuffle delectably on the chair, I went through my filing cabinet of a brain to regurgitate what I remembered of her. Her name was Sammi Cannock and the stunning, sexy, larger than life character was in her mid twenties. She used to attend college and rumour had it that she was fucking one of her professors, an older guy.

That augured well…

But I was pretty sure she had moved on from college to work. Wasn’t she with a marketing agency now? Then there was the part time photographic modelling work she was involved in. That was no surprise as she was an attractive girl, more beautiful than she realised, with a red-hot body.

Okay, she pissed off a few of the guys in the pub with her attitude—she didn’t suffer fools gladly and would put down any guy who got out of line with a single, sarcastic throwaway comment.

I had always liked that quality. Sassy women had always been my thing.

I took a deep breath as I glanced at the clock and turned away from the window. Before I headed for the door, I adjusted my cock inside my trousers. It was already reacting to the anticipation growing inside my body. This was going to be fun…


The way Sammi’s eyes did a double take confirmed that she recognised me. For my part I made no acknowledgement of the fact and gave her a beaming smile and a friendly shake of her hand. Before she had any opportunity to object—I wasn’t taking any chances—I turned on my heels and led the way to the massage room.

“Okay, Sammi,” I said once we were inside. I smiled again but kept my voice business-like as I glanced at my notes. “It’s good to see you again. You’re booked in for an hour, I see, so why don’t we get started? I don’t want to waste any of your time.”

She nodded at me. That was good. First hurdle overcome.

“It’s a full body massage you’re booked in for,” I continued. “Are there any areas you’d especially like me to focus on?”

“My back’s a little bursa escort tight,” she said, staring at me with those deliciously blue eyes. My shoulders, too.”

She touched them with her hands and then dropped them downwards to her legs.

“And my thighs need attention. Is that okay?”

“Of course,” I cheerily responded. “Just put yourself in my hands, Sammi. I’m the most experienced of the masseuse’s here and it’s my job to make this as enjoyable and as beneficial as possible.”


I smiled at her again, meeting her gaze. That was one of the things with Sammi. She had the most wonderfully expressive blue eyes. It was well known from conversations in the pub that she could either cut you off at the knees with one of her looks or seem to invite you to fuck her.

They open stare she gave me was somewhere in between the two and frustratingly I couldn’t quite gauge her mood.

“Okay,” I continued, firmly meeting that look. “I need to pop back to the office briefly. Why don’t you get undressed and lie on the table. You can pull that top sheet over you when you’re naked…”

“You want me naked?”

Her right eyebrow rose fractionally to emphasise the double-entendre. I smiled. That was another of Sammi’s characteristics. I’d seen guys dumfounded at the pub as they tried to work out whether or not she was coming on to them. She loved that game.

“I most definitely want you naked, Sammi,” I calmly said.

And how! My cock was lengthening again.

“You can keep your panties on if you’re shy,” I continued. “Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.”

With that, I shot her another reassuring smile and left the room before she noticed my erection. The thought of having my hands all over the delectable Sammi Cannock’s body—and white might follow—was inevitably starting to get to me.


As I’d hoped, Sammi was fully naked when I returned to the room. She lay on her stomach with the sheet pulled just far enough up to provide a teasing view of the top of her asscheeks.

My cock twitched again.

Don’t fuck this up, I said to myself. Just don’t fuck this up.

“Feeling relaxed?” I asked.

I made a pretence of adjusting the sheet across her lower body, but the truth was I couldn’t hold back the need to view that beautiful ass. I’d seen it in jeans, in a dress and in a skirt and I’d once got a look at her panties during a particularly boisterous night at the pub.

But naked, her ass was something else. Perfectly round and beautifully firm.

I reached for the oil and lathered it across my palms. As usual, I started on the lower back, using both hands to smooth the liquid in. I worked slowly, covering the width of her tanned body and up to her shoulders.

Her breathing pattern changed as I worked—longer and deeper breaths that matched the rhythm of my firm strokes.

Pouring more oil onto my palms, I changed position to stand at the top of the table and kneaded my hands down her fabulous body, starting at her shoulders and ending at the top of her asscheeks. Her arms were stretched out beside her head and her face was turned to the side. Had she looked up towards me, she would have seen the bulge in my trousers.

“How’s that?” I softly asked, after a good five minutes of continuous, deep massage.


The word came out as a murmured purr and I smiled. She was in that contented state that encouraged further exploration.

I took hold of her arm as I moved to her side again and eased it backwards. By crossing it behind her back, her body lifted a little on her left side. It was a technique I’d perfected some time ago and allowed me to massage across the front of her shoulder and the side of her firm breast.

“Is that okay, Sammi?”

One step at a time, that was the secret. No surprises. Just lead her to where you wanted to go. That was the secret.

She purred again. “You’re very good at this.”

Her voice became soft and sexy when she was aroused. My cock was in a semi-permanent state now.

I rubbed under her arm, her armpit, up to her shoulder and back down the side of her breast again. With each caress I covered more and more of that delicious mound but to her it would seem like a natural progression.

She lifted herself to feed me more of her breast—a great sign—and let out a little whimper as I cupped and then rotated it in my bursa escort bayan palm. But as her breathing hardened I gently lowered her arm and moved away.

For now I needed her wanting more.

I covered my palms with more oil and when I reached for her right arm she was ready for me. She rocked to her side, allowing me access to the whole of her right side as I rested the arm across her back. I took advantage, cupping her wonderfully pliant breast in my left hand and began to knead rather than massage it. Her hard nipple burned into my palm.

I played with her tit for a good minute without letting up. Her soft pants changed into louder moans. She was well on the way to where I needed her to be.

“There you go,” I murmured, replacing the arm and moving back into position above her body. “Does that feel better?”

“Fucking marvellous,” she replied.

Sammi had never been one for mixing her words.

I dribbled some oil directly onto her body this time, making her wince. Although my sweeping hands covered the whole of her back again, this time I continued all the way down to cup her ass. I seamlessly repeated the motion, over and over again, long strokes…

“You mentioned your thighs,” I softly reminded her. “Would you like me to pay some attention to them?”

Her head nodded fractionally and a soft “Mmm-hmm,” escaped her lips.

She was pretty much mine to do what I wished.

I kept my hands on her beautiful skin as I moved my body down towards the foot of the table. With a slightly theatrical flourish that played to the arousal I was feeling, I dragged the rest of the sheet away. That stunning tanned ass, with the tiny white bikini line, was exposed to me.

For a while my hands worshipped it, with long circular strokes of those firm buttocks. Her body squirmed under my touch and she was gasping now. I turned my attention to each ass cheek and worked her gluteal muscles, digging my fingers in firm and deep. Sammi’s ass began to rise up and down, almost humping the table with each caressing stroke.

“Too much?” I asked.

She lazily turned her head turned to glance back at me. That look was in her eyes again. It was the one the guys in the pub referred to as her come-fuck-me-look. She held my gaze as she swung her body around on the table and rested on her back legs apart.

I hadn’t needed to instruct her. The sexy bitch was ahead of me.

“Why don’t you do me this side,” she murmured, fanning her hair out on the white pillow behind her and then settling with her arms by her side.

Our eyes stayed on one another as I poured more oil onto my palms and started on her stomach. I ran my hands in tight circles across her flesh. Her eyes were clouding in pleasure but remained locked on mine. I should have worked longer on her flat belly but that sexy gaze was getting to me.

Instead, I moved to her tits. She gasped out loud. I no longer made any pretence at this being a massage. I cupped them, pushed them together, squeezed them, worked her hard nipples, kneaded them … pleasured her tits with my strong hands. She was moaning now and my cock was rock hard inside my trousers.

We were both getting off on this.

We stayed that way for a couple of minutes, me cupping and kneading, Sammi openly moaning, my cock so hard it was beginning to ache. I closed my eyes for a second, for a brief second, savouring the feel of this hot, sexy girl’s body under my control.

That was when I felt it.


Sammi’s left hand was on my trousers, the whole of her palm tracing the outline of my cock against the material. Now it was my turn to gasp.

She stroked me until my ache became acute and then she twisted her body on the table so that she could bring her fingers to the belt of my trousers. She slowly unbuckled it, the room silent but for sound of our heavy breathing and the clink of its clasp.

Her gaze never left mine as she drew the zipper of my trousers down.

She had my hard cock out into the open within seconds. It stood full and proud before her gaze. The swollen head glistened with anticipation.

“Not bad, granddad,” she chuckled.

When she took me between her lips I almost blew my load there and then. The combination of the sudden action and the warm feeling of her wet mouth around me were sensational. I gritted my teeth to regain control.

I quickly discovered she was a master of the art.

She escort bursa corkscrewed her hand around my hard shaft as she teased the head with her mouth. When I moaned, she deep-throated and held me there while her eyes found mine. Then she was easing me from between her lips, allowing saliva to drip from her mouth and down onto my hardness. She sexily worked it into my veiny flesh with both hands and then took me between her lips again. It was a masterclass.

When I tried to fuck her mouth she eased off. When I moaned and ran my fingers through her blonde hair, she increased the pace again. It was all becoming too much for me. As much as I wanted to blast cum down her throat, across her face, over her tits, my need to fuck her was more urgent.

Dragging her head away, I twisted her body so that she fell onto her back. She gave a guttural growl of approval and widened her thighs. Her smooth sex was glistening. I moved into position and hooked my hands under her knees so that I could heave her legs up over my shoulders. I aligned my cock with her wet opening and, with a press of my hips, I thrust forward.

She was so ready for me that I entered with a single thrust.

Her tight cunt held me inside her as I reached for the bottle and poured some oil down onto her tits. It splattered across her beautiful breasts and ran across her skin in rivulets before I began to work it in with my hands.

Her tits bounced in my clutching palms as I began to fuck her. She grunted and wrapped her feet behind my ears. I found myself thinking that—even in my dominant position—it was remarkable how her clutching pussy owned my cock. The table bounced as we increased the pace.

Sammi fucked the way I’d imagined in my fantasies. Yes, I’d come away from the pub on a few occasions and masturbated to thoughts of having my way with her sweet body. But even in my wildest fantasies it had never been like this.

We were never still for more than a few minutes. Each time one of us built up a head of steam the other pulled away and changed positions.

I crawled on the table beside her and took her sideways. Her hot body lay back against mine and her hand found her clit as my cock did the business.

Then she was on top. Her breasts bounced deliciously as she arched her back and rode me like a fucking dervish. I reached upwards to close my palms around her delicious tits but she was already swinging around like a contortionist to face away from me.

Oh fuck…

Goosebumps broke out all over my body as I stared at those perfect asscheeks. She jammed down on my cock and grinned back over her shoulder as she began to rotate her hips in tight circles. She stayed like that for a while, riding me reverse cowboy style while she watched my expression.

“Too much for you, granddad,” she teased again.

She was right. Her fucking body was taking me to heaven and her red hot stare was accentuating the feeling.

But it wasn’t going to be that easy. No fucking way…

I wrestled control back from her by pushing my body up from the table and pushing her forward. With my hand on the back of her neck, I propelled her head down onto the pillow and pulled her perfect ass into the air.

She twisted her head around to look at me and my breath caught in my throat. She was beautiful. Her body was so fucking hot.

And here I was, fucking her.

I wrapped strand after strand of blonde hair around my fingers as I lined myself up and easily thrust home again. When I yanked her head back and thrust harder, she responded with an encouraging growl. Her hips pumped back in time with my thrusts and that wonderful wet sound of slapping flesh on flesh filled the air inside the small room.

A sheen of perspiration covered our bodies. Sweat dripped from my forehead. I thrust harder, she pumped back harder, both of us caught up in the moment. I fucked her that way until I had no more to give.

When I came, my heart was in my mouth. I could hardly breathe. It was like volts of electricity were being pumped through my body. She was a sexy succubus, draining me dry while cursing something out that I could only hear in the far reaches of my hazy mind.

Then Sammi was cumming too. God, that bitch could scream.

Her body trembled and shook as she peaked and—eventually—we collapsed together, our bodies heaving, my arms around her and spooning that fabulous body into mine until the shudders began to die away and—gradually—sense began to return.

It took a while and then, slowly, her head swung around and her eyes sexily grinned into mine.

“That was nice … same time next week?”

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