Sam’s Cousin Ch. 01


My name is Sam. This is a story about my cousin Jay and I from the not-so-distant past. Hope you enjoy!


Taking advantage of the end of senior year and the new warmth of early summer, Jay and I made our way through our neighborhood’s forest. He and I had grown up close, and we spent a lot of free time together, especially in the warmer months. We both had the most fun during the summer, and the forest was always the first place we went to do some exploring and get exercise in.

Jay was about a half a year older than me, and had I only just celebrated my 18th. I was slimmer with a decently athletic build and a nice ass. Jay was more well-built, with a broader chest and shoulders from the weight room. He was the lifter, I was the runner.

Making our way through the trails of the forest, he stayed a step or two behind me, when we slowed down and took a breather.

“I need it Sam,” I heard him say behind me. I didn’t understand. He needed what?

I stood up to turn around and ask him when I felt hands on my shoulders. Two hands, one on each. It was something that I remembered, and I felt him push.

Now I didn’t need to ask. I understood. He had said all he needed to. I let my knees buckle, and I dropped down under his pressure.

I heard him rummage through his pockets behind me, messing with his shorts long enough to seem that he couldn’t find what he was looking for, before my field of vision went nearly black. He tied a blindfold over my eyes. ‘What is this?’ I thought. This was not what I was expecting, at all. A blindfold in the middle of the forest?

“What are you doing?” I finally had the nerve to ask him. He gave me no reply. He continued working and tied the blindfold too tightly for my liking, but that made certain I couldn’t see. Once he let go of the fabric, he took four steps around me, placed one hand around the back of my head and quietly said, “Take it.”

His hand didn’t move, but I felt a firm piece of flesh, his cock that had already been taken out from his shorts, push against my unprepared lips. I took his dick to the back of my stretched mouth, with my strongest protest being an airy moan. This was not the first time it had been there, and this was what I had been expecting.

After the first push into my mouth, my surprise and confusion melted away into awe of the size of his cock. It was only because of my past experience that I was able to take his meat without much strain, but this dick was bigger than what I remembered, and my lips were wrapped tightly around its thickness. Did his dick go through a growth spurt? Could I have asked for anything better? How the hell was I supposed to handle more than half of this thing in my mouth? I only had time for one question in my kaynarca escort head before it was replaced with the struggle to find more room for each of the increasingly deeper strokes he slowly pushed down my throat. The two large veins that protruded along the top of his shaft were still there, but everything was just larger. How did I miss these genes? My cousin’s cock had to have been eight inches now, and he had always been thick. It was a challenge to keep my mouth open wide enough, and a challenge to just breathe. But I knew I had to get used to it, and fast. I made sure my tongue swirled and my lips popped with every push he made, giving the sloppy noises that reflected how deep his giant cockhead was pressing down my throat.

I felt the pressure of his hand force my head deeper on his cock than it had been. This was too much, and I let out a helpless moan as my nose reached the ends of some of his pubic hair.

“Take a breath,” he commanded as he released my head and pulled back. I leaned back on my heels and gasped, finally realizing how little air I had been giving myself. The oxygen also allowed me to realize that the blindfold on my face had made me forget about the fact that I had just been swallowing my cousin’s cock in the woods, visible to anyone else who might be venturing along the trails. But the blindfold was working. My world was dark, and I had no anxiety about being out in the open. All I could worry about was handling the meat that had completely filled my mouth. And he knew it. He knew exactly how this was going to go. He knew that he had been making me wait for it, making me miss it, making me fantasize about being used, and making me unaware of just how big his dick had gotten since the last time.

He knew I wouldn’t stop him when he stood me up and pulled my shirt off, and then unzipped my shorts and pushed my boxers down to my ankles with them. He did both without asking, and I didn’t try to stop him. I was shaking. Not cold, not nervous, shaking from how horny I was to know where I belonged. Anyone who passed by would now see him completely clothed, with only his eight inch member standing erect from his shorts, and me, naked down to everything but my shoes in front of him. He didn’t need to tell me. No matter what I heard around us, I wouldn’t get my clothes back until I had emptied his balls. So I dropped back down to my knees, stuck my naked ass out behind me, and forced his huge cockhead back down my throat with the slutty moan to let him know his control was welcomed.

I slobbered all over this thick member that was now assaulting my mouth. He had two hands on my head now, and after a few early gags from that mushroom pushing back behind the roof of my mouth, I was focused on relaxing and küçükyalı escort expanding my throat to let him continue his sloppy rhythm. His breathing grew heavier and my moans squeaked out louder and louder each time he stuffed his dick in my face. Every time he pulled back, more spit would follow his shaft out of my mouth, and then get pushed against my lips. He was making a mess on my mouth and down my chin. He had my head gripped tight with both hands. He was getting the very first round of pent up lust, domination, control, and cum that he had saved up out of him. He wasn’t looking for a blowjob, he was looking to fuck the face of his naked, blindfolded, horny younger cousin in the middle of the outdoors, and he was doing just that.

What he gambled on with that day’s outdoor stunt was how much I would still want it in return, and he had no idea that in the midst of struggling to swallow his head each time he pumped his length into my mouth, my blindfolded eyes were open. With the slopping noises mixing with my moans, my back was purposely arched and my ass was out for him, and anyone else who wanted, to see. I could feel the breeze of the air and the warmth of the day on my exposed asshole, and my dick was throbbing at the thought of being submitted to my cousin with my clothes at my feet. My eyes were open, and without the blindfold, he would have been able to look down and see my eyes looking up at him, telling him that I wanted every drop of cum he could offer me from this newfound toy that was so much bigger than I remembered. My throat felt plugged trying to take more than six inches, so I certainly was in no position to do any talking. But my noises, my position, and my own rhythm of impaling my mouth on his cock sent the message that I couldn’t express otherwise. I could feel the pleasure welling deep within my own member, bouncing as my body pulsed with his rhythm. But we both knew the only one who was going to cum here was him, and that my reward was going to be what he gave me.

“Oh my fucking god,” he moaned lowly as his pace became more aggressive. I moaned in response to his display of satisfaction.

“I’m going go cum down your fucking throat and you’re going to hold every drop in your mouth when I do.”

I moaned louder this time, drunk on lust, and willing to follow any command he gave me.

“Take a deep breath through your nose.”

I did my best to inhale between the thrusts of his shaft along the length of my tongue, never letting my lips unseal from around it.

“I’ve saved this for you. You’re gonna take nothing but cum.”

I prepared myself to taste his semen and withstand whatever kind of shots would hit my throat. He shortened the depth of his thrusts in my mouth instantly. sancaktepe escort

He then took his right hand and used it to hold my nose.


He was making me hold my breath. I didn’t have time to think about it. I felt his cock start to pulse between my lips, stretching them even more than before. I felt one spurt of cum land toward the back of my tongue. I could handle it

“I’m fucking cumming”

Two shots that felt longer and stronger than what cum should be able to feel like hit the roof of my mouth. Then came more that followed the rhythm of his pulsating dick. He wasn’t cumming, he was exploding in my mouth. Without drink any of it down I made loud, swallowing noises and my eyes watered as I held back the gagging sensation it gave me with my nose being held. Shot after shot hosed into my mouth, which he was flooding as he continued his shallower thrusts. I remembered him always having a lot of cum to his orgasms, but I wondered just how far these sprays would be landing if my throat wasn’t in the way to stop them. All of this brought me close to panicking a bit, but I felt completely at his mercy as my mouth was filled thick cum and pushed back and forth by his strong pumping. My eyes fluttered back in ecstasy. He was in control, forcing me to hold my breath and take nothing but his cum as he emptied his balls onto my tongue. Once I settled down, I realized that i was so turned on by his control that I was nearly ready to cum myself. I was so close, just from being on my knees and having my face fucked and filled like this. But I didn’t, I was left in a hot sensation, tingling inside and light headed from my lack of air.

His thrusts slowed, his heavy breaths drew longer, and he finally released his hand from my nose as he slowly pulled his thick meat from my tight lips. I hastily took air back in, relieved to be breathing again. But I had remembered what he told me, and made no mistake in keeping my mouth open and presenting my tongue at the front of my bottom lip. Knelt and blindfolded, I tilted my head back and showed him just how much he had emptied inside me, and how much I appreciated my prize.

“That’s good. Goddamn,” he told me. “Now swallow it.”

I did as I was instructed, and in three gulps swallowed down his entire load. I finally took a moment to relax my jaw and catch my breath. I did it. I felt like such a slut.

He zipped his shorts back up and started heading back the way we came, leaving me still naked and blindfolded. My clothes were beside me and I would have to clean up a bit. I was still tingling all over, my body desperate to bask in the submission it just experienced and thinking of how quickly I could touch myself to release this pleasure. I was ready to pleasure myself from this feeling right there, before my thoughts were interrupted from down the trail.

“Come over tonight and you can get the rest of it. See you then.”


Let me know if you have any inspiration for Sam, feedback is much appreciated!

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